List of cities in Alaska

Map of the United States with Alaska highlighted.

Alaska is a state of the United States situated in the northwest extremity of the North American continent. According to the 2010 United States Census, Alaska is the 4th least populous state with 710,231 inhabitants but is the largest by land area spanning 570,640.95 square miles (1,477,953.3 km2).[1] As of October 2014, Alaska has 148 incorporated cities: four unified home rule municipalities, which are considered both boroughs and cities, ten home rule cities, nineteen first class cities and 115 second class cities.[2] As reflected in the 2010 Census, Alaska's incorporated cities cover only 2.1% of the territory's land mass but are home to 69.92% of its population.[1] The majority of the incorporated land mass consists of the four unified municipalities, each over 1,700 square miles (4,400 km2) in size. Only two other cities have an incorporated area exceeding 100 square miles (260 km2): Unalaska, which includes the fishing port of Dutch Harbor, and Valdez, which includes the terminus of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Incorporated cities in Alaska are categorized as either "general law" (subdivided into "first class" and "second class") or "home rule". Home rule cities occur when a community establishes a commission to draft a charter, which is then ratified by voters at an election. Home rule cities have all legislative powers not prohibited by law or charter. The powers and functions of general law cities are defined by Alaska state laws. Title 29 of the Alaska Statutes, which covers municipal government, requires that a community must have at least 400 permanent residents to incorporate as a home rule or first class city.[3][4] This status does not diminish if a city's population declines; one home rule city (Nenana) and four first class cities (Hydaburg, Pelican, Seldovia and Tanana) reported populations falling below that threshold in the 2010 Census.[1]

Incorporated cities

Name Class[5][6] Borough or
Census area[7][8]
Incorporated[9] Population
Change (%) Land area
sq mi km2
AnchorageUnified Home Rule[5][7]Anchorage1975291,826260,28312.11,704.68 4,415.1171.2/sq mi (66.1/km2)
FairbanksHome Rule[5][11]Fairbanks North Star1903[12]31,53530,2244.331.69 82.1995.1/sq mi (384.2/km2)
JuneauUnified Home Rule[5][13]Juneau197031,27530,7111.82,701.93 6,998.011.6/sq mi (4.5/km2)
SitkaUnified Home Rule[5][14]Sitka19718,8818,8350.52,870.34 7,434.13.1/sq mi (1.2/km2)
KetchikanHome Rule[11]Ketchikan Gateway19008,0507,9221.64.35 11.31,850.6/sq mi (714.5/km2)
WasillaFirst Class[5]Matanuska-Susitna19747,8315,46943.212.38 32.1632.6/sq mi (244.2/km2)
KenaiHome Rule[11]Kenai Peninsula19607,1006,9422.328.59 74.0248.3/sq mi (95.9/km2)
KodiakHome Rule[11]Kodiak Island19406,1306,334−3.23.49 9.01,756.4/sq mi (678.2/km2)
BethelSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19576,0805,47111.143.18 111.8140.8/sq mi (54.4/km2)
PalmerHome Rule[11]Matanuska-Susitna19515,9374,53331.05.15 13.31,152.8/sq mi (445.1/km2)
HomerFirst Class[5]Kenai Peninsula19645,0033,94626.813.83 35.8361.7/sq mi (139.7/km2)
UnalaskaFirst Class[11]Aleutians West (CA)19424,3764,2832.2111.78 289.539.1/sq mi (15.1/km2)
BarrowFirst Class[5]North Slope19594,2124,581−8.118.84 48.8223.6/sq mi (86.3/km2)
SoldotnaFirst Class[5]Kenai Peninsula19674,1633,75910.76.90 17.9603.3/sq mi (232.9/km2)
ValdezHome Rule[11]Valdez-Cordova (CA)19013,9764,036−1.5216.24 560.118.4/sq mi (7.1/km2)
