List of members of the National Assembly (South Korea), 2016–present

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The 20th session is the next session of the National Assembly of South Korea. Its members were first elected in the 2016 legislative election held on 13 April 2016. The session will first convene on 30 May 2016, and is scheduled to be seated until 29 May 2020.


In the 2016 legislative election, four political parties were elected to the Assembly.

Party Original
elected seats
Floor leader
Con. PR Total ± Total %
Saenuri Party (새누리당) 105 17 122 4 128 42.7% Chung Jin-suk
Minjoo Party of Korea (더불어민주당) 110 13 123 -1 122 40.7% Woo Sang-ho
People's Party (국민의당) 25 13 38 0 38 12.7% Park Jie-won
Justice Party (정의당) 2 4 6 0 6 2.0% Roh Hoe-chan
Independent (무소속) 11 N/A 11 -3 7 2.3% N/A
Totals 253 47 300 0 300 100.0%

List of members


GyeonggiGangwonNorth ChungcheongSouth ChungcheongNorth JeollaSouth JeollaNorth GyeongsangSouth GyeongsangJeju


Constituency Member Party Notes
Jongno Chung Sye-kyun Independent Left MPK as being elected a speaker.
JungSeongdong A Hong Ihk-pyo Minjoo
JungSeongdong B Ji Sang-wook Saenuri
Yongsan Chin Young Minjoo
Gwangjin A Jeon Hye-sook Minjoo
Gwangjin B Choo Mi-ae Minjoo
Dongdaemun A Ahn Gyu-baek Minjoo
Dongdaemun B Min Byung-doo Minjoo
Jungnang A Seo Young-kyo Minjoo
Jungnang B Park Hong-keun Minjoo
Seongbuk A You Seung-hee Minjoo
Seongbuk B Ki Dong-min Minjoo
Gangbuk A Cheong Yang-seog Saenuri
Gangbuk B Park Yong-jin Minjoo
Dobong A In Jae-keun Minjoo
Dobong B Kim Seon-dong Saenuri
Nowon A Koh Yong-jin Minjoo
Nowon B Woo Won-shik Minjoo
Nowon C Ahn Cheol-soo People's Co-chairman of the People's Party (2016–present)
Eunpyeong A Park Joo-min Minjoo
Eunpyeong B Kang Byeong-won Minjoo
Seodaemun A Woo Sang-ho Minjoo
Seodaemun B Kim Yeong-ho Minjoo
Mapo A Noh Woong-rae Minjoo
Mapo B Sohn Hye-won Minjoo
Yangcheon A Hwang Hee Minjoo
Yangcheon B Kim Yong-tae Independent
Gangseo A Geum Tae-seop Minjoo
Gangseo B Kim Sung-tae Saenuri
Gangseo C Han Jeoung-ae Minjoo
Guro A Lee In-young Minjoo
Guro B Park Young-sun Minjoo
Geumcheon Lee Hoon Minjoo
Yeongdeungpo A Kim Young-joo Minjoo
Yeongdeungpo B Shin Kyoung-min Minjoo
Dongjak A Kim Byeong-gi Minjoo
Dongjak B Na Kyung-won Saenuri
Gwanak A Kim Sung-shik People's
Gwanak B Oh Shin-hwan Saenuri
Seocho A Lee Hye-hoon Saenuri
Seocho B Park Seong-joong Saenuri
Gangnam A Lee Jong-gu Saenuri
Gangnam B Jun Hyeon-hee Minjoo
Gangnam C Lee Eun-jae Saenuri
Songpa A Park In-sook Saenuri
Songpa B Choi Myeong-gil Minjoo
Songpa C Nam In-soon Minjoo
Gangdong A Jin Sun-mee Minjoo
Gangdong B Shim Jae-kwon Minjoo


Constituency Member Party Notes
JungYeongdo Kim Moo-sung Saenuri
SeoDong Yoo Ki-june Saenuri
Busanjin A Kim Young-choon Minjoo
Busanjin B Lee Hun-seung Saenuri
Dongnae Lee Jin-bok Saenuri
Nam A Kim Jung-hoon Saenuri
Nam B Park Jae-ho Minjoo
BukGangseo A Chun Jae-soo Minjoo
BukGangseo B Kim Do-eup Saenuri
Haeundae A Ha Tae-keung Saenuri
Haeundae B Bae Duk-kwang Saenuri
Saha A Choi In-ho Minjoo
Saha B Cho Kyoung-tae Saenuri
Geumjeong Kim Se-yeon Saenuri
Yeonje Kim Hae-young Minjoo
Suyeong Yoo Jae-jung Saenuri
Sasang Chang Jae-won Independent Saenuri Rejoined the Saenuri Party.
Gijang Yoon Sang-jik Saenuri


