List of airports in Albania

This is a list of airports in Albania, grouped by type and sorted by location.

A number of regional airports have been renovated but cannot become functional for civil flights as per the 20 years and over monopoly that holds Tirana International Airport's shareholder company over Albanian airspace since 2005. Negotiations have been ongoing to revise the contract terms as to open airports for both domestic and external flights earlier than the above time frame.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served County ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
ÿ International airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Tiranë (Tirana) Tiranë LATI TIA Tirana International Airport 41°24′53″N 19°43′14″E / 41.4147°N 19.7206°E / 41.4147; 19.7206 (Tirana International Airport)
Kukës Kukës LAKU Kukës Airport 42°02′01″N 20°24′57″E / 42.0337°N 20.4158°E / 42.0337; 20.4158 (Kukës Airport)
ÿ Domestic airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Gjirokastër (Gjirokastra) Gjirokastër Gjirokastër Airport 40°05′14″N 20°09′11″E / 40.0873°N 20.1531°E / 40.0873; 20.1531 (Gjirokastër Airport)
Korçë (Korça) Korçë LAKO Korçë Northwest Airport 40°38′45″N 20°44′29″E / 40.6457°N 20.7415°E / 40.6457; 20.7415 (Korçë Northwest Airport)
Sarandë (Saranda) Vlorë LASR Sarandë Airport 39°52′43″N 20°2′9″E / 39.87861°N 20.03583°E / 39.87861; 20.03583 (Sarandë Airport (Sarandë))
Shkodër (Shkodra) Shkodër LASK Shkodër/Shtojiri Airport 42°5′21.7″N 19°30′32.8″E / 42.089361°N 19.509111°E / 42.089361; 19.509111 (Shkodër/Shtojiri Airport (Shkodër))
Tiranë (Tirana) Tiranë LAFK Tiranë Heliport 41°18′56″N 19°53′08″E / 41.3155°N 19.8855°E / 41.3155; 19.8855 (Tiranë Heliport)
ÿ Military airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Kuçovë (Kuçova) Berat LAKV Kuçovë Air Base (Berat-Kuçovë Air Base) 40°46′19″N 19°54′07″E / 40.7719°N 19.9019°E / 40.7719; 19.9019 (Kuçova Air Base)
Lezhë (Lezha) Lezhë LAGJ Gjader Air Base (Lezhë-Zadrima Air Base) 41°53′43″N 19°35′55″E / 41.8952°N 19.5987°E / 41.8952; 19.5987 (Gjader Air Base)
Vlorë (Vlora) Vlorë LAVL Vlorë Air Base 40°28′34″N 19°28′27″E / 40.4761°N 19.4742°E / 40.4761; 19.4742 (Vlorë Air Base)

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