NomeFirst Class[11]Nome (CA)19013,5983,5052.712.63 32.7284.9/sq mi (110.0/km2)
KotzebueSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic19583,2013,0823.926.92 69.7118.9/sq mi (45.9/km2)
SewardHome Rule[5][11]Kenai Peninsula19122,6932,830−4.814.11 36.5190.9/sq mi (73.7/km2)
WrangellUnified Home Rule[15]Wrangell20082,3692,3082.62,541.48 6,582.40.9/sq mi (0.4/km2)
DillinghamFirst Class[11]Dillingham (CA)19632,3292,466−5.633.57 86.969.4/sq mi (26.8/km2)
CordovaHome Rule[5]Valdez-Cordova (CA)19092,2392,454−8.859.97 155.337.3/sq mi (14.4/km2)
North PoleHome Rule[5]Fairbanks North Star19532,1171,57034.84.17 10.8507.7/sq mi (196.0/km2)
HoustonSecond Class[5]Matanuska-Susitna19661,9121,20259.122.40 58.085.4/sq mi (33.0/km2)
CraigFirst Class[5]Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)19221,2011,397−14.07.20 18.6166.8/sq mi (64.4/km2)
Hooper BaySecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)19661,0931,0147.88.22 21.3133.0/sq mi (51.3/km2)
AkutanSecond Class[5]Aleutians East19791,02771344.013.83 35.874.3/sq mi (28.7/km2)
Sand PointFirst Class[5]Aleutians East19669769522.57.70 19.9126.8/sq mi (48.9/km2)
Delta JunctionSecond Class[5]Southeast Fairbanks (CA)196095884014.016.82 43.657.0/sq mi (22.0/km2)
ChevakSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)196793876522.60.99 2.6947.5/sq mi (365.8/km2)
King CoveFirst Class[5]Aleutians East194793879218.425.68 66.536.5/sq mi (14.1/km2)
SelawikSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic1977[lower-alpha 1]8297727.42.93 7.6282.9/sq mi (109.2/km2)
TogiakSecond Class[5]Dillingham (CA)19698178091.044.42 115.018.4/sq mi (7.1/km2)
Mountain VillageSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)19678137557.74.54 11.8179.1/sq mi (69.1/km2)
EmmonakSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)1964762767−0.77.67 19.999.3/sq mi (38.4/km2)
HoonahFirst Class[5]Hoonah-Angoon (CA)1946760860−11.66.01 15.6126.5/sq mi (48.8/km2)
KlawockFirst Class[5]Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)1929755854−11.60.77 2.0980.5/sq mi (378.6/km2)
KwethlukSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19757217131.110.06 26.171.7/sq mi (27.7/km2)
UnalakleetSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)1974688747−7.93.63 9.4189.5/sq mi (73.2/km2)
GambellSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)19636816494.910.90 28.262.5/sq mi (24.1/km2)
AlakanukSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)19696776523.829.53 76.522.9/sq mi (8.9/km2)
Point HopeSecond Class[5]North Slope1966674757−11.04.82 12.5139.8/sq mi (54.0/km2)
SavoongaSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)19696716434.46.10 15.8110.0/sq mi (42.5/km2)
QuinhagakSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)197566955520.54.37 11.3153.1/sq mi (59.1/km2)
NoorvikSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic19646686345.40.94 2.4710.6/sq mi (274.4/km2)
Toksook BaySecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)197259053210.932.64 84.518.1/sq mi (7.0/km2)
Fort YukonSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1959583595−2.07.25 18.880.4/sq mi (31.0/km2)
KotlikSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)1970577591−2.43.78 9.8152.6/sq mi (58.9/km2)
Pilot StationSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)19695685503.31.69 4.4336.1/sq mi (129.8/km2)
ShishmarefSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)19695635620.22.22 5.7253.6/sq mi (97.9/km2)
