List of countries by unemployment rate

Methods of calculation and presentation of unemployment rate vary from country to country. Some countries count insured unemployed only, some count those in receipt of welfare benefit only, some count the disabled and other permanently unemployable people, some countries count those who choose (and are financially able) not to work, supported by their spouses and caring for a family, some count students at college and so on.

For purposes of comparison, harmonized values are published by International Labour Organization (ILO) and by OECD. The ILO harmonized unemployment rate refers to those who are currently not working but are willing and able to work for pay, currently available to work, and have actively searched for work. The OECD harmonized unemployment rate gives the number of unemployed persons as a percentage of the labour force.

Country / Region Unemployment rate (%) Source / date of information
 Albania15.52016 (Q2)[2]
 American Samoa (United States) 49.9 2011 (April)[4]
 Anguilla (United Kingdom)7.82013 (July)[5]
 Antigua and Barbuda11.02014[1]
 Argentina5.92015 (Q3)[6]
 Aruba (Netherlands)15.72013[8]
 Australia5.82016 (March)[9]
 Austria8.62016 (October )[10]
 Barbados11.92015 (Q2)[11]
 Belarus0.7 2014[12]
 Belgium82016 (September)[13]
 Bosnia and Herzegovina352014[14]
 Brazil10.92016 (March)[15]
 British Virgin Islands (United Kingdom)3.12007[16]
 Bulgaria7.72016 (August)[17]
 Cameroon4.4 (underemployment - 75.8) 30.0[1] (CIA estimate)2005[19]
 Canada6.92016 (May)[20]
 Cape Verde15.82014[21]
 Cayman Islands (United Kingdom)4.0 (5.5 - 2010 estimate)[22]2008[23]
 Central African Republic8.02001[1]
 Chile5.92015 (March)[25]
 China, People's Republic of4.12015[26]
 Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)6.7%2011[27]
 Colombia8.92015 (March)[28]
 Cook Islands13.12005 [1]
 Costa Rica9.72014 (December)[29]
 Croatia18.22016 (March)[30]
 Cuba3.32014 [31]
 Cyprus12.02016 (September)[13]
 Czech Republic5.22016 (June)[32]
 Denmark5.8 (4.2)2016 (March)[13]([33])
 Dominican Republic14.42010 (April)[34]
 East Timor20.02006
 Egypt8.1 2013 (Q2)[35]
 El Salvador6.12015[1]
 Equatorial Guinea22.32009[1]
 Estonia6.32016 (February)[36]
 European Union8.52016 (September)[13]
 Faroe Islands (Denmark)3.12015 (April)[37]
 Finland9.12016 (March)[40]
 France9.9 (9.6 for metropolitan France)2016 (Q2)[41]
 French Polynesia (France)11.72007[42]
 Gaza Strip (Palestinian territories)41.52015 (Q2)[43][44]
 Germany4.12016 (September)[46]
 Ghana3.62008 (September)[47]
 Gibraltar (United Kingdom)1.82011[48]
 Greece24.12016 (March)[13]
 Greenland (Denmark)7.82009[49]
 Grenada24.52009 (June)[50]
 Guam (United States)7.42014 (March)[51]
 Guernsey (United Kingdom)1.52010 (Q2)[52]
 Guyana9.02009 (July)[53]
 Hong Kong (People's Republic of China)3.32014 (October–December)[54]
 Hungary4.92016 (June–August)[55]
 Iceland3.02016 (Q3)[56]
 India3.6 2014 [57]
 Iran11.2122014 [59]
 Ireland7.82016 (May)[60]
 Isle of Man1.82010 (August)[61]
 Israel4.92016 (September)[62]
 Italy11.42016 (March)[13]
 Japan3.02016 (July)[63]
 Jersey (United Kingdom)2.72009 (July)[64]
 Jordan11.12014 [31]
 Kazakhstan6.12010 (May)[65]
 Latvia9.82015 (Q4)[69]
 Lebanon10.02009 (July)[70]
 Libya13.02005 (May)[72]
 Lithuania9.22016 (March)[73]
 Luxembourg6.52016 (March)[74]
 Macau (People's Republic of China)1.92013[1]
 Macedonia242015 (Q4)[75]
 Malaysia3.12015 (October)[76]
 Malta5.22015 (December)[77]
 Marshall Islands36.02006[1]
 Mauritius7.92012 (Q13)[78]
 Mayotte (France)25.42005[1]
 Mexico4.92013 (September) [79]
 Federated States of Micronesia222000[80]
 Moldova4.22015 (Q4)[81]
 Montenegro18.32016 (March) [82]
 Montserrat (United Kingdom)6.01998[1]
 Morocco5.52010 (Q1)[83][84]
 Netherlands5.72016 (September)[86]
 Netherlands Antilles (Netherlands)10.02008[87]
 New Caledonia (France)17.12004[1]
 New Zealand5.12016 (June quarter)[88]
 Nigeria6.42015 (May)[89][90]
 North Korea25.62013[1]
 Northern Mariana Islands (United States) 11.2 2010[1]
 Norway4.62016 (February)[91]
 Papua New Guinea1.92008[1]
 Peru6.12015 (August)[94]
 Philippines5.62015 (October)[95]
 Poland8.22016 (October)[96]
 Portugal12.42016 (Q1)[97]
 Puerto Rico (United States)13.72014 (December)[98]
 Romania6.42016 (March)[99]
 Russia6.02016 (March)[100]
 Saint Helena (United Kingdom)14.01998[1]
 Saint Kitts and Nevis5.12006[101]
 Saint Lucia15.72006[102]
 Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)9.92008[1]
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines18.02009 (June)[50]
 San Marino8.72014[1]
 Saudi Arabia11.52015[103]
 Senegal48.0 (30.0 among adults aged 24 and under[104])2007[1]
 Serbia26.02016 (Q2)[105]
 Singapore1.92014 (Q4)
 Slovakia9.92016 (March)[106]
 Slovenia12.62016 (March)[107]
 South Africa27.12016 (Q3)[108]
 South Korea4.92016 (February)[109]
 Spain18.82016 (October)[110]
 Sri Lanka4.22012 (Q1)[111]
 Sweden6.12016 (September)[113]
  Switzerland3.62016 (February)[114]
 Taiwan3.862016 (April)[115]
 Tajikistan2.42015 (March)[116]
 Thailand0.92014 (May)[117]
 The Bahamas15.02014[1]
 Trinidad and Tobago3.72013 (Q1)[119]
 Turkey11.12016 (January)[121]
 Turkmenistan3.52013 (November)[122]
 Turks and Caicos Islands5.42007[123]
 Ukraine9.92015 (Q4)[124]
 United Arab Emirates4.32010[125]
 United Kingdom4.82016 (November)[126]
 United States4.9 (9.5[127])2016 (October)[128]
 Uruguay7.72016 (January)[129]
 Uzbekistan8.02008 (December)[130]
 Vanuatu4.62009 [131]
 Venezuela172016 (May est.)[132]
 U.S. Virgin Islands (United States)12.32014 (December)[133]
 Wallis and Futuna (France)12.22008[134]
 West Bank (Palestinian territories)15.42015 (Q2)[43][44]
 Yemen35.02009 (June)[135]
 Zambia15.02008 [1]
 Zimbabwe802008 [1]


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