List of Thunderbolts members

The Thunderbolts is a team of comic book supervillains and superheroes, as published by Marvel Comics.

The roster of the team has changed a great deal over the years. This roster list is of the members during the team's history.

Roster list

The codenames listed under Character are those used during the time the character was a member; under the notes section, super-villain codenames are listed if applicable. Many characters changed their codenames upon joining. Characters with multiple codenames during their membership have them listed chronologically and separated by a slash (/). Bolded names are the active team members.

First Appearance is where the character first appeared as a member. It is not necessarily the first appearance of the character, nor the story depicting how the character joined the team.

All information is listed in publication order first, then alphabetical.

Character Real Name First Appearance Notes
AtlasErik Stephan JostenIncredible Hulk #449
(January 1997)
Citizen V / Baron ZemoHelmut J. Zemo
MACH-I / MACH-II / MACH-III / MACH-IV / MACH-V/ MACH-XAbner Ronald Jenkins
  • Founding member.
  • Formerly known as: The Beetle
  • Former member of:
Meteorite / MoonstoneKarla Sofen
SongbirdMelissa Joan Gold
  • Founding member.
  • Formerly known as: Screaming Mimi
  • Former member of:
Techno / Ogre /FixerPaul Norbert Ebersol
JoltHelen "Hallie" TakahamaThunderbolts #4 (July 1997)
HawkeyeClinton Francis BartonThunderbolts #21 (December 1998)
CharcoalCharles BurlingameThunderbolts #24 (February 1999)
OgreBrian DunlapThunderbolts #33 (October 1999)
AmazonKatrina Luisa Van HorneThunderbolts #65
(Early August 2002)
  • Formerly known as: Man-Killer
  • Former member of the Masters of Evil.
BlackheathSamuel Smithers
  • Formerly known as: Plantman
CyclonePierre Fresson
  • Former member of
    • Masters of Evil
    • Maggia
HarrierDonald Joshua Clendenon
  • Formerly known as: Cardinal
  • Former member of:
SkeinSybil Dvorak
  • Formerly known as: Gypsy Moth
  • Former member of:
VantageDallas RiordanThunderbolts #75 (February 2003)
  • Former member of the V Battalion
  • Employee of the CSA.
Cobalt ManAnthony StarkAvengers/Thunderbolts #2 (Early June 2004)
  • Joined under false pretenses.
BlizzardDonald GillNew Thunderbolts #1
  • Formerly known as Legacy and Captain Marvel
  • Died in Thunderbolts #100.
JoystickJanice Olivia YanizeskiNew Thunderbolts #2 (January 2005)
  • