List of mountains in Slovenia

Mountains of Slovenia are part of the Alps and of the Dinarides.


The Alps in Slovenia can be divided into:


In the Inner Carniola, the highest peaks are Veliki Snežnik (1,796 metres (5,892 ft), part of the Snežnik plateau and the highest non-Alpine peak in Slovenia, and Suhi vrh (1,313 metres (4,308 ft)), part of the Nanos plateau. They're both part of the Dinaric Alps, a mountain chain that spans towards the southeast. The highest peak is Snežnik.

Part of the Dinaric Alps are also the Gorjanci mountain range, and in the Slovenian Istria, Mt. Slavnik (1,028 m) and Mt. Vremščica (1,027 m).

List of notable peaks

This list contains height (above sea level) of some notable peaks in Slovenia.

A view from Mangart towards the east. From left to right: Ponca, Špik's group, Mojstrovka, Škrlatica, Razor, Prisank, Travnik, Triglav, Kanjavec, Jalovec, Lepo špičje,...
Triglav (2864 m) is Slovenia's highest peak and the symbol of Slovenes
Grintovec (2558 m)
Peak Mountain range Height (m)
Triglav Julian Alps 2864
Škrlatica Julian Alps 2740
Little Triglav Julian Alps 2725
Mangart Julian Alps 2679
High Rokav Julian Alps 2646
Jalovec Julian Alps 2645
High Altar Julian Alps 2621
Špik above Plaz Julian Alps 2606
Big Ponca Julian Alps 2602
Razor Julian Alps 2601
Dolek Spike Julian Alps 2591
High Kanin Julian Alps 2587
Kanjavec Julian Alps 2568
Grintovec Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2558
Jezersko Combe Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2540
Prisojnik Julian Alps 2547
Dovje Cross Julian Alps 2542
Skuta Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2533
Kokra Combe Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2520
Planjava Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2396
Ojstrica Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2350
Bavšica Grintavec Julian Alps 2347
Mlinar Saddle Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2334
Krn Julian Alps 2244
Stol Karawanks 2236
Košutnik Tower Karawanks - Košuta 2133
Storžič Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2132
Kordež Head Karawanks - Peca 2126
Raduha Kamnik–Savinja Alps 2062
Rodica Julian Alps 1966
Mojstrovica Karawanks 1816
Big Snežnik Snežnik 1796
Mount St. Ursula Karawanks 1699
Ratitovec Julian Alps 1666
Porezen Škofja Loka Hills 1630
Blegoš Škofja Loka Hills 1562
Black Peak Pohorje 1543
Big Kopa Pohorje 1542
Peč Karawanks 1509
Pleša Nanos 1260
Kucelj on Čaven Trnovo Forest 1237
Kum Posavje Hills 1219
Logar kogel Gorjanci 1126
Mrzlica Posavje Hills 1122
Krim Krim Hills 1107
Rog Kočevje Rog 1099
Mount Mirna Kočevje Rog 1047
Slavnik Slavnik - Čičarija 1028
Big Javornik Bohor 1024
Boč Konjice–Boč Hills 978
Sotina Hill Goričko 418
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