List of canal aqueducts in the United Kingdom

This list of canal aqueducts in the United Kingdom covers aqueducts that have articles in Wikipedia. The actual number of canal aqueducts is much greater.

Aqueduct Canal Designer Coordinates Notes Image
Almond Aqueduct Union Canal 55°55′16″N 3°26′01″W / 55.9212°N 3.4337°W / 55.9212; -3.4337 (Almond Aqueduct) Aqueduct over the River Almond
Almond Aqueduct, Scotland
Avon Aqueduct Union Canal 55°58′12″N 3°38′59″W / 55.9701°N 3.6496°W / 55.9701; -3.6496 (Avon Aqueduct) Scotland's longest and tallest aqueduct, crosses the River Avon (Falkirk)
Avon Aqueduct, Scotland
Avoncliff Aqueduct Kennet and Avon Canal John Rennie 51°20′22″N 2°16′58″W / 51.33935°N 2.28275°W / 51.33935; -2.28275 (Avoncliff Aqueduct) Crosses the River Avon (Bristol)
Avoncliff Aqueduct
Barton Swing Aqueduct Bridgewater Canal Sir Edward Leader Williams 53°28′29″N 2°21′01″W / 53.474813°N 2.350334°W / 53.474813; -2.350334 (Barton Swing Aqueduct) Crosses the Manchester Ship Canal. Swings to let large vessels pass below.
Barton Swing Aqueduct
Bonnington Aqueduct Union Canal 55°55′28″N 3°24′52″W / 55.9244°N 3.4144°W / 55.9244; -3.4144 (Bonnington Aqueduct) Crosses the B7030 Cliftonhall Road
Bonnington Aqueduct near the M8
Bullbridge Aqueduct Cromford Canal 53°03′51″N 1°27′51″W / 53.06404°N 1.46424°W / 53.06404; -1.46424 (Bullbridge Aqueduct) Demolished 1968. Originally crossed the Ambergate to Nottingham road.
Old engraving of the demolished Bull Bridge Aqueduct
Chirk Aqueduct Llangollen Canal 52°55′43″N 3°03′42″W / 52.9287°N 3.0616°W / 52.9287; -3.0616 (Chirk Aqueduct) Crosses the Ceiriog Valley
Chirk Aqueduct
Clifton Aqueduct Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal 53°31′38″N 2°19′01″W / 53.527344°N 2.316814°W / 53.527344; -2.316814 (Clifton Aqueduct) Grade II listed building, crosses the River Irwell
Clifton Aqueduct from Clifton Viaduct
Cosgrove Aqueduct Grand Union Canal Benjamin Bevan 52°04′08″N 0°50′01″W / 52.068798°N 0.833641°W / 52.068798; -0.833641 (Cosgrove aqueduct) Crosses the River Great Ouse. Built to replace an earlier aqueduct which collapsed.
Cosgrove Aqueduct
Dowley Gap Aqueduct Leeds and Liverpool Canal James Brindley 53°50′25″N 1°48′57″W / 53.840295°N 1.815765°W / 53.840295; -1.815765 (Dowley Gap Aqueduct) Crosses the River Aire. Also known as the Seven Arches Aqueduct.
Dowley Gap Aqueduct
Dundas Aqueduct Kennet and Avon Canal John Rennie 51°21′40″N 02°18′36″W / 51.36111°N 2.31000°W / 51.36111; -2.31000 (Dundas Aqueduct) Crosses the River Avon (Bristol) and the Wessex Main Line railway. Designed in a classical style, this is now a Scheduled Ancient Monument
Dundas Aqueduct
Edstone Aqueduct Stratford-upon-Avon Canal 52°14′47″N 1°45′51″W / 52.2464°N 1.7641°W / 52.2464; -1.7641 (Edstone Aqueduct) The longest aqueduct in England, crosses a minor road, the Birmingham and North Warwickshire railway, and also the trackbed of the former Alcester Railway.
Edstone Aqueduct
Engine Arm Aqueduct Birmingham Canal Navigations 52°29′52″N 1°57′59″W / 52.4979°N 1.9665°W / 52.4979; -1.9665 (Engine Arm Aqueduct) Cast by Horseley Ironworks. Carries the Engine Arm over the BCN Main Line
The Engine Arm Aqueduct
Ewood Aqueduct Leeds and Liverpool Canal 53°44′01″N 2°29′33″W / 53.7335°N 2.4926°W / 53.7335; -2.4926 (Ewood Aqueduct) Grade II listed building, crosses the River Darwen & B6447
Ewood Aqueduct
Holliday Street Aqueduct Worcester and Birmingham Canal 52°28′34″N 1°54′28″W / 52.4762°N 1.9079°W / 52.4762; -1.9079 (Holliday Street Aqueduct) A Grade II listed building adjacent to Gas Street Basin.
In the form of an extended tunnel which includes the original Bridge Street approach to old Worcester Wharf
Lichfield Canal Aqueduct Lichfield Canal 52°39′19″N 1°54′06″W / 52.655164°N 1.901584°W / 52.655164; -1.901584 (Lichfield Canal Aqueduct) A modern construction for a canal under restoration; not yet in water. Crosses the M6 Toll.
View of the open ended aqueduct over the M6 Toll
Lune Aqueduct Lancaster Canal John Rennie 54°4′5.94″N 2°47′21.07″W / 54.0683167°N 2.7891861°W / 54.0683167; -2.7891861 (Lune Aqueduct) Grade II listed building, crosses the River Lune
Lune Aqueduct
