List of churches in Rogaland

Map of the church deaneries in Rogaland county:
  Stavanger domprosti
  Dalane prosti
  Haugaland prosti
  Jæren prosti
  Karmøy prosti
  Ryfylke prosti
  Sandnes prosti
  Tungenes prosti
  Ytre Stavanger prosti

This list of churches in Rogaland is a list of the Church of Norway churches in Rogaland county, Norway. The churches are all part of the Diocese of Stavanger. The diocese is based at the Stavanger Cathedral in the city of Stavanger.

The list is divided into nine sections, one for each Deanery (prosti) in the county. Administratively each deanery is divided up into church council (fellesråd) districts which usually correspond to the municipalities within each deanery. Each municipal church council may be made up of more than one parish (sokn), each of which may have their own council (soknerådet). Each parish may have one or more congregations in it. The city-municipality of Stavanger is a special case. It has a large population, so the central part of the city is its own deanery and the surrounding areas belong to a different deanery although both encompass one municipality. The number, size, and compositions of the deaneries in Stavanger have changed over time, most recently in 2013 when two deaneries were merged to form the new Ryfylke deanery.[1]

Stavanger domprosti

This arch-deanery covers the central part of the city of Stavanger in Rogaland county. The deanery is headquartered at the Stavanger Cathedral in the city of Stavanger in Stavanger municipality.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Stavanger Stavanger domkirkeStavanger CathedralStavanger1150
BekkefaretBekkefaret ChurchBekkefaret1977
HundvågHundvåg ChurchHundvåg1983
KampenKampen ChurchEiganes og Våland1957
St. PetriSt. Petri ChurchStavanger1866
St. JohannesFrue Church
(Hetland Church)
St. Johannes ChurchStavanger1909
StokkaStokka ChurchStokka1974
TjensvollTjensvoll ChurchTjensvoll1978
VardenVarden ChurchVarden1967

Dalane prosti

This deanery covers the southern part of Rogaland county, including the municipalities of Eigersund, Bjerkreim, Sokndal, and Lund. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Egersund in Eigersund municipality. The deanery was created in the middle ages, and its borders have changed very few times since then. During the 1800s, the parts of the deanery located in Lister og Mandals amt (to the east) were moved to the Lista and Flekkefjord deaneries. In 1988, the Ogna parish was transferred to the neighboring Jæren deanery.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Bjerkreim BjerkreimBjerkreim ChurchBjerkreim1835
Ivesdal ChapelØvrebygd1876
Eigersund EgersundEgersund ChurchEgersund1607
Bakkebø ChurchEgersund1960
EigerøyEigerøy ChurchEigerøya1998
HellelandHelleland ChurchHelleland1832
Lund HeskestadHeskestad ChurchHeskestad1904
LundLund ChurchMoi1812
Sokndal SokndalSokndal ChurchHauge1803
Åna-Sira ChurchÅna-Sira1888

Haugaland prosti

This deanery covers the northwestern part of Rogaland county, including the municipalities of Haugesund, Bokn, Tysvær, Utsira, and Vindafjord. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Haugesund in the municipality of Haugesund. The deanery was historically called Karmsund prosti, a deanery dating back to the middle ages. It historically encompassed all of the areas surrounding the Karmsund strait, west of Ryfylke. By 2006, the membership of the deanery had grown so large, it was divided into two: all of the parishes in the municipality of Karmøy were moved to the new Karmøy deanery and the rest remained in the deanery which was renamed Haugesund deanery. In 2013, the parishes from Vindafjord were moved here, and the deanery was renamed Haugaland.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Bokn BoknBokn ChurchFøresvik1847
Haugesund RossabøRossabø ChurchRossabø1972
SkåreSkåre ChurchHaugesund1858
Udland ChurchHaugesund2002
Vår FrelserVår Frelsers ChurchHaugesund1901
Tysvær FørresfjordenAksdal ChurchAksdal1995
Førre ChurchFørre1893
NedstrandNedstrand ChurchHindaråvåg1868
Skjoldastraumen ChurchSkjoldastraumen1910
TysværTysvær ChurchTysvær1852
Utsira UtsiraUtsira ChurchUtsira1785
Vindafjord BjoaBjoa ChurchBjoa1895
ImslandImsland ChurchImslandsjøen1861
SandeidSandeid ChurchSandeid1904
SkjoldSkjold ChurchSkjold1999
VatsVats ChurchVatne1855
VikebygdVikebygd ChurchVikebygd1937
VikedalVikedal ChurchVikedal1881
ØlenØlen ChurchØlensjøen1874

