List of colonial governors of Burma

Burma [Upper (orange) and Lower (pink)], 1886.
Standard of the Governor of British Burma

This is a list of European (as well as Japanese) colonial administrators responsible for the territory of British Burma, an area equivalent to modern-day Myanmar.

List of Colonial Heads of Burma

Tenure Incumbent Notes
British Burma
Arakan, Tenasserim, and Pegu are united as British ("Lower") Burma, within British India
31 January 1862 to 16 February 1867Arthur Purves Phayre, Chief Commissioner
16 February 1867 to 18 April 1871Albert Fytche, Chief Commissioner
18 April 1871 to 14 April 1875Ashley Eden, Chief Commissioner
14 April 1875 to 30 March 1878Augustus Rivers Thompson, Chief CommissionerActing until 30 April 1877
30 March 1878 to 2 July 1880Charles Umpherston Aitchison, Chief Commissioner
2 July 1880 to 2 March 1883Charles Edward Bernard, Chief CommissionerActing until 4 April 1882, 1st time
2 March 1883 to 1 January 1886Sir Charles Haukes Todd Crosthwaite, acting Chief Commissioner1st time
Remnant of Kingdom of Awa ("Upper Burma") annexed to British India
1 January 1886 to 26 February 1886Sir Charles Haukes Todd Crosthwaite, acting Chief Commissioner1st time
Upper and Lower Burma united as Burma, within British India
26 February 1886 to 25 September 1886Sir Charles Haukes Todd Crosthwaite, acting Chief Commissioner1st time
25 September 1886 to 12 March 1887Charles Edward Bernard, Chief Commissioner2nd time
12 March 1887 to 10 December 1890Sir Charles Haukes Todd Crosthwaite, Chief Commissioner2nd time
10 December 1890 to 3 April 1895Alexander Mackenzie, Chief Commissioner
3 April 1895 to 1 May 1897Frederick William Richard Fryer, Chief Commissioner
1 May 1897 to 4 April 1903Frederick William Richard Fryer, Lieutenant Governor
4 April 1903 to 9 May 1905Sir Hugh Shakespaer Barnes, Lieutenant Governor
9 May 1905 to 19 May 1910Sir Herbert Thirkell White, Lieutenant Governor
19 May 1910 to 28 October 1915Sir Harvey Adamson, Lieutenant Governor
15 May 1913 to 1 November 1913Sir George Shaw, acting Lieutenant GovernorActing for Adamson
28 October 1915 to 22 September 1917Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler, Lieutenant Governor1st time
22 September 1917 to 15 February 1918Walter Francis Rice, acting Lieutenant Governor
15 February 1918 to 21 December 1922Sir Reginald Henry Craddock, Lieutenant Governor
21 December 1922 to 2 January 1923Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler, Lieutenant Governor2nd time
2 January 1923 to 20 December 1927Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler, Governor
20 December 1927 to 20 December 1932Sir Charles Alexander Innes, Governor
20 December 1932 to 8 May 1936Sir Hugh Landsdowne Stephenson, Governor
8 May 1936 to 1 April 1937Sir Archibald Douglas Cochrane, Governor
Burma separated from British India
1 April 1937 to 6 May 1941Sir Archibald Douglas Cochrane, Governor
6 May 1941 to 31 August 1946Sir Reginald Hugh Dorman-Smith, GovernorFrom May 1942 until October 1945 in exile at Simla, British India
Japanese Occupation of British Burma
20 April 1942 to 18 March 1943Shōjirō Iida, Military Commander
18 March 1943 to 30 August 1944Masakazu Kawabe, Military Commander
30 August 1944 to 15 August 1945Heitarō Kimura, Military Commander
Allied Military Administration
1 January 1944 to October 1945Actg. Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, Military Governor
October 1945 to 31 August 1946Sir Hubert Elvin Rance, Military Governor
British Burma
31 August 1946 to 4 January 1948Sir Hubert Elvin Rance, Governor
4 January 1948Independence as Union of Burma

For continuation after independence, see: President of Myanmar

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