List of judges of the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland

This is a list of judges of the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland.

Division I: Infrastructure, Finance and Personnel

Name Term of office Party[1] Notes
Lorenz Kneubühler 2007-2012 SPS/PSS Division president
Christoph Bandli SVP/UDC President of the Court, 2007-08
Florence Aubry Girardin GPS/PES
Michael Beusch SPS/PSS
Kathrin Dietrich CVP/PDC
Beat Forster CVP/PDC
Jürg Kölliker SPS/PSS
Pierre Leu SPS/PSS
Markus Metz FDP/PRD
Pascal Mollard SPS/PSS
André Moser FDP/PRD
Claudia Pasqualetto Péquignot FDP/PRD
Daniel Riedo GPS/PES
Marianne Ryter Sauvant SPS/PSS
Thomas Stadelmann CVP/PDC
Salome Zimmermann SPS/PSS

Division II: Economy, Education and Competition

Name Term of office Party[1] Notes
Bernard Maitre 2007-2012 CVP/PDC Division president
Maria Amgwerd CVP/PDC
David Aschmann FDP/PRD
Jean-Luc Baechler SVP/UDC
Stephan Breitenmoser CVP/PDC
Francesco Brentani CVP/PDC
Ronald Flury FDP/PRD
Hans-Jacob Heitz FDP/PRD
Vera Marantelli FDP/PRD
Claude Morvant FDP/PRD
Eva Schneeberger FDP/PRD
Frank Seethaler GPS/PES
Marc Steiner SPS/PSS
Hans Urech SVP/UDC Originally elected as first president of the Court; resigned from this position on 9 March 2006 for health reasons.[2]
Philippe Weissenberger SPS/PSS Vice president of the Court, 2007-08

Division III: Foreigners, Health and Social Security

Name Term of office Party[1] Notes
Alberto Meuli 2007-2012 SVP/UDC Division President
Eduard Achermann SVP/UDC
Elena Avenati-Carpani CVP/PDC
Ruth Beutler SPS/PSS
Johannes Frölicher SPS/PSS
Antonio Imoberdorf SPS/PSS
Stefan Mesmer SPS/PSS
Francesco Parrino SPS/PSS
Michael Peterli GPS/PES
Franziska Schneider GPS/PES
Andreas Trommer FDP/PRD
Bernard Vaudan CVP/PDC
Blaise Vuille FDP/PRD

Division IV: Asylum Law

Name Term of office Party[1] Notes
Claudia Cotting-Schalch 2007-2012 FDP/PRD Division president
Gérald Bovier SVP/UDC
Robert Galliker None
Fulvio Haefeli SVP/UDC
Madeleine Hirsig-Vouilloz CVP/PDC
Walter Lang None
Gérard Scherrer None
Daniel Schmid SPS/PSS
Hans Schürch FDP/PRD
Nina Spälti Giannakitsas SPS/PSS
Bendicht Tellenbach SPS/PSS
Vito Valenti FDP/PRD
Thomas Wespi CVP/PDC
Martin Zoller CVP/PDC

Division V: Asylum Law

Name Term of office Party[1] Notes
Walter Stöckli 2007-2012 SPS/PSS Division president
François Badoud None
Maurice Brodard CVP/PDC
Jenny de Coulon Scuntaro FDP/PRD
Jean-Daniel Dubey None
Kurt Gysi FDP/PRD
Bruno Huber CVP/PDC
Markus König SPS/PSS
Therese Kojic-Siegenthaler None
Christa Luterbacher SPS/PSS
Jean-Pierre Monnet None
Regula Schenker Senn SPS/PSS
Marianne Teuscher SVP/UDC
Beat Weber FDP/PRD



  1. 1 2 3 4 5 The party the judge has indicated an affiliation to when submitting his or her application to the Judicial Committee of the Federal Assembly. This does not necessarily indicate party membership.
  2. Official Bulletin, AB/BO 2006 V 531 et seq.

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