List of freshman class members of the 114th United States Congress

The 114th United States Congress began on January 3, 2015. There are 13 new Senators (12R, 1D) and 60 new Representatives (45R, 15D).

New members of the 114th Congress


This is the list of the freshman members in Senate Class 2, plus one member who was elected to fill unexpired terms in Senate Class 3. Eleven of the twelve freshmen were first elected in 2014 into full terms that began with the Senate that commenced in 2015.

State Image Senator Incoming class seniority Party change? Prior political experience Birth year
Alaska Sullivan, DanDan Sullivan (R) 13th
(100th overall)
Defeated Mark Begich (D)
Alaska Commissioner of Natural Resources
Alaska Attorney General
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps
Arkansas Cotton, TomTom Cotton (R) 6th
(93rd overall)
Defeated Mark Pryor (D)
Member of the U.S. House
Captain, U.S. Army
Colorado Gardner, CoryCory Gardner (R) 4th
(91st overall)
Defeated Mark Udall (D)
Member of the U.S. House
State Representative
Georgia Perdue, DavidDavid Perdue (R) 9th
(96th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Saxby Chambliss (R)
Businessman 1949
Iowa Ernst, JoniJoni Ernst (R) 11th
(98th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Tom Harkin (D)
State Senator
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Louisiana Cassidy, BillBill Cassidy (R) 3rd
(90th overall)
Defeated Mary Landrieu (D)
Member of the U.S. House
State Senator
Michigan Peters, GaryGary Peters (D) 2nd
(89th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Carl Levin (D)
Member of the U.S. House
State Senator
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy
Montana Daines, SteveSteve Daines (R) 7th
(94th overall)
Open seat
Replaced John Walsh (D)
Member of the U.S. House
Nebraska Sasse, BenBen Sasse (R) 12th
(99th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Mike Johanns (R)
Midland University President 1972
North Carolina Tillis, ThomThom Tillis (R) 10th
(97th overall)
Defeated Kay Hagan (D)
State House Speaker 1960
Oklahoma Lankford, JamesJames Lankford (R) 5th
(92nd overall)
Special election
Member of the U.S. House 1968
South Dakota Rounds, MikeMike Rounds (R) 8th
(95th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Tim Johnson (D)
South Dakota Governor
State Senator
West Virginia Capito, Shelley MooreShelley Moore Capito (R) 1st
(88th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Jay Rockefeller (D)
Member of the U.S. House
State Delegate

