List of members of the Parliament of Syria, 1961

This is a list of deputies elected to the Syrian parliament of 1961. The Syrian parliamentary election was held on 1—2 December 1961.[1] There are no official records, but the number of eligible voters was estimated at between 1,000,000 and 1,250,000.[2] More than 1,800 candidates, among them 11 women, contested for the 172-seat constitutional assembly.[3][4] Participation in the various constituencies varied between 48—84%, "a figure not reached in Syria before."[2]


Independent People's Party National Party Baath Party Muslim Brotherhood Arab Liberation Movement
Bedouins reserved seats Non-Muslim reserved seats Speaker of the Parliament

Damascus Province

Damascus Province had eight constituencies and was allocated 33 seats: Damascus (17 seats, 3 reserved for non-Muslims), Al-Ghouta (3 seats), Duma (4 seats), Al-Nabk (2 seats), Al-Qutaifah (1 seat), Al-Zabadani (1 seat), Al-Qunaitra (3 seats) and Qatana (2 seats).[5]

Name Party Electoral district
Khalid al-Azm Independent Damascus
Maamun al-Kuzbari (1961—1962) Independent Damascus
Isam al-Din al-Attar Muslim Brotherhood Damascus
Muhammad Abdin Independent Damascus
Sabri al-Assali National Party Damascus
Hussein Khattab Muslim Brotherhood Damascus
Said al-Ghazzi (1962—1963) Independent Damascus
Rashad Jabri Independent Damascus
Fuad al-Adil Independent Damascus
Adnan al-Quwatli National Party Damascus
Rashid ad-Duqr Independent Damascus
Umar Awdat al-Khatib Muslim Brotherhood Damascus
Zuhayr ash-Shawish Muslim Brotherhood Damascus
Bashir Ramadan Independent Damascus
Awad Barakat Independent Damascus
Suhayl al-Khuri National Party Damascus
Hunayn Sahnawi Independent Damascus
Muhammad Said al-Abbar Muslim Brotherhood Al-Ghouta
Abd al-Rauf Abu Tawq Muslim Brotherhood Al-Ghouta
Muzhar ash-Shurbaji National Party Al-Ghouta
Mahmud al-Hakim Baath Party Duma
Ahmad Ismail Arab Liberation Movement Duma
Muhammad Subhi Taha Independent Duma
Mahmud al-Azm National Party Duma
Amin al-Nufayri Independent Al-Nabk
Ibrahim Tayfur National Party Al-Nabk
Mahmud Muhammad Diyab Independent Al-Qutaifa
Jamil al-Shamat Independent Al-Zabadani
Faur Bin al-Amir Mahmud Independent Al-Qunaitra
Abd al-Razzaq al-Tahhan Independent Al-Qunaitra
Abd al-Rahman Ayyub Independent Al-Qunaitra
Hussein Maryud Baath Party Qatana
Adil Ajlani National Party Qatana

Daraa Province

Daraa Province had two constituencies and was allocated 7 seats: Daraa (3 seats) and Izra' (4 seats).[6]

Name Party Electoral district
Ibrahim Rizq Abu-Zayd Independent Daraa
Abd al-Latif al-Miqdadi Independent Daraa
Muhammad Muflih al-Zu'bi Independent Daraa
Ahmad Abd al-Karim Independent Izra'
Abd al-Hamid al-Khalil Arab Liberation Movement Izra'
Muhammad Khayr al-Hariri National Party Izra'
Khalid al-Sarhan Independent Izra'

Suweida Province

Suweida Province had three constituencies and was allocated 4 seats: Sweida (2 seats), Salkhad (1 seat) and Shahba (1 seat).[6]

Name Party Electoral district
Hussein Murshid Independent Sweida
Naif Jarbu Baath Party Sweida
Muhammad Mustafa al-Atrash Independent Salkhad
Nawwaf Hasan Amir Baath Party Shahba

Homs Province

Homs Province had four constituencies and was allocated 16 seats: Homs (11 seats, 1 reserved for non-Muslims), Jubb al-Jarrah (1 seat), Tadmur (1 seat) and Talkalakh (3 seats, 1 reserved for non-Muslims).[6]

Name Party Electoral district
Ratib al-Husami People's Party Homs
Faydi al-Atassi People's Party Homs
Farhan al-Jandali People's Party Homs
Sami Tayyarah Arab Liberation Movement Homs
Said al-Tilawi National Party Homs
Muhammad Ali Mashaal People's Party Homs
Tayyeb al-Khoja Muslim Brotherhood Homs
Hani al-Sibai Independent Homs
Munib Raslan Independent Homs
Abdallah Farkuh National Party Homs
Musallam Haddad People's Party Homs
Ahmad Dahiyah Independent Jubb al-Jarrah
Munir Ahmad al-Fayyad Independent Tadmur
Mansur Tawfiq al-Hasan Independent Talkalakh
Abd al-Karim Dabbah al-Dandashi Arab Liberation Movement Talkalakh
Khalil Jurji Daass Independent Talkalakh

