List of fictional universes in literature

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This is a list of fictional universes in literature.

Universe Origin Creation date Author Notes
Alagaësia Eragon 2002 Christopher Paolini The settings of the novels of the Inheritance Cycle: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance
All-World The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger 1982 Stephen King The setting for the Dark Tower series of novels and derived works, which also ties into a number of King's other novels, such as The Stand and Eyes of the Dragon. Includes the towns of Derry, 'Salem's Lot and Castle Rock
Alliance-Union universe Heavy Time 1991 C. J. Cherryh The setting for an epic future history series extending from the 21st century out into the far future. It consists of 27 science fiction novels along with a series of seven short story anthologies and a few other miscellaneous works.
Amber multiverse Nine Princes in Amber 1970 Roger Zelazny Multiverse in which The Chronicles of Amber take place; two worlds of opposed chaos and order of which all others are merely "shadows"
Amtor Pirates of Venus 1934 Edgar Rice Burroughs A fictionalised version of the planet Venus as depicted in the Venus series of novels featuring the character Carson Napier
Avonlea Anne of Green Gables 1908 Lucy Maud Montgomery Fictional location on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and setting for a series of novels featuring the character Anne Shirley.
Anita Blake mythology Guilty Pleasures 1993 Laurell K. Hamilton Alternate history in which the contemporary United States is reinterpreted into a world in which vampires, necromancy, and fairies exist. Setting for the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of novels
Barsetshire The Warden 1855 Anthony Trollope Featured in the series of novels known as the "Chronicles of Barsetshire". The county town and cathedral town is Barchester. Other towns mentioned in the novels include Silverbridge, Hogglestock and Greshamsbury.
Barsoom Under the Moons of Mars 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs A fictionalised version of the planet Mars in over 100 adventure stories featuring the character John Carter
Bas-Lag Perdido Street Station 2000 China Miéville Steampunk setting for a trilogy of novels.
Beklan Empire Shardik 1974 Richard Adams Kingdom in which slavery is legal and setting for the novels Shardik and Maia
Bensalem New Atlantis 1624 Sir Francis Bacon Utopian community in the Pacific Ocean that focuses on scientific discovery
Blandings Castle Something Fresh 1915 P. G. Wodehouse an idealized English country estate (with nearby village) and seat of the Threepwood family
Boxen Boxen: The Imaginary World of the Young C. S. Lewis 1908 C. S. Lewis & Warren Lewis Animal-based kingdom (complete with its own politics, economics and government) created by CS Lewis and his brother when they were young; heavily influenced by Beatrix Potter
Carcosa An Inhabitant of Carcosa 1886 Ambrose Bierce Carcosa is a fictional ruined city in where the spirit of a man roamed and found he was dead, later borrowed by Robert W. Chambers for weird fantasy The King In Yellow
City of the Sun The City of the Sun 1602 Tommaso Campanella Theocratic society in which goods, women and children are held in common.
CoDominium A Spaceship for the King 1973 Jerry Pournelle Interstellar empire controlled by a unified United States and Soviet Union.
Corona The Demon Awakens 1997 R. A. Salvatore Setting for The DemonWars Saga and The Highwayman. Bears a strong resemblance to eastern Canada
Cosmere Elantris 2005 Brandon Sanderson The Cosmere is the fictional universe in which the various fantasy worlds in all of Sanderson's works, excluding those set on Earth, are set.
The Culture Consider Phlebas 1987 Iain M. Banks Interstellar anarchist, socialist, and utopian society created for a number of science fiction novels and works of short fiction collectively called the Culture series.
Darkover The Planet Savers 1958 Marion Zimmer Bradley Fictional planet in orbit around a red giant star and setting for the Darkover series of novels.
Deathstalker universe Mistworld 1992 Simon R. Green Setting for the Deathstalker series; a totalitarian, corrupt human galactic empire in which dissent is crushed and alien races are enslaved or exterminated
Derlavai Into the Darkness 1999 Harry Turtledove Fantasy land in which The Darkness Series, a retelling of World War II in a fantasy context, takes place
Deverry Daggerspell 1986 Katharine Kerr Celtic-inspired fantasy kingdom that is the setting for the Deverry Cycle
Dinotopia Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time 1992 James Gurney Lost land in which humans coexist with sapient dinosaurs.
The Discworld The Colour of Magic 1983 Terry Pratchett A flat world set on the backs of four elephants who in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle, the Discworld is the setting for nearly 40 comedic fantasy novels.
