List of airports in the Greater Manila Area

There are currently two airports in the Greater Manila Area with scheduled passenger service: Clark International Airport and Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA); however, the majority of passenger traffic goes through Metro Manila's NAIA, which is the Philippines' busiest airport and major hub. Subic Bay International Airport, although classified as an international airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), has yet to host any commercial airlines.

International Airports

aerial view of MNL

The Greater Manila Area has three major airports, but only two with airline service.

Airport name     IATA     ICAO   Location   Coordinates  
Clark International Airport CRK RPLC Clark Freeport (Angeles) 15°11′09″N 120°33′35″E / 15.18583°N 120.55972°E / 15.18583; 120.55972
Ninoy Aquino International Airport MNL RPLL Parañaque/Pasay 14°30′31″N 121°01′10″E / 14.50861°N 121.01944°E / 14.50861; 121.01944
Subic Bay International Airport SFS RPLB Subic Bay Freeport (Morong) 14°47′40″N 120°16′16″E / 14.79444°N 120.27111°E / 14.79444; 120.27111

Military Airfields

The following airports are operated by the Philippine Air Force for military or mixed military-civilian use.

Airport name     IATA     ICAO   Location   Coordinates  
Basilio Fernando Air Base RPUL Lipa 13°57′17″N 121°07′29″E / 13.95472°N 121.12472°E / 13.95472; 121.12472
Camp Mateo Capinpin Airfield Tanay 14°32′05″N 121°21′49″E / 14.53472°N 121.36361°E / 14.53472; 121.36361
Camp Olivas (Moras) Airfield San Fernando 15°01′11″N 120°42′16″E / 15.01972°N 120.70444°E / 15.01972; 120.70444
Cesar Basa Air Base RPUF Floridablanca 14°59′11″N 120°29′33″E / 14.98639°N 120.49250°E / 14.98639; 120.49250
Clark Air Base CRK RPLC Clark Freeport (Angeles) 15°11′09″N 120°33′35″E / 15.18583°N 120.55972°E / 15.18583; 120.55972
Danilo Atienza Air Base SGL RPLS Cavite City 14°29′29″N 120°53′38″E / 14.49139°N 120.89389°E / 14.49139; 120.89389
Jesus Villamor Air Base MNL RPLL Pasay 14°30′31″N 121°01′10″E / 14.50861°N 121.01944°E / 14.50861; 121.01944

General Aviation towered airports

Airport name     IATA     ICAO   Location   Coordinates  
Plaridel Airport PRB RPUX Plaridel 14°53′26″N 120°51′10″E / 14.89056°N 120.85278°E / 14.89056; 120.85278

General Aviation non-towered airports

Airport name     IATA     ICAO   Location   Coordinates  
Barradas Airfield Tanauan 14°05′49″N 121°06′58″E / 14.09694°N 121.11611°E / 14.09694; 121.11611
Bundagul Airstrip Mabalacat 15°14′26″N 120°35′56″E / 15.24056°N 120.59889°E / 15.24056; 120.59889
Gordon Boyce Airfield Magalang 15°15′02″N 120°40′39″E / 15.25056°N 120.67750°E / 15.25056; 120.67750
Hacienda Zobel Airstrip Calatagan 13°50′36″N 120°38′01″E / 13.84333°N 120.63361°E / 13.84333; 120.63361
OMNI Aviation Complex RPLC Angeles 15°10′08″N 120°33′49″E / 15.16889°N 120.56361°E / 15.16889; 120.56361
Samal Airport Samal 14°46′15″N 120°30′26″E / 14.77083°N 120.50722°E / 14.77083; 120.50722

Proposed airports

There is a proposal to develop the Danilo Atienza Air Base located southwest of the metropolis at Sangley Point as the new international gateway for Manila. The Philippine government has previously recommended the closure of the NAIA airport due to capacity issues.[1] Danish construction firm Rambøll Group A.S. is leading the project study started in August 2013 which calls for the reclamation of 50 hectares offshore of Sangley Point and the development of a 50-million-a-year airport terminal with two runways.[2]

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