List of colonial governors and administrators of British Cameroons

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Notes
26 August 1914 to 7 April 1916Joseph Gaudérique Aymerich, Military CommanderMilitary Commander of French Cameroon
7 April 1916 to 8 October 1916Joseph Gaudérique Aymerich, AdministratorAdministrator of French Cameroon
8 October 1916 to 6 March 1919Lucien Louis Fourneau, AdministratorAdministrator of French Cameroon
6 March 1919 to 28 June 1919Jules Gaston Henri Carde, CommissionerCommissioner of French Cameroon
28 June 1919Formal division into French and British Cameroons
British-occupied territory
Tenure Incumbent Notes
1916 to 1916Kenneth V. Elphinstone, Resident 
1916 to 1917E.C. Duff, Resident 
1917 to 1919P.V. Young, Resident 
1919 to 1919W.G. Ambrose, Resident 
1919 to 1919John C. Maxwell, Resident 
28 June 1919Formal division into French and British Cameroons
1919 to 20 July 1920John Humphrey Davidson, Resident 
British Cameroons, League of Nations Mandated Territory
20 July 1920 to 1925William Edgar Hunt, District Officer 
1925 to 1928Edward John Arnett, Resident1st Term
1928 to 1928H.J. Aveling, acting Resident  
1928 to 1928Buchanan Smith, Resident 
1928 to 1929Edward John Arnett, Resident2nd Term
1929 to 1932Granville St.John Orde Brown, Senior Officer 
1932 to 193?Frederick Bernard Carr, District Officer 
193? to 193?J.W.C. Rutherford, Resident 
193? to 193?D.W. Firth, Senior Resident 
193? to 193?George Hugo Findlay, Senior Resident 
193? to 193?K.V. Hanitsch, Deputy Resident 
193? to 1939A.E.F. Murray, Resident 
1939 to 1942N.C. Denton, Resident 
1942 to 194?Sealy-King, Resident 
194? to 194?P.G. Harris, Resident 
1943 to 1945J. Macrae Simpson, Resident 
20 March 1945 to 10 October 1945A. Leeming, Senior District Officer 
1945 to 1946A.F.B. Bridges, Resident 
14 February 1946 to 13 December 1946N. Mackenzie, Senior District Officer 
British Cameroons, United Nations trust territory 
13 December 1946 to 4 August 1949N. Mackenzie, Senior District Officer 
25 August 1949 to 31 December 1949D.A.F. Shute, Senior Resident 
1949 to 1 October 1954Edward John Gibbons, Special Resident 
October 1954Autonomous territory within Nigeria
1 October 1954 to 1956Edward John Gibbons, Commissioner 
1956 to 1 October 1961John Osbaldiston Field, Commissioner 
(1 June 1961)Northern British Cameroons incorporated into Nigeria
1 October 1961Southern British Cameroons incorporated into Republic of Cameroon

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