Dreamlands Polaris 1918 H. P. Lovecraft A vast, alternate dimension that can be entered via dreams.
Dune universe Dune 1965 Frank Herbert Interstellar empire governed by a feudal system dominated by Great Houses and dependant on the Spice that forms only on the planet Arrakis, or Dune.
Dying Earth The Dying Earth 1950 Jack Vance Far future world in which the Sun has almost exhausted its fuel and magic reasserted itself. Setting for the Dying Earth series
Earthsea The Word of Unbinding 1964 Ursula K. Le Guin Fantasy realm consisting of an archipelago of islands in a vast ocean that forms the setting for six books and seven short stories.
Earwa The Darkness That Comes Before 2004 R. Scott Bakker Fantasy realm that combines alien technology with magic
The Edge Beyond the Deepwoods 1998 Paul Stewart Single massive cliff that extends out into open sky. Setting for The Edge Chronicles
Emelan Sandry's Book 1997 Tamora Pierce Pseudo-mediaeval magical setting for the Circle of Magic series
Erewhon Erewhon: or, Over the Range 1872 Samuel Butler Satirical society that parodies Victorian conventions.
Familias Regnant universe Hunting Party 1993 Elizabeth Moon Feudal galactic society in the far future
Field of Arbol Out of the Silent Planet 1938 C. S. Lewis A fictionalised version of our Solar System, as depicted in the fictional theology of the Space Trilogy.
Finisterre Rider at the Gate 1995 C. J. Cherryh Hostile alien planet of telepathic flora and fauna
Flatland Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions 1884 Edwin Abbott Abbott Authoritatarian 2-dimensional world inhabited by sentient geometric shapes ignorant of the "higher dimensions" of up and down.
Foreigner universe Foreigner 1994 C. J. Cherryh Centres around the descendants of a ship lost in transit from Earth en route to found a new space station.
Foundation universe "Strange Playfellow" 1940 Isaac Asimov Future history of humanity's colonisation of the galaxy, spanning nearly 25,000 years, created through the gradual fusion of the Robot, Foundation and Empire series'.
The Four Lands The Sword of Shannara 1977 Terry Brooks A fantasy realm in which the Shannara series is set. Possibly a future post-apocalyptic Earth.
Future History Life-Line 1939 Robert Heinlein Future history of humanity from the mid 20th century to the 23rd, seen largely through the eyes of the immortal Howard families, in particular Lazarus Long.
The Galaxy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 1977 Douglas Adams Fictionalised version of the Milky Way galaxy, which is home to a complex web of interstellar civilisations.
Gene Wars Universe Hammerfall 2001 C. J. Cherryh Currently consists of two science fiction novels (Hammerfall and Forge of Heaven).
Gezeitenwelt Der Wahrträumer 2002 Bernhard Hennen and others Alternate world hit by a comet that forms the setting for a series of post-apocalyptic novels
Gor Tarnsman of Gor 1966 John Norman "Counter-Earth", sword and planet setting for 30 novels. Its depiction (and apparent endorsement) of aggressively subdued women has been widely criticised as sexist.
Gormenghast Titus Groan 1946 Mervyn Peake Grim castle and surroundings that is the setting for the Gormenghast series of gothic fantasy novels.
Green-Sky Below the Root 1975 Zilpha Keatley Snyder Low-gravity forest planet inhabited by an arboreal culture
Islands of Gulliver's Travels Gulliver's Travels 1726 Jonathan Swift Series of islands visited by Lemuel Gulliver in the satirical novel Gulliver's Travels, including Lilliput and Blefuscu, Brobdingnag, Laputa and the land of the Houyhnhnms.
Gwynedd Deryni Rising 1970 Katherine Kurtz Setting for the Deryni novels; an alternate-mediaeval kingdom in which certain people (Deryni) have magic powers
Halla The Merchant of Death 2002 D. J. MacHale Setting for The Pendragon Adventure; the sum of all alternate realities.
Harry Potter universe Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 1997 J. K. Rowling The fictional universe of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series of fantasy novels comprises two separate and distinct societies: a Muggle world (our own world) and a "wizarding world" (various magically hidden places throughout the world).
Heritage Universe Summertide 1990 Charles Sheffield The date of the setting is several thousand years into the future, during a time when human space colonization has filled much of the local spiral arm of the galaxy.
His Dark Materials worlds Northern Lights (aka The Golden Compass) 1995 Phillip Pullman Multiverse setting for the trilogy His Dark Materials. Northern Lights centres on a world in which every human has a companion animal, (a daemon) that represents their personality, books 2 and 3 are set in other worlds, including our own.
Honorverse On Basilisk Station 1992 David Weber Future interstellar setting in which humans have been genetically altered to cope with various alien environments.
Hundred Acre Wood Winnie-the-Pooh 1926 A. A. Milne Setting for the Winnie-the-Pooh series of children's books based on Ashdown Forest in Sussex
Hyborian Age and Thurian Age The Shadow Kingdom 1929 Robert E. Howard Supposedly mythical times during which the novels concerning Kull of Atlantis, Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja are set.
Instrumentality of Mankind The Planet Buyer 1964 Cordwainer Smith Interstellar human empire 14,000 years in the future; setting for two novels and a series of short stories collected in The Rediscovery of Man
Isaac's Universe The Diplomacy Guild 1990 Isaac Asimov Invented by Asimov for other science fiction writers to use.
Kelewan Magician 1982 Raymond E. Feist High fantasy setting for The Riftwar Saga.
Known Space "The Coldest Place" 1964 Larry Niven Interstellar region inhabited by a future humanity. Created by Niven for him and other writers to use.
Lake Wobegon Lake Wobegon Days 1985 Garrison Keillor Fictional Minnesota town characterized as the town where "all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average."
Landover Magic Kingdom for Sale — SOLD! 1986 Terry Brooks Rural high fantasy world and setting for six novels.
Liaden universe Agent of Change 1988 Sharon Lee and Steve Miller Setting for an ongoing series of science fiction stories.
L'Engle multiverse A Wrinkle in Time 1962 Madeleine L'Engle Science fiction multiverse inflused with Christian religious themes
Lovecraft Country The Picture in the House 1920 H. P. Lovecraft Fictional region of Massachusetts in which several stories by Lovecraft take place, as part of his wider Cthulhu Mythos. Areas within it include Arkham, Dunwich, Innsmouth, Kingsport and the Miskatonic River.
World of Malazan Book of the Fallen Gardens of the Moon 1999 Steven Erikson Fictional world of many of Steven Erikson's and Ian Cameron Esslemont's novels and novellas.
Middle-earth The Hobbit 1936 J. R. R. Tolkien The setting of the majority of Tolkien's fantasy writings, including The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. Middle-earth represents the Old World of our planet Earth (named Arda in the stories) in a fictional (pre)historic era.
The Multiverse Behold the Man 1969 Michael Moorcock Concept that forms the basis for several of Moorcock's novels via the Eternal Champion and the struggle between Law and Chaos
Narnia The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 1950 C. S. Lewis setting for the 7-volume fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia. It includes the world of Narnia, Earth of the 1940s and 1950s, and other possible worlds (such as Charn) suggested by The Magician's Nephew.
Nations of Nineteen Eighty-Four Nineteen-Eighty Four 1949 George Orwell A perpetually war-torn world ruled by super-states.
Nehwon "The Jewels in the Forest" 1939 Fritz Leiber Common setting for the series of fantastical short stories featuring the characters Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Its capital is Lankhmar.
Neverland Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up 1904 J. M. Barrie An island representing the imagination of a child
Noon Universe Noon: 22nd Century 1967 Arkady and Boris Strugatsky ("Мир Полудня" or "Мир Полдня" - "World of Noon") is a fictional future setting for a number of hard science fiction novels.
Nowhere News From Nowhere 1890 William Morris Utopian socialist society
Okal Rel Universe Throne Price 2003 Lynda Williams Sevolite super-pilots adept at Reality Skimming (FTL travel) work out cultural differences with technically sophisticated Reetions and associated canon by collaborators also set in the Okal Rel Universe.[1]
Osten Ard The Dragonbone Chair 1988 Tad Williams Fantastical continent populated by humans, elf-like Sithi and troll-like Quanuc. Setting for the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy
Oz The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 1900 L. Frank Baum Fantasy land initially created by Baum and subsequently elaborated on by several other authors in 40 canonical novels.|
Panem The Hunger Games 2008 Suzanne Collins Totalitarian future North America that is the setting for the Hunger Games trilogy.
Pern Dragonflight 1968 Anne McCaffrey Fictional planet and setting for the Dragonriders of Pern novel series, in which genetically engineered dragons fight an alien menace called Thread.
Prydain The Book of Three 1964 Lloyd Alexander Fantasy Celtic Britain that forms the setting for the Chronicles of Prydain
The Republic The Republic 380 BC Plato Idealised "perfect society" as depicted by Plato in his dialogues The Republic and Laws
Revelation Space universe Revelation Space 2000 Alastair Reynolds Used as the setting for a number of novels and stories which follow the fictional history of humans from roughly 2200 to 40,000 AD.
Riverworld To Your Scattered Bodies Go 1971 Philip Jose Farmer "Afterlife" in which every human who ever lived is continuously reincarnated beside a seemingly endless river.
Island of Sodor The Three Railway Engines 1945 Rev. W. Awdry Fictional island in the Irish Sea between Wales and the Isle of Man; home to the characters of the Railway Series of books, including sentient locomotives Thomas the Tank Engine, James the Red Engine and Gordon the Big Engine.
Southern Vampires universe Dead Until Dark 2001 Charlaine Harris Alternate history in which vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures coexist with humans. Setting for the Southern Vampire Mysteries
The Sprawl Fragments of a Hologram Rose 1977 William Gibson Futuristic urban sprawl that forms the setting for the Sprawl trilogy of science fiction novels, as well as four short stories
Uplift Universe Sundiver 1980 David Brin A central feature in this universe is the process of biological uplift.
Utopia Utopia 1516 Sir Thomas More An idealised perfect society located somewhere in the New World
Velgarth Arrows of the Queen 1987 Mercedes Lackey World infused with magic created for the 30+ volume Valdemar Saga
Viriconium The Pastel City 1971 M. John Harrison City set in a wasteland dying Earth amid the ruins of civilisation. Setting for a number of stories.
Vorkosiverse Shards of Honor 1986 Lois McMaster Bujold Interstellar empire in humanity's far future that forms the setting for the Vorkosigan Saga
Watches worldline Night Watch 1998 Sergei Lukyanenko Setting for the World of Watches series; a hidden realm in which magically empowered humans ("Others") have access to a deeper layer of reality called "The Gloom".
Well World Midnight at the Well of Souls 1977 Jack L. Chalker World consisting of 1560 hexagonal regions, each with its own climate and ecosystem
Wessex Under the Greenwood Tree 1872 Thomas Hardy Setting of all of Hardy's major novels in the south and southwest of England. He named the area Wessex after the medieval Anglo-Saxon kingdom that existed in this part of that country prior to the Norman Conquest.
Wheel of Time The Eye of the World 1990 Robert Jordan Common setting for the Wheel of Time fantasy series, that covers thousands of years of fictional history
William Blake's mythology All Religions are One 1788 William Blake Complex fictional mythology blending gnosticism, kabbalism and various forms of pre-Christian paganism
Witch World Witch World 1963 Andre Norton High-fantasy setting ruled by magic-using women
Wold Newton Universe Tarzan Alive 1972 Philip Jose Farmer Universe connecting many fictional characters from several genres, including Tarzan, Doc Savage and Sherlock Holmes, who, according to the concept, were all created via genetic mutation caused by the fall of a radioactive meteorite in Wold Newton in 1795.
Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1865 Lewis Carroll Nonsensical fantasy lands visited by the character Alice in the novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
World of A Song of Ice and Fire A Game of Thrones 1996 George R. R. Martin Medieval-like world with years-long seasons that is the setting of the series A Song of Ice and Fire
World of Tiers The Maker of Universes 1965 Philip Jose Farmer Series of pocket universes created by an advanced, decadent humanoid race.
World of the Three Moons Black Trillium 1990 Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May and Andre Norton Fantasy world with three natural satellites that forms the setting for the Trillium series
The World State Brave New World 1932 Aldous Huxley Parodic utopian world in which individuality and passion are sacrificed in favor of drug-induced happiness and consumerism.
Xeelee universe Raft 1991 Stephen Baxter Setting for the Xeelee Sequence of novels and short stories, featuring a far future galaxy colonised by the descendants of man engaged in a war with a hypertechnological race called the Xeelee.
Xanth A Spell for Chameleon 1977 Piers Anthony A fantasy world created for the Xanth series of novels, also known as The Magic of Xanth
Zothique Empire of the Necromancers 1932 Clark Ashton Smith Mediaeval-level future continent of Earth that forms the setting for 16 short stories.

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