List of choral festivals

List of choral festivals
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The following is an incomplete list of choral festivals, which encapsulates music festivals focused on choral music.[1] The topic will have some or complete overlap with the list of opera festivals, list of early music festivals, and list of Bach festivals.

Among the earliest choral events classified as festivals were the Festival 500 established in 1997 in St. John's, Newfoundland.


Festival name Location Years Notes
Festival of Choirs[2]  Sri Lanka 1993–present An evening of choral music showcasing some of the finest school choirs in Sri Lanka
pt:Festival internacional de Corais  Brazil 2012–present Is an Choral Festival that takes place annually in Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais.
American Music Performance Invitational for Mixed Choirs  United States 2011–present series of music festivals for top school choirs
Cincinnati May Festival  United States; Cincinnati 1873–present festival roots go back to the 1840s
Cork International Choral Festival  Ireland; Cork 1954–present features choirs from all over the world
Festival 500  Canada; St. John's, Newfoundland 1997–present International biennial non-competitive choral music festival
Intervarsity Choral Festival (Australia)  Australia 1950–present members of university choirs from all state capitals of Australia meet for two weeks
InterVarsity Choral Festival (Canada)  Canada 1949–present university choirs from Ontario and Quebec, Canada, meet up and perform a combined concert.
MasterWorks Festival  United States; Cedarville, Ohio 1997–present month-long summer training program for classical performing artists
Nordic Student Singers' Summit Scandinavia 1987–present arranged every third year in a Nordic or Baltic country.
Ohrid Choir Festival  Macedonia; Ohrid held in the second half of August
PICCFEST  United States; Eugene, Oregon 1998–present treble choir festival held in conjunction with Oregon Bach Festival
Three Choirs Festival  United Kingdom 1719–present Alternates between three churches
Universitas Cantat  Poland; Poznań 1998–present International Festival of University Choirs is non-competitive
Diavlos Choir Festivals[3]  Greece -present
Nordic-Baltic Choral Festival Europe 1995–present biennial music festival for Nordic and Baltic choirs
Cappadocia Music Festival  Turkey; Cappadocia 2016–present Music festival for choirs and orchestras on July
Lycia Music Festival  Turkey; Lycia 2016–present Music festival for choirs and orchestras on September
Ephesus Music Festival  Turkey; Ephesus 2016–present Music festival for choirs and orchestras on April
Turkey Choirs Festival  Turkey; Ankara 1996–present Choir festival on May

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