List of chord progressions

The following is a list of commonly used chord progressions in music.

M Major.
m Minor.
A Atonal.
B Bitonal.
I Indeterminate.
P Phrygian.
List of musical chord progressions
Name Image Sound # of chords Quality
50s progression
A 50s progression in C: I-vi-IV-VI.
 Play  4 M
Andalusian cadence
Andalusian cadence: iv-III-II-I.
 Play  4 P
Backdoor progression
Backdoor progression in C: ii-VII I.
 Play  3 M
Bird changes
Bird Blues in Bb: I viiø-III7 vi-II7 v-I7 - IV7 iv-bVII7 iii-VI7 biii-bVI7 - ii V7 I-VI7 ii-V.
 Play  ? M
Circle progression
Circle progression [excerpt] in C: vi-ii-V-I.
 Play  4 M
Coltrane changes
Coltrane changes in C: I-V/VI VI-V/III III-V I.
 Play  6 M
Eight-bar blues I-V-IV-IV-I-V-I-V  Play  3 M
Later Folia: i V i VII III VII i V i V i VII III VII i-V i.
 Play  4 m
ii-V-I turnaround
ii-V-I turnaround in C: ii-V I.
 Play  3 M
Irregular resolution
Irregular resolution Type I: Two common tones, two note moves by half step motion: V7-III7.
 Play  2 M
Montgomery-Ward bridge
Montgomery-Ward bridge in C: I-IV ii-V.
 Play  4 M
Omnibus progression
Omnibus progression.
 Play  ? M
Pachelbel's Canon
Pachelbel's Canon: I-V-vi-iii-IV-I-IV-V.
 Play  5 M
Passamezzo antico
Passamezzo antico: i VII i V III VII i-V i.
 Play  4 m
Passamezzo moderno
Passamezzo moderno in C: I IV I V I IV I-V I.
 Play  3 M
I-V-vi-IV progression
I-V-vi-IV chord progression in C: I-V vi-IV.
 Play  4 M
Ragtime progression
Ragtime progression in C: V/V/V/V V/V/V V/V V.
 Play  5 M
Rhythm changes
Rhythm changes in C: V/V/V/V-V/V/V-V/V-V I.
 Play  ? M
Romanesca: III VII i V III VII i-V i.
 Play  3 M
Sixteen-bar blues I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-IV-IV-I-I-V-IV-I-I  Play  3 M
Stomp progression IV7-#ivdim7 I7/5-I7 IV7-#ivdim7 I7/5-I7 IV7-#ivdim7 I7/5-V7/V/V V7/V-V7 I7  Play  6 M
Twelve-bar blues
Twelve-bar blues in C: I-I-I-I-IV-IV-I-I-V-IV-I-I.
 Play  3 M
Turnaround (music)
I-vi7-ii-V7 turnaround in C: I-vi-ii-V I.
 Play  4 M
V-IV-I turnaround
V-IV-I turnaround in C: V-IV I.
 Play  3 M

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