Marple Aqueduct Peak Forest Canal Benjamin Outram and Thomas Brown 53°24′26″N 2°04′09″W / 53.4073°N 2.0691°W / 53.4073; -2.0691 (Marple Aqueduct) A Scheduled Ancient Monument, crosses the River Goyt.
Murtry Aqueduct Frome, Somerset Never used. Spans the Mells River
Nantwich Aqueduct Shropshire Union Canal Thomas Telford 53°04′09″N 2°32′09″W / 53.069231°N 2.535698°W / 53.069231; -2.535698 (Nantwich Aqueduct) Cast-iron aqueduct dated around 1826; grade II* listed; crosses the A534 just outside Nantwich.
Nantwich Aqueduct
New Semington Aqueduct Kennet and Avon Canal 51°20′50″N 2°08′42″W / 51.34709°N 2.14497°W / 51.34709; -2.14497 (New Semington Aqueduct) Modern aqueduct opened in 2004, crosses the A350 road.
New Semington Aqueduct
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Llangollen Canal Thomas Telford 52°58′14″N 3°05′16″W / 52.970534°N 3.087834°W / 52.970534; -3.087834 (Pontcysyllte Aqueduct) A cast iron trough 1,007 feet long supported 126 feet above the river by 19 masonry piers. Crosses the River Dee. Unesco World Heritage site.
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Wales
Prestolee Aqueduct Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal 53°33′09″N 2°22′35″W / 53.5525°N 2.3764°W / 53.5525; -2.3764 (Prestolee Aqueduct) Grade II listed building, crosses the River Irwell.
Prestolee Aqueduct
Scott Russell Aqueduct Union Canal 55°55′18″N 3°18′25″W / 55.9218°N 3.3070°W / 55.9218; -3.3070 (Scott Russell Aqueduct) Passes over the A720 Edinburgh Bypass
Scott Russell Aqueduct, Scotland
Semington Aqueduct Kennet and Avon Canal 51°20′50″N 2°08′42″W / 51.34709°N 2.14497°W / 51.34709; -2.14497 (Semington Aqueduct) Crosses Semington Brook
Semington Aqueduct
Slateford Aqueduct Union Canal 55°55′03″N 3°15′00″W / 55.9175°N 3.2499°W / 55.9175; -3.2499 (Slateford Aqueduct) Crosses Inglis Green Road and the Water of Leith
Slateford Aqueduct, Scotland
Stockingfield Aqueduct Forth and Clyde Canal Robert Whitworth 55°53′34″N 4°17′11″W / 55.8927°N 4.2863°W / 55.8927; -4.2863 (Stockingfield Aqueduct) Crosses Lochburn Road Road in the Lambhill district of Glasgow
Stockingfield Aqueduct, Scotland
Stanley Ferry Aqueduct Aire and Calder Navigation George Leather 53°42′09″N 1°27′45″W / 53.702417°N 1.462394°W / 53.702417; -1.462394 (Stanley Ferry Aqueduct) One of the earliest through arch bridges in the world, crosses the River Calder, West Yorkshire.
Stanley Ferry Aqueduct
Stewart Aqueduct BCN Main Line Thomas Telford 52°30′21″N 1°59′51″W / 52.5059°N 1.9974°W / 52.5059; -1.9974 (Stewart Aqueduct) The M5 motorway (1970) crosses the West Coast Main Line (1852) crosses the BCN Old Main Line Canal (1770) crosses the BCN New Main Line Canal (1828)
Stewart Aqueduct from the New Main Line
Store Street Aqueduct Ashton Canal Benjamin Outram 53°28′46.39″N 2°13′38.45″W / 53.4795528°N 2.2273472°W / 53.4795528; -2.2273472 (Store Street Aqueduct) Built on a skew of 45 degrees across the highway, and believed to be the first of its kind in Great Britain. Crosses Store Street, Manchester.
Store Street Aqueduct
Stretton Aqueduct Shropshire Union Canal Thomas Telford 52°41′39″N 2°11′22″W / 52.694267°N 2.189412°W / 52.694267; -2.189412 (Stretton Aqueduct) One of Telford's last aqueducts and grade II listed since 1985. Crosses the A5 road.
Stretton Aqueduct carrying the Shropshire Union Canal over the A5. The inscription in the centre panel reads: "Birmingham and Liverpool Canal Thos. Telford F.R.S.I.& E. Engineer 1832"
Three Bridges, London Grand Junction Canal Isambard Kingdom Brunel Brunel's last major project, and a scheduled ancient monument, a unique arrangement carrying rail, road, and canal routes across each other.
View of canal and road bridges crossing the railway line looking east
Wootton Wawen Aqueduct Stratford-upon-Avon Canal W Whitmore 52°15′51″N 1°46′12″W / 52.264039°N 1.769911°W / 52.264039; -1.769911 (=Wootton Wawen Aqueduct) Crosses the A3400 road.
Wootton Wawen Aqueduct spans the A3400
Yarningale Aqueduct Stratford-upon-Avon Canal 52°17′43″N 1°43′54″W / 52.2952°N 1.7316°W / 52.2952; -1.7316 (Yarningale Aqueduct) Crosses Kingswood Brook.
Yarningale aqueduct spans Kingswood Brook

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