Constituency Member Party Notes
JungNam Kwak Sang-do Saenuri
Dong A Chong Jong-sup Saenuri
Dong B Yoo Seong-min Independent Saenuri Rejoined Saenuri Party.
Seo Kim Sang-hoon Saenuri
Buk A Jeong Tae-ok Saenuri
Buk B Hong Eui-rak Independent
Suseong A Kim Boo-kyum Minjoo
Suseong B Joo Ho-young Independent Saenuri Rejoined Saenuri Party.
Dalseo A Kwak Dae-hoon Saenuri
Dalseo B Yoon Jae-ok Saenuri
Dalseo C Cho Won-jin Saenuri
Dalseong Choo Kyung-ho Saenuri


Constituency Member Party Notes
JungDongGanghwaOngjin Ahn Sang-soo Independent Saenuri Rejoined Saenuri Party.
Nam A Hong Il-pyo Saenuri
Nam B Yoon Sang-hyun Independent Saenuri Rejoined Saenuri Party.
Yeonsu A Park Chan-dae Minjoo
Yeonsu B Min Kyung-wook Saenuri
Namdong A Park Nam-choon Minjoo
Namdong B Youn Kwan-suk Minjoo
Bupyeong A Jung Yu-seok Saenuri
Bupyeong B Hong Young-pyo Minjoo
Gyeyang A Yu Dong-su Minjoo
Gyeyang B Song Young-gil Minjoo
Seo A Lee Hag-jae Saenuri
Seo B Shin Dong-keun Minjoo


Constituency Member Party Notes
DongNam A Chang Byoung-wan People's
DongNam B Park Joo-sun People's
Seo A Song Gi-seok People's
Seo B Chun Jung-bae People's Co-chairman of the People's Party (2016–present)
Buk A Kim Gyeong-jin People's
Buk B Choi Gyeong-hwan People's
Gwangsan A Kim Dong-cheol People's
Gwangsan B Kwon Eun-hee People's


Constituency Member Party Notes
Dong Lee Jang-woo Saenuri
Jung Lee Eun-gwon Saenuri
Seo A Park Byeong-seog Minjoo
Seo B Park Beom-kye Minjoo
Yuseong A Jo Seung-rae Minjoo
Yuseong B Lee Sang-min Minjoo
Daedeok Jeong Yong-ki Saenuri


Constituency Member Party Notes
Jung Jeong Kab-yoon Saenuri
Nam A Lee Chae-ik Saenuri
Nam B Bak Maeng-woo Saenuri
Dong Kim Jong-hoon Independent
Buk Yoon Jong-oh Independent
Ulju Kang Ghil-boo Independent Saenuri Rejoined Saenuri Party.


