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Other directories in Russia include:

  • Адрес Mосква (Moscow address), by ZAO Verlag Euro Address;
  • Большая Телефонная Книга Москвы (Big Phone Book of Moscow), by Extra M Media;
  • Вся Деловая Москва (all business Moscow), by Biznes-Karta Business Information Agency;
  • Московский Бизнес - Moscow Business Telephone Guide by Московский Бизнес - Moscow Business Telephone Guide.




With the encouragement of The Thomson Corporation, at the time an advertising sales agent for the nationalised General Post Office's telephone directory, a business telephone number directory named the Yellow Pages was first produced in 1966 by the GPO for the Brighton area, and was rolled out nationwide in 1973. The Thomson Corporation formed Thomson Yellow Pages in 1966 to publish and to distribute the directory to telephone subscribers for the GPO, and later for The Post Office.
Thomson Yellow Pages was sold by The Thomson Corporation in 1980, at the same time as Post Office Telecommunications became the (then) state-owned British Telecom (BT). The Yellow Pages directory continued to be distributed to all telephone subscribers by BT. At the same time, The Thomson Corporation formed Thomson Directories Ltd, and began to publish the Thomson Local directory, which would remain the Yellow Pages' main, and often sole, competitor in the UK for more than the next two decades, and would be the competitive driving force behind such changes to Yellow Pages as the adoption (in 1999) of colour printing and "white knock out" listings.
In 1984 the year that BT was privatised, the department producing the directory became a stand alone subsidiary of BT, named Yellow Pages. In the mid-1990s the Yellow Pages business was re-branded as Yell, although the directory itself continued to be known as the Yellow Pages.
Yell was bought by venture capitalists in 2001, and in 2003 was floated on the Stock Exchange. After the one year "no competition" clause expired BT too went into competition with the Yellow Pages, re-entering the market by adding similar content to their existing directory, "The Phone Book", adding a classified section to the traditional alphabetical domestic and business listings.
Yellow Pages, Thomson Local and BT's The Phone Book display advertising and can be booked directly with advertising sales representatives.
Nowadays the KC Yellow Pages is referred to as Hull Colour Pages, and is separate from the White Pages. Yell now also publishes an East Yorkshire edition of Yellow Pages in competition.
Yellow pages publishers or their agents sell the right to place advertisements within the same category, next to the basic listings.
For example, AT&T is the dominant local telephone service provider in California, but since Bell Atlantic and GTE merged to become Verizon, it now provides service in many pockets such as West Los Angeles. Los Angeles telephone users can select from telephone directories published by AT&T, Verizon (published by Idearc), Yellow Book USA, PDC Pages (Phone Directories Company) PDC and other independent publishing companies. R. H. Donnelley is also in local markets across country with Dex Printed Directories and In Northern California, Valley Yellow Pages is a large regional independent publisher. Additionally, in the smaller markets, many yellow pages publishers are beginning to offer directories catering to specific niche business or industry segments, such as automotive, manufacturing, environmental/green products, imports, exports, and the like. One such example is the Export Yellow Pages (a yellow page directory published in partnership with the US Department of Commerce that focuses on U.S. exporters) and vertical directories offered by Yellow Pages Nationwide, Inc. Media an Online Digital Yellow Pages company, Consolidation and M&A activity in the directory publishing market continues to remain very high in the U.S. and there is an increasing move toward internet based directories as internet usage for search increases and concerns over the possible negative environmental effects of the books becomes more evident. LLC is a subsidiary of AT&T.


Vietnam Business Yellow Pages in Vietnamese and English is directory of Vietnam Business.

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