List of artificial objects in heliocentric orbit

Below is a current list of artificial objects currently in heliocentric orbit. This list does not include objects that are escaping from the Solar System, upper stages from robotic missions (only the S-IVB upper stages from Apollo missions with astronauts are listed), or objects in the Sun–Earth Lagrange points.

United States

The United States has placed in heliocentric orbit:

On Apollos 8 and 10–17, each S-IVB upper stage jettisoned four sections of a truncated conical adapter that supported the Apollo service module and (except for Apollo 8) enclosed the Lunar Module. These panels are in heliocentric orbit, including those from Apollos 13–17 whose S-IVBs impacted the moon, as the S-IVBs jettisoned them before maneuvering themselves into lunar impact trajectories. The panels continued on lunar flyby trajectories into heliocentric orbit.

The adapter panels on Apollo 9 were jettisoned in earth orbit before the S-IVB burned into an earth escape trajectory. They eventually decayed.

U.S.S.R./Russian Federation

The Soviet Union or the Russian Federation has placed in heliocentric orbit:

European Space Agency (ESA)

The European Space Agency has placed in heliocentric orbit:


Japan has placed in heliocentric orbit:


China has placed in heliocentric orbit:


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