Constituency Member Party Notes
Sejong Lee Hae-chan Independent


Constituency Member Party Notes
Suwon A Lee Chan-yeol Minjoo
Suwon B Baek Hye-ryun Minjoo
Suwon C Kim Yeong-jin Minjoo
Suwon D Park Kwang-on Minjoo
Suwon E Kim Jin-pyo Minjoo
Seongnam Sujeong-gu Kim Tae-nyeon Minjoo
Seongnam Jungwon-gu Shin Sang-jin Saenuri
Seongnam Bundang-gu A Kim Byung-gwan Minjoo
Seongnam Bundang-gu B Kim Byung-uk Minjoo
Uijeongbu A Moon Hee-sang Minjoo
Uijeongbu B Hong Mun-jong Saenuri
Anyang Manan-gu Lee Jong-kul Minjoo
Anyang Dongan-gu A Lee Suk-hyun Minjoo
Anyang Dongan-gu B Shim Jae-chul Saenuri
Bucheon Wonmi-gu A Kim Gyeong-hyeop Minjoo
Bucheon Wonmi-gu B Sul Hoon Minjoo
Bucheon Sosa-gu Kim Sang-hee Minjoo
Bucheon Ojeong-gu Won Hye-young Minjoo
Gwangmyeong A Baek Jae-hyun Minjoo
Gwangmyeong B Lee Un-ju Minjoo
Pyeongtaek A Won Yoo-chul Saenuri Saenuri interim chairman (2016–present)
Pyeongtaek B Yoo Ui-dong Saenuri
Ansan Sangnok-gu A Jeon Hae-cheol Minjoo
Ansan Sangnok-gu B Kim Cheol-min Minjoo
Ansan Danwon-gu A Kim Myung-yeon Saenuri
Ansan Danwon-gu B Park Sun-ja Saenuri
Goyang A Sim Sang-jung Justice Justice Party chairwoman (2015–present)
Goyang B Jung Jae-ho Minjoo
Goyang C Yoo Eun-hae Minjoo
Goyang D Kim Hyun-mee Minjoo
Namyangju A Cho Eung-chun Minjoo
Namyangju B Kim Han-jeong Minjoo
Namyangju C Joo Kwang-deok Saenuri
Siheung A Ham Jin-kyu Saenuri
Siheung B Cho Jeong-sik Minjoo
Gunpo A Kim Jeong-woo Minjoo
Gunpo B Lee Hak-yeong Minjoo
Yongin A Lee Woo-hyun Saenuri
Yongin B Kim Min-gi Minjoo
Yongin C Han Sun-kyo Saenuri
Yongin D Pyo Chang-won Minjoo
Paju A Yoon Hu-duk Minjoo
Paju B Park Jeong Minjoo
Gimpo A Kim Doo-kwan Minjoo
Gimpo B Hong Chul-ho Saenuri
Hwaseong A Seo Chung-won Saenuri
Hwaseong B Lee Won-uk Minjoo
Hwaseong C Kwon Chil-seung Minjoo
Gwangju A So Byeong-hun Minjoo
Gwangju B Im Jong-seong Minjoo
Guri Yun Ho-jung Minjoo
Osan An Min-suk Minjoo
Hanam Lee Hyun-jae Saenuri
Icheon Song Seok-jun Saenuri
Anseong Kim Hak-yong Saenuri
Yangju Chung Seong-ho Minjoo
UiwangGwacheon Sim Chang-hyeon Minjoo
DongducheonYeoncheon Kim Seong-won Saenuri
PocheonGapyeong Kim Young-woo Saenuri
YeojuYangpyeong Choung Byoung-gug Saenuri


Constituency Member Party Notes
Chuncheon Kim Jin-tae Saenuri
Wonju A Kim Ki-sun Saenuri
Wonju B Song Ki-hun Minjoo
Gangneung Kweon Seong-dong Saenuri
DonghaeSamcheok Lee Chul-gyu Independent Saenuri Rejoined Saenuri Party.
TaebaekHoengseongYeongwolPyeongchangJeongseon Yeom Dong-yeol Saenuri
SokchoGoseongYangyang Lee Yang-su Saenuri
HongcheonCheorwonHwacheonYangguInje Hwang Young-cheul Saenuri

North Chungcheong

Constituency Member Party Notes
Cheongju Sangdang-gu Chung Woo-taik Saenuri
Cheongju Seowon-gu Oh Jae-sae Minjoo
Cheongju Heungdeok-gu Do Jong-hwan Minjoo
Cheongju Cheongwon-gu Byun Jae-ill Minjoo
Chungju Lee Jong-bae Saenuri
JecheonDanyang Gwon Seok-chang Saenuri
BoeunOkcheonYeongdongGoesan Park Deok-heum Saenuri
JeungpyeongJincheonEumseong Kyung Dae-soo Saenuri

South Chungcheong

Constituency Member Party Notes
Cheonan A Park Chan-woo Saenuri
Cheonan B Park Wan-ju Minjoo
Cheonan C Yang Seoung-jo Minjoo
GongjuBuyeoCheongyang Chung Jin-suk Saenuri
BoryeongSeocheon Kim Tae-heum Saenuri
Asan A Lee Myoung-soo Saenuri
Asan B Kang Hun-sik Minjoo
SeosanTaean Sung Il-jong Saenuri
NonsanGyeryongGeumsan Kim Jong-min Minjoo
Dangjin Eo Ki-kyu Minjoo
HongseongYesan Hong Moon-pyo Saenuri

North Jeolla

Constituency Member Party Notes
Jeonju A Kim Gwang-su People's
Jeonju B Chung Woon-chun Saenuri
Jeonju C Chung Dong-young People's
Gunsan Kim Kwan-young People's
Iksan A Lee Choon-suak Minjoo
Iksan B Cho Bae-sook People's
JeongeupGochang You Sung-yop People's
NamwonImsilSunchang Lee Yong-ho People's
GimjeBuan Kim Jong-hee People's
WanjuJinanMujuJangsu An Ho-young Minjoo