Hama Province

Hama Province had four constituencies and was allocated 13 seats: Hama (7 seats), Salamiyah (2 seats), Saan al-Sain (1 seat) and Masyaf (3 seats).[6]

Name Party Electoral district
Akram El-Hourani Baath Party Hama
Mustafa Hamdun Baath Party Hama
Abd al-Ghani Qannut Baath Party Hama
Abd al-Aziz Uthman Baath Party Hama
Muhammad Ali Adil Baath Party Hama
Muhammad Aturah Baath Party Hama
Khalil Kallas Baath Party Hama
Mustafa Mirza Independent Salamiyah
Mustafa Tamir Independent Salamiyah
Muhammad Bin Abd al-Karim Dayyub Nasir Independent Saan al-Sain
Qahtan al-Hawwash Baath Party Masyaf
Muhammad Sulayman Ali Maaruf Baath Party Masyaf
Abd al-Hadi Ahmad Baath Party Masyaf

Hasakah Province

Hasakah Province had five constituencies and was allocated 11 seats: Hasakah (4 seats, 1 reserved for non-Muslims), Shedada (1 seat), Qamishli (4 seats, 1 reserved for non-Muslims), Al-Malakiya Dayrik (1 seat) and Ras al-Ayn (1 seat).[6]

Name Party Electoral district
Muhammad Rashid al-Zubaa Independent Al-Hasakah
Khalil Ibrahim Pasha Independent Al-Hasakah
Kaud al-Tallaa Independent Al-Hasakah
Ziya Malak Ismail Independent Al-Hasakah
Sulayman Ali al-Asaad Independent Shedada
Abd al-Razzaq al-Hasu Independent Al-Qamishli
Abd al-Razzaq al-Naif Independent Al-Qamishli
Talaat Abd al-Qadir Independent Al-Qamishli
Ilyas Najjar Independent Al-Qamishli
Dahhan Naif Bin Mustafa Pasha Independent Al-Malakiya Dayrik
Muhajjim al-Muhaydi Independent Ras al-Ayn

Deir ez-Zor Province

Deir ez-Zor Province had three constituencies and was allocated 8 seats: Deir ez-Zor (4 seats), Mayadin (2 seats) and Abu Kamal (2 seats).[6]

Name Party Electoral district
Abd al-Samad al-Futtayih Raghib al-Bashir Independent Deir ez-Zor
Jalal al-Sayyed Independent Deir ez-Zor
Abd al-Rahman al-Hunaydi Arab Liberation Movement Deir ez-Zor
Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Karim al-Fayyad Independent Deir ez-Zor
Abud al-Jadaan Independent Mayadin
Ahmad Shashan Independent Mayadin
Dahham Rajab al-Dandal Independent Abu Kamal
Fahd Mushrif al-Dandal Independent Abu Kamal

Rashid Province

Rashid Province had two constituencies and was allocated 4 seats: Ar-Raqqah (3 seats) and Tall Abiad (1 seat).[6]

Name Party Electoral district
Faisal al-Huwaydi Independent Al-Raqqa
Hamid al-Khoja Independent Al-Raqqa
Mustafa al-Kaakaji Independent Al-Raqqa
Khalaf al-Hisan Independent Tal Abiad

Aleppo Province

Aleppo Province had eight constituencies and was allocated 36 seats: Aleppo (16 seats, 5 reserved for non-Muslims), Jabal Samaan (5 seats), Al-Bab (3 seats), Ayn al-Arab (2 seats), Manbij (3 seats), Afrin (3 seats), Azaz (3 seats) and Jarablus (1 seat).[7]