Jæren prosti

This deanery covers the west-central part of Rogaland county, south of the city of Stavanger, including the municipalities of Gjesdal, , Klepp, and Time. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Bryne in the municipality of Time. There is one parish (sokn) in this deanery that crosses municipal boundary lines. The Frøyland og Orstad parish includes parts of both Time and Klepp municipalities. This is the only such parish in Norway. The deanery of Jæren has been around since the middle ages and it has always included the coastal areas south of the town of Stavanger. In 1998, the northern parts of the deanery (Sola and Sandnes municipalities) was separated from Jæren deanery to form the new Sandnes deanery.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Gjesdal GjesdalDirdal ChurchDirdal1903
Gjesdal ChurchGjesdal1848
Oltedal ChurchOltedal2002
ÅlgårdÅlgård ChurchÅlgård2015
Old Ålgård ChurchÅlgård1917
NærbøNærbø ChurchNærbø2005
Old Nærbø ChurchNærbø1834
OgnaOgna ChurchOgna1250
VarhaugVarhaug ChurchVarhaug1904
Klepp BoreBore ChurchBore1891
KleppKlepp ChurchKleppe1846
OrreOrre ChurchPollestad1950
Old Orre ChurchOrre1250
Klepp/Time Frøyland og OrstadFrøyland og Orstad ChurchOrstad/Kvernaland2008
Time BryneBryne ChurchBryne1979
TimeTime ChurchTime (just outside Bryne)1859
UndheimUndheim ChurchUndheim2001

Karmøy prosti

This deanery covers the municipality of Karmøy which includes the island of Karmøy and a small area on the mainland of northwestern Rogaland county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Avaldsnes in the municipality of Karmøy. The deanery was created in 2006 when the old Karmsund deanery was split into the Karmøy and Haugaland deaneries.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Karmøy AvaldsnesAvaldsnes ChurchAvaldsnes1250
FalnesFalnes ChurchSkudeneshavn1851
FerkingstadFerkingstad ChurchFerkingstad1854
KopervikKopervik ChurchKopervikc. 2016
NorheimNorheim ChurchNorheim1978
TorvastadTorvastad ChurchTorvastad1880
VedavågenVedavågen ChurchVeavågen2009
ÅkraÅkra ChurchÅkrahamn1985
Old Åkra ChurchÅkrahamn1821

Ryfylke prosti

This deanery covers the northeastern part of Rogaland county, including the municipalities of Sauda, Suldal, Hjelmeland, Strand, and Forsand. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Hjelmelandsvågen in the municipality of Hjelmeland. Historically, there was a Ryfylke deanery since the Middle Ages. Over time, its boundaries were changed and moved. In 1988, the deanery was renamed Nordre Ryfylke. In 2013 when the old deaneries of Nordre Ryfylke and Søre Ryfylke were merged to form the present deanery.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Forsand ForsandForsand ChurchForsand1854
Lyse ChapelLysebotn1961
Hjelmeland FisterFister ChurchFister1867
HjelmelandHjelmeland ChurchHjelmelandsvågen1858
ÅrdalÅrdal ChurchÅrdal1919
Old Årdal ChurchÅrdal1619
Sauda SaudaSauda ChurchSauda1866
Saudasjøen ChapelSaudasjøen1973
Strand JørpelandJørpeland ChurchJørpeland1969
StrandStrand ChurchTau1874
Suldal ErfjordErfjord ChurchHålandsosen1877
JelsaJelsa ChurchJelsa1647
SandSand ChurchSand1853
Marvik ChapelMarvik1920
SuldalSuldal ChurchSuldalsosen1852
Nesflaten ChapelNesflaten1853

Sandnes prosti

This deanery covers the municipality of Sandnes in the west-central part of Rogaland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Sandnes. The deanery was created in 1998 when the parishes in Sola and Sandnes municipalities were removed from the deanery of Jæren. In 2006, the parishes in Sola were transferred to the Tungenes deanery, leaving just the parishes in Sandnes in this deanery.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Sandnes BogafjellBogafjell ChurchBogafjell2012
GandGand ChurchSandved1978
Julebygda ChapelMalmheim og Soma1957
HanaHana ChurchHana1997
HøleHøle ChurchHøle1860
HøylandHøyland ChurchAustrått1841
Sviland ChapelSviland1913
LuraLura ChurchLura1987
RiskaRiska ChurchHommersåk1999
Old Riska ChurchHommersåk1877
SandnesSandnes ChurchSandnes sentrum1882

Tungenes prosti

This deanery covers the central part of Rogaland county, in the area around the Boknafjorden. It includes the municipalities of Randaberg, Kvitsøy, Rennesøy, Finnøy, and Sola. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Randaberg in the municipality of Randaberg. The deanery was created in 1998 when the parishes in Randaberg and Kvitsøy were removed from Jæren deanery along with six parishes from the Stavanger deanery (Madlamark, Hafrsfjord, Sunde, Tasta, Vardeneset, and Tjensvoll). In 2006, several other changes took place: Tjensvoll was moved to the new Ytre Stavanger deanery, all of the parishes in Sola were moved here from Sandnes deanery, and all of the parishes in Rennesøy and Finnøy were moved here from Søre Ryfylke deanery.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Finnøy HesbyHesby ChurchFinnøyc. 1100
SjernarøySjernarøy ChurchKyrkjøy in Sjernarøyane1647
Jørstad ChurchJørstadvågen on Ombo1929
TalgjeFogn ChurchFogn1991
Talgje ChurchTalgjec. 1100
Kvitsøy KvitsøyKvitsøy ChurchKvitsøy1620
Randaberg GrødemGrødem ChurchGrødem2000
RandabergRandaberg ChurchRandaberg1845
Rennesøy MosterøyAskje ChurchAskje1846
Utstein ChurchKlosterøy1280
Vestre Åmøy ChapelWestern Åmøy1953
RennesøyHausken ChurchVikevåg1857
Sørbø ChurchSørbø1130
Sola RægeRæge Churchnorth of Stenebyen2009
SolaSola ChurchSolakrossen1955
SørnesSørnes ChurchSørnes1977
TanangerTananger ChurchTananger2002
Tananger ChapelTananger1879

Ytre Stavanger prosti

This deanery covers the outer parts of the city-municipality of Stavanger in Rogaland county. The deanery is headquartered in Madlamark in the western part of the city of Stavanger. This deanery was created on 1 January 2006 when five parishes from Tungenes deanery (Madlamark, Hafrsfjord, Sunde, Tasta, and Vardeneset) and three parishes from Stavanger arch-deanery (Hinna, Hillevåg, and Gausel) were combined to form a new deanery that surrounds the city centre of Stavanger.

MunicipalityParish (sokn)ChurchLocationYear builtPhoto
Stavanger GauselGausel ChurchGausel1996
HafrsfjordRevheim ChurchSør-Sunde1865
HillevågHillevåg ChurchHillevåg1961
HinnaHinna ChurchHinna1967
MadlamarkMadlamark ChurchMadlamark1976
SundeSunde ChurchSunde1984
TastaTasta ChurchIndre Tasta1977
VardenesetVardeneset ChurchYtre Tasta2000
Austre Åmøy ChapelAustre Åmøy1904


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