List of counties in South Korea


Map of South Korean counties in teal
Korean name
Revised Romanization gun
McCune–Reischauer kun

List of all counties in South Korea: There are 82 counties in South Korea since Cheongwon County was dissolved on July 1, 2014 and annexed by Cheongju.

List of counties

County Hangul Hanja Province Population
Gijang County 기장군 機張郡 Busan (Metropolitan city)[1] 103,784
Dalseong County 달성군 達城郡 Daegu (Metropolitan city)[2] 160,363
Ganghwa County 강화군 江華郡 Incheon (Metropolitan city)[3] 30,643
Ongjin County 옹진군 甕津郡 Incheon (Metropolitan city) 11,202
Ulju County 울주군 蔚州郡 Ulsan (Metropolitan city)[4] 202,292
Gapyeong County 가평군 加平郡 Gyeonggi[5] 59,916
Yangpyeong County 양평군 楊平郡 Gyeonggi 96,950
Yeoncheon County 연천군 漣川郡 Gyeonggi 45,973
Cheorwon County 철원군 鐵原郡 Gangwon[6] 43,271
Goseong County 고성군 高城郡 Gangwon 26,753
Hoengseong County 횡성군 橫城郡 Gangwon 37,798
Hongcheon County 홍천군 洪川郡 Gangwon 62,888
Hwacheon County 화천군 華川郡 Gangwon 22,119
Inje County 인제군 麟蹄郡 Gangwon 28,765
Jeongseon County 정선군 旌善郡 Gangwon 35,980
Pyeongchang County 평창군 平昌郡 Gangwon 37,522
Yanggu County 양구군 楊口郡 Gangwon 19,363
Yangyang County 양양군 襄陽郡 Gangwon 25,475
Yeongwol County 영월군 寧越郡 Gangwon 35,050
Boeun County 보은군 報恩郡 North Chungcheong[7] 30,509
Danyang County 단양군 丹陽郡 North Chungcheong 28,165
Eumseong County 음성군 陰城郡 North Chungcheong 84,088
Goesan County 괴산군 槐山郡 North Chungcheong 31,392
Jincheon County 진천군 鎭川郡 North Chungcheong 61,915
Okcheon County 옥천군 沃川郡 North Chungcheong 49,730
Jeungpyeong County 증평군 曾坪郡 North Chungcheong 31,531
Yeongdong County 영동군 永同郡 North Chungcheong 46,231
Buyeo County 부여군 扶餘郡 South Chungcheong[8] 67,584
Cheongyang County 청양군 青陽郡 South Chungcheong 29,755
Geumsan County 금산군 錦山郡 South Chungcheong 52,952
Hongseong County 홍성군 洪城郡 South Chungcheong 82,811
Seocheon County 서천군 舒川郡 South Chungcheong 53,914
Taean County 태안군 泰安郡 South Chungcheong 53,888
Yesan County 금산군 禮山郡 South Chungcheong 77,830
Buan County 부안군 扶安郡 North Jeolla 50,814
Gochang County 고창군 高敞郡 North Jeolla 53,333
Imsil County 임실군 任實郡 North Jeolla 23,663
Jangsu County 장수군 長水郡 North Jeolla 19,424
Jinan County 진안군 鎭安郡 North Jeolla 20,446
Muju County 무주군 茂朱郡 North Jeolla 21,827
Sunchang County 순창군 淳昌郡 North Jeolla 25,241
Wanju County 완주군 完州郡 North Jeolla 83,408
Boseong County 보성군 寶城郡 South Jeolla 40,166
Damyang County 담양군 潭陽郡 South Jeolla 41,027
Gangjin County 강진군 康津郡 South Jeolla 34,204
Goheung County 고흥군 高興郡 South Jeolla 63,392
Gokseong County 곡성군 谷城郡 South Jeolla 27,272
Gurye County 구례군 求禮郡 South Jeolla 22,419
Haenam County 해남군 海南郡 South Jeolla 66,042
Hampyeong County 함평군 咸平郡 South Jeolla 30,995
Hwasun County 화순군 和順郡 South Jeolla 62,219
Jangheung County 장흥군 長興郡 South Jeolla 35,763
Jangseong County 장성군 長城郡 South Jeolla 38,507
Jindo County 진도군 珍島郡 South Jeolla 28,565
Muan County 무안군 務安郡 South Jeolla 68,462
Sinan County 신안군 新安郡 South Jeolla 33,222
Wando County 완도군 莞島郡 South Jeolla 46,777
Yeongam County 영암군 靈巖郡 South Jeolla 58,748
Yeonggwang County 영광군 靈光郡 South Jeolla 48,663
Bonghwa County 봉화군 奉化郡 North Gyeongsang[9] 31,242
Cheongdo County 청도군 淸道郡 North Gyeongsang 38,228
Cheongsong County 청송군 靑松郡 North Gyeongsang 24,008
Chilgok County 칠곡군 漆谷郡 North Gyeongsang 114,246
Goryeong County 고령군 高靈郡 North Gyeongsang 31,817
Gunwi County 군위군 軍威郡 North Gyeongsang 19,993
Seongju County 성주군 星州郡 North Gyeongsang 36,859
Uiseong County 의성군 義城郡 North Gyeongsang 51,247
Uljin County 울진군 蔚珍郡 North Gyeongsang 47,108
Ulleung County 울릉군 鬱陵郡 North Gyeongsang 7,764
Yecheon County 예천군 醴泉郡 North Gyeongsang 43,015
Yeongdeok County 영덕군 盈德郡 North Gyeongsang 36,428
Yeongyang County 영양군 英陽郡 North Gyeongsang 16,540
Changnyeong County 창녕군 昌寧郡 South Gyeongsang[10] 55,189
Geochang County 거창군 居昌郡 South Gyeongsang 57,323
Goseong County 고성군 固城郡 South Gyeongsang 51,703
Hadong County 하동군 河東郡 South Gyeongsang 41,862
Haman County 함안군 咸安郡 South Gyeongsang 60,794
Hapcheon County 합천군 陜川郡 South Gyeongsang 43,639
Hamyang County 함양군 咸陽郡 South Gyeongsang 38,002
Namhae County 남해군 南海郡 South Gyeongsang 60,794
Sancheong County 산청군 山淸郡 South Gyeongsang 31,898
Uiryeong County 의령군 宜寧郡 South Gyeongsang 25,602

