List of coalition military operations of the Iraq War

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M1A1 Abrams pose for a photo under the "Hands of Victory" in Ceremony Square, Baghdad, Iraq.

This is a list of known Coalition military operations of the Iraq War. As of July 2007, there were over 500 known named operations attributed to the ongoing conflict in Iraq. This is not a complete list, but it continues to grow as more operations occur or are identified.

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Though the initial war lasted for only 21 days the coalition soon found themselves fighting insurgent forces more and more often. Additionally, with the increasing use of guerilla tactics, suicide bombings and improvised explosive devices, just walking down the street became extremely dangerous. Upon completion of the initial conflict the coalition troops began counterinsurgency, humanitarian, security and various other types of operations in order to stabilize the country and make it safe for the Iraqi people. From the end of the initial war until the present day, these are the types of operations that coalition troops continue to complete in efforts to eliminate the insurgency and anti-coalition forces.

Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose/Result
Operation Iraqi Liberation19 March 200331 August 2010IraqU.S. invasion/war on terror in Iraq. Planned to end with the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops, and succeeded by Operation New Dawn (see 2010 below).
Operation Option North20032003KirkukCounterinsurgency: Objective was to seize the city, the northern oil fields and several military airfields in the area
Operation BastilleSeptember 2002March 2003Throughout IraqForward Presence: Was the code name for the operation to deploy force elements and prepare for possible combat operations in Iraq
Objective BufordMarch 2003March 2003Bashur, near the city ofSecurity: Set up a perimeter and traffic checkpoints around an airfield, which has a runway 6,700 feet (2,000 m).
Operation Falconer18 March 2003June 2003throughout IraqContingency: Australian operations during the invasion of Iraq
Operation Antica Babilonia15 July 20031 December 2006NasiriyahContingency: Italian peacekeeping mission in Nasiriyah
Battle of Umm Qasr21 March 200325 March 2003Umm QasrBattle: Was the first military confrontation in the Second Iraq War.
Battle of Nasiriyah23 March 200329 March 2003NasiriyahBattle: During the fighting 18 Marines and 11 soldiers were killed and about 50 were wounded, while the Iraqi heroic resistance was neutralized fairly rapidly thereafter.
Operation Northern Delay26 March 200326 March 2003Bashur AirfieldSecurity: Forced the Iraqi Army to maintain approximately six divisions in the area to protect its northern flank, providing strategic relief for Coalition Forces advancing on Baghdad
Battle of Baghdad3 April 200312 April 2003BaghdadBattle: The invasion of the city commenced three days after Allied forces had secured the Baghdad airport
Battle of Debecka Pass6 April 20036 April 2003Debecka PassBattle: To secure a major crossroads near the village of Debecka
Operation Airborne Dragon7 April 20037 April 2003Bashur Airfield, northern IraqContingency: Marked the beginning of the first expeditionary insertion of a U.S. armored force into combat by air.
Operation Planet X15 May 200315 May 2003A village near Ad Dawr and Al Dur, 11 mi (18 km) north of TikritContingency: American raid to capture Ba'athists
Operation Peninsula Strike9 June 200313 June 2003BaladContingency: American raid to capture Ba'athists.
Operation Desert Snowplough12 June 20033 August 2007Al-Qurna district North of BasraContingency: Codename for Danish operations under British command.
Operation Desert Scorpion15 June 200329 June 2003Fallujah, from Kirkuk in the north to Taji in the southContingency: American raid to capture Ba'athists. (included a number of lesser operations such as Scorpion Sting, Spartan Scorpion and Rifles Scorpion)
Operation Spartan Scorpion15 June 200316 June 2003Throughout IraqContingency: Consisted of nationwide raids designed to remove all remaining Ba'ath Party, non-compliant forces and paramilitary forces[1]
Operation Scorpion Sting16 June 200316 June 2003the Thawra neighborhood of BaghdadContingency: Coalition soldiers found and confiscated three pistols, one rifle, two mortar rounds and detained 31 suspected criminals
Operation Sidewinder29 June 20037 July 2003a city about 20 kilometers east of al TajiContingency: Raids against suspected Hussein supporters. Was designed in support of Operation Desert Scorpion. It involved the 4th Infantry Division, who were tasked with securing highways.[2]
Operation Iron BulletJuly 2003July 2003BaghdadSecurity: Was designed to collect dangerous ordnance and transport it out of the city where it can be safely handled or destroyed
Operation TyrJuly 2003July 2003TikritSecurity: Destroyed a series of stationary targets without risk of civilian casualties but with high visibility. Was an assault conducted by the 4th Infantry Division in Tikrit, primarily as a show of force to deter terrorist and anti-coalition forces. The 1st Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment destroyed a series of stationary targets without risk of civilian casualties but with high visibility. Troops also destroyed Iraqi tanks using high explosive munitions. No one was reported injured in the operation.
Operation Telic11 July 200322 May 2011throughout IraqContingency: The codename under which all British operations of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and after are being conducted
Operation Ivy Serpent12 July 200321 July 2003a region along Highway 1 between the cities of Bayji, Huwayiah and SamarraCounterinsurgency: Was a preemptive strike focused aggressively on non-compliant forces and former regime leaders who are planning attacks against coalition forces in an attempt to hinder coalition and Iraqi efforts in building a new Iraq. Was an American anti-insurgent sweep in Sallahadin and Diala provinces. It was conducted concurrently with Operation Soda Mountain. The operation was centered on a section of Highway 1 north of Baghdad near the towns of Bayji, Huwayiah, and Samarra. The American action was based on the Fourth Infantry Division whose insignia is ivy. This is a play on the Roman numeral "IV".
Operation Soda Mountain12 July 200317 July 2003throughout IraqCounterinsurgency: To increase reconnaissance and presence throughout the whole of Iraq to deter, disrupt and rapidly defeat attacks on coalition forces. Was a nationwide sweep by American and Coalition Forces against insurgents and remnants of the former regime conducted from 12–17 June 2003. As a result of this series of almost 150 raids, 62 Ba'athist leaders were captured and a large number of weapons seized. Simultaneously, humanitarian missions such as repairing and rebuilding public buildings were conducted. Conducted roughly concurrently with Operation Ivy Serpent.
Operation Catalyst16 July 2003Ongoingthroughout IraqHumanitarian: Australian rehabilitation and reconstruction
Operation White House16 July 200316 July 2003BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Troops of the 101st Airborne Division stormed the residence of Samir Abd Al-Aziz Al-Najim, the central Baath Party chairman for Baghdad
Operation Tapeworm22 July 200322 July 2003MosulSecurity and counterinsurgency: killing of Uday and Qusay Hussein, Saddam Hussein's sons[3]
Operation Ivy Lightning12 August 200312 August 2003Baghdad, Ain Lalin and Quara Tapa along the Jabal Hamrin Ridge north of the cityCounterinsurgency: A number of small weapons stores were uncovered. Was a raid conducted by elements of the U.S. 4th Infantry Division. A number of small weapons stores were uncovered. The names of many operations of the 4th Infantry Division took the name "Ivy", a pun on the Roman numeral "IV."
Operation Silverado16 August 200316 August 2003Subak SurCounterinsurgency: To capture suspected insurgents and seize weapons stockpiles. Was a small operation conducted by the 39th Infantry Brigade (Light) (Separate/Enhanced) of the Arkansas National Guard in Subak Sur.
Operation Ivy Needle26 August 200326 August 2003Khalis, in and near; 70 kilometers north of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Was a raid conducted by elements of the 4th Infantry Division in and near Khalis, seventy kilometers north of Baghdad, on 26 August 2003. The operation disrupted a criminal gang active in the area.
Operation LongstreetSeptember 2003September 2003between Baghdad and FallujahCounterinsurgency: Numerous weapons stores were destroyed and enemy personnel taken into custody without the loss of a single American life. Was a two-week series of raids and cordon operations conducted by elements of the First Armored Division and the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. Numerous weapons stores were destroyed and enemy personnel taken into custody without the loss of a single American life. The operation was named after a Confederate General James Longstreet.
Operation Desert ThrustOctober 2003October 2003throughout IraqCounterinsurgency: Was the name given by 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division to their operations in Iraq beginning on their arrival in October 2003
Operation ChamberlainOctober 2003October 2003Sinjar, the border southwest ofSecurity and Surveillance: Was an American border-security operation mentioned in press releases on 15 October 2003. It involved ground surveillance Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) aircraft to feed information to ground elements of the 101st Airborne Division in near–real time. The Ukrainian 5th Detached Mechanized Brigade was also involved in the operation. This operation was named after US general Joshua Chamberlain (US Civil War).
Operation Industrial SweepOctober 2003October 2003SamarraCounterinsurgency: Was a search of parts of the city of Samarra by elements of the 4th Infantry Division during Post-invasion Iraq.
Operation Tiger Clean Sweep7 October 20037 October 2003Security and Counterinsurgency: : Was a border security operation conducted by the "Tiger" Squadron of the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment announced on 7 September 2003 near Al Qa'im. The town was cordoned off and searched, yielding a number of small arms and fourteen persons suspected of being insurgents.
Operation Sweeny15 October 200315 October 2003southern IraqLaw enforcement: Anti-smuggling operation by the Marines. Elements of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Special Operations Capable(SOC)completed humanitarian assistance, anti-smuggling and security and stabilization operations, 25 October in southern Iraq as part of Operation Sweeney. The MEU SOC, a component of Expeditionary Strike Group One(ESG), composed mostly of Marines stationed with the 1st Marine Division of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, provided medical and dental capability and produced more than 3,000 US gallons (11,000 L) of water for citizens in the region.
Operation O.K. Corral19 October 2003October 2003Ar Ramadi Counterinsurgency: Over ninety people were detained, including four senior officers of the former Iraqi Army. Was a sweep operation conducted by elements of the 82nd Airborne Division in Ar Ramadi beginning on 19 October 2003. Over ninety people were detained, including four senior officers of the former Iraqi Army.
Operation Abalone31 October 200331 October 2003RamadiMembers of A Squadron 22 SAS, assaulted three compounds/dwellings on the outskirts of Ramadi where US intelligence had tracked a Sudanese jihadist who was facilitating Islamist militants into Iraq. The SAS were supported by Delta Force and a platoon of US Bradley IFV's.[4]
Operation Eagle CurtainNovember 2003November 2003northern IraqSecurity and Counterinsurgency: Troops participated in 311 patrols, four cordon and knock operations, and eventually detained eight individuals. Was a series of raids and roadblocks conducted by the 101st Airborne Division. Eight persons were detained as suspected insurgents associated with the former government. The name is derived from the "Screaming Eagles" nickname for the 101st Airborne Division.
Operation All American Tiger6 November 20032003Counterinsurgency: Was an operation with an objective of capturing insurgents associated with the old regime. At least a dozen prisoners were taken, several of whom were on the American "Most Wanted" list. The first phase was launched by the 1st Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 1st Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. This operation was designed to target those who suspected of attacking Coalition forces. At least 12 men were detained and some were targeted suspects including Abd Hamad Salah, Huri Mukhlif, Al Ani, Ahmed Kadar Hamad, Faleeh Mahessn, Thair Muklaf Hamadi, and Mohamed Hinde Saeel. The name of the operation is derived from the nickname ("All American") for the 82nd Airborne Division.[5]
Operation Rifle Sweep6 November 20036 November 2003the Iraq-Syria borderCounterinsurgency: Focused on the search and seizure of weapons and munitions
Operation Ivy Cyclone7 November 2003November 2003TikritCounterinsurgency: Was designed to locate and detain or eliminate persons seeking to harm coalition forces or Iraqi civilians. The operation was executed by the 4th Infantry Division. On 7 November, an American helicopter was forced down near the city, and the next day heavy air and artillery strikes supported a number of military operations in the area.
Operation Boothill10 November 200310 November 2003Ar RamadiCounterinsurgency: Was designed to clear and secure the roads outside the city and to seize any contraband weapons.
Operation Iron Hammer(Matraqa Hadidia)12 November 20032003BaghdadSecurity and Counterinsurgency: Was a joint operation between the US Army, US Air Force and Iraqi Civil Defense Corps with the objective of preventing the staging of weapons by anti-coalition forces, and preemptively destroy enemy operating bases and fighters in Baghdad
Operation Ivy Cyclone II17 November 20032003Tikrit, nearCounterinsurgency: American operation near Tikrit
Operation Rifles Blitz20 November 20032003Al QaimSecurity: Was a house-to-house search of the Iraqi Syria-frontier border region close to Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, led by the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. Involved troops from the 82nd Airborne Division and the 101st Airborne Division. (US News, 12 August 2003, Iraq Hack: A Reporter's Blog, 11 December 2003)
Operation Rifle Sweep26 November 200326 November 2003along the Iraq-Syria borderCounterinsurgency: Focused on the search and seizure of weapons and munitions
Operation Bayonet Lightning2 December 20032 December 2003Al Hawija and the village of Rashad, 60 km (37 mi) to the south of KirkukCounterinsurgency: Designed to capture weapons, materials, and people that posed a threat against Coalition Forces
Operation Bulldog Mammoth4 December 20034 December 2003Baghdad, northwest ofSecurity: American search of an apartment complex.
Operation Clear Area6 December 20036 December 2003Central Iraq, between Ar Rifa'i and Qal'at SukkarCounterinsurgency: Was a search and seizure operation utilizing vehicle check points
Operation Abilene8 December 20038 December 2003Al Anbar provinceCounterinsurgency: Soldiers initiated 12 raids that resulted in the capture of 12 individuals and a number of various weapons. Was conducted by the US Army's 1st Infantry Division, 1st Brigade. The operation consisted of twelve raids to capture or eliminate individuals responsible for attacking coalition forces. The operation was successful and resulted in the capture of 12 personnel and the confiscation of various weapons.
Operation Panther Squeeze10 December 200310 December 2003LatifiyaCounterinsurgency: Was a series of 18 night-time raids by elements of the 82nd Airborne Division. These raids seem to have been in response to an ambush that killed seven Spanish intelligence officers in November. About forty enemy personnel were captured.
Operation Red Dawn13 December 200313 December 2003ad-DawrSecurity and counterinsurgency: American capture of Saddam Hussein.
Operation Panther Backroads15 December 200315 December 2003Ar RamadiLaw enforcement and counterinsurgency: Was an attempt to stop insurgent smuggling. Was launched by the 82nd Airborne Division in the Sunni Triangle in an attempt to stop insurgent smuggling.[6]
Operation Arrowhead Blizzard17 December 200317 December 2003SamarraCounterinsurgency: Seven targets classified as high-value were captured by the 4th Infantry Division and the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division in the Sunni Triangle.[7]
Operation Ivy Blizzard17 December 200317 December 2003SamarraCounterinsurgency: Counterinsurgency sweep by US forces
Operation Iron Justice18 December 200318 December 2003Baghdad, southern portionLaw enforcement: Captured 28 fuel trucks and nine propane trucks illegally dispensing fuel as part of black market activity. Was a U.S. Army operation aimed at ending insurgent run Black Market fueling activities south of the city. It involved the 1st Armored Division and 82nd Airborne Division.[8]
Operation Rifles Fury21 December 2003December 2003FallujahCounterinsurgency: Seizure of weapons caches including 204 RPGs. Was a coalition strike at insurgent training camps in the Rawah area. Led by the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment along with soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division and 4th Infantry Division. The operation was nicknamed by the soldiers involved as Operation Santa's Claws.[9]
Operation Devil Siphon23 December 200323 December 2003Ar RamadiLaw enforcement: Was aimed at curtailing the growing black market of fuel and propane and restoring Iraq's fuel infrastructure. Like Operation Rifles Fury, this operation was a coalition strike aimed at ending Black Market fuel and propane operations run by insurgent marketeers. The operation involved the U.S. 1st Infantry Division and Iraqi Police.[10]
Operation Overcoat23 December 200323 December 2003MosulHumanitarian: Delivered more than 500 pounds of coats, clothes, shoes, and toys
Operation Salm23 December 200323 December 2003FallujahOperation Salm was designed to give a higher profile to coalition forces in Fallujah and more exposure to residents. The second objective was to paralyze anti-coalition forces by flooding the streets with soldiers and checkpoints. This operation took place on 23 December 2003 and lasted from 5:30 am to 3:00 pm. Members of the 10th Mountain Division and 82nd Airborne Division participated and reported they detained 12 enemy personnel.
Operation Santa Strike23 December 200323 December 2003MosulHumanitarian: Delivered more than 500 pounds of coats, clothes, shoes, and toys
Operation Iron Force24 December 20032003BaghdadCounterinsurgency: The objective was to capture or eliminate any rebel forces seeking to capitalize on the holiday season to attack coalition forces
Operation Iron Grip24 December 200331 December 2003, at leastBaghdadCounterinsurgency: Was designed to intensify the pressure on Saddam loyalists
Operation Choke Hold30 December 200330 December 2003BaghdadCounterinsurgency: To stop the influx of bomb making materials into the city


See also: 2004 and 2004 in Iraq
Areas of responsibility in Iraq as of 30 April 2004

During the early occupation, a number of widely cited humanitarian, tactical, and political errors by coalition planners, particularly the United States and United Kingdom led to a growing armed resistance, usually called the "Iraqi insurgency" (referred to by the mainstream media and coalition governments). The anti-occupation/anti-coalition forces are believed to be predominantly, but not exclusively, Iraqi Sunni Muslim Arabs, plus some foreign Arab and Muslim fighters, some of the latter tied to al-Qaeda. Several minor coalition members have pulled out of Iraq; this has been widely considered a political success for the anti-occupation forces.

Despite this, there was a reduction in violence throughout Iraq in the start of 2004 due to reorganization within the insurgent forces. During this time the tactics used by coalition forces were studied and the insurgency began to plan a new strategy. The calm did not last long however and once the insurgency had regained its footing attacks resumed and increased. Throughout the remainder of 2004 and continuing into the present day, the insurgency has employed bombings as their primary means of combating the coalition forces. This has led to hundreds of Iraqi civilians and police killed in addition to the coalition forces they were fighting. Many were killed in a series of massive bombings at mosques and shrines throughout Iraq. The bombings indicated that as the relevance of Saddam Hussein and his followers was diminishing, radical Islamists, both foreign and Iraqi was increasing to take their place. An organized Sunni insurgency, with deep roots and both nationalist and Islamist motivations, was becoming clear. The Mahdi Army also began launching attacks on coalition targets and to seize control from the Iraqi security forces. The southern and central portions of Iraq began to erupt in urban guerilla combat as coalition forces attempted to keep control and prepared for a counteroffensive.

In response to insurgent attacks, coalition forces focused on hunting down the remaining leaders of the former regime, culminating in the shooting deaths of Saddam's two sons in July. In all, over 200 top leaders of the former regime were killed or captured, as well as supports and military personnel during the summer of 2004.

Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose/Result
Operation Gimlet Victory20042004
Operation Hickory View20042004Counterinsurgency and Security: Helped eliminate many of the established indirect fire patterns, which insurgents had used
Operation I CAN20042004throughout IraqHumanitarian: Soldiers distributed over 100 boxes of donated school supplies and toys to Iraqi children.
Operation Iron Fury II20042004Sadr CityCounterinsurgency: Continued missions to drive the Mahdi Army out of the city
Operation Lancer Lightning20042004
Operation Windy City20042004BaghdadHumanitarian: Gave blankets to distribute to the local population
Operation Warhorse WhirlwindJanuary 2004January 2004Abu KharmaCounterinsurgency: Captured 31 individuals, including eight people who were specifically targeted for suspected involvement in anti-Coalition activity
Operation Iron Resolve12 January 20042004BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Was intended to disrupt the terrorist networks with constant searches and raids by coalition forces
Operation Clothes for Kids13 January 200414 January 2004TajiHumanitarian: An effort to bring clothing to needy Iraqi children
Operation Market Sweep13 January 200413 January 2004FallujahCounterinsurgency: The successful raid into the downtown Fallujah arms market
Operation Saloon14 January 200414 January 2004the Al-Anbar provinceCounterinsurgency: Captured a high-ranking former Iraqi Officer, General Mamoud Khudair Younes
Operation Centaur Fast Gas15 January 200419 January 2004Ba'qubahSecurity: Provide security for the gas station, help manage the lines in order to facilitate maximum efficiency of the gas station, and prevent unauthorized gas pilferage
Operation Rock Slide15 January 200415 January 2004the Al-Anbar province Counterinsurgency: Captured a high-ranking former Iraqi officer Brig. Gen. Kalil Ibraham Fayal al-Dulaymi
Operation Wolfhound Trap II21 January 200423 January 2004HeychelCounterinsurgency:
Operation Wolfhound Fury II22 January 200422 January 2004Heychel and its surrounding villagesCounterinsurgency: Hunted down suspected terrorists and provide humanitarian and reconstruction assistance to the Iraqi people
Operation Wolverine Feast24 January 200424 January 2004the Al-Doura districtCounterinsurgency: Coalition and Iraqi Army soldiers detained 10 suspects and seized four caches
Operation Final Cut28 January 2004February 2004BayjiCounterinsurgency: Was designed to capture or eliminate people suspected of insurgent activity
Operation AstonFebruary 2004February 2004Baghdadmembers of B Squadron 22 SAS, assaulted a house in southern Baghdad that MI6 intelligence showed was part of a 'jihadist pipeline' from Iran to Iraq that American and British intelligence agencies were tracking suspects on and these suspects fell in with a jihadist group. killing 2 and capturing 2 jihadist
Operation Saber Turner IIFebruary 2004February 2004Counterinsurgency:
Operation Tomahawk (Iraq)February 2004February 2004
Operation Trailblazer9 February 2004OngoingBaqubahSecurity: An effort to make Iraqi roads safer for fellow soldiers. The beginning of this operation was conducted by the 14th Engineer Battalion (C)(W) and the 244th Engineers out of Colorado. This Operation was taken over by the 141st Engineer Combat Battalion (C)(W), a North Dakota National Guard unit. Their mission was to patrol a section of Iraq's main highways and alternate routes locating and clearing bombs. The secondary goal of this mission was route sanitation which included knocking down trees in the medians of the roads and clearing brush from the sides of the road where the enemy could easily hide a bomb. In January 2005, the 141st Engineers were replaced by the 467th Engineer Battalion (C)(W), a USAR unit from Tennessee. The 14th Engineer Battalion returned to Iraq and relieved the 467th Engineers of the Trailblazer mission in December 2005. Alpha Company, 164th Engineers from North Dakota took over operations from the 467th Engineers in the LSA Anaconda/Balad area around the same time. In October 2006, the 14th Engineers were replaced by the 1st Engineer Battalion.
Operation Eagle Liberty 318 February 200419 February 2004BiladCounterinsurgency: Targeted individuals who were suspected of attacking forward operating bases in the area. 16 targets and 3 enemy personnel were detained
Operation Devil Clinch21 February 200421 February 2004BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Was designed as a series of raids to capture suspected insurgents
Operation Rocketman26 February 200426 February 2004the town of SiniyahCounterinsurgency: Three Iraqis suspected of attacks on coalition forces were arrested
Operation AlohaMarch 2004March 2004KirkukCounterinsurgency: American anti-insurgent sweep. Elements of the 25th Infantry Division surrounded an area in late March 2004 and sent patrols to conduct searches for weapons. The troopers knocked on doors to ask permission to search. This was a change from earlier more-aggressive techniques. The name of the operation is a traditional Hawaiian greeting. The 25th Infantry Division has long been based in that state.
Operation Centaur RodeoMarch 2004March 2004BaqubahLaw enforcement and Counterinsurgency: Designed to slow the smuggling of illegal weapons in Baqubah's Diyala Governorate capital. As of 30 March 2004 coalition forces had seized 3 people and several weapons.[11]
Operation Devil ThrustMarch 2004March 2004Surveillance, reconnaissance and Counterinsurgency: The operation consists of three phases. The first phase is surveillance and reconnaissance, the 2nd was combat operations and the 3rd was stabiliztion
Operation Soccor BallMarch 2004March 2004Baghdad, Karadah districtHumanitarian: Gave away 150 soccer balls to local children
Operation Warrior3 March 20043 March 2004Security and Counterinsurgency: Was a cordon and search operation conducted by coalition forces designed to capture Farhan and Sofi Sinjar, Abu Akmed, and Abu Farka.[12]
Operation Shillelagh17 March 200417 March 2004Abu GhuraybCounterinsurgency: Seven wanted individuals were found and detained during a sweep of more than 700 houses. See Also Operation Iron Promise.
Operation Suicide Kings17 March 200417 March 2004BaghdadSecurity: A combined cordon and search operation involving U.S. and Iraqi Civil Defense Corps Soldiers
Operation Iron Promise18 March 2004November 2004BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Part of an ongoing campaign to bring stabilization and security to the country and people of Iraq. Was a long-running series of patrols conducted by elements of the 1st Armored and 1st Cavalry Divisions. The operation continued until at least November 2004 when it was still being mentioned in newspaper reports. The name is derived from the "Old Ironsides" nickname of the 1st Armored Division.
Operation Duke FortitudeApril 2004April 2004FallujahCounterinsurgency: The operation was designed to capture or kill elements of the Mahdi army and Muqtada Al-Sadr
Operation Iron SaberApril 2004June 2004Najaf, Al Kut and KarbalaCounterinsurgency: Was a coalition strike aimed at defeating the Mahdi army under the control of Muqtada al-Sadr
Operation Lancer FuryApril 2004April 2004Baghdad, Sadr CityCounterinsurgency: Was one of many operations initiated in hopes of disarming and disbanding militia forces
Battle of Fallujah(2004)4 April 20041 May 2004FallujahBattle: (See Operation Vigilant Resolve)
Operation Vigilant Resolve4 April 20041 May 2004FallujahBattle: First American attempt to capture Fallujah.
Battle of Ramadi6 April 200410 April 2004RamadiBattle: An estimated 250 rebels were killed in fighting that shattered the insurgent offensive
Operation Resolute Sword8 April 20048 April 2004Counterinsurgency: Was a military operation taken by the United States' armed forces to capture Muqtada al-Sadr. (10 April President's Radio Address Mention)
Operation Danger Fortitude11 April 200417 April 2004Najaf, about 20 km northwest ofSecurity: was designed establish and occupy FOB Duke
Operation Ripper Sweep12 April 2004April 2004FallujahSecurity and counterinsurgency: The operation aimed at securing roads into and out of the city. Was a United States Marine Corps operation that took place as Operation Vigilant Resolve raged in Fallujah. The operation aimed at securing roads into and out of Fallujah and was led by the 7th Marine Regiment. The Marines swept west to east from Al Asad and seized a large number of bombs.
Battle of Husaybah17 April 200417 April 2004HusaybahBattle: Five Marines were killed along with 150 insurgents in the fierce battle that lasted 14 hours. Another 9 Marines were wounded and 20 insurgents captured.
Operation Yellow Stone23 April 200423 April 2004Al-Rashida, the former presidential island retreatCounterinsurgency: To secure the area and remove the enemy from the island
Operation Rapier ThrustMay 2004May 2004
Operation Spring CleanupMay 2004May 2004BaqoubaCounterinsurgency: Designed to take control of a stretch of road known as the Blue Babe Highway and included the U.S. 3rd Brigade Combat Teams. The area was also known as "RPG Alley" for the large number of roadside bombings and insurgent attacks that occurred there.[13]
Operation ThunderstruckMay 2004May 2004
Operation Striker Hurricane1 May 20041 May 2004BaghdadCounterinsurgency: To round up insurgents and other anti-coalition parties
Operation Wolfpack Crunch4 May 20044 May 2004DiwaniyaCounterinsurgency: The mission’s target was a series of buildings, located near an old downtown theater, which were reportedly being used by members of the "Muqtada’s Militia" to plan and stage attacks against Coalition forces
Operation Arrowhead Strike 105 May 20046 May 2007Baghdad, the southwestern Rashid DistrictCounterinsurgency: To rid the Rashid District of terrorists and criminals and to protect the population
Operation Student to Student10 May 200410 May 2004Al-BaruddiHumanitarian and Peacekeeping: Gave the soldiers and the local populace an opportunity to establish the relationships that are so critical to the building of a sovereign Iraq
Operation Disarm19 May 200419 May 2004BaghdadPeacekeeping: The program used funds earmarked for tips leading to the capture of insurgents or illegal weapons and offers up to $500 per weapon, depending on type. Included in the final tally were more than 80 AK-47 rifles, mortars, mines and grenades.
Operation Diyala Border Police Audit26 May 2004June 2004MuntheriaForward Presence: To verify the accuracy and legitimacy of the Diyala Border Polices’ financial and payroll records just northeast of Kanaqan
Operation GiulianiJune 2004June 2004MosulCounterinsurgency: Was designed to seize weapons and munitions to prevent them from being used against coalition forces
Operation Slim ShadyJune 2004June 2004KirkukCounterinsurgency: Was designed to cripple the resources of Muqtada al-Sadr's militia. The 2nd Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division of the United States Military launched the operation, which was designed to cripple the resources of the then powerful rebel forces of Muqtada al-Sadr. The operation began in the first week of June 2004. Six individuals were captured, five of which were cell leaders in the Mahdi army. One of the insurgents captured was As'ad Abu Aws. As'ad Abu Aws was the second in command of the militia's Kirkuck operations. The name of the operation was taken from popular rapper Eminem's (real name Marshall Mathers) fictional alter-ego Slim Shady. Press Release
Operation Striker TornadoJune 2004June 2004BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Was designed to allow the 1st Armored Division to execute near-simultaneous raids on specified targets wanted for anti-coalition activities
Operation Rocketman III8 June 20048 June 2004Counterinsurgency: Designed to search and secure enemy personnel as well as those suspected of harboring insurgents and weapons.
Operation Dragon Victory19 June 200419 June 2004NajafSupport and counterinsurgency: Was designed to provide relief in place of the 2nd Armored Cavalry and to provide logistical support for Task Force Danger and continue to sustain combat operations.
Operation Gimlet Crusader24 June 200424 June 2004KirkukCounterinsurgency: Was aimed at disrupting insurgents and their attacks on multinational forces
Operation Gimlet Silent SniperJuly 2004July 2004KirkukCounterinsurgency: Engaged in multiple searches and raids looking to capture or kill cell leaders
Operation Haifa StreetJuly 2004July 2004BaghdadLaw Enforcement: Was specifically designed as a large raid focused on criminals and criminal activity in Baghdad
Operation OasisJuly 2004July 2004BaghdadHumanitarian: The overall project to improve electricity, sewers, water and other essential services around the city.
Operation Outlaw DestroyerJuly 2004July 2004TikritCounterinsurgency: Was designed to prevent insurgents from gaining weapons and munitions from known ammunition storage points
Operation Mutual Security2 July 20042 July 2004MosulCounterinsurgency: Was designed as a sweeping house-to-house search for weapons and terrorists to be conducted by only Iraqi forces
Operation Tombstone Piledriver15 July 200415 July 2004BaghdadCounterinsurgency: The operation netted six individuals who were detained for questioning.
Operation Mayfield III19 July 200419 July 2004
Operation Cobra Sweep28 July 200428 July 2004Baghdad, in the Hay Muthana districtSecurity and Counterinsurgency: Was designed to cordon, search, and seize bomb makers, materials and potential storage places
Operation Quarterhorse RidesAugust 2004August 2004Ad DuluiyahCounterinsurgency: To increase security and deter enemy attacks
Operation Warrior ResolveAugust 2004August 2004the At Tamin and As Sulaymaniyah provincesCounterinsurgency: Was a massive synchronized effort which attempted to deter insurgent forces
Operation Tiger Care3 August 20043 August 2004Balad General HospitalHumanitarian: To assist the local hospital by procuring and delivering much needed medical supplies
Operation Phantom Linebacker4 July 20044 July 2004along the Syrian borderSecurity: Security Operations along the Syrian border.
Battle of Najaf5 August 200427 August 2004NajafBattle: Was a battle that was fought between U.S. and Iraqi forces, and the Islamist Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr
CIMIC-House5 August 200428 August 2004Al AmarahBattle: Was a siege fought between UK forces, and the Islamist Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr. An estimated 200+ insurgents were killed.
Operation Cajun Mousetrap II5 August 2004August 2004SamarraCounterinsurgency: Some small arms were found and at least three rebels were killed while nine people were detained and transferred for further questioning.
Operation Cajun Mousetrap III13 August 200415 August 2004SamarraCounterinsurgency: Troops utilized targeted raids against enemy personnel who were destabilizing the city and an estimated 45 insurgents were killed.
Operation Iron Fury17 August 20042004BaghdadCounterinsurgency: An "all-out effort" to stop violence in the Baghdad area by militia headed up by Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr
Operation Showdown18 August 200418 August 2004Ar RamadiCounterinsurgency: To search for weapons caches and terrorists
Operation Wolverine19 August 200419 August 2004Ad DuluiyahCounterinsurgency: Was designed to prevent organized insurgent force activities as well as deny AIF sanctuary
Operation Grizzly Forced Entry21 August 200421 August 2004NajafCounterinsurgency: Was designed as a search and seizure operation of high-value targets suspected of attacking coalition forces
Operation Clean Sweep23 August 200424 August 2004Baghdad, southern portionCounterinsurgency: Raided 350 houses and detained 49 suspects
Operation True Grit23 August 200424 August 2004RamadiCounterinsurgency: During the operation, Multi-National Forces and SSF searched several houses and 17 insurgents were detained, four of which were found setting up an ambush on top of one of the houses
Operation HurricaneSeptember 2004September 2004RamadiCounterinsurgency: Resulted in the detention of four suspected insurgents, the removal of 6 bombs and the confiscation of bomb making materials, including cell phone parts
Operation Black Typhoon9 September 200414 September 2004Tal AfarCounterinsurgency: All the enemy insurgents had either been killed or fled the city
Operation Hurricane II18 September 200418 September 2004RamadiCounterinsurgency: To disrupt the Daham terrorist network and to discover and remove illegal weapons and ammunition caches in the city.
Operation Iron Fist II23 September 20042004RamadiCounterinsurgency: A top priority in the operation was to detain or eliminate Moktada al-Sadr's lieutenants
Operation Longhorn24 September 200424 September 2004RamadiCounterinsurgency: A coordinated effort to detain insurgent Forces and remove illegal weapons and ammunition caches
Operation Marne24 September 200424 September 2004RamadiCounterinsurgency: A coordinated effort to detain insurgent Forces and remove illegal weapons and ammunition caches
Operation Predator24 September 200424 September 2004RamadiCounterinsurgency: A coordinated effort to detain Anti-Iraqi Forces and remove illegal weapons and ammunition caches
Operation BackpackOctober 2004October 2004BaqubahHumanitarian: Taking 200 backpacks filled with school supplies to school children
Operation Mustang FlexOctober 2004October 2004TikritCounterinsurgency and humanitarian: Deny insurgents sanctuary, promote the Tikrit Job Corps program, and assess essential services.
Operation Ramadan RoundupOctober 2004October 2004TikritCounterinsurgency: Resulted in the capture of 30 insurgents, more than 60 weapons, and Improvised Explosive Device making materials.
Operation Tangerine PinchOctober 2004October 2004TikritCounterinsurgency: Deny insurgents sanctuary, promote the Tikrit Job Corps program, and assess essential services.
Operation Wolfhound Fury5 October 2004October 2004HegnehCounterinsurgency: A Task Force 1–27 air assault mission
Operation Bulldog6 October 20042004Ar-RamadiCounterinsurgency: Was designed to re-establish peace and stability by denying sanctuary to insurgents, capturing enemy personnel, and seize any weapons caches
Operation Centaur Strike II11 October 200411 October 2004BaqubahCounterinsurgency: Was designed to seize insurgent equipment caches in hopes of disrupting terrorist activity before the Ramadan.
Operation Centaur Strike III13 October 200413 October 2004BaqubahCounterinsurgency: Was designed to seize insurgent equipment caches in hopes of disrupting terrorist activity before the Ramadan.
Operation Mandarin Squeeze14 October 200414 October 2004TikritCounterinsurgency: Its purpose was threefold; deny insurgents sanctuary, promote the Tikrit job corps program, and assess essential services.
Operation Mustang Socko14 October 200414 October 2004along the Tigris RiverCounterinsurgency: Detained several suspects and found several weapons caches
Operation Tiger Cub14 October 200414 October 2004BaghdadHumanitarian: To improve the school supply and education system throughout the greater Balad area
Operation Tangerine Squeeze15 October 200415 October 2004TikritCounterinsurgency: Called for a complete search of more than 300 homes
Operation Crayon21 October 200421 October 2004KirkukHumanitarian: Was a charitable program that provided schools the pencils, crayons, papers and other materials necessary to teach children
Operation Duliyah Sunrise28 October 200428 October 2004Ad DuluiyahCounterinsurgency: A raid on an upscale neighborhood to search for insurgent materials
Operation Dallas29 October 200429 October 2004MosulSecurity: Was designed to increase security by performing cordon and knocks throughout the community
Operation Tiger Fury30 October 20042004east of BaladCounterinsurgency: Was designed to stop insurgent activities and capture individuals suspected of being insurgents
Operation Army SantaNovember 2004November 2004Humanitarian:
Operation Duke Fury3 November 20043 November 2004FallujahCounterinsurgency: To search for weapons caches and suspected insurgents
Operation New Dawn (Al Fajr)3 November 20043 November 2004FallujahCounterinsurgency: To search for weapons caches and suspected insurgents
Operation Phantom Fury7 November 200423 December 2004FallujahCounterinsurgency: Joint American/Iraqi assault on Fallujah. See also Operation Dawn (Al-Fajr) and 2nd Battle of Fallujah
Operation Dawn (Al Fajr)8 November 20048 November 2004FallujahCounterinsurgency: The elimination of Fallujah as a terrorist safe haven
Battle of Mosul10 November 200416 November 2004MosulBattle: Was a battle fought during the Iraq War in 2004 for the capital of the Ninawa Governorate in northern Iraq that occurred concurrently to fighting in Fallujah.
Operation Wolfhound Power11 November 200412 November 2004HawjaCounterinsurgency: To root insurgents out of the city
Operation Wolfhound Jab15 November 200415 November 2004Tall Suseus and RubaydhahCounterinsurgency: No one was detained and no weapon caches were found although reports were that the area contained insurgent sanctuaries
Operation Rock Bottom19 November 200421 November 2004Counterinsurgency: The searches netted numerous small arms, 10 detainees and three rockets
Operation Plymouth Rock23 November 200423 November 2004Baghdad, South ofCounterinsurgency: Sweep south of Baghdad.
Operation Tobruk28 November 2004 28 November 2004a village along the Euphrates river 8 km Northeast of Camp DogwoodCounterinsurgency: A search of the village for insurgents and Saddam loyalists
Operation WonderlandDecember 200424 December 2004RamadiCounterinsurgency: Netted 29 detainees and multiple weapons caches
Operation Baton Rouge1 December 20044 December 2004SamarraCounterinsurgency: The operation resulted in about 125 rebels killed and 88 were being detained
Operation Falcon Freedom5 December 20045 December 2004Al Rashid DistrictCounterinsurgency: A joint U.S.-Iraqi cordon-and-search operation were several weapons caches were discovered
Operation Soprano Sunset6 December 20046 December 2004Baghdad, eastern portionCounterinsurgency: Captured several suspected senior level transnational terrorists, including key leaders, operatives, and financiers
Operation Iraqi Children8 December 20048 December 2004BaqubahHumanitarian: Soldiers delivered school supplies
Operation Backbreaker21 December 200422 December 2004BuhrizSecurity: A project to fortify a new police station as well as the Governor’s mansion just down the road
Operation Lion Cub21 December 200421 December 2004TikritHumanitarian: To deliver a load of toys to the children of the villages of Al Alam, Al Owja and Wynott
Operation Powder River31 December 20042 January 2005Ad DuluiyahCounterinsurgency: Detained 49 individuals, discovered several weapons caches and searched 13 homes and the surrounding areas in a series of raids
Operation Triple Play31 December 20042 January 2005Salman PakSecurity: To improve security for the upcoming elections in Iraq


See also: 2005 and 2005 in Iraq

Coalition and Iraqi government forces continue to battle Iraqi militants and other fighters. During early and mid-May 2005, the U.S. also launched Operation Matador, an assault by around 1,000 marines in the ungoverned region of western Iraq. Coalition and Iraqi soldiers, Iraqi fighters and civilians have been killed in these conflicts. As of late July 2007, nearly 3,700 U.S. soldiers have been killed, and around ten times this many have been wounded. The number of Iraqi citizens who have fallen victim to the fighting has risen. The Iraqi government, with some holdovers from the CPA, engaged in securing control of the oil infrastructure (a source of Iraq's foreign currency) and control of the major cities of Iraq. The insurgency, the developing the New Iraqi Army, disorganized police and security forces, as well as a lack of revenue have hampered efforts to assert control. In addition, former Baathist elements and militant Shia groups have engaged in sabotage, terrorism, open rebellion, and establishing their own security zones in all or part of a dozen cities. The Allawi government vowed to crush the insurgency.

An election for a government to draft a permanent constitution took place during this time (ed. see Politics of Iraq for more information on the political state of Iraq). Although some violence and lack of widespread Sunni participation marred the event, much of the eligible Kurd and Shia populace participated. Sectarian violence has also been prominent part of the militant and guerrilla activity. Targets here where often Shia gatherings or civilian concentrations mainly of Shias. As a result, over 700 Iraqi civilians died in the month.

Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose/Result
Operation Attleboro(Iraq)20052005Humanitarian: Delivered a variety of much-needed supplies and equipment to the Iraqi Police of Ash Sharqat
Operation Avarice20052006Military intelligence acquired over 400 Iraqi rockets and warheads containing chemical agents in secret to keep them from falling into the hands of enemy combatants
Operation Dunlap20052005
Operation East Lansing20052005
Operation Hudson2005????????
Operation Moon20052005
Operation Moving Forward20052005
Operation Neighborhood Watch20052005
Operation Spider Web20052005
Operation Vacant City20052005
Operation River Walk2 January 20053 January 2005LatifiyahCounterinsurgency: Found over 9 significant weapons caches, detained 43 suspected insurgents and discovered and destroyed several bombs
Operation Lanthonid9 January 2005January 2005Baqubah, nearCounterinsurgency: Nine targeted AIF members were detained along with two other suspected AIF members and numerous weapons
Operation Therapist9 January 20059 January 2005near TikritCounterinsurgency: During the series of raids, 11 were detained. Three of the detainees were on the target list. Also confiscated were 120 mm mortars and assorted ammunition
Operation Hedgehog10 January 200514 January 2005HītCounterinsurgency: Discovered numerous caches of insurgent ordnance and weaponry
Operation Copperas Cove12 January 200512 January 2005Al-Karkh, the neighborhoods of Karkh and Sheik MarrufCounterinsurgency: Raided a mechanic’s shop suspected of being used by insurgents and found 35 mortars which had to be removed by hand
Operation Keystone Sweep14 January 200514 January 2005As SiniyahCounterinsurgency: To conduct raids, capture or kill insurgents and eliminate bombs and other illegal weapons
Operation Clean Sweep18 November 200518 November 2005Al Buetha, 15 km South of Baghdad along the Tigris RiverCounterinsurgency: "Clean out an area that was known to be used as a way for insurgents to come towards Baghdad from the south as well as an area that a lot of VBIEDs and IEDs were coming from," said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Everett Knapp, commander of the 1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment.

In anticipation of the, 15 December nationwide elections, U.S. soldiers assigned to 1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment, as well as Iraqi forces from the 4th Public Order Brigade and 1st Commando Brigade, raided about 350 homes and detained 49 suspected terrorists. Military officials said ten of the suspects were forwarded to detention facilities.

Operation Checkmate18 January 20052005Jabella, 50 mi (80 km) south of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Successfully detained 15 insurgents including a suspected former intelligence officer in Saddam Hussein’s regime
Operation Big Dig23 January 20052005LatifiyahCounterinsurgency: Collected and destroyed weapons caches
Operation Centaur Showdown8 February 20058 February 2005MufrekCounterinsurgency: Searched for unregistered weapons and illegal bomb-making materials
Operation River Blitz20 February 200520 February 2005Al Anbar provinceCounterinsurgency: Targeted insurgents in cities along the Euphrates River including Hit, Ramadi, and Baghdad
Operation River Bridge12 March 200525 March 2005Hit-Haditha CorridorCounterinsurgency, follow on to Operation River Blitz
Operation Lightning (Al Barkh)26 February 200525 June 2005BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Shifting the new government from a defensive to an offensive posture in its efforts to disrupt terrorist activities in Baghdad
Operation Unforgiven22 March 200524 March 2005Albu HatimCounterinsurgency: The operation uncovered five weapons caches including more than 7,000 rounds of ammunition, an improvised explosive device factory and 39 members of anti-Iraqi forces
Operation Swashbuckle26 March 200526 March 2005Ar RamadiHumanitarian: The four-man comedy show, presented by Hack and Slash, provided an explosive round of entertainment for more than 100 Marines
Operation Fontana2 April 20056 April 2005the Babil and Wasit provincesCounterinsurgency: Was to eliminate places where terrorists trained to carry out their activities
Operation Block Party7 April 20057 April 2005FallujahCounterinsurgency: More than 100 Marines, side-by-side with three companies of Iraqi soldiers, cordoned and searched a targeted area of the city.
Operation Grey Wolf II10 April 200510 April 2005ShakartaCounterinsurgency: A surprise operation to catch suspected terrorists and criminals
Operation Badlands12 April 200512 April 2005SaqlawiyahSecurity and Counterinsurgency: Security and stability operations designed to root out insurgent activity and illegal weapons caches
Operation Scrimmage14 April 200516 April 2005Kubaysa, Al Anbar ProvinceUnofficial name for a sub-part of operation Outerbanks
Operation Outer Banks1 April 20053 May 2005Hit-Haditha CorridorCounterinsurgency
Operation MarlboroughMay 2005May 2005Baghdadan SBS sniper team from M squadron killed 3 insurgents.
Operation QuicksweepMay 2005May 2005BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Resulted in the capture of several individuals identified as insurgents and the discovery of a weapons stash totaling 3,000 pounds of large caliber explosive munitions in a rural area northwest of Baghdad.
Operation Clear Decision3 May 20053 May 2005Al KarmahCounterinsurgency: It was a success because the operation was conducted safely, insurgents were detained, and the relationship with the local populace improved
Operation Cobweb (MND-CS)6 May 200510 May 2005Wasit provinceCounterinsurgency: Twenty-nine individuals were detained while forty kinds of guns were confiscated in addition to explosive materials being found
Operation Matador (Battle of Al Qaim)7 May 200514 May 2005northwestern Anbar provinceCounterinsurgency: It was focused on eliminating insurgents and foreign fighters in a region known as a smuggling route and a sanctuary for foreign fighters
Battle of Al Qaim8 May 200519 May 2005Anbar provinceCounterinsurgency: (See Operation Matador)
Operation Block Party II9 May 200514 May 2005FallujahCounterinsurgency: Only a small amount of ordnance was found during the operation, most of it pointed out by the local residents
Operation Mongoose13 May 200513 May 2005south of DiyarahCounterinsurgency: To capture individuals responsible for recent attacks against Coalition forces and local residents
Operation Dragons Breath15 May 200515 May 2005RamadiCounterinsurgency: Was designed to target insurgents in Ramadi neighborhoods
Operation Peninsula (MND-CS)19 May 200519 May 2005As SuwaryahCounterinsurgency: To round up terrorists and eliminate their base of operations
Operation Squeeze Play22 May 200523 May 2005Baghdad, the western suburbsCounterinsurgency: Almost 300 suspects were detained in the first day of the operation
Operation Chepultepec24 May 200524 May 2005Lutafiyah, the southern Ubaydah regionCounterinsurgency: The Iraqi Army detained 12 suspects and captured several weapons
Operation New Market(Souk Jadeed)25 May 200529 May 2005The city of HadithaCounterinsurgency: A raid on the city of Haditha to disrupt insurgents.
Operation Moon River Dragon29 May 200529 May 2005the village of Al JulaamCounterinsurgency: More than 40 individual males were interrogated about insurgent activities
Operation San Juan31 May 20054 June 2005Security and Humanitarian: A five-day operation repairing Alternate Supply Route San Juan, making it safer for convoys and local civilians traveling the road on a daily basis
Operation PitchforkJune 2005June 2005The area east of the Lake Tharthar regionCounterinsurgency: Marines located over 50 hidden weapons caches and an underground bunker in the vicinity of a rock quarry.
Operation UhaserJune 20056 June 2005throughout Northern Babil province, south of BaghdadSecurity and Counterinsurgency: They conducted continuous patrols, vehicle checkpoints, raids, and searches
Operation WoodstockJune 20056 June 2005throughout Northern Babil province, south of BaghdadSecurity and Counterinsurgency: They conducted continuous patrols, vehicle checkpoints, raids, and searches
Operation Spear (Romhe)11 June 200522 June 2005KarabilahCounterinsurgency: Aimed at rooting out terrorists, foreign fighters and disrupting terrorist support systems in and around Karabilah
Operation White Shield13 June 200514 June 2005northern Babil provinceCounterinsurgency: Discovered a weapons cache and detained seven terror suspects
Operation Dagger(Khanjar)18 June 200518 June 2005Anbar provinceCounterinsurgency: The operation is focused on locating hidden weapons caches and denying terrorists sanctuary in the Southern Lake Tharthar region, in an area 85 kilometers northwest of Baghdad that is a suspected logistical hub.
Operation Strategic Separation (al Azil al Sitrateegi)25 June 2005June 2005Babil province, northern portionCounterinsurgency: Two hundred and nineteen suspected insurgents were detained
Operation Sword (Saif)27 June 20055 July 2005The city of HitCounterinsurgency: To occupy the city of Hit and establish a permanent presence there by coalition and Iraqi forces.
Operation Shadyville29 June 200529 June 2005SaqlawiyahCounterinsurgency: Searched 244 houses and netted several suspected insurgent supporters, two bombs, and 50 AK-47 assault rifles
Operation Hunter (Sayaid)July 2005July 2005along the Euphrates River Valley and the broder of SyriaCounterinsurgency: Aimed at denying Al Qaeda in Iraq the ability to operate in the Euphrates River Valley and at preventing the terrorists from continuing their campaign of murder and intimidation against the local population
Operation SeahorseJuly 2005August 2005Counterinsurgency: British-led Multi-National Division Southeast with a mission to detect and deter illicit activity along the Iraqi border
Operation Sergeant Thea'aJuly 2005July 2005BaqubahCounterinsurgency: Was to capture, or kill, terrorists in the city
Operation ThunderJuly 2005July 2005BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Found at least 1 weapons cache and detained several suspects
Operation Demon Digger1 July 20051 July 2005Al Rashid district, nearCounterinsurgency: seized three weapons caches
Operation Muthana Strike4 July 20054 July 2005Baghdad International Airport, neighborhoods next to Counterinsurgency: Over 100 individuals were detained as a result of the operation, including reportedly foreign fighters from Egypt
Operation Bow Country5 July 20055 July 2005Baghdad, areas in the far-east portionCounterinsurgency and reconnaissance: To find weapons and ammunition caches, and to develop intelligence on insurgent activity.
Operation Scimitar7 July 2005July 2005Zaidan, approximately 20 mi (30 km) southeast of FallujahCounterinsurgency: At least 22 suspected insurgents were detained
Operation Warriors Rage15 July 200515 July 2005Baghdad, the Ameriyah districtCounterinsurgency: The search found 10 to 12 122/130-millimeter rounds enhanced with propane to make a larger fireball in the explosion
Battle of Haditha1 August 20053 August 2005HadithaBattle: Was a battle fought over two days that were under insurgent control in the Euphrates River valley during 2005
Operation Quickstrike3 August 200510 August 2005Haditha, Haqliniyah, and BarwanahCounterinsurgency: An offensive operation aimed at disrupting insurgent activities and recovering a missing Marine sniper.
Operation Able Warrior4 August 20054 August 2005Baghdad, west of the Baghdad International AirportCounterinsurgency: Was conducted in order to disrupt car bombing cells and roadside bomb emplacers, and prevent them from planning, preparing and carrying out terrorist attacks in the area.
Operation Vanguard Thunder5 August 20055 August 2005BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Targeted 150–200 terrorist suspects. No injuries or damages were reported[14]
Operation Restoring Rights26 August 20052005the northern city of Tall Afar, located 30 mi (50 km) west of MosulIraqCounterinsurgency: Was a massive military push to engage and destroy the heavy insurgent contingent located there.
Battle of Tal Afar1 September 200518 September 2005Tal AfarSecurity and Counterinsurgency: The city was temporarily cleared for elections in 2005, but was not secured in a long-term view.
Operation Cyclone(Zoba)11 September 200511 September 2005RutbahCounterinsurgency: Against al-Qaida fighters
Operation Flea Flicker14 September 200514 September 2005ZafaraniyaCounterinsurgency: Was designed to disrupt insurgent activity in the area in preparation for the 15 October constitutional referendum
Operation National Unity29 September 200514 September 2005, at least untilBaghdadCounterinsurgency: Charged with the objective of detecting and halting insurgent activity.
Operation Rose Bowl29 September 200529 September 2005Mohawla, DiyalaCounterinsurgency: search in Mohawla 952.
Operation ClydesdaleOctober 2005October 2005
Operation Mountaineers(Hiba)October 2005October 2005southern RamadiCounterinsurgency: Which consists of 400 ISF soldiers and 500 U.S. service members, is to disrupt insurgents
Operation CarentanOctober 2005December 2005Diyala and Salah ad Din Governorate Counterinsurgency: Was responsible for detaining over 700 suspected insurgents and clearing 120 weapons caches
Operation Constitution HammerOctober 2005October 2005FallujahCounterinsurgency: Was conducted to disrupt insurgent activity along the main supply routes in Fallujah, find and capture weapons caches, and kill or capture insurgents
Operation Iron Fist (Kabda Bil Hadid)1 October 20056 October 2005Sadah approximately 12 km. from the Syrian borderCounterinsurgency: In order to root out al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists operating in the area and to disrupt terrorist support systems in and around the city
Operation Bowie2 October 20054 October 2005Ar Ramadi, southern portionCounterinsurgency: While sweeping through the mostly rural area, the ISF assisted the Marines in identifying people who were not from here and helped in searching homes and buildings for weapons caches and insurgent propaganda.
Operation Saratoga2 October 2005October 2005North Central IraqSecurity: To provide a safe observance of Ramadan and security for the upcoming referendum
Operation River Gate (Bawwabatu Annaher)4 October 20055 October 2005Haditha, Haqlaniyah and BarwanaCounterinsurgency: The operation's goal is to deny the al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist network the ability to operate in the three Euphrates River Valley cities and to free the local citizens from the insurgents' campaign of murder and intimidation
Operation Fiesta Bowl11 October 200511 October 2005MohawlaCounterinsurgency: search in Mohawla 964
Operation Doctor25 October 200525 October 2005Ar Ramadi, the Women's and Children's HospitalHumanitarian: The operation, led by Civil Affairs Group 6, supplied the hospital and the local Ministry of Health with more than $500,000 in medical supplies and equipment that was sorely needed by the citizens of the Al Anbar provincial capital.
Operation Cornhusker1 November 20051 November 2005MohawlaCounterinsurgency: cordon and search in Mohawla 953 and clearing operations in Mohawla 955
Operation Open WindowNovember 20052005the south central region of IraqSecurity: To prepare the area for transfer to the responsibility of the Iraqi 8th Division.
Operation Tigers (Numur)November 2005December 2005RamadiCounterinsurgency: Resulted in the capture of several weapons caches and several terrorist suspects
Operation Wolf Stalk IINovember 2005November 2005NinevahCounterinsurgency: Soldiers were charged with disrupting insurgent activity and responding to the needs of local citizens.
Operation Great LakesNovember 2005November 2005Counterinsurgency: Army National Guard, Army and USMC units from FOB Grizzly were charged with disrupting insurgent activity south of Udame. SFC Kyle B. Wehrly of the 2nd Battalion, 123rd Field Artillery was killed in the Operation.
Operation Shank(Harba)2 November 20053 December 2005Ramadi, central and southern portionsCounterinsurgency: Was the fifth in a series by the Iraqi army and coalition forces engaged in combined clearing operations to disrupt terrorism and set conditions for a successful, 15 December election in the provincial capital of Anbar
Operation Syrian Round-up5 November 20055 November 2005ZafaraniyaCounterinsurgency: clear Mohawla 965. A car was confiscated.
Operation Steel Curtain(Al Hajip Elfulathi)5 November 200522 November 2005KarabilahCounterinsurgency: A Continued effort to clear the town of insurgent activity and weapons
Operation Slapshot6 November 20056 November 2005near SindabadCounterinsurgency: targets in M979 and clear Bania Farm.
Operation Fiesta Bowl II9 November 20059 November 2005DiyalaCounterinsurgency: clear M964.
Operation Knockout12 November 200512 November 2005Ba'qubahCounterinsurgency: A division-size raid designed to destroy or disrupt all of their cells in a large locality in a single night
Operation Paradise City II12 November 200512 November 2005Around Rasheed AirfieldClearing operation in Zone 11W
Operation Kennesaw Dragon14 November 200515 November 2005DawrCounterinsurgency: Conducted an air assault into landing zones outside the town and moved in to search for insurgents, insurgent activity and weapons caches.
Operation Panthers (Numur)16 November 200518 November 2005Ramadi, the Sophia districtCounterinsurgency: Discovered weapons caches and detained suspected terrorists
Operation Home Run17 November 200517 November 2005ZafaraniyaCounterinsurgency: clear Mohawla 959 in Zafaraniya
Operation Bruins(Dibbah)19 November 200520 November 2005RamadiCounterinsurgency and Security: Part of a series of disruption operations in Ramadi and is designed to set the conditions for successful elections in December
Operation Cotton Bowl22 November 200522 November 2005ZafaraniyaCounterinsurgency: clear Mohawla 961 in Zafaraniya
Operation Lions(Asad)22 November 200524 November 2005Ar Ramadi, the Tammim areaCounterinsurgency: This operation involved Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces clearing sections of the city in order to disrupt the insurgency and set conditions for successful elections on 15 December
Operation Tyche Round-up26 November 200526 November 2005DiyalaCounterinsurgency: capture/kill AIF targets in Mohawla 964.
Operation Turkey Bowl28 November 200528 November 2005ZafaraniyaCounterinsurgency: clear Mohawla 951.
Operation Iron Hammer(Matraqa Hadidia)30 November 20053 December 2005Hai al Becker regionSecurity: The completion of construction of a long-term base on the eastern side of the Euphrates River across from Hīt and about 170 kilometers west of Baghdad
Operation Green TridentDecember 2005December 2005Fallujah, south ofCounterinsurgency: U.S. Marines discovered more than ten metric tons of munitions hidden at 72 cache sites 39 km south of Fallujah
Operation Rams(Tallie)4 December 20054 December 2005RamadiCounterinsurgency: The forces have discovered four weapons
Operation Stocking Stuffer4 December 20054 December 2005DiyalaCounterinsurgency: raid on 3 Ansar-al-Sunna targets in M964
Operation Skinner(Gashshaa)7 December 200510 December 2005central RamadiCounterinsurgency: The operation netted four weapons caches and several detainees and also two command initiated rocket systems designed to ambush passing convoys in central Ramadi. The combined forces also discovered a roadside bomb that the insurgents planned to use in the rocket attack.
Operation Able Rising Force8 December 20059 December 2005KhadisiaCounterinsurgency: Locate and detain suspected terrorists
Operation Bull Dawg Chariot8 December 20058 December 2005Baqubah, nearCounterinsurgency: The operation reportedly netted four suspected terrorists
Operation Liberty Express13 December 200515 December 2005FallujahSecurity: Transportation of election supplies from the printer to the camp, where Iraqi Police and members of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq picked up and escorted the supplies, including ballots, and dispersed them to various polling sites in the city of Fallujah


Soviet Antonov An-2 airplane sprays pesticide on wheat crops during Operation Barnstormer (May 2006).
Salah Ad Din Governorate (31 March 2006) – An Iraq Army soldier assigned to the 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Division, mans a checkpoint during Operation Red Light II, on the outskirts of Monfia village in the Western Desert

The beginning of 2006 was marked by government creation talks, growing sectarian violence, and continuous anti-coalition attacks. Sectarian violence expanded to a new level of intensity following the al-Askari Mosque bombing in the Iraqi city of Samarra, on 22 February 2006. The explosion at the mosque, one of the holiest sites in Shi'a Islam, is believed to have been caused by a bomb planted by Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Although no injuries occurred in the blast, the mosque was severely damaged and the bombing resulted in violence over the following days.

As of 20 October the U.S military announced that Operation Together Forward had failed to stem the tide of violence in Baghdad, and Shiite militants under al-Sadr seized several southern Iraq cities.[15]

On 23 November, the deadliest attack since the beginning of the Iraq war occurred. Suspected Sunni-Arab militants used five suicide car bombs and two mortar rounds on the capital's Shiite Sadr City slum to kill at least 215 people and wound 257. Shiite mortar teams quickly retaliated, firing 10 shells at Sunni Islam's most important shrine in Baghdad, badly damaging the Abu Hanifa mosque and killing one person. Eight more rounds slammed down near the offices of the Association of Muslim Scholars, the top Sunni Muslim organisation in Iraq, setting nearby houses on fire. Two other mortar barrages on Sunni neighborhoods in west Baghdad killed nine and wounded 21, police said.[16]

After capture in December 2003, Saddam Hussein was hanged on 30 December 2006 after being found guilty of crimes against humanity by an Iraqi court.[17]

Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose/Result
Operation Industrial Revolution10 August 200610 August 2006Southeast Fallujah/Industrial Sector Cordone and Search Looking for roadside and car bomb Making Facilities
Operation Iron Arrow I20062006Obeidi region, northern portionCounterinsurgency: Conducted to root out terrorists on the Sunni side of town
Operation Post Hawk20062006
Operation Unified Fist20062006BaghdadCounterinsurgency:
Operation Baghdad is BeautifulJanuary 2006January 2006BaghdadHumanitarian: Cleanup up Baghdad
Operation King TutJanuary 2006January 2006BaghdadSecurity: Searched for weapons caches
Operation Red BullJanuary 2006January 2006the "Triad" area of Haditha, Haqlaniyah and BarwanaSecurity: The search revealed 75 weapons caches terrorists planned to use during attacks in the region.
Operation Falcon Sweep11 January 2006, on or about11 January 2006, on or aboutShakariaCounterinsurgency: One of the operation's objectives was to identify and capture terrorists in the village
Operation Red Bull II18 January 200618 January 2006the "Triad" area of Haditha, Haqlaniyah and BarwanaCounterinsurgency: Continue clearing all insurgent operations out of the "Triad" area.
Operation Final Strike (Al Dharba Al Nihaa'ya)29 January 200629 January 2006Jazerra area northwest of Habbaniyah, 75 km west of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Aimed at neutralizing the insurgency activity and providing a secure area for the citizens of the Jazerra.
Operation Smokewagon2 February 20065 February 2006Hīt, numerous villages south ofCounterinsurgency: Looking for insurgents and their weapons caches
Operation PitBull10 February 200617 February 2006east of the Euphrates RiverCounterinsurgency: Designed to squash insurgent operations
Operation God help us (Ala Allah)12 February 200613 February 2006SubiyhatCounterinsurgency: To clear the area of insurgents and interact with the populace
Operation Dirty Harry20 February 200620 February 2006Muqdadiyah, a neighborhood and farmlands in the southern portionSecurity and Counterinsurgency: To cordon and knock a local neighborhood which included searching homes and farmland for anti-coalition forces and weapon caches
Operation Minotaur26 February 200626 February 2006a town along the Euphrates River in Al Anbar Province, northwest of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Was aimed at clearing more than nine kilometers of riverbank and several small villages south of Haqlaniyah
Operation Swamp FoxMarch 2006March 2006MuqdadiyahCounterinsurgency: Coalition and Iraqi forces detained 104 suspected insurgents and confiscated a cache of weapons
Operation Raging BullMarch 2006March 2006the "Triad" region of Haditha, Haqliniyah, and Barwanah off the Euphrates River in western Al Anbar ProvinceCounterinsurgency: The first, fully independent Iraqi Army-led mission in the "Triad" region
Operation Raging Bull IIMarch 2006March 2006
Operation Jaws VMarch 20064 March 2006FallujahCounterinsurgency: Disrupting insurgents’ efforts to launch mortar and improvised explosive device attacks against Coalition Forces
Operation El Toro Loco1 March 20061 March 2006BaghdadiCounterinsurgency:
Operation Glory Light2 March 20069 March 2006Sadr to Yusufiyah areaCounterinsurgency: Was designed to deny insurgents sanctuary and preempt enemy attacks in the Baghdad area
Operation Lion2 March 20062 March 2006BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Discovered more than 62 tons of munitions and weapons were discovered in over 80 weapons caches as well as the capture of 65 suspected insurgents
Operation Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.10 March 200610 March 2006FallujahHumanitarian: Handed out toys and pamphlets to Iraqi Children
Operation Focus12 March 200612 March 2006DiwaniyahCounterinsurgency: Found a weapons cache
Operation Scales of Justice12 March 2006March 2006BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Approximately 800 suspected insurgents had been detained and 140 weapons caches discovered and cleared as part of the operation
Operation Swarmer16 March 200622 March 2006a 10-by-10-mile square area northeast of SamarraCounterinsurgency: The operation resulted in 104 suspected insurgents currently being detained and questioned, and 24 caches discovered.
Operation Cowpens19 March 200614 April 2006Jabouri PeninsulaCounterinsurgency: Discovering caches and hampering insurgent efforts
Operation Northern Lights21 March 20062006Abu GhraibCounterinsurgency: To disrupt anti-Iraqi forces and to find and destroy terrorist caches in Abu Ghraib. Operation Northern Lights was a joint US-Iraqi operation which consisted of approximately 1,400 personnel. Most of the information is confidential and not public.
Operation Scorpion24 March 200625 March 2006HawijiahCounterinsurgency: A sequential cordon and search of eight villages in and around Hawijah
Operation Red Light II31 March 200631 March 2006Saladin ProvinceCounterinsurgency: Detained 17 anti-Iraqi forces personnel and discovered four weapons caches
Operation Cobra Strike (2006)April 2006April 2006Haswah and IskandariyahCounterinsurgency: Was a mission intended to locate the suspected leader and financier of a terrorist cell working in the area. The suspected terrorists were implicated in murders, kidnappings and the emplacement of roadside bombs
Operation Harvest LightsApril 2006May 2006Najaf, Karbala and Babil ProvincesHumanitarian: To control the progressive loss of the date palm crop and regenerate the industry
Operation Money WorthApril 2006April 2006BaghdadSecurity: Placed more than 500 concrete barriers at points throughout Baghdad
Operation SterlingApril 20062006BasraCounterinsurgency: Detained 14 individuals and recovered a significant weapons cache
Operation Hastings4 April 20067 April 2006Fallujah, northeast ofCounterinsurgency: To take weapons out of the hands of insurgents
Operation Bastogne6 April 20066 April 2006BaghdadSecurity: Blocking off escape routes frequented by insurgents
Operation Bold Action10 April 200610 April 2006Tarmiya, nearSecurity: To provide more security near Tarmiya by chasing the terrorists
Operation Larchwood 416 April 200616 April 2006Yusufiyah Members of B squadron 22 SAS and a platoon of British paratroopers supported by US aircraft launched the operation that was aimed at mid-level Al-Qaeda leadership, the operation was a success and an intelligence coup that led the finding and killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
Operation Swift Sword26 April 200629 April 2006the villages and farms west of BayjiCounterinsurgency: The operation resulted in the capture of 17 suspected insurgents and the confiscation of a cache of weapons. The cache included more than 100 artillery rounds, mortar rounds, mines, rocket-propelled grenades, sniper rifles, and 4,500 rounds of ammunition
Battle of Diwaniya28 April 200628 April 2006DiwaniyaCounterinsurgency: Battle between the Mahdi Army and the Iraqi Army
Operation Babil Perimeter28 April 2006May 2006Al HayyCounterinsurgency: Detained five known insurgents and found some weapons caches
Operation Lion Hunt29 April 2006May 2006MosulCounterinsurgency: Designed to remove the insurgents from the region making the area safer and to train the Iraqi police
Operation Dragons BreathMay 2006May 2006RamadiCounterinsurgency: Search for weapons caches and insurgents
Operation Lion Hunt IIMay 2006June 2006Ninewah provinceCounterinsurgency: To further develop the Iraq police in cordons and searches while reducing the insurgency in the Ninewah province
Operation Stallion RunMay 2006May 2006BaghdadSecurity and Counterinsurgency: The operation was focused on clearing the roads of bombs and the debris that could hide them
Operation Lion4 May 20064 May 2006MosulCounterinsurgency: A cordon and search operation
Operation Lightning Blitz5 May 20067 May 2006
Operation Tropical Lightning6 May 20066 May 2006Counterinsurgency:
Operation Unified Front6 May 20066 May 2006AmeriyaCounterinsurgency: An effort to capture anti-Iraqi forces and seize weapons caches in the neighborhood of Ameriya
Operation Lofty Summit7 May 20067 May 2006MushadaSecurity: Coalition forces will stage out of the same patrol base as the 11th Special Infrastructure Battalion, a specialized Iraqi army unit that protects an oil pipeline running through Mushada.
Operation Iron Triangle9 May 200611 May 2006TikritCounterinsurgency: The operation resulted in the detention of 200 suspected terrorists and the confiscation of weapons and propaganda materials at an insurgent training camp southwest of the city.
Operation Barnstormer16 May 200618 May 2006Karbala, Wassit, Babil, Baghdad, Diyala, Ninewa and DohukHumanitarian: To protect key staple crops from insect damage in several Iraq provinces
Operation Chepultepec24 May 200624 May 2006the Ubaydah region of Southern LutafiyahCounterinsurgency: Iraqi Police and Coalition Forces provided the outer cordon around the 80 square kilometer area while the Iraqi Army advanced to their objective to drive the terrorists from the region.
Operation Tinto25 May 200625 May 2006BasrahCounterinsurgency: Was a search and arrest mission
Operation Coolspring VIII20069 May 2006MosulCounterinsurgency: Three men of military age previously on the Iraqi Army's most wanted list were detained in searches of a wide area south of the city.
Operation Roaring Tiger3 June 20063 June 2006Baghdad, Adhamiyah districtCounterinsurgency: The operation captured 19 suspected insurgents
Operation Cool Carpet9 June 20069 June 2006GharmahHumanitarian: To deliver prayer rugs along with two new air conditioning units
Operation Together Forward14 June 200624 October 2006BaghdadSecurity: One of the largest combined security operations in the city since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003
Battle of Ramadi17 June 200615 November 2006RamadiPeacekeeping: The objective of the operation was to take full control of a city that had been out of the hands of the American military for the better part of two years.
Operation Sand Storm26 June 200626 June 2006Ayn ManaCounterinsurgency: To seek out illicit weapons and insurgent forces
Operation Iron GateJune 2006July 2006Hawija and RiyadhCounterinsurgency: Observe and prevent illegal border crossing's from Iran
Operation Relentless HuntJuly 2006August 2006Hawija and Riyadh
Operation Gaugamela20 July 2006July 2006Hawija and RiyadhCounterinsurgency: A search for suspected al-Qaeda terrorists in towns just west of Kirkuk
Operation River Falcon25 July 200627 July 2006SayifiyehCounterinsurgency: The operation was aimed at denying terrorists the use of the town as a safe haven, disrupting insurgent attacks on Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces, and on collecting and destroying insurgent munitions
Operation Thundercat26 July 200630 July 2006BaghdadCounterinsurgency: To disrupt and destroy the insurgency in and around Baghdad
Operation FloodlightAugust 20069 August 2006, on or aboutFallujahCounterinsurgency: To locate insurgents and weapons targeting coalition and Iraqi forces south of the city
Operation Guardian Tiger IVAugust 2006August 2006Haditha Triad region'sCounterinsurgency: Captured more than 30 suspected insurgents
Operation Passage20 August 200620 August 2006Al Magrab, near MosulCounterinsurgency: an Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police and U.S. Army joint forces mission
Operation Rubicon25 August 200625 August 2006HusaybaCounterinsurgency: Destroyed AQI and Sunni insurgents supply line into Ramadi, numerous insurgent casualties reported.
Operation Constant Solidarity1 September 20061 September 2006DiwaniyahCounterinsurgency: To weed out more than 2,000 terrorists in and around the city
Operation Yorktown26 September 200626 September 2006Al Anbar ProvinceSecurity and Law enforcement: To develop the Iraqi Security Forces, facilitate the development of official rule of law through democratic government reforms, and continue the development of a market based economy centered on Iraqi reconstruction
Battle of Al Rumaythah26 September 200626 September 2006Al RumaythahContact between Australian forces from Overwatch Battle Group (West) and unidentified insurgents.
Operation Iron Arrow II30 September 200630 September 2006Obeidi regionSecurity: An IA-led effort aimed at establishing security in the northern portion of the region on the Shia side
Operation Commando Hunter2 October 2006October 2006YusufiyahCounterinsurgency: Was intended to deny terrorists sanctuary in the city 20 mi (30 km) southwest of Baghdad
Operation SOUK2 October 20062 October 2006FallujahCounterinsurgency: A cordon and search mission
Operation Half Nelson4 October 20064 October 2006HurriyahPeacekeeping and Counterinsurgency: An attempt to build trust with Iraqi civilians and eliminate terrorists
Operation Medusa4 October 20064 October 2006Mosul
Operation Benefit Day11 October 200611 October 2006BaghdadHumanitarian: Marines and Iraqi Security Forces passed out backpacks full of school supplies to the children
Operation Dealer12 October 200612 October 2006RamadiSecurity: Was undertaken to establish a combat outpost in the area.
Battle of Amarah19 October 200620 October 2006AmarahBattle: Began when 800 masked members of the Mahdi army stormed three police stations in Amarah
Operation Helping Hand21 October 200621 October 2006TuzHumanitarian: Delivered basic food staples to about 300 Kurd, Turkmen and Arab families
Battle of Fallujah(2006)7 November 200623 December 2006FallujahBattle: (See Operation Phantom Fury)
Operation Trifecta14 November 200618 November 2006ZaidonSecurity and Counterinsurgency: Performed house-to-house searches and widespread cache sweeps
Battle of Turki15 November 200616 November 2006TurkiBattle: Was fought over 40 hours between American paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division and well trained insurgent forces.
Operation Talon12 November 2006020 November 2006Fallujah, north ofHumanitarian and Counterinsurgency: Rescued 2 hostages and detained 13 suspected insurgents
Operation Polar Black Diamond25 November 200625 November 2006al TacaSecurity and Counterinsurgency: Detained 10 terrorist suspects and found a cache of improvised explosive device components
Operation Polar Valor7 December 20067 December 2006
Operation Cougar10 December 200610 December 2006AdhamiyahSecurity and counterinsurgency: A cordon and search operation
Operation Arctic Sunrise16 December 200616 December 2006Baghdad, South ofCounterinsurgency: Removed a sizeable cache of bomb making material, detained 11 individuals believed to be involved in insurgent activities and improved the living conditions for the Iraqi people in the area
Operation Eagle Watch15 December 200616 December 2006TikritCounterinsurgency: Fifteen suspects were detained in several locations near the city
Operation Moonlight (Alkamra Almaner)19 December 200621 December 2006Counterinsurgency: Netted a weapons cache and demonstrated the Iraqi Army soldiers' ability to gather intelligence, plan, execute and exercise command and control during a large-scale operation
Operation Gladiator23 December 200623 December 2006BaghdadCounterinsurgency: To sweep the Al Doura market and clear the area so merchants can return and be safe
Operation Beastmaster29 December 200629 December 2006Baghdad, the western suburb of GhazaliyaCounterinsurgency: Cleared three large neighborhoods which were the sights of much sectarian violence


Soldiers have a short meeting at an airfield in Baqubah before an air assault into an outlying village of the city, 18 June 2007

2007 saw a rise in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations as well as a large "surge" in US forces designed to help stabilize the region.

On 10 January 2007, President Bush announced changes in the administration's political and military strategy in the Iraq War during a television speech broadcast. The speech and underlying strategy had been crafted under the working title "The New Way Forward." In the address Bush stated "America will change our strategy to help the Iraqis carry out their campaign to put down sectarian violence and bring security to the people of Baghdad. This will require increasing American force levels. So I've committed more than 20,000 additional American troops to Iraq. The vast majority of them—five brigades—will be deployed to Baghdad."

As part of this new strategy, 2007 saw several major military operations aimed at eliminating insurgent activities, increase support services such as medical facilities and utilities and the training of Iraqi citizens as police or military personnel.

The largest of these new operations were Operations Law and Order, Phantom Thunder and Phantom Strike.

Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose/Result
Operation Arrowhead Strike VI2007 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Part of the continuing security plan for Baghdad
Operation Green Angel20072007
Operation Three Swords20072007
Operation Michigan20072007
Operation White Rockets20076 March 2007near Bin Muhammad south of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Found two ammunition caches and detaining two suspects
Operation LocustJanuary 2007January 2007
Operation Three KingsJanuary 2007January 2007
Operation Arrowhead Strike III3 January 2007 ????????BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Captured 13 suspected insurgents and recovered several weapons in the northwestern area of the city
Operation Turki Bowl4 January 200713 January 2007south of Balad Ruz in the Turki Village, Tuwilla and 30 Tamuz areas of the provinceCounterinsurgency: U.S. and Iraqi forces killed 100 terrorists, detained 50, and dismantled a large terrorist group
Battle of Haifa Street6 January 20079 January 2007Baghdad, Haifa StreetBattle: Was a battle fought over three days for the control of Haifa Street, a two-mile (3 km)-long street in downtown Baghdad, between American and Iraqi Army forces and various insurgent forces
Operation Turki Bowl II8 January 20078 January 2007BalaruzCounterinsurgency:
Operation Machete Harvest10 January 200711 January 2007YusufiyahCounterinsurgency: To deny anti-Iraq forces a safe haven in the area
Operation Koa Canyon (Wadi Aljundi)19 January 200627 January 2006along the Euphrates RiverCounterinsurgency: An effort to disrupt insurgent activity and to root out their weapons stores along the Euphrates River
Operation Howard16 January 200716 January 2007RisalahIraqi army forces elements detained 19 men during operations to capture an illegal armed group leader allegedly responsible for coordinating violent attacks against Iraqi civilians and coalition forces
Operation Arbead II18 January 200718 January 2007FallujahCounterinsurgency: To detain members of a murder and intimidation cell
Operation Northern Venture200702121 January 2007Al Anbar ProvinceCounterinsurgency: Marines from 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5, uncovered 14 large caches
Operation Warm-Up22 January 200722 January 2007Kawla and DararHumanitarian: Distributed cloths, food, first aid kits and school supplies to children in Iraq
Operation Black Eagle II23 January 200723 January 2007MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: Soldiers detained three suspected terrorists for suspicious activity. Weapons found during the operation included two AK-47 bandoleers and two Katyusha rocket casings
Operation Eagle Claw XI23 January 200723 January 2007Mrbat Garhat Village near KirkukCounterinsurgency:
Operation Tomahawk Strike 1124 January 200724 January 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: A series of targeted raids to disrupt illegal militia activity and help restore Iraqi security force control in the area
Battle of Najaf (2007)28 January 200729 January 2007Zarqa, Najaf GovernorateCounterinsurgency: Was a battle that was fought between U.S. and Iraqi forces, and the Islamist Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr
Operation New Day29 January 200729 January 2007the Al Warar District of Ar RamadiCounterinsurgency: The joint force searched more than 50 homes in the area while detaining two suspected insurgents.
Operation SINBAD6 February 20076 February 2007Hay A'Tanumah, a number of locations on the eastern bank of the Shatt Al'Arab opposite the main town of BasraCounterinsurgency: Six people were detained during the operation and later released. A quantity of munitions were discovered and later disposed of by explosive experts
Law and Order(Fardh Al-Qanoon)14 February 2007OngoingAn operation to secure the population of Baghdad by targeting al Qaeda, Sunni insurgent, and Shi'a extremist elements.|
Operation Wolverine Alesia23 February 20073 February 2007YusufiyahCounterinsurgency: Discovered a weapons cache with a total of 1,129 mortar rounds uncovered
Operation Brown Hawk25 February 200725 February 2007TahrirCounterinsurgency: To eliminate Tahrir as an operating base for improvised explosive device building cells and key leaders of the Al-Qaeda forces in Iraq.
Operation Saber Boss26 February 200726 February 2007MuqdadiyaCounterinsurgency: Seized four weapons caches, killed approximately 10 insurgents and detained five suspected terrorists
Operation Ranger DominanceMarch 2007March 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: The first step in their portion of the Baghdad Security Plan
Operation Agave L4 March 20074 March 2007
Operation Tomahawk Strike 124 March 20074 March 2007Baghdad's Sadr CityCounterinsurgency: A combined clearance of Sadr City to set secure conditions and identify and destroy militant threats and safe houses in the area in preparation of the establishment of a District Joint Security Station.
Operation Phoenix5 March 20075 March 2007Basrah CityCounterinsurgency: A short-notice, reactive strike operation launched on a building west of the Al Jameat district of the city as a direct result of information gained after an attack made on a Multi National Forces base
Operation Dragon Surge17 March 200717 March 2007BaghdadForward Presence and Security: To establish a presence within the city to

deter the sectarian violence against the Iraqi population from insurgents and establish a footprint of Coalition Forces

Operation Arrowhead Strike 920 March 2007April 2007Baghdad, west-central Mansour security districtCounterinsurgency: Succeeded in preventing 3,200 roadside bombs, jailing 42 terrorists, and seizing enough weapons and explosives to outfit an enemy infantry battalion
Operation Enduring Education25 March 20071 April 2007throughout IraqHumanitarian: To fill the shelves of schools with necessary tools to build the foundation of a solid education
Operation Regular Justice5 April 20075 April 2007Diyala Province
Operation Valiant Guardian (Harris Ba'sil)5 April 200720 May 2007outside of the major cities of the Euphrates River valley in western al Anbar provinceCounterinsurgency: Eight weeks of interdicting and disrupting enemy routes and safe havens
Operation Black Eagle6 April 20076 April 2007DiwaniyaCounterinsurgency: U.S. troops battled gunmen loyal to anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in the town of Diwaniya for control of the city
Operation Black Eagle City11 April 2007April 2007DiwaniyaHumanitarian: Was a follow-on operation to Operation Black Eagle designed to rebuild the city and provide humanitarian aid to the people most affected by the recent militia violence
Operation Dixon12 April 200712 April 2007Baghdad, eastern portionSecurity and counterinsurgency: Was aimed at disrupting car bomb networks operating in the area and gaining additional information and intelligence on those networks.
Operation Yukon River12 April 200712 April 2007AdwaniyahSecurity: A joint effort that established security in the southeastern portion of Baghdad
Operation Eagle Lightning16 April 200716 April 2007Baghdad, just south in the Shaka areaCounterinsurgency: Detained 33 suspected terrorists, discovered 6 weapons caches and 5 bombs
Operation School Supplies18 April 200718 April 2007throughout IraqHumanitarian: Is a program where school supplies are donated to local Iraqi students who wouldn't otherwise have what's needed for a good education
Operation Commando Dive21 April 200721 April 2007Baghdad, just south of, in the Shubayshen areaCounterinsurgency: Led to the detentions of almost 50 individuals and a number of cache finds
Operation Eagle Dive I21 April 200721 April 2007Baghdad, just south in the Shubayshen areaCounterinsurgency: The effort netted 33 detainees, most suspected of building and planting bombs
Operation Polar Dive21 April 200721 April 2007the Shubayshen area, just south of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Detained three suspected terrorists and found a cache of bomb-making materials including wire, black powder, explosives manuals in English and Arabic, and chemistry textbooks
Operation Trident IV21 April 200721 April 2007the Shubayshen area, just south of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Detained six terror suspects and found a small weapons cache containing small arms and ammunition as well as 300 pounds of homemade explosive material and ball bearings for use in bombs
Operation Chalons23 April 200723 April 2007Security: The cordon and search mission was conducted in an effort to secure a suspected Anti-Iraqi Forces weapons cache located in 3rd HBCT’s operating area
Battle of Bismarck23 April 200724 April 2007Contact between Australian forces from Overwatch Battle Group (West) (OBGW-2) and insurgents
Operation Eagle Dive II26 April 200726 April 2007LutifiyahCounterinsurgency: An operation intended to deny planned attacks on Patrol Base Lutifiyah.
Operation Forsythe Park28 April 200728 April 2007RamadiCounterinsurgency: Found numerous weapons and weapons caches
Operation Polar Scrum1 May 20071 May 2007YusufiyahCounterinsurgency: Resulted in 85 terror suspects detained and an improvised explosive device found during the all-day mission
Operation Rat Trap1 May 20071 May 2007AdhamiyaCounterinsurgency: Among those killed during the operation was Muharib Abdul Latif, the Senior Minister of Information of al-Qaeda-in-Iraq
Operation Eagle Thunder III2 May 20073 May 2007MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: Soldiers found a weapons cache in the reed lines that consisted of homemade grenades
Operation Dragon Fire5 May 20076 May 2007Baghdad, the East Rashid security districtCounterinsurgency and law enforcement: To rid the Rashid District of terrorists and criminals and to protect the population
Operation Beach Yellow14 May 200714 May 2007Dura-iyaSecurity: Patrolled in search of terrorists and terrorist activity
Operation Southern Scimitar19 May 20072007RutbahCounterinsurgency: To sweep and clear their area of insurgent activity
Operation Valdez19 May 200719 May 2007Uybeaydat, south of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: A mission to search for illegal weapons, explosives and high-value targets in the southern town
Operation Dragon Fire East26 May 2007May 2007Baghdad, the East Rashid security districtCounterinsurgency: Detained 3 suspected insurgents and found 2 weapons caches
Operation Red Eagle26 May 200726 May 2007Adhamiyah DistrictCounterinsurgency: To disrupt insurgent activity in the Suleikh neighborhood
Operation Safe Neighborhood28 May 200728 May 2007Security: To make neighborhoods, markets, areas of congestion safer for the Iraqis
Operation Vipers Bite30 May 200730 May 2007the Al Izza district of Al KutCounterinsurgency: Resulted in the detainment of 13 people suspected of insurgent activities
Operation AlljahJune 2007June 2007FallujahSecurity: Was designed to turn Fallujah over to local Iraqi law enforcement by dividing the city up into manageable sections
Operation Safety and Security (Fahrad Al Amin)June 2007June 2007Counterinsurgency: To make sure al Qaeda and the insurgents have no safe sanctuary where they can rest, refit, stage, and plan for attacks
Operation Northern ForgeJune 20077 June 2007
Operation Northern FuryJune 2007June 2007
Operation Cave Dweller1 June 2007Ongoingwestern Euphrates River valleySecurity and Reconnaissance: US Marines searched and mapped all caves they found
Operation Eagle Sweep1 June 20071 June 2007Lutifiyah, northeast of, near the Karkh Oil FacilityCounterinsurgency: The searches resulted in four military-aged males being questioned, one of whom was a wanted insurgent
Operation Falkirk1 June 20071 June 2007Counterinsurgency: To locate and detain suspected terrorists in Balad with ties to the kidnapping of two U.S. Soldiers taken captive. Resulted in a sustained firefight between the insurgents and US and Iraqi Special forces. Several women and children who had been hostage for more than a month were also freed.
Operation Hermes3 June 20073 June 2007RadwaniyahCounterinsurgency: One of the homes had an SA-7 shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile system, and two men were detained and taken for questioning about the weapon.
Operation Polar Charade3 June 20073 June 2007southwest of Rushdi MullahSecurity and Counterinsurgency: Search for 2 missing Soldiers who were abducted 12 May in Quarghulli Village
Operation Brutus4 June 20074 June 2007IskandariyhyaCounterinsurgency: Was an air assault mission focused on capturing or denying enemy sanctuary in the area
Operation Tiger Hammer7 June 20077 June 2007Baghdad, the Adhamiyah District Counterinsurgency: The four-hour operation netted nine detainees and 38 illegal weapons
Operation Northwestern Shoulder12 June 200712 June 2007Sagrah, Hosfa and ZawiyahCounterinsurgency and Humanitarian: Detained 10 Iraqis, searched for weapons and insurgent activity and performed several humanitarian projects
Operation Eagle Talon13 June 200713 June 2007RusafaCounterinsurgency: Recovered three AK-47 magazines, one shotgun and one chemical protective mask
Operation Phantom Thunder16 June 2007OngoingThroughout IraqCounterinsurgency: An operation designed to defeat extremists in Iraq
Operation Marne Torch16 June 2007OngoingBaghdadSecurity: Focused on the security belts surrounding Baghdad
Operation Nijmegen16 June 200716 June 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Netted a cell leader with ties to persons of interest in the area southwest of the city.
Operation Ardennes17 June 200717 June 2007MuwayllihahCounterinsurgency: Yielded two suspected insurgents wanted for their potential involvement in targeting Iraqi and Coalition Forces with bombs and for their involvement in sectarian violence
Operation Chosin17 June 200717 June 2007Dura'iyaCounterinsurgency: To disrupt key insurgent networks from freedom of maneuver in the battalion's area of operation.
Operation Destroyer Strike17 June 200717 June 2007Tuwaitha, nearCounterinsurgency: Coalition forces seized multiple weapons caches
Operation Chicken Coup17 June 200717 June 2007Route Bismarck, IraqCounterinsurgency:
Operation Castine18 June 200718 June 2007AdhamiyahCounterinsurgency: Resulted in the capture of three suspects caught with materials used in the manufacture of car bombs
Operation Arrowhead Ripper19 June 200719 June 2007Baqouba and its surrounding areasCounterinsurgency: A large-scale effort to eliminate al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorists
Operation Commando Eagle21 June 2007OngoingBaghdad, southwest ofCounterinsurgency: Targeted a series of houses which local citizens indicated were being used by al-Qaeda cells to intimidate them and launch attacks against Iraqi and Coalition Forces
Operation Chicken Coup II12 June 200712 June 2007Route Bismark, IraqCounterinsurgency:
Operation Sledgehammer22 June 200722 June 2007Jabella
Operation Peregrine II23 June 200723 June 2007Mahmudiyah, a village outsideCounterinsurgency: Captured five members of an insurgent cell in north Babil
Operation Crazyhorse Thunder23 June 200723 June 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Seven suspects were detained for allegedly planting bombs along Route Tampa, the highway leading into Baghdad
Operation Blore Heath II24 June 200724 June 2007Al Dura'iyaCounterinsurgency: Cleared insurgent caches south of Salman Pak and southeast of Baghdad
Operation Bull Run24 June 200724 June 2007Al Dura'iyaCounterinsurgency: Part of Operation Marne Torch, the latest Coalition Force initiative to eliminate insurgent sanctuaries southeast of Baghdad
Operation Cobra Strike (2007)25 June 200728 June 2007TibajSecurity: To establish a permanent combat outpost along with check points
Operation Council Grove II25 June 200725 June 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Detained six insurgents
Operation Golden Eagle II27 June 200727 June 2007Lutifiyah and BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Was an early morning ground assault to prevent insurgents from creating a base of operations north of Lutifiyah
Operation Eagle Venture IV29 June 200730 June 2007between Mahmudiyah and YusifiyahCounterinsurgency: detained nine suspected insurgents while constructing a battle position
Battle of Donkey Island30 June 200730 June 2007outside RamadiRoutine reconnaissance detects impending assault on Ramadi by 40 – 70 insurgents. US forces annihilate the insurgent force
Operation EaglesJuly 2007July 2007
Operation Guardian TorchJuly 2007July 2007Arab JabourCounterinsurgency: Was designed to clear the area of al Qaeda and other insurgent forces
Operation Geronimo Strike IIJuly 2007July 2007
Operation Justice ReachJuly 2007July 2007
Operation Nijemgen IIJuly 2007July 2007
Operation Patriot StrikeJuly 2007July 2007
Operation Dragon Hammer1 July 20071 July 2007Baghdad, Rashid DistrictCounterinsurgency: Baghdad troops detained more than 100 suspected insurgents and seized more than 200 weapons caches.
Operation Geronimo Strike3 July 20073 July 2007Kalsu's Fish Farms areaCounterinsurgency: Conducted to prevent insurgency operations and attacks
Operation Four Brothers6 July 20076 July 2007Arab JabourCounterinsurgency: Found money, weapons and detained numerous people for questioning
Operation Stampede 36 July 2007, on or about6 July 2007, on or aboutCounterinsurgency: Found several weapons caches including more than 80 mortar rounds, 10 rockets, 15 pounds of plastic explosives, several artillery rounds, fuses, blasting caps and other components to be used to make bombs
Operation Grenada7 July 20077 July 2007Babel, Northern portionCounterinsurgency: Captured the ringleader of a cell responsible for conducting rocket and improvised explosive device attacks on the people and security forces of North Babil
Operation Safe Teach7 July 20077 July 2007Jisr DiyalaSecurity Operation: Task Force Marne Soldiers teamed with Iraqi Security Forces to provide security for Iraqi school children
Operation China Shop23 June 200730 June 2007North of KarmahCounterinsurgency: Conducted in order to clear insurgents and weapons caches north of Karmah and Fallujah in areas that were previously unoccupied by Coalition Forces.
Operation China Shop II8 July 20078 July 2007North of Karmah
Operation Eastern Fury10 July 200713 July 2007Fallujah
Operation Geronimo Strike III10 July 200713 July 2007Iskandariyah, northwest ofCounterinsurgency: Conducted in order to capture members of an Al Qaeda cell wanted in connection with the kidnapping of three American Soldiers and other attacks against Iraqi and Coalition Forces
Operation Saber Guardian10 July 200711 July 2007SherweenCounterinsurgency: Resulted in 20 al-Qaida terrorists killed, 20 detained, and two weapons caches and 12 bombs discovered
Operation Leyte Gulf11 July 200711 July 2007Mahmudiyah, south ofCounterinsurgency: A ring leader of a cell and 4 of his lieutenants responsible for conducting improvised explosive device attacks on the people and security forces of North Babil was captured
Operation Eagle Ares12 July 200712 July 2007Lutifiyah, east ofCounterinsurgency: Iraqi and U.S. Soldiers nabbed 46 men suspected of involvement with al Qaeda affiliated terror networks
Operation Waterfront13 July 200713 July 2007Al AnbarCounterinsurgency:
Operation Polar Tempest14 July 200714 July 2007al-Owesat and al-Thobat, the villages nearCounterinsurgency: Resulted in 12 men being detained for questioning on suspicion of terrorist activity.
Operation Bellicose Bastian15 July 200715 July 2007Counterinsurgency: Ten suspected insurgents were arrested
Operation Ithaca15 July 200715 July 2007Haimer, Abu Nasim, and Jamil, near the villages ofCounterinsurgency: Resulted in 29 al-Qaida gunmen killed, 23 detained, eight hostages released, two weapons caches discovered and a safe house destroyed
Operation Mawtini15 July 2007July 2007Al Anbar province, western portionCounterinsurgency: To neutralize any future attempts by insurgent Forces to re-establish a presence in key urban areas along the Euphrates River valley
Operation Punisher IIIAugust 2007August 2007Al Anbar provinceCounterinsurgency: Aimed at countering an insurgent surge of activity in the area, as well as disrupting the flow of weapons and other illegal items toward the urban areas. Was part of Operation Mawtini.
Operation Purple Haze15 July 200715 July 2007Baghdad, Jamiya'a neighborhoodCounterinsurgency: Discovered two caches totaling approximately 700 lb of homemade explosives
Operation Marne Avalanche16 July 2007OngoingBaghdadCounterinsurgency: An offensive operation aimed at stopping southern Baghdad from being used as a safe haven and preventing the movement of weapons, munitions and insurgents into Baghdad
Operation Ameliyet17 July 200717 July 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: No weapons were found, but Soldiers and police officers learned there had been holes dug where weapons may have been stored previously
Operation Iraqi Home Protector22 July 200722 July 2007RiyadhPeacekeeping:
Operation Olympus22 July 200722 July 2007AnbakiaCounterinsurgency: Opened routes and cleared insurgents
Operation Iraqi Heart23 July 200723 July 2007Amman, JordanHumanitarian Operation: An Iraqi child received an operation in Amman, Jordan, to correct a heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot
Operation Rogue Thunder24 July 200724 July 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Outpost Established, Cache Discovered
Operation Iron Blitz26 July 200726 July 2007Baghdad, Northwest ofCounterinsurgency: Captured 25 suspected insurgents
Operation Woodshed26 July 200726 July 2007Samood Village, an area near Turki VillageCounterinsurgency: Killed 11 terrorists and detained 13 suspected terrorists
Operation Rogue Stomp29 July 200730 July 2007Baghdad, the Jamia SectionCounterinsurgency:
Operation Pegasus Bridge30 July 20075 August 2007Al Anbar ProvinceCounterinsurgency: Numerous weapons caches, one of which consisted of 11 tons of ammonium nitrate, are among operational highlights. Dozens of enemy munitions, homemade explosives (HME) and rigged-to-blow Bombs were also uncovered and destroyed in place.
Operation Jalil31 July 2007August 2007SamarraCounterinsurgency: More than 80 suspected terrorists have been detained
Operation New BlueJuly 2007July 2007throughout IraqSecurity: Put residents in police stations to guard their own communities
Operation Wickersham IIAugust 2007August 2007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Wickersham1 August 20072 August 2007Baqouba, south ofCounterinsurgency: Was to clear an area used by al-Qaeda in Iraq to launch mortars into Baqouba. Named after the lead intelligence analyst for the Iraq Survey Group's Combined Media Processing Center, Adam Wickersham-US Army, who was injured in 2004 near Baqouba from a bomb.
Operation Winston-Salem1 August 20071 August 2007Baghdad, the Al Amin SectionCounterinsurgency: Captured four suspected insurgents and recovered materials for making bombs
Operation Firecracker7 August 2007August 2007the western Yarmouk neighborhood, BaghdadCounterinsurgency: The operation was launched to seek out a suspected bomb-cell in the area.
Operation Hoplite4 August 20077 August 2007Had MaksarCounterinsurgency: During the operation, two bombs were discovered in homes and destroyed; two weapons caches were discovered; four roadside bombs were discovered and reduced; and one al-Qaida vehicle was destroyed.
Operation William Wallace8 August 20078 August 2007Abu TinaCounterinsurgency: To destroy al-Qaeda elements in the Abu Tina area
Operation BanzeenAugust 2007August 2007BaghdadLaw enforcement: An effort to stop anyone affiliated with illegal militias from taking gasoline and then selling it on the black market.
Operation Lightning Hammer13 August 2007OngoingDiyala River ValleyCounterinsurgency: A large-scale offensive to defeat al-Qaeda and other terrorist cells seeking safe haven. Was part of Operation Phantom Strike.
Operation Phantom Strike13 August 2007Ongoingthroughout IraqCounterinsurgency: To eliminate remaining elements of AQI and other extremist groups, preventing them from causing further terrorism and inciting sectarian violence. Additionally, it will intensify pressure on extremist networks across the entire theater.
Operation Police Victory20072007Objective:to force Al-Qaeda out of the town hit. The operation was completed by Master sergeant Martin Moore and the 5th Special Forces group.
Operation Pericles15 August 200715 August 2007Diyala River provinceCounterinsurgency: The object of the operations was to sweep insurgents from the villages and palm groves of the province.
Operation Snake River15 August 200715 August 2007Hawr Rajab regionCounterinsurgency:
Operation Marne Husky16 August 200716 September 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: An aviation-based combat offensive targeting Sunni and Shiia military safe havens and weapons smugglers in the southern belts of Baghdad. The 3,900 U.S. troops in the area are focusing on choking the flow of Iranian-supplied bombs and weapons reaching the capital city.
Operation Chesterfield16 August 200716 August 2007New Baghdad DistrictCounterinsurgency: Captured one suspected insurgent and recovered a weapons cache including recovering two AK-47s, two pistols and 900,000 Iraqi dinar.
Operation Little Man Brief17 August 200717 August 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency:
Operation Dragon FoxAugust 2007August 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Found several Weapons caches
Operation Crimson Shogun20 August 200720 August 2007the Owesat and Fetoah areas, along the Euphrates RiverCounterinsurgency: Thirteen men were detained for further questioning, one of whom was on the battalion’s list of persons of interest. His brother was also detained, and was found by the Soldiers of Company A disguised as a pregnant woman in an attempt to avoid capture.
Operation Nijmegen II23 August 200723 August 2007Diyarah, north ofCounterinsurgency: 16 suspected members of a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device cell, with suspected links to al-Qaeda, were detained.
Operation Alabama23 August 200723 August 2007near Baghdad ?Counterinsurgency:
Operation Alaska24 August 200725 August 2007near Baghdad ?Counterinsurgency:
Operation Falcon Fury IIAugust 2007August 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Was an air assault mission conducted in support of Operation Marne Husky
Battle of Karbala27 August 2007August 2007KarbalaBattle:
Operation Combined JusticeAugust 2007August 2007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Powerline25 August 200725 August 2007throughout IraqCounterinsurgency: An operation to survey Iraq for downed power lines and watching for anyone violating the stand-off distance laws.
Operation Church27 August 200727 August 2007GobiaCounterinsurgency: Netted several detainees, three caches containing 150 lb of home-made explosives, two 130 mm rounds, a ZU-23 with 2,000 rounds, a rocket-propelled grenade with eight rounds, a PKC, and seven AK-47s.
Operation Gecko28 August 200728 August 2007Jurf as SakhrCounterinsurgency: Tips from concerned citizens led Iraqi Coalition Forces to identify and destroy an enemy safehouse and discover a weapons cache.
Operation Street Sweeper II28 September 200730 August 2007Habbaniyah, outside ofCounterinsurgency: To rid the area of insurgents and their deadly tools.
Operation Eagle Chickmauga1 September 20071 September 2007MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: 16 suspected insurgents were detained.
Operation Hit and Run1 September 20071 September 2007near Hawr RajabCounterinsurgency: Detained eight suspected al-Qaeda members and confiscated four AK-47 assault rifles
Operation Comanche Swarm III2 September 20072 September 2007Baghdad, East ofCounterinsurgency: Detained three people and seized a large cache of weapons
Operation Gator Inn2 September 20072 September 2007near Patrol Base MurrayCounterinsurgency: Discovered a weapons cache containing three AK-47 assault rifles, 14 mortar primers, six magazine carriers and 24 magazines.
Operation K2 September 20072 September 2007Baghdad, East ofCounterinsurgency:
Operation Black Shark3 September 20073 September 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: The operation, carried out by Soldiers of Company D, 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, was part of the continuous effort to sweep out insurgent strongholds. Soldiers also recovered two AK-47 assault rifles, one magazine and 707,000 Iraqi dinar, equal to about $600.
Operation Lightning Hammer II5 September 20075 September 2007throughout IraqCounterinsurgency: Search for alqaeda members throughout Iraq.
Operation Tuwaitha SunriseSeptember 2007September 2007Tuwaitha, southeast of BaghdadCounterinsurgency: To rid a major road of Bombs
Operation Wickersham III5 September 20075 September 2007Diyala provinceCounterinsurgency: The operation, designed to remove al-Qaeda influence south of Buhriz, resulted in the discovery of three weapons caches and five bombs. Four detainees were located in the vicinity of a cache and were transferred to a facility for further questioning.
Operation Justice League6 September 20076 September 2007Khan Bani Sa'adCounterinsurgency: To drive Al-Qaeda out of the area.
Operation Rock Hammer7 September 20077 September 2007Baqouba, South ofCounterinsurgency: Was conducted in farmland and palm groves on the Diyala River, resulted in the discovery of 11 al Qaeda in Iraq weapons caches.
Operation Falcon Fury10 September 200710 September 2007Baghdad, south ofCounterinsurgency: Was an air assault mission that yielded three suspected militants who were detained after they were discovered with explosives.
Operation Tacoma III10 September 200710 September 2007New BaghdadCounterinsurgency: The operation, carried out by Soldiers of Company C, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, resulted in the recovery of two explosively formed penetrators, eight hand grenades, one rocket, 218 rounds of ammunition, three mortars and three rolls of wire.
Operation Greywolf Hammer II20072007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Gun Barrel City20072007Counterinsurgency:
Operation California12 September 200712 September 2007Near MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency:
Operation Viking Clampdown III15 September 200715 September 2007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Arizona15 September 200715 September 2007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Dragon Talon II17 September 200717 September 2007BaghdadCounterinsurgency: Captured 2 individuals suspected of anti-Coalition activities and the confiscation of several weapons caches.
Operation Marne Torch IISeptember 2007September 2007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Bethel19 September 200719 September 2007Hawr RajabCounterinsurgency: Detained insurgent suspects and destroyed weapons
Operation Lions PawSeptember 2007September 2007throughout IraqHumanitarian: The release of 50 to 75 Iraqi detainies each day during Ramadan
Operation Viking Snatch20 September 200720 September 2007Sheik Hammad Village, nearCounterinsurgency: A weapons smuggler was detained and a cache of weapons was discovered containing two AK-47s, four magazines and two pistols with two magazines
Operation Gecko III A21 September 200721 September 2007Jurf As SukhrCounterinsurgency: A weapons cache was also discovered during the operation which contained two hand grenades, one 105mm artillery round, one 81mm mortar round, one PKC machine gun, one Dragunov sniper rifle, one Dushka heavy machine gun, three AK-47 assault rifles, two ammunition vests and other paraphernalia. The cache was destroyed on the scene.
Operation Bear29 September 200729 September 2007BaqoubaCounterinsurgency: An operation designed to look for weapons caches and insurgents.
Operation Gold Digger29 September 200729 September 2007Sheik JamilCounterinsurgency: Searched for weapons caches.
Operation Anchorage30 September 200730 September 2007east of FOB FalconCounterinsurgency: Discovered weapons and detained several suspected insurgents
Operation Hawaii II3 October 20074 October 2007Near MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: searching weapons caches.
Operation Rock Drill5 October 20075 October 2007MuradiyahCounterinsurgency: Discovered a large weapons cache in the village cemetery and detained two men.
Operation Eagle Shiloh III6 October 20076 October 2007Said Abdulla Corridor, west of MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: Detained 17 suspected insurgents.
Operation Elfin CoveOctober 2007October 2007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Belleau WoodOctober 2007October 2007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Bell Hurriyah (Enjoy Freedom)October 2007October 2007Counterinsurgency:
Operation Gecko IIIBOctober 2007October 2007throughout IraqCounterinsurgency: Search for weapons caches and suspected insurgents.
Operation Bone Breaker15 October 200715 October 2007southeast BaqoubaCounterinsurgency: Captured one large weapons cache containing assorted weapons and ammunition, as well as two smaller caches containing home-made explosives.
Operation Ohio II17 October 200717 October 2007Near MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: searching weapons caches. Some 60mm and 120mm Mortar rounds were found and destroyed by bomb teams.
Operation Kentucky20 October 200720 October 2007Near MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: searching weapons caches.
Operation Hawaii III23 October 200724 October 2007Near MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: searching weapons caches.
Operation Montana II12 November 200713 November 2007Near MahmudiyahCounterinsurgency: searching weapons caches with Iraqi Forces.
Operation Iron Reaper27 November 2007December 2007Northern IraqCounter Insurgency:To pursue al-Qaeda in Iraq and extremist elements from the region.


See also: 2008 and 2008 in Iraq
Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose/Result
Operation Oklahoma8 January 20089 February 2008Near Mahmudiyah?clearing houses.
Operation Marne ThunderboltJanuary 200815 February 2008southeast of BaghdadSecurity:Focused on pursuing the enemy and clearing al-Qaeda safe havens. Transitioned to Operation Marne Grand Slam in February 2008.
Operation Rock ReaperJanuary 20082008west of Baquba, IraqCounter Insurgency: Effort to clear Al-Queda strongholds
Operation Phantom Phoenix8 January 2008Ongoingsoutheast of Baghdad, Northern IraqSecurity:Focused on pursuing the enemy and clearing al-Qaeda safe havens
Operation Raider Harvest8 January 2008Ongoingsoutheast of Baghdad, Northern IraqSecurity: A sub operation of Operation Iron Harvest.
Operation Iron Harvest9 January 2008OngoingNorthern IraqCounter Insurgency: To pursue al-Qaeda in Iraq and extremist elements from the region. A sub operation of the corps-level offensive Operation Phantom Phoenix
Operation Marne Grand Slam15 February 200815 March 2008southeast of BaghdadSecurity:Focused on pursuing the enemy and clearing al-Qaeda safe havens. Transitioned to Operation Marne Rugged in March 2008.
Operation Marne Rugged15 March 2008Ongoingsoutheast of BaghdadSecurity:Focused on pursuing the enemy and clearing al-Qaeda safe havens.
Operation Sawlat al-Fursan (Charge of the Knights)24 March 2008Ongoingal Qurnah, IraqCounter Insurgency:Targeting criminal elements by the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Security Forces
Operation Estonia29 March 200830 March 2008the cities of Hamza and Hashmiyah, IraqCounter Insurgency:detained numerous criminals and found two caches
Operation Manchu Harvest III (Salah ad Din)4 April 20082008Salah ad Din Province, IraqCounter Insurgency: discovered a large weapons cache
Operation Marne Piledriver15 April 20082008the Mahmudiyah areaPeacekeeping and Counterinsurgency:will continue efforts to root out insurgency and stimulate economic growth and development throughout the Mahmudiyah Qada
Operation Restore Peace VI18 May 200818 May 2008Forward Operating Base McHenry, IraqCounter Insurgency:To reconcile with combatants. Reported a 90% drop in violence in certain areas.
Operation Lions Roar19 May 200819 May 2008the Younis al-Sabawi neighborhood of Mosul, IraqCounter Insurgency:Discovered a cache consisted of more than 100 mortar rounds, more than 100 mortar fuses, two mortar tubes, two mortar bipods, one suicide vest, two rockets and eight mines.
Operation Balad Musalahah[18]22 May 20082008Balad areaCounter Insurgency:Allowing reconciliation of insurgents.
Operation Siegfried Line[19]24 May 200824 May 2008southern Baghdad, IraqCounter Insurgency:detained numerous suspected criminals in the Bayaa community
Operation Gravel Dump[20]28 May 200828 May 2008Karma, IraqCounter Insurgency: Joint USMC/Iraqi Army search of gravel trucks for smuggled weapons.
Operation Spring Break[21]May 2008May 2008Lake Tharthar, IraqCounter Insurgency: 4 day joint operation between U.S. Marines and Iraqi Army scouts.
Operation al Salam, (Peace)[22]20 May 2008OngoingSadr City, IraqCounter Insurgency:
Operation Lion Hunt[23]6 June 20086 June 2008Ninewah province, IraqCounter Insurgency:the first unilateral Iraqi-led aerial operation conducted by the 11th brigade, 3rd Iraqi Army division.
Operation New Town[24]10 June 200810 June 2008Shakriyah, IraqCounter Insurgency:an air assault census mission conducted by the 22nd brigade, 6th Iraqi Army division
Operation Iron Roundup II[25]20086 July 2008provinces north of Baghdad—Diyala, Salah ad Din, Kirkuk and NinewaCounter Insurgency:discovered weapons caches and detained three suspected terrorists
Operation Lions Paw[26]20082008throughout IraqCounter Insurgency:During the Ramadan month, between fifty and seventy Iraqis will be released from U.S. detention centers in Iraq each day
Operation Eagle North[27]8 August 20088 August 2008Abu Osage Village of the Sa'id Abdullah CorridorCounter Insurgency:to find and detain suspected criminals throughout the area
Operation Monmouth[28]27 August 200827 August 2008Habbash VillageCounter Insurgency:search for weapon caches and suspected criminals
Operation Viper Pursuit[29]1 August 200830 August 2008the Sulayman Bak area Counter Insurgency:to search for insurgent activity


See also: 2009 and 2009 in Iraq
Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose/Result
Operation Iron Gator[30]14 January 20092009Salman PakSecurity and Humanitarian:A series of ground breaking projects totaling $2 million to improve the security and infrastructure of Salman Pak, southeast of Baghdad.
Operation Goodwill[31]23 January 20092009 Maysan provinceHumanitarian:distribution of food, toys and medical supplies to poor Iraqis in the rural villages of Maysan province, to include the villages of Amarah and Abu Romanah.
Operation Wolf Pursuit[32]February 2009OngoingDiyala ProvinceOperation Wolf Pursuit was a joint US and Iraqi operation aimed at targeting insurgents in rural areas of Diyala Province, and the rural southern area of Balad Ruz specifically. Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces intended to enter rural areas, clear them of insurgents, and then build combat outposts to maintain security and oversee the development of the rural areas.
Operation New Hope[33]21 February 2009OngoingMosulOperation New Hope was a military offensive with joint US and Iraqi participation that began on 21 February 2009. The operation's objective was to degrade Al-Qaeda in Iraq's capabilities in Mosul, the capital of the northern province of Ninewah. It also intended to follow up on arrest warrants, carry out search-and-raid operations in parts of Mosul, and reinforce the presence of security forces. In the first evening hours of the offensive, 84 suspects were arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorism.
Operation Ninewa Resolve[34]14 April 2009OngoingNeighborhoods in NinewaOperation Ninewa Resolve is a subset of Operation New Hope. As part of the operation, Coalition and Iraqi forces partner to clear insurgents from neighborhoods in Ninewa's capital city of Mosul. After the neighborhood is cleared, a holding force is put into place to prevent the return of insurgents. Once the neighborhood is secured, the holding force begins quick-impact projects to employ Iraqis and spur economic development and reconstruction.
Operation Glad Tidings of Benevolence II[35]20092009The operation has consisted of clearing areas in search of weapons caches, checking identification for known criminals and bringing humanitarian assistance to local communities.
Operation Legion Pursuit II[36]20092009Diyala ProvinceThe top three key tasks of Legion Pursuit II were to project and sustain Iraqi Security and Coalition forces in the villages of Abu Bakr and Abu Awad, Diyala Province, Iraq and to conduct a detailed census of the towns and to provide humanitarian assistance in order to bolster ISF and local national relations.


See also: 2010 and 2010 in Iraq
Battle/Operation name From date To date Location Purpose/Result
Operation New Dawn20102011IraqThe continuing operation to stabilize Iraq. Name change is meant to signal the change of mission for U.S. forces in Iraq.
Battle of the Palm Grove 9 September 20109 December 2010Hudaidy, Diyala, Iraq Iraqi police and army supported by American trainers engaged in a three-day indecisive engagement with insurgents.

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