List of current Chinese provincial leaders

This is a list of current provincial leaders in the Provinces of China, including Communist Party committee secretaries (labelled Party Secretary) and Government leaders.

Communist Party Secretaries


Municipalities Name Birthdate Prior public experience Took office
Beijing Guo Jinlong July 1947 (age 69) Mayor of Beijing 2012.07.03
Tianjin Li Hongzhong August 1956 (age 60) Party Secretary of Hubei 2016.09.13
Shanghai Han Zheng March 1954 (age 62) Deputy Mayor of Shanghai 2012.11.20
Chongqing Sun Zhengcai September 1963 (age 53) Party Secretary of Jilin 2012.11.20


Provinces Name Birthdate Prior public experience Took office
Hebei Zhao Kezhi November 1953 (age 63) Party Secretary of Guizhou 2015.07.31
Shanxi Luo Huining October 1954 (age 62) Party Secretary of Qinghai 2016.06.30
Liaoning Li Xi September 1956 (age 60) Governor of Liaoning 2015.05.04
Jilin Bayanqolu April 1955 (age 61) Governor of Jilin 2014.08.31
Heilongjiang Wang Xiankui July 1952 (age 64) Governor of Heilongjiang 2013.03.20
Jiangsu Li Qiang September 1959 (age 57) Governor of Zhejiang 2016.06.30
Zhejiang Xia Baolong November 1952 (age 64) Governor of Zhejiang 2012.12.18
Anhui Li Jinbin February 1958 (age 58) Governor of Anhui 2016.08.29
Fujian You Quan December 1953 (age 6263) Administrative Deputy Secretary General of State Council 2012.12.29
Jiangxi Lu Xinshe November 1956 (age 60) Governor of Shandong 2016.06.29
Shandong Jiang Yikang January 1953 (age 63) Party Secretary of Chinese Academy of Governance 2008.03.31
Henan Xie Fuzhan August 1954 (age 62) Governor of Henan 2016.03.26
Hubei Jiang Chaoliang August 1957 (age 59) Governor of Jilin 2016.10.29
Hunan Du Jiahao July 1955 (age 61) Governor of Hunan 2016.08.28
Guangdong Hu Chunhua April 1963 (age 53) Party Secretary of Inner Mongolia 2012.12.18
Hainan Luo Baoming September 1952 (age 64) Governor of Hainan 2011.08.25
Sichuan Wang Dongming June 1956 (age 60) Chief of the General Office of Central Institutional Organization Commission 2012.11.21
Guizhou Chen Min'er August 1960 (age 56) Governor of Guizhou 2015.07.31
Yunnan Chen Hao February 1954 (age 62) Governor of Yunnan 2016.08.28
Shaanxi Lou Qinjian December 1956 (age 5960) Governor of Shaanxi 2016.03.27
Gansu Wang Sanyun November 1952 (age 64) Governor of Anhui 2011.12.11
Qinghai Wang Guosheng May 1956 (age 60) Governor of Hubei 2016.06.29

Autonomous Regions

AR Name Birthdate Prior public experience Year in office
Inner Mongolia Li Jiheng January 1957 (age 59) Party Secretary of Yunnan 2016.08.29
Guangxi Peng Qinghua April 1957 (age 59) Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 2012.12.19
Tibet Wu Yingjie February 1956 (age 60) Administrative Deputy Chairman of Tibet 2016.08.28
Ningxia Li Jianhua September 1954 (age 62) Party Secretary of Chinese Academy of Governance 2013.03.19
Xinjiang Chen Quanguo November 1955 (age 61) Party Secretary of Tibet 2016.08.29

Government leaders


Name Mayors Birthdate Prior public experience Took office
Beijing Cai Qi
December 1955 (age 6061) Deputy Chief of the General Office of the National Security Commission of the Communist Party of China 2016.10.31
Tianjin Wang Dongfeng February 1958 (age 58) Deputy Mayor of Tianjin 2016.09.14
Shanghai Yang Xiong October 1953 (age 63) Administrative Deputy Mayor of Shanghai 2012.12.26
Chongqing Huang Qifan April 1952 (age 64) Deputy Governor of Chongqing 2009.12.03


Name Governors Birthdate Prior public experience Took office
Hebei Zhang Qingwei October 1961 (age 55) Chairman of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China 2011.08.27
Shanxi Lou Yangsheng October 1959 (age 57) President of Party School of Shanxi 2016.08.30
Liaoning Chen Qiufa November 1954 (age 62) Chairperson of the Hubei People's Political Consultative Conference 2015.05.08
Jilin Vacant
Heilongjiang Lu Hao June 1967 (age 49) First Secretary of the Communist Youth League 2013.03.25
Jiangsu Shi Taifeng August 1956 (age 60) Party Secretary of Suzhou 2015.12.04
Zhejiang Che Jun
July 1955 (age 61) Deputy Party Secretary of Xinjiang 2016.07.04
Anhui Li Guoying
December 1963 (age 5253) Vice Minister of Water Resources 2016.09.01
Fujian Yu Weiguo September 1955 (age 61) Party Secretary of Xiamen 2015.11.26
Jiangxi Liu Qi September 1957 (age 59) Deputy Governor of Jiangxi 2016.07.08
Shandong Guo Shuqing July 1956 (age 60) Deputy Governor of Shandong 2013.03.29
Henan Chen Run'er October 1957 (age 59) Deputy Party Secretary of Heilongjiang 2016.04.07
Hubei Wang Xiaodong
January 1960 (age 56) Administrative Governor of Hubei 2016.09.14
Hunan Xu Dazhe
September 1956 (age 60) Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology 2016.09.05
Guangdong Zhu Xiaodan January 1953 (age 63) Administrative Deputy Governor of Guangdong 2011.11.04
Hainan Liu Cigui August 1955 (age 61) Director of the State Oceanic Administration 2015.01.04
Sichuan Yin Li August 1962 (age 54) Head of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party Standing Committee of Sichuan 2016.01.22
Guizhou Sun Zhigang April 1954 (age 62) Deputy Director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission 2015.10.16
Yunnan Chen Hao February 1954 (age 62) Deputy Governor of Yunnan 2014.10.17
Shaanxi Hu Heping October 1962 (age 54) Head of the Organization Department of the Communist Party Standing Committee of Zhejiang 2016.04.01
Gansu Lin Duo March 1956 (age 60) Deputy Governor of Gansu 2016.04.01
Qinghai Hao Peng June 1960 (age 56) Deputy Governor of Qinghai 2013.03.28
Taiwan^ Tsai Ing-wen August 1956 (age 60) Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party 2016.05.20

Autonomous Regions

Name Chairpersons Birthdate Prior public experience Year in office
Inner Mongolia Bu Xiaolin August 1958 (age 58) Head of the United Front Department of the Communist Party Standing Committee of Inner Mongolia 2016.03.30
Guangxi Chen Wu October 1954 (age 62) Party Secretary of Nanning 2013.03.28
Tibet Losang Jamcan June 1957 (age 59) Administrative Vice Chairman of Tibet 2013.01.29
Ningxia Xian Hui March 1958 (age 58) Vice Chairman of Ningxia 2013.07.03
Xinjiang Shohrat Zakir August 1953 (age 63) Chairman of the Standing Committee of Xinjiang People's Congress 2014.12.31

Special Administrative Regions

Name Chief Executives Birthdate Prior public experience Took office
Hong Kong Leung Chun-ying August 1954 (age 62) Convenor of the Non-Official Members of the Executive Council of Hong Kong 2012.07.01
Macau Fernando Chui January 1957 (age 59) Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macau 2009.12.20

^ Actually controlled by Republic of China.

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