List of chamber music works by Johann Sebastian Bach

Chamber music by Johann Sebastian Bach refers to the compositions in the tenth chapter of the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV, catalogue of Bach's compositions),[1] or, in the New Bach Edition, the compositions in Series VI.[2] Chamber music is understood as containing:

Works for solo violin, cello or flute

Sonatas and partitas for solo violin (BWV 1001–1006)

Suites for solo cello (BWV 1007–1012)

Partita for solo flute (BWV 1013)

Two or more instruments

Six sonatas for harpsichord and violin (BWV 1014–1019)

Other works for accompanied violin (BWV 1020–1026)

Sonatas for viola da gamba and keyboard instrument (BWV 1027–1029)

Sonatas for flute and keyboard instrument (BWV 1030–1035)

Trio sonatas (BWV 1036–1040)


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