List of Washington Redskins football receiving leaders

Santana Moss is the recordholder for single-season receiving yards.

The List of Washington Redskins football receiving leaders includes single-season and career records for each of three statistics: yardage, number of receptions, and receiving touchdowns, as well as single-game records for receptions and receiving yards. The Redskins compete in the East Division of the National Football Conference. The franchise was founded as the Boston Braves, named after the local baseball franchise.[1] The team changed their name to the Redskins in 1933 and moved to Washington, D.C. in 1937.[2]

The Redskins have played over one thousand games. In those games, the club won five professional American football championships including two NFL Championships and three Super Bowls. The franchise captured ten NFL divisional titles and six NFL conference championships.[3]

The Redskins won the 1937 and 1942 Championship games, as well as Super Bowl XVII, XXII and XXVI. They also played in and lost the 1936, 1940, 1943 and 1945 Championship games, as well as Super Bowl VII and XVIII. They have made 22 postseason appearances, and have an overall postseason record of 23 wins and 17 losses. Only five teams have appeared in more Super Bowls than the Redskins: the Pittsburgh Steelers (eight), Dallas Cowboys (eight), Denver Broncos (eight), New England Patriots (eight) and San Francisco 49ers (six); the Redskins' five appearances are tied with the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins.[4]


Top 25 career
Name Rec. Start End
Art Monk88819801993
Charley Taylor64919641977
Santana Moss63920052011
Gary Clark54919851992
Chris Cooley42920042012
Jerry Smith42119651977
Ricky Sanders41419861993
Bobby Mitchell39319621968
Pierre Garçon2972012Present
Michael Westbrook27719952001
Hugh Taylor27219471954
Don Warren24419791992
Larry Brown23819691976
Brian Mitchell23219901999
Rod Gardner22720012004
Henry Ellard21619941998
Roy Jefferson20819711976
Earnest Byner18519891993
Jordan Reed1822013Present
Laveranues Coles17220032004
Bill Anderson16819581963
Kelvin Bryant15419861990
Larry Centers15019992000
Joe Washington14919811984
Stephen Davis14619972002
Charlie Harraway14619691973
Top 25 single-season (including ties)
Name Rec. Year
Pierre Garçon1132013
Art Monk1061984
Santana Moss932010
Art Monk911985
Laveranues Coles902004
Jordan Reed872015
Art Monk861989
Santana Moss842005
Laveranues Coles822003
Larry Centers812000
Ricky Sanders801989
Gary Clark791989
Santana Moss792008
Charlie Brown781983
Gary Clark751990
Gary Clark741986
Henry Ellard741994
Art Monk731986
Ricky Sanders731988
Chris Cooley732008
Gary Clark721985
Bobby Mitchell721962
Art Monk721988
Charley Taylor721966
Pierre Garçon722015
Top 4 single-game
Name Rec. Year Opponent
Roy Helu142011San Francisco 49ers
Art Monk131985Cincinnati Bengals
Kelvin Bryant131986New York Giants
Art Monk131990Detroit Lions

Receiving yards

Receiving Yards
Top 25 career receiving yards
Name Yards Start End
Art Monk12,02619801993
Charley Taylor9,11019641977
Gary Clark8,74219851992
Santana Moss7,29920052012
Bobby Mitchell6,49219621968
Ricky Sanders5,85419861993
Jerry Smith5,49619651977
Hugh Taylor5,23319471954
Chris Cooley4,71120042012
Michael Westbrook4,28019952001
Henry Ellard3,93019941998
Pierre Garçon3,5082012Present
Roy Jefferson3,11919711976
Rod Gardner2,99720012004
Bill Anderson2,92919581963
Don Warren2,53619791992
Larry Brown2,48519691976
Albert Connell2,48319972000
Frank Grant2,37419731978
Laveranues Coles2,15420032004
Charlie Brown2,11519821984
Leslie Shepherd2,11219941998
Brian Mitchell2,08719901999
Johnny Carson1,98719541959
Charley Malone1,93219341942
Top 25 single-season
Name Yards Year
Santana Moss1,4832005
Bobby Mitchell1,4361963
Henry Ellard1,3971994
Bobby Mitchell1,3841962
Art Monk1,3721984
Pierre Garcon1,3462013
Gary Clark1,3401991
Gary Clark1,2651986
Gary Clark1,2291989
Art Monk1,2261985
Charlie Brown1,2251983
Laveranues Coles1,2042003
Michael Westbrook1,1911999
Art Monk1,1861989
Ricky Sanders1,1481988
Ricky Sanders1,1381989
Albert Connell1,1321999
Charley Taylor1,1191966
Santana Moss1,1152010
Gary Clark1,1121990
Art Monk1,0681986
Gary Clark1,0661987
Art Monk1,0491991
Santana Moss1,0442008
Henry Ellard1,0141996
Rod Gardner1,0062002
Henry Ellard1,0051995
Top 6 single-game
Name Yards Year Opponent
Anthony Allen2551987St. Louis Cardinals
Gary Clark2411986New York Giants
Art Monk2301985Cincinnati Bengals
Bobby Mitchell2181963Pittsburgh Steelers
Albert Connell2112000Jacksonville Jaguars
Rod Gardner2082001Carolina Panthers

Receiving touchdowns

Top 25 career receiving touchdowns (including ties)
Name Rec. TD Start End
Charley Taylor7919641977
Art Monk6519801993
Santana Moss6420052012
Jerry Smith6019651977
Hugh Taylor5819471954
Gary Clark5819851992
Bobby Mitchell4919621968
Ricky Sanders3619861993
Chris Cooley3320042011
Michael Westbrook2419952001
Rod Gardner2220012004
Jean Fugett2119761979
Dick Todd2019391948
Larry Brown2019691976
Charlie Brown1919821984
Clint Didier1919821987
Leslie Shepherd1819941998
Frank Grant1819731978
Pierre Garçon182012Present
Henry Ellard1719941998
Wilbur Moore1619391945
Roy Jefferson1619711976
Dick James1419561963
Ricky Thompson1419781981
Pat Richter1419631970
Albert Connell1419972000
Kelvin Bryant1419861990
Bill Anderson1419581963
Jordan Reed142013Present
Top 25 single-season receiving touchdowns (including ties)
Name Rec. TD Year
Hugh Taylor121952
Jerry Smith121967
Charley Taylor121966
Ricky Sanders121988
Bobby Mitchell111962
Jordan Reed112015
Bobby Mitchell101964
Gary Clark101991
Hugh Taylor91950
Pat Richter91968
Jerry Smith91970
Hugh Taylor91949
Jerry Smith91969
Bobby Mitchell91966
Michael Westbrook91999
Charley Taylor91967
Gary Clark91989
Santana Moss92005
Charlie Brown81982
Hugh Taylor81953
Hugh Taylor81954
Frank Grant81975
Charley Taylor81970
Leslie Shepherd81998
Chris Cooley82007
Charley Taylor81969
Art Monk81991
Rod Gardner82002
Gary Clark81990
Charlie Brown81983
Art Monk81989
Santana Moss82012


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