House of Representatives

District Representative Party change Prior background Birth year
Alabama 6 Palmer, GaryGary Palmer (R) No Co-founder and president of Alabama Policy Institute 1954
Arizona 2 McSally, MarthaMartha McSally (R) Yes Colonel, U.S. Air Force 1966
Arizona 7 Gallego, RubenRuben Gallego (D) No State Representative 1979
Arkansas 2 Hill, FrenchFrench Hill (R) No CEO, Delta Trust and Banking Corporation 1956
Arkansas 4 Westerman, BruceBruce Westerman (R) No State House Majority Leader 1967
California 11 DeSaulnier, MarkMark DeSaulnier (D) No State Senator 1952
California 25 Knight, SteveSteve Knight (R) No State Senator 1966
California 31 Aguilar, PetePete Aguilar (D) Yes Mayor of Redlands 1979
California 33 Lieu, TedTed Lieu (D) No State Senator, Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Air Force) 1969
California 35 Torres, NormaNorma Torres (D) No State Senator 1965
California 45 Walters, MimiMimi Walters (R) No State Senator 1962
Colorado 4 Buck, KenKen Buck (R) No Weld County District Attorney 1959
Florida 2 Graham, GwenGwen Graham (D) Yes Leon County school administrator 1963
Florida 26 Curbelo, CarlosCarlos Curbelo (R) Yes Miami-Dade County Public School Board, lobbying firm founder 1980
Georgia 1 Carter, BuddyBuddy Carter (R) No State Senator, Mayor of Pooler 1957
Georgia 10 Hice, JodyJody Hice (R) No Baptist pastor, radio host 1960
Georgia 11 Loudermilk, BarryBarry Loudermilk (R) No State Senator 1963
Georgia 12 Allen, Rick W.Rick W. Allen (R) Yes Businessman 1951
Hawaii 1 Takai, MarkMark Takai (D) No State Representative, Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army) 1967
Illinois 10 Dold, BobBob Dold (R) Yes U.S. Representative for IL-10 (2011-2013) 1969
Illinois 12 Bost, MikeMike Bost (R) Yes State Representative 1960
Iowa 1 Blum, RodRod Blum (R) Yes Businessman 1955
Iowa 3 Young, DavidDavid Young (R) No Legislative staffer 1968
Louisiana 5 Abraham, RalphRalph Abraham (R) No Physician, veterinarian 1954
Louisiana 6 Graves, GarretGarret Graves (R) No Chairman, Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority 1972
Maine 2 Poliquin, BruceBruce Poliquin (R) Yes State Treasurer 1953
Massachusetts 6 Moulton, SethSeth Moulton (D) No Captain, U.S. Marine Corps 1978
Michigan 4 Moolenaar, JohnJohn Moolenaar (R) No State Senator 1961
Michigan 8 Bishop, MikeMike Bishop (R) No State Senate Majority Leader 1967
Michigan 11 Trott, DavidDavid Trott (R) No Businessman 1960
Michigan 12 Dingell, DebbieDebbie Dingell (D) No Board of Governors, Wayne State University 1953
Michigan 14 Lawrence, BrendaBrenda Lawrence (D) No Mayor of Southfield 1954
Minnesota 6 Emmer, TomTom Emmer (R) No State Representative 1961
Montana AL Zinke, RyanRyan Zinke (R) No State Senator, Commander (U.S. Navy) 1961
Nebraska 2 Ashford, BradBrad Ashford (D) Yes State Senator 1949
Nevada 4 Hardy, CresentCresent Hardy (R) Yes State Assemblyman 1957
New Hampshire 1 Guinta, FrankFrank Guinta (R) Yes U.S. Representative for NH-1 (2011-2013), Mayor of Manchester 1970
New Jersey 3 MacArthur, TomTom MacArthur (R) No Mayor of Randolph, businessman 1960
New Jersey 12 Watson Coleman, BonnieBonnie Watson Coleman (D) No State Assembly Majority Leader 1945
New York 1 Zeldin, LeeLee Zeldin (R) Yes State Senator, Major (U.S. Army) 1980
New York 4 Rice, KathleenKathleen Rice (D) No Nassau County District Attorney 1965
New York 21 Stefanik, EliseElise Stefanik (R) Yes White House staffer 1984
New York 24 Katko, JohnJohn Katko (R) Yes Federal prosecutor 1962
North Carolina 6 Walker, MarkMark Walker (R) No Baptist pastor 1968
North Carolina 7 Rouzer, DavidDavid Rouzer (R) Yes State Senator 1972
Ohio 8 Davidson, WarrenWarren Davidson (R) No Business owner 1970
Oklahoma 5 Russell, SteveSteve Russell (R) No State Senator, Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army) 1963
Pennsylvania 6 Costello, RyanRyan Costello (R) No Chester County Commissioner 1976
Pennsylvania 13 Boyle, Brendan F.Brendan F. Boyle (D) No State Representative 1977
Texas 4 Ratcliffe, JohnJohn Ratcliffe (R) No Mayor of Heath, U.S. Attorney for E.D. Tex. 1965
Texas 23 Hurd, WillWill Hurd (R) Yes Central Intelligence Agency officer 1977
Texas 36 Babin, BrianBrian Babin (R) No Lower Neches Valley Authority, Mayor of Woodville, dentist 1948
Utah 4 Love, MiaMia Love (R) Yes Mayor of Saratoga Springs 1975
Virginia 8 Beyer, DonDon Beyer (D) No Ambassador to Switzerland and Lichtenstein, Lieutenant Governor 1950
Virginia 10 Comstock, BarbaraBarbara Comstock (R) No State Delegate 1959
Washington 4 Newhouse, DanDan Newhouse (R) No State Representative 1955
West Virginia 2 Mooney, AlexAlex Mooney (R) No Maryland State Senator, Chair of the Maryland Republican Party 1971
West Virginia 3 Jenkins, EvanEvan Jenkins (R) Yes State Senator 1960
Wisconsin 6 Grothman, GlennGlenn Grothman (R) No State Senator 1955

Non-voting members

District Delegate Party change? Prior background Birth year
American Samoa at-large Radewagen, Amata ColemanAmata Coleman Radewagen (R) Yes Journalist, RNC member 1947
Virgin Islands at-large Plaskett, StaceyStacey Plaskett (D) No Attorney 1966
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