Dissolved counties

County Hangul Hanja Province Dissolved Date Present Location
Goyang County고양군高陽郡 Gyeonggi
Gwangju County광주군廣州郡 Gyeonggi
Yangju Couunty양주군楊州郡 Gyeonggi
Pocheon County포천군抱川郡 Gyeonggi
Yeoju County여주군驪州郡 Gyeonggi
Icheon County이천군利川郡 Gyeonggi
Yongin County용인군龍仁郡 Gyeonggi
Anseong County안성군安城郡 Gyeonggi
Pyeongtaek County평택군平澤郡 Gyeonggi
Suwon County수원군水原郡 Gyeonggi
Siheung County시흥군始興郡 Gyeonggi
Bucheon County부천군富川郡 Gyeonggi
Gimpo County김포군金浦郡 Gyeonggi
Paju County파주군坡州郡 Gyeonggi
Jangdan County장단군長湍郡 Gyeonggi
Chuncheon County춘천군春川郡 Gangwon
Gangneung County강릉군江陵郡 Gangwon
Samcheok County삼척군三陟郡 Gangwon
Wonju County원주군原州郡 Gangwon
Cheongwon County청원군淸原郡 North Chungcheong
Chungju County충주군忠州郡 North Chungcheong
Jecheon County서천군堤川郡 North Chungcheong
Daedeok County대덕군大德郡 South Chungcheong
Yeongi County연기군燕岐郡 South Chungcheong
Gongju County공주군公州郡 South Chungcheong
Nonsan County논산군論山郡 South Chungcheong
Boryeong County보령군保寧郡 South Chungcheong
Seosan County서산군瑞山郡 South Chungcheong
Dangjin County당진군唐津郡 South Chungcheong
Asan County아산군牙山郡 South Chungcheong
Cheonan County천안군天安郡 South Chungcheong
Namwon County남원군南原郡 North Jeolla
Jeongeup County정읍군井邑郡 North Jeolla
Gimje County김제군金堤郡 North Jeolla
Okgu County옥구군沃溝郡 North Jeolla
Iksan County익산군益山郡 North Jeolla
Gwangsan County광산군光山郡 South Jeolla
Gwangyang County광양군光陽郡 South Jeolla
Yeosu County여수군麗水郡 South Jeolla
Suncheon County서천군順天郡 South Jeolla
Naju County나주군羅州郡 South Jeolla
Andong County안동군安東郡 North Gyeongsang
Yeongil County영일군迎日郡 North Gyeongsang
Gyeongju County경주군慶州郡 North Gyeongsang
Yeongcheon County영천군永川郡 North Gyeongsang
Gyeongsan County경산군慶山郡 North Gyeongsang
Gimcheon County김천군金泉郡 North Gyeongsang
Seonsan County선산군善山郡 North Gyeongsang
Sangju County상주군尚州郡 North Gyeongsang
Mungyeong County문경군聞慶郡 North Gyeongsang
Yeongju County영주군榮州郡 North Gyeongsang
Jinyang County진양군晋陽郡 South Gyeongsang
Miryang County밀양군密陽郡 South Gyeongsang
Yangsan County양산군梁山郡 South Gyeongsang
Gimhae County김해군金海郡 South Gyeongsang
Changwon County창원군昌原郡 South Gyeongsang
Tongyeong County통영군統營郡 South Gyeongsang
Sacheon County사천군泗川郡 South Gyeongsang
Bukjeju County북제주군北済州郡 Jeju
Namjeju County남제주군南濟州郡 Jeju

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