Name Party Electoral district
Maaruf al-Dawalibi People's Party Aleppo
Muhammad Rashad Barmada People's Party Aleppo
Alaa al-Din al-Jabiri People's Party Aleppo
Asaad al-Kurani National Party Aleppo
Abd al-Salam Kanaan National Party Aleppo
Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda Muslim Brotherhood Aleppo
Ahmad Qanbar People's Party Aleppo
Abd al-Khaliq Nihad Ibrahim Pasha People's Party Aleppo
Mustafa al-Zarqa Muslim Brotherhood Aleppo
Bakri al-Qabbani People's Party Aleppo
Muhammad Talas National Party Aleppo
Aram Karamanukian Independent Aleppo
Leon Zamariya National Party Aleppo
Naum al-Suyufi National Party Aleppo
Krikov Eblighatian Independent Aleppo
Joseph Jarmaq Independent Aleppo
Hussein Ali Shahin Awwad People's Party Jabal Samaan
Hussein Abd al-Karim al-Dandal People's Party Jabal Samaan
Izzat Ibrahim Pasha People's Party Jabal Samaan
Ismail al-Hajj Barakat People's Party Jabal Samaan
Ahmad Tawfiq Tahir People's Party Jabal Samaan
Tahir al-Hajj Fadil Independent Al-Bab
Abdallah Jassumah People's Party Al-Bab
Ahmad Ali Agha Independent Al-Bab
Shahin Mustafa Shahin Independent Ayn al-Arab
Ismat Busan Shahin Independent Ayn al-Arab
Diab al-Mashi People's Party Manbij
Ibrahim Shalah Ibrahim People's Party Manbij
Hazim Labaniyah People's Party Manbij
Muhammad Mannan People's Party Afrin
Ahmad Jaafar People's Party Afrin
Nuri Arif Dahini Uthman Agha People's Party Afrin
Ahmad Muhammad Hasan Kannu People's Party Aazaz
Nafi Hadi Bakkar People's Party Aazaz
Ali Hasan Junaydan People's Party Aazaz
Ali Muhli Ibrahim Independent Jarablus

Idlib Province

Idlib Province had five constituencies and was allocated 11 seats: Idlib City (2 seats), Idlib (3 seats), Jisr ash-Shughur (2 seats), Maarrat al-Numan (2 seats) and Harem (2 seats).[7]

Name Party Electoral district
Muhammad Adib Asfari People's Party Idlib City
Abd al-Hamid Duwaydari People's Party Idlib City
Hasan Mustafa Hajj Hussein People's Party Idlib
Hikmat Hasan Ubaydi People's Party Idlib
Muhammad Fahmi Ashuri Baath Party Idlib
Naasan Zaki Najjari National Party Jisr ash-Shugur
Najda al-Najjari National Party Jisr ash-Shugur
Nur al-Din al-Yusufi Baath Party Maarrat al-Numan
Imad al-Haraki Independent Ma'arrat al-Numan
Al-Walid Bin Ahmad Abd al-Rahman Baath Party Harim
Nazim Said al-Kayyali National Party Harim

Latakia Province

Latakia Province had eight constituencies and was allocated 20 seats: Latakia City (3 seats, 1 reserved for non-Muslims), Latakia (2 seats), Al-Haffah (2 seats), Jableh (1 seat), Nabi Ali (3 seats), Banias (2 seats), Tartus (3 seats) and Safita (4 seats, 1 reserved for non-Muslims).[7]

Name Party Electoral district
Nabil al-Tawil Muslim Brotherhood Latakia City
Muhammad al-Shawwaf People's Party Latakia City
Adil Murqus Independent Latakia City
Wahib al-Ghanem Baath Party Latakia
Munir al-Hafiz Independent Latakia
Muhammad Ali Kamil Independent Al-Haffa
Nadim Mustafa Ismail Independent Al-Haffa
Muhammad Nazir Ali National Party Jableh
Ahmad Shafiq al-Kanj Independent Nabi Ali
Uthman Asbar People's Party Nabi Ali
Ahmad Ali Kamil Independent Nabi Ali
Muhammad Habib Independent Banias
Muhammad al-Hasan Baath Party Banias
Badi Ismail Independent Tartus
Riyad Abd al-Razzaq National Party Tartus
Muhyi al-Din Murhij National Party Tartus
Munir al-Abbas Independent Safita
Muhammad Amin Raslan Independent Safita
Abd al-Latif Yunis Independent Safita
Rafiq Bashshur People's Party Safita

Bedouin Tribes

The Bedouin tribes were allocated 7 seats.[7]

Name Party Electoral district
Dahham al-Hadi Independent (Bedouin tribes) Shammar al-Khrese
Munir Abd al-Muhsin Independent (Bedouin tribes) Shammar al-Khrese
Mutib Bin Fawwaz al-Shaalan Independent (Bedouin tribes) Badiyat al-Sham wal-Hasakah
Tamir Bin Trad al-Mulhim Independent (Bedouin tribes) Badiyat al-Sham wal-Hasakah
Trad Karan al-Murshid Independent (Bedouin tribes) Badiyat Tadmur
Abduh Ibrahim Bin Ibrahim Pasha al-Ibrahim Independent (Bedouin tribes) Mawwali
Faisal Nawwaf al-Salih Independent (Bedouin tribes) Mawwali

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