List of libraries in Melbourne

This is a list of libraries in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the second UNESCO City of Literature.[1] Melbourne has a rich and varied books-and-reading culture and municipal councils throughout Melbourne provide funding and support for a rich network of libraries. Membership of these libraries is free.

Melbourne Athenaeum

Community / Non-profit libraries

Local Government libraries

Melbourne's public library services are operated by local government municipalities through a range of grants funding and service agreements. In addition to branch libraries a number of library service providers also operate a mobile service to outer Metropolitan areas.

Inner City

The interior of East Melbourne Library

Northern suburbs

Eastern suburbs

South Eastern suburbs

Western suburbs

State Government libraries

The State Government of Victoria maintains libraries within most Government departments and agencies as well as the through the State Library of Victoria, the principal reference and research library of the State Government.

Theological libraries

University Residential College libraries

University libraries

Library sponsors, donors and foundations

State Library of Victoria Foundation

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