List of United Kingdom mobile virtual network operators

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United Kingdom lease wireless telephone and data spectrum from major carriers such as EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone for resale.

Brand Host network Wireless Technology Subscribers
2G 3G 4G
1pMobile EE Yes Yes No
AfriMobile Three ? Yes ?
Age UK My Phone Vodafone Yes[note 1] Yes No
Airwave Smart Mobile EE Yes ? ?
Anywhere Sim O2, Vodafone, EE, Three Yes Yes No[note 2]
Asda Mobile EE Yes Yes No
Auracall Travel Talk EE Yes ? ?
Axis Telecom EE Yes Yes No
Believe Mobile O2 Yes ? ?
Bemilo Vodafone Yes Yes No
BT EE Yes Yes Yes
C4C Mobile O2 Yes ? ?
Candy Telecom Vodafone Yes Yes Yes
Champions Mobile O2 Yes Yes ?
Chromebook 3G SIM EE Yes Yes No
Cloud SIM (Cloud SIM App) Three Yes Yes Yes
CTExcelbiz EE No Yes Yes
Delight Mobile EE Yes Yes No
Digital Phone EE Yes Yes No
Econet Mobile EE Yes Yes No
FreedomPop Three No Yes Yes
Fonome Mobile O2 Yes Yes No
Gamma Telecom Three No Yes Yes
360Coms Telecom Vodafone Yes Yes ?
Go Mobile EE Yes Yes ?
iD Mobile Three No Yes Yes
Jadoo Mobile O2 Yes Yes No
Jump O2, Vodafone, EE Yes Yes No
giffgaff O2 Yes Yes Yes
GT Mobile O2 Yes Yes No
HP Mobile Connect EE ? ? ?
KC Mobile O2 Yes Yes Yes
Kingdom Mobile EE Yes Yes ?
Krisant Telecom EE ? ? ?
Kontakt Mobile Vodafone Yes Yes No
Lebara Mobile Vodafone Yes Yes No
Lomo Mobile EE Yes Yes No
Lycamobile O2 Yes Yes Yes
Matrix Cellular EE ? ? ?
Meem Mobile EE Yes Yes Yes
Mobilek O2 ? ? ?
MTel EE ? ? ?
Natterbox EE ? Yes No
NordTelekom EE ? ? ?
Now PAYG EE Yes Yes ?
Pebble Mobile Network O2, Vodafone, EE, Three Yes Yes ?
Piranha Mobile Ltd O2, EE, Three Yes Yes ?
RWG Mobile Three No Yes Yes
Plusnet Mobile EE Yes Yes Yes
Shebang (PG Mobile) Three No Yes Yes
Simwood Three No Yes ?
Sky O2 Yes Yes Yes
Talk Home Mobile EE Yes Yes No
Talkmobile Vodafone Yes Yes No
TalkTalk Mobile Vodafone transitioning to O2 Yes Yes No[note 2]
Telfoni Three No Yes Yes
Tello Three No Yes Yes
Tesco Mobile O2 Yes Yes Yes
The People's Operator Three No Yes Yes 69000[1]
The Phone Co-op EE Yes Yes Yes
Truphone Vodafone Yes Yes No
U2i Mobile EE Yes Yes No[note 2]
Telecom Plus EE Yes Yes No
Vectone Mobile EE Yes Yes No
Virgin Mobile EE Yes Yes Yes Three ?[note 1] ? ?
Rok Mobile Three No Yes Yes
Food Mobile EE ? ? ?
White Calling EE Yes Yes No
  1. 1 2 Internet Unsupported
  2. 1 2 3 Planned

Defunct, merged and acquired operators

Brand Host network Defunct date
Easymobile EE (T-Mobile) 13 December 2006
Fresh Mobile EE (T-Mobile) 19 March 2010
Priyo Mobile EE 5 November 2013
Ovivo Mobile Vodafone 19 March 2014[2]
Samba Mobile Three 28 April 2014
Simple Call Mobile EE 31 October 2014
Family Mobile EE 31 August 2015
Mobile by Sainsbury's Vodafone 15 January 2016
UK Globe EE 31 July 2016
Post Office Mobile EE 8 August 2016
LIFE Mobile EE 29 November 2016[3]

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