KakeFirst Class[5]Petersburg (CA)1952557710−21.58.96 23.262.2/sq mi (24.0/km2)
StebbinsSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)19695565471.636.37 94.215.3/sq mi (5.9/km2)
WainwrightSecond Class[5]North Slope19625565461.817.94 46.531.0/sq mi (12.0/km2)
New StuyahokSecond Class[5]Dillingham (CA)19725104718.332.48 84.115.7/sq mi (6.1/km2)
St. Mary'sFirst Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)19675075001.444.29 114.711.4/sq mi (4.4/km2)
AniakSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)1972501572−12.46.42 16.678.0/sq mi (30.1/km2)
NunapitchukSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19694964666.47.46 19.366.5/sq mi (25.7/km2)
Saint PaulSecond Class[5]Aleutians West (CA)1971479532−10.040.31 104.411.9/sq mi (4.6/km2)
Scammon BaySecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)19674744651.90.62 1.6764.5/sq mi (295.2/km2)
KachemakSecond Class[5]Kenai Peninsula19614724319.51.64 4.2287.8/sq mi (111.1/km2)
Thorne BaySecond Class[5]Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)1982471557−15.426.58 68.817.7/sq mi (6.8/km2)
GalenaFirst Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1971470675−30.417.73 45.926.5/sq mi (10.2/km2)
AngoonSecond Class[5]Hoonah-Angoon (CA)1963459572−19.824.41 63.218.8/sq mi (7.3/km2)
GustavusSecond Class[5]Hoonah-Angoon (CA)20044424293.032.81 85.0 13.5/sq mi (5.2/km2)
ManokotakSecond Class[5]Dillingham (CA)197044239910.835.74 92.612.4/sq mi (4.8/km2)
ChefornakSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19744183946.15.72 14.873.1/sq mi (28.2/km2)
BucklandSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic19664164062.51.41 3.7295.0/sq mi (113.9/km2)
MarshallSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)197041434918.64.58 11.990.4/sq mi (34.9/km2)
SaxmanSecond Class[5]Ketchikan Gateway1929411431−4.60.98 2.5419.4/sq mi (161.9/km2)
NapaskiakSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19714053903.83.63 9.4111.6/sq mi (43.1/km2)
NuiqsutSecond Class[5]North Slope1975402433−7.29.42 24.442.7/sq mi (16.5/km2)
St. MichaelSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)19694013689.020.02 51.920.0/sq mi (7.7/km2)
Brevig MissionSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)196938827640.62.56 6.6151.6/sq mi (58.5/km2)
NenanaHome Rule[11]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1921378402−6.05.90 15.364.1/sq mi (24.7/km2)
HydaburgFirst Class[5]Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)1927376382−1.60.58 1.5648.3/sq mi (250.3/km2)
KivalinaSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic1969374377−0.81.50 3.9249.3/sq mi (96.3/km2)
KianaSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic1964361388−7.00.19 0.491,900.0/sq mi (733.6/km2)
NapakiakSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19703543530.34.41 11.480.3/sq mi (31.0/km2)
AkiakSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)197034630912.02.10 5.4164.8/sq mi (63.6/km2)
McGrathSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1975346401−13.747.32 122.67.3/sq mi (2.8/km2)
KoyukSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)197033229711.84.77 12.469.6/sq mi (26.9/km2)
ElimSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)19703303135.42.42 6.3136.4/sq mi (52.7/km2)
AdakSecond Class[5]Aleutians West (CA)20013263163.233.98 88.09.6/sq mi (3.7/km2)
Anaktuvuk PassSecond Class[5]North Slope195932428214.94.83 12.567.1/sq mi (25.9/km2)
Russian MissionSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)19703122965.45.58 14.555.9/sq mi (21.6/km2)
EekSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19702962805.70.91 2.4325.3/sq mi (125.6/km2)
Lower KalskagSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19692822675.61.22 3.2231.1/sq mi (89.2/km2)
NightmuteSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)197428020834.696.89 250.92.9/sq mi (1.1/km2)
HusliaSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1969275293−6.116.43 42.616.7/sq mi (6.5/km2)
NulatoSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1963264336−21.441.56 107.66.4/sq mi (2.5/km2)
ShungnakSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic19672622562.38.92 23.129.4/sq mi (11.3/km2)
AmblerSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic1971258309−16.58.98 23.328.7/sq mi (11.1/km2)
SeldoviaFirst Class[5]Kenai Peninsula1945255286−10.80.37 0.96689.2/sq mi (266.1/km2)
ShaktoolikSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)19692512309.11.04 2.7241.3/sq mi (93.2/km2)
AndersonSecond Class[5]Denali1962246367−33.043.74 113.35.6/sq mi (2.2/km2)
TananaFirst Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1961246308−20.111.04 28.622.3/sq mi (8.6/km2)
Goodnews BaySecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)19702432305.73.72 9.665.3/sq mi (25.2/km2)
KaktovikSecond Class[5]North Slope1971239293−18.40.72 1.9331.9/sq mi (128.2/km2)
AtqasukSecond Class[5]North Slope19822332282.238.71 100.36.0/sq mi (2.3/km2)
TellerSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)1963229268−14.61.89 4.9121.2/sq mi (46.8/km2)
WhittierSecond Class[5]Valdez-Cordova (CA)196922018220.912.27 31.817.9/sq mi (6.9/km2)
AleknagikSecond Class[5]Dillingham (CA)1973219221−0.924.53 63.58.9/sq mi (3.4/km2)
Old HarborSecond Class[5]Kodiak Island1966218237−8.020.53 53.210.6/sq mi (4.1/km2)
Upper KalskagSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)1975210230−8.73.69 9.656.9/sq mi (22.0/km2)
GraylingSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)19691941940.010.96 28.417.7/sq mi (6.8/km2)
Port LionsSecond Class[5]Kodiak Island1966194256−24.26.38 16.530.4/sq mi (11.7/km2)
MekoryukSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)1969191210−9.06.37 16.530.0/sq mi (11.6/km2)
KaltagSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1969190230−17.421.59 55.98.8/sq mi (3.4/km2)
NewhalenSecond Class[5]Lake and Peninsula197119016018.85.90 15.332.2/sq mi (12.4/km2)
White MountainSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)1969190203−6.41.80 4.7105.6/sq mi (40.8/km2)
Nunam IquaSecond Class[5]Kusilvak (CA)197418716414.012.13 31.415.4/sq mi (6.0/km2)
Holy CrossSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1968178227−21.630.19 78.25.9/sq mi (2.3/km2)
Coffman CoveSecond Class[5]Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)1989176199−11.611.93 30.914.8/sq mi (5.7/km2)
RubySecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1973166188−11.77.63 19.821.8/sq mi (8.4/km2)
NondaltonSecond Class[5]Lake and Peninsula1971164221−25.88.21 21.320.0/sq mi (7.7/km2)
OuzinkieSecond Class[5]Kodiak Island1967161225−28.45.46 14.129.5/sq mi (11.4/km2)
GolovinSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)19711561448.33.72 9.641.9/sq mi (16.2/km2)
KobukSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic197315110938.516.22 42.09.3/sq mi (3.6/km2)
WalesSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)1964145152−4.62.52 6.557.5/sq mi (22.2/km2)
Tenakee SpringsSecond Class[5]Hoonah-Angoon (CA)197113110426.014.19 36.89.2/sq mi (3.6/km2)
DeeringSecond Class[5]Northwest Arctic1970122136−10.35.05 13.124.2/sq mi (9.3/km2)
ChuathbalukSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)1975118119−0.83.47 9.034.0/sq mi (13.1/km2)
DiomedeSecond Class[5]Nome (CA)1970115146−21.22.84 7.440.5/sq mi (15.6/km2)
EkwokSecond Class[5]Dillingham (CA)1974115130−11.516.27 42.17.1/sq mi (2.7/km2)
EgegikSecond Class[5]Lake and Peninsula1995109116−6.033.03 85.53.3/sq mi (1.3/km2)
Cold BaySecond Class[5]Aleutians East19811088822.753.21 137.82.0/sq mi (0.8/km2)
AllakaketSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)1975105978.23.01 7.834.9/sq mi (13.5/km2)
Port HeidenSecond Class[5]Lake and Peninsula1972102119−14.350.63 131.12.0/sq mi (0.8/km2)
St. GeorgeSecond Class[5]Aleutians West (CA)1983102152−32.934.75 90.02.9/sq mi (1.1/km2)
KoyukukSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)197396101−5.05.60 14.517.1/sq mi (6.6/km2)
NikolaiSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)197094100−6.04.60 11.920.4/sq mi (7.9/km2)
ChignikSecond Class[5]Lake and Peninsula1983917915.211.39 29.58.0/sq mi (3.1/km2)
PelicanFirst Class[5]Hoonah-Angoon (CA)194388163−46.00.60 1.6146.7/sq mi (56.6/km2)
Larsen BaySecond Class[5]Kodiak Island197487115−24.35.39 14.016.1/sq mi (6.2/km2)
EagleSecond Class[5]Southeast Fairbanks (CA)190186129−33.31.00 2.686.0/sq mi (33.2/km2)
AnvikSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)196985104−18.39.68 25.18.8/sq mi (3.4/km2)
ShagelukSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)197083129−35.711.09 28.77.5/sq mi (2.9/km2)
HughesSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)19737778−1.33.01 7.825.6/sq mi (9.9/km2)
AkhiokSecond Class[5]Kodiak Island19747180−11.37.77 20.19.1/sq mi (3.5/km2)
Pilot PointSecond Class[5]Lake and Peninsula199268100−32.026.14 67.72.6/sq mi (1.0/km2)
Clark's PointSecond Class[5]Dillingham (CA)19716275−17.33.07 8.020.2/sq mi (7.8/km2)
AtkaSecond Class[5]Aleutians West (CA)19886192−33.78.74 22.67.0/sq mi (2.7/km2)
PlatinumSecond Class[5] Bethel (CA)1975614148.845.07 116.71.4/sq mi (0.5/km2)
Port AlexanderSecond Class[5]Petersburg (CA)19745281−35.83.47 9.015.0/sq mi (5.8/km2)
Edna Bay[lower-alpha 2]Second ClassPrince of Wales-Hyder (CA)201449[16]58.80 152.30.8/sq mi (0.3/km2)
KasaanSecond Class[5]Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA)1976493925.66.00 15.58.2/sq mi (3.2/km2)
False PassSecond Class[5]Aleutians East19903564−45.326.98 69.91.3/sq mi (0.5/km2)
KupreanofSecond Class[5]Petersburg (CA)1975272317.43.69 9.67.3/sq mi (2.8/km2)
BettlesSecond Class[5]Yukon-Koyukuk (CA)19851243−72.11.74 4.56.9/sq mi (2.7/km2)
Total[lower-alpha 3] 496,565 457,229 8.6 12,182.77 31,553.2 40.8/sq mi (15.7/km2)
  1. A conflict as to the date exists between sources: 1996 Alaska Municipal Officials Directory (p. 136) gives 1977, while "Directory of Borough and City Officials 1974" (p. 72) gives December 23, 1963. It is unclear whether Selawik may have dissolved and later reincorporated its city government.
  2. Edna Bay incorporated in October 2014 and thus not included in the sums for the 2010 or 2000 censuses.
  3. The totals reflect the 2010 Census numbers and thus include Petersburg, with a population of 2948 and a land area of 44.13 square miles (114.3 km2), which dissolved its city government in 2013 in favor of incorporating as a borough. [17]

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