List of former municipalities in New York City

The City of Greater New York was formed in 1898 through the consolidation of a number of municipalities, some of which were themselves consolidated from smaller municipalities. This article lists the towns and cities that have formerly existed within the current boundaries of New York city, from the time the British assumed control of New Amsterdam until the 1898 consolidation. The term "town" refers to county divisions usually known as townships elsewhere.


The Bronx

Map of Westchester County, including the portion that would later become The Bronx, in 1867.
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The Bronx was annexed from Westchester County by New York County (and New York City) in 1874 (west of Bronx River) and 1895 (east of it). Those two parts were established as a separate borough upon the consolidation of Greater New York in 1898, but was not legally established as a separate county, Bronx County, until 1914.

Kings County

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When it was created in 1688 Kings County contained six towns.[6][7] The City of Brooklyn eventually annexed the other towns and cities in Kings County between 1854 and 1896, before itself becoming part of New York City in 1898.[8]

Queens County

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All of Flushing, Jamaica, Long Island City, and Newtown, as well as the Rockaway Peninsula portion of Hempstead, consolidated into Greater New York in 1898. The rest of Hempstead and the Towns of North Hempstead and Oyster Bay split from Queens County to form Nassau County in 1899. Prior to consolidation, Lloyd Neck, which was then part of the Town of Oyster Bay and had earlier been known as Queens Village, seceded from Queens County and became part of the Town of Huntington in Suffolk County in 1885.[11][12]

Richmond County

Staten Island in 1891

All of Staten Island consolidated into Greater New York in 1898.


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