List of Woolworth divisions and namesakes

Divisions and namesakes of the American F. W. Woolworth Company, and divisions of the Australian Woolworths Limited.

Similar namesake companies in South Africa and Australia were legally named after the Woolworth company as permitted by the trademark laws of the period, but never had any financial connection to the original F. W. Woolworth Company. The reorganized American company is currently known as Foot Locker.

Division Region Type Relation Period Note
F. W. Woolworth Company North America Five and dime - 1878–1997 Main subject of this list
Afterthoughts North America Accessories Division c. 1970s–1999 Sold to Claire's and rebranded as Icing chain
The Bargain! Shop North America Discount store Spin-off 1991–Present Sold in 1999
Best of Times North America Watch store Division 1990s
CCS North America Skateboards Acquisition 2008-2014 Later sold to Daddies Board Shop
Champs Sports North America Sporting goods Acquisition 1987-Present
Eastbay North America Mail order Acquisition 1997-present Acquired in early 1997
Foot Locker North America Shoe Store Successor 2001–Present Venator renamed
G.R. Kinney Company North America Shoe Store Division 1894–1998 Purchased in 1963
Going to the Game North America Sports memorabilia Division 1990s
J. Brannam North America Clothing Division 1979–c. 1997 Short for "Just Brand Names"
Kids Foot Locker North America Shoe Stores Successor Division c. 1990s–Present
Lady Foot Locker North America Shoe stores Successor Division c. 1990s–Present
Northern Elements North America Clothing stores Division 1990s
Northern Getaway North America Clothing stores Division 1990s
Northern Reflections North America Outerwear stores Division 1990s–Present Canadian chain
Northern Traditions North America Women's business wear Division 1990s Canadian chain
Red Grille North America Restaurant Division 1960s–1997 Cafeteria style restaurant
Rx Place North America Discount drug store Division 1980s-1990s
San Francisco Music Box Company North America Music box stores Division 1978–Present
Six:02 North America Women's athletic wear Division 2012–Present A new upscale women's athletic store; new division started in 2012.
Venator Group North America Shoe Store Successor 1997–2001 Renamed from F. W. Woolworth Company
Woolco North America Discount store Division 1962–1994 Became Walmart Canada
Woolworth Athletic Group North America Discount store Division 1989–1997 Remained as Venator Group
Worth Mart North America Discount store Division 1960s More down-market than Woolco
2 Entertain Europe Home Video Spin-off Joint Venture 2004–Present Partner with BBC
Alworths Europe General merchandise Spin-off successor 2009–2011 18 stores, mostly taken over by Poundstretcher
B&Q Europe Home improvement Spin-off 1969–Present Stands for "Block & Quayle"
Bertram Books Europe Book Wholesaler Spin-off Division 1971–Present Bought by Smiths News
Chad Valley Europe Toy Brand Spin-off Brand 1800s–Present Now part of Home Retail Group
Embassy Records Europe Record Label Joint Venture 1954–1965 Partner with Oriole Records
Entertainment UK Europe Distributor Division 1988–Present Renamed from Record Merchandisers Limited
Freedom Sportsline Europe Shoes Successor Division c. 2001–Present British division does business as "Foot Locker"
F. W. Woolworth Ireland Europe Retail Spin-off 1914–1984 Former Irish division of F. W. Woolworth plc (later called Woolworths Group)
Kingfisher plc Europe Successor Parent company Retailer 1982–Present Became Woolworth Holdings but then spun it off in 2001
Ladybird Europe Division Brand Children's Clothing 1938–Present Now part of Shop Direct Group
Record Merchandisers Limited Europe Record Label Division 1966–1988 Founded by EMI Records
Retail Company of Germany Europe Department Division 1927–1998 German division that became Woolworth GmbH
Wellchester (originally Wellworths) Europe Stationery Spin-off successor 2009–2012 1 store in Dorchester
Woolworth GmbH Europe Department Spin-Off 1998–Present Formerly Retail Company of Germany, founded in 1927
Woolworths Group Europe Retail Spin-off 1909–2009 Former British division
Woolworths (Cyprus) Europe Department Division Spin-off 1950s–2003 Now a Debenhams franchise
Woolworths (Cyprus) Properties Europe Retail Developer Spin-off 2005–Present Europe Online retailer Spin-off successor 2009–Present Now part of Shop Direct Group
South African namesake
Woolworths (South Africa) Africa Department Namesake 1931–Present Named after Woolworth's without any financial connection
Café W Africa Restaurant Namesake Division 2000s–Present
Country Road Oceania Clothing Store Namesake Division 1998–Present Owned by Woolworths (South Africa)
Australian namesake
Woolworths Limited Oceania Retail company Namesake 1924–Present Named after Woolworth's without any financial connection
Australian Leisure and Hospitality Oceania Hotel Chain Namesake Division 1974–Present
Big W Oceania Discount Namesake Division 1976–Present
BWS Oceania Liquor Namesake Division 2001–Present Stands for "Beer, Wine & Spirits"
Caltex Safeway Oceania Gas Station Namesake Joint Venture 2003–2014 Rebranded Caltex Woolworths in 2014
Caltex Woolworths Oceania Gas Station Namesake Joint Venture 2003–Present Partner with Caltex
Countdown Oceania Grocery Namesake Division 1981–2005 Under Progressive Enterprises
Dan Murphy's Oceania Liquor Namesake acquisition 1878–Present Purchased 1998 by Woolworths Limited
Dick Smith Oceania Consumer electronics Namesake acquisition 1968–Present Woolworth Limited bought from Dick Smith (entrepreneur) in 1980, sold to Anchorage Capital Partners on 26 November 2012, and was listed by them on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 4 December 2013
Everyday Rewards Oceania Loyalty program Namesake division 2007–Present
Flemings Oceania Grocery Namesake acquisition 1930–Present Purchased by Woolworth Limited in 1960
Food For Less Oceania Grocery Namesake acquisition c. 1980s–Present Discount Australian division
Foodtown Oceania Grocery Namesake division 1958–Present Part of Progressive Enterprises
Masters Home Improvement Oceania Grocery JV with Lowe's 2011–Present
Progressive Enterprises Oceania Grocery Spin-off then acquisition 1949–Present Now the New Zealand division of Woolworth Limited
Safeway Oceania Grocery Namesake acquisition 1963–2014 Being converted to Woolworths brand
Tandy Oceania Consumer electronics Namesake acquisition 1973–Present Woolworth Limited purchased in 2001
Thomas Dux Grocer Oceania Grocery Namesake division 2008–Present Upscale health oriented chain
Woolworths @ Gull Oceania Gas station Namesake Joint venture 2001–Present
Woolworths (New Zealand) Oceania Grocery Namesake Division 1929–Present Part of Woolworths Limited
Woolworths Petrol Oceania Gas Station Namesake Division 1996–2003 Replaced by Caltex Woolworths joint venture
Woolworths Supermarkets Oceania Grocery Namesake division 1929–Present Largest grocer in Australia
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