South Jeolla

Constituency Member Party Notes
Mokpo Park Jie-won People's
Yeosu A Lee Yong-ju People's
Yeosu B Joo Seung-yong People's
Suncheon Lee Jung-hyun Saenuri
NajuHwasun Son Kum-ju People's
GwangyangGokseongGurye Jeong In-hwa People's
DamyangHampyeongYeonggwangJangseong Lee Kai-ho Minjoo
GoheungBoseongJangheungGangjin Hwang Ju-hong People's
HaenamWandoJindo Yoon Young-il People's
YeongamMuanSinan Park Jun-yeong People's

North Gyeongsang

Constituency Member Party Notes
Pohang Buk-gu Kim Jeong-jae Saenuri
Pohang Nam-guUlleung Park Myung-jae Saenuri
Gyeongju Kim Seok-ki Saenuri
Gimcheon Lee Cheol-uoo Saenuri
Andong Kim Kwang-lim Saenuri
Gyeongsan Choi Kyoung-hwan Saenuri
Gumi A Baek Seung-joo Saenuri
Gumi B Chang Seok-chun Saenuri
YeongjuMungyeongYecheon Choi Gyo-il Saenuri
YeongcheonCheongdo Lee Man-hee Saenuri
SangjuGunwiUiseongCheongsong Kim Jong-tae Saenuri
YeongyangYeongdeokBonghwaUljin Kang Seok-ho Saenuri
GoryeongSeongjuChilgok Yi Wan-young Saenuri

South Gyeongsang

Constituency Member Party Notes
Changwon Uichang-gu Park Wan-su Saenuri
Changwon Seongsan-gu Roh Hoe-chan Justice
Changwon Masanhappo-gu Lee Ju-young Saenuri
Changwon Masanhoewon-gu Yoon Han-hong Saenuri
Changwon Jinhae-gu Kim Sung-chan Saenuri
Jinju A Park Dae-chul Saenuri
Jinju B Kim Jae-kyung Saenuri
TongyeongGoseong Lee Gun-hyeon Saenuri
SacheonNamhaeHadong Yeo Sang-gyu Saenuri
Gimhae A Min Hong-chul Minjoo
Gimhae B Kim Kyung-soo Minjoo
MiryangUiryeongHamanChangnyeong Um Yong-su Saenuri
Geoje Kim Han-pyo Saenuri
Yangsan A Yoon Young-suk Saenuri
Yangsan B Seo Hyung-soo Minjoo
SancheongHamyangGeochangHapcheon Kang Seok-jin Saenuri


Constituency Member Party Notes
Jeju A Kang Chang-il Minjoo
Jeju B Oh Yeong-hoon Minjoo
Seogwipo Wi Seong-gon Minjoo

Proportional representation



List number Member Notes
1 Park Kyung-mi
2 Kim Chong-in Interim chairman of the party (2016–present)
3 Song Ok-ju
4 Choi Woon-yeol
5 Lee Jae-jeong
6 Kim Hyun-kwon
7 Moon Mi-ok
8 Lee Chul-hee
9 Je Youn-kyung
10 Kim Sung-soo
11 Kwon Mi-hyuk
12 Lee Yong-deuk
13 Jung Choun-sook


List number Member Notes
1 Song Hee-kyung
2 Lee Jong-myung
3 Lim Lee-ja
4 Moon Jin-guk
5 Choi Yeon-hye
6 Kim Gyu-hwan
7 Shin Bo-ra
8 Kim Sung-tae
9 Jeon Hee-gyeong
10 Kim Jong-suk
11 Kim Seung-hee
12 Yoo Min-bong
13 Yun Jong-pil
14 Cho Hoon-hyun
15 Kim Sun-rye
16 Kang Hyo-sang
17 Kim Hyun-ah


List number Member Notes
1 Shin Yong-hyeon
2 Oh Se-jung
3 Park Joo-hyun
4 Lee Sang-don
5 Park Sun-sook
6 Chae Yi-bae
7 Kim Su-min
8 Lee Tae-gyu
9 Kim Sam-hwa
10 Kim Jung-ro
11 Chang Jeong-suk
12 Lee Dong-seop
13 Choi Do-ja


List number Member Notes
1 Lee Jung-mi
2 Kim Jong-dae
3 Chu Hye-seon
4 Yun So-ha
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