List of comics based on video games

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The following is a list of various comics, graphic novels, and manga based on video games.

English comics

Franchise Title Author(s) ISBN Genre Based on / notes
Army of Two Army of Two: Dirty Money John Ney Rieber ISBN 978-0-76-155744-9 Third-person shooter Graphic novel
Borderlands Borderlands: Origins Agustin Padilla, Mikey Neumann ISBN 978-1613776018 RPG
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Modern Warfare 2: Ghost David Lapham, Kevin West FPS
Crysis Crysis Richard K. Morgan (author)
Peter Bergting (illustrator)
ISBN 978-1613771198 First-person shooter Graphic novel
Darksiders II Darksiders II: Death's Door Andrew Kreisberg, Dave Marshall, Roger Robinson ISBN 978-1616550264 Action / adventure
Dark Souls II Dark Souls II: Into the Light' Rob Williams, Andi Ewington, Simon Coleby Action / adventure
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Deus Ex: Human Revolution Robbie Morrison Action RPG Graphic novels
Dragon Age Dragon Age Vol. 1: The Silent Grove David Gaider, Alexander Freed, Dave Marshall, Chad Hardin ISBN 978-1595829160 RPG
Dragon Age Vol. 2: Those Who Speak ISBN 978-1616550530
Dragon Age Vol. 3: Until We Sleep ISBN 978-1616552190
Gears of War Gears of War, Vol. 1 Joshua Ortega, Liam Sharp ISBN 978-1401225209 Third-person shooter
Gears of War, Vol. 2 Joshua Ortega, Mike Capps, Various ISBN 978-1401228019
Gears of War, Vol. 3 : Dirty Little Secrets Karen Traviss, Pop Mhan ISBN 978-1401236953
God of War God of War Marv Wolfman, various ISBN 978-1401229726 Action / adventure
Halo Halo: Fall of Reach: Invasion Brian Reed, Felix Ruiz ISBN 0785151508 First-person shooter
Halo: Helljumper Peter David, Eric Nguyen ISBN 978-0785140238
The Halo Graphic Novel Various ISBN 0785123784
Hellgate: London Hellgate: London Ian Edginton, Steve Pugh ISBN 978-1593076818 RPG
Infamous Infamous William Harms, Eric Nguyen ISBN 978-1401233082 Action / adventure
Kane & Lynch Kane & Lynch Ian Edginton, Ben Templesmith ISBN 978-1401231583 Third-person shooter
Killer Instinct Killer Instinct (#1 ~ #3) Fighting
Killer Instinct Special (#1 ~ #3)
Mass Effect Mass Effect Library Edition Volume 1 Various ISBN 978-1616551117 Third-person shooter Collection including all four Mass Effect series: Redemption, Evolution, Invasion, and Homeworlds
Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid Omnibus Kris Oprisko, Matt Fraction), Alex Garner ISBN 978-1600106637 Stealth action Collection of the entire run of Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty comics
Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge Rhianna Pratchett, Matthew Dow Smith ISBN 978-1401225223 Action / adventure
Prototype Prototype Jimmy Palmoiotti, Darrick Robertson, various ISBN 978-1401226718 Action / adventure
Prototype 2 Dan Jolley, Dave Marshall, Paco Diaz, Chris Staggs, Victor Drujiniu ISBN 978-1595829184
Rage Rage: After the Impact Arvid Nelson, Andrea Mutti, Pierluigi Baldassini, Michael Atiyeh ISBN 978-1595827586 First-person shooter
Ratchet & Clank Ratchet & Clank T. J. Fixman, Adam Archer, CreatureBox ISBN 978-1401231637 Platform
Resistance Resistance Mike Costa, C.P. Smith, Ramon K. Perez ISBN 978-1401226725 First-person shooter
Silent Hill Silent Hill Omnibus Scott Ciencin, Ben Templesmith, Aadi Salman ISBN 978-1600102394 Survival horror Collection of Silent Hill comic books: Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales, and Silent Hill: Dead/Alive
Sonic the Hedgehog Robotnik's Oil ISBN 978-0721417400 Platform
The Invisible Robotnik ISBN 978-0721417394
StarCraft Frontline: Volume 1 (StarCraft) Naohiro Washio, Paul Benjamin, Richard A. Knaak, Ramanda Kamarga, Joshua Elder ISBN 978-1427-80721-2 Strategy
Frontline: Volume 2 (StarCraft) Grace Randolph, Joshua Elder, Kieron Gillen, Simon Furman ISBN 1-4278-0831-7
Frontline: Volume 3 (StarCraft) Dave Shramek, Grace Randolph, Joshua Elder, Paul Benjamin, Ren Zatopek ISBN 1-4278-0832-5
Frontline: Volume 4 (StarCraft) Chris Metzen, David Gerrold, Joshua Elder ISBN 1-4278-1698-0
Tekken Tekken Forever (#1) Dave Chi, Paco Diaz ASIN B000Y92YYC Fighting The second issue was cancelled.
Tekken Comic Vol. 1 Ruy Takato ISBN 978-4-08-877826-6 Based on Tekken 6. Battle 1 to 5.
Tekken Comic Vol. 2 Ruy Takato ISBN 978-4-08-879019-0 Based on Tekken 6. Battle 6 to 11.
Uncharted Uncharted Joshua Williamson, Sergio Sandoval, Adam Hughes ISBN 978-1401232696 Action / adventure
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