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Nevada is a state located in the Western United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, Nevada is the 36th most populous state with 2,700,691 inhabitants but the 7th largest by land area spanning 109,781.18 square miles (284,332.0 km2) of land.[1] Nevada is divided into 17 counties and contains 19 incorporated municipalities.[2] Incorporated places in the state are legally described as cities, except for Carson City, which has no legal description.[2] Nevada's incorporated municipalities cover only 1% of the state's land mass but are home to 56.7% of its population.[1]

The largest municipality by population in Nevada is Las Vegas with 583,756 residents, and the smallest municipality by population is Caliente with 1,130 residents.[1] The largest municipality by land area is Boulder City which spans 208.52 sq mi (540.1 km2), while Lovelock is the smallest at 0.85 sq mi (2.2 km2).[1]

Incorporated cities and towns

  State capital and Independent city State capital

  County seatCounty seat

Name Type[1] County[1] Population
Change (%) Land area
sq mi km2
Boulder CityCityClark15,023 14,966 +0.4%208.52 540.172.0/sq mi (27.8/km2)
CalienteCityLincoln1,130 1,123 +0.6%1.87 4.8604.3/sq mi (233.3/km2)
CarlinCityElko2,368 2,161 +9.6%10.44 27.0226.8/sq mi (87.6/km2)
Carson CityIndependent CityCityNone55,274 52,457 +5.4%144.66 374.7382.1/sq mi (147.5/km2)
ElkoCounty seatCityElko18,297 16,708 +9.5%17.64 45.71,037.2/sq mi (400.5/km2)
ElyCounty seatCityWhite Pine4,255 4,041 +5.3%7.64 19.8556.9/sq mi (215.0/km2)
FallonCounty seatCityChurchill8,606 7,536 +14.2%3.63 9.42,370.8/sq mi (915.4/km2)
Fernley[lower-alpha 1]CityLyon19,368 NA122.12 316.3158.6/sq mi (61.2/km2)
HendersonCityClark257,729 175,381 +47.0%107.73 279.02,392.4/sq mi (923.7/km2)
Las VegasCounty seatCityClark583,756 478,434 +22.0%135.81 351.74,298.3/sq mi (1,659.6/km2)
LovelockCounty seatCityPershing1,894 2,003 −5.4%0.85 2.22,228.2/sq mi (860.3/km2)
MesquiteCityClark15,276 9,389 +62.7%31.89 82.6479.0/sq mi (185.0/km2)
North Las VegasCityClark216,961 115,488 +87.9%101.35 262.52,140.7/sq mi (826.5/km2)
RenoCounty seatCityWashoe225,221 180,480 +24.8%103.01 266.82,186.4/sq mi (844.2/km2)
SparksCityWashoe90,264 66,346 +36.1%35.76 92.62,524.2/sq mi (974.6/km2)
WellsCityElko1,292 1,346 −4.0%6.90 17.9187.2/sq mi (72.3/km2)
West WendoverCityElko4,410 4,721 −6.6%7.48 19.4589.6/sq mi (227.6/km2)
WinnemuccaCounty seatCityHumboldt7,396 7,174 +3.1%9.39 24.3787.6/sq mi (304.1/km2)
YeringtonCityLyon3,048 2,883 +5.7%8.60 22.3354.4/sq mi (136.8/km2)
Total 1,531,568 1,142,637 +34.0% 1,065.29 2,759.1 1,437.7/sq mi (555.1/km2)


  1. Fernley incorporated on July 1, 2001 and thus does not appear on the 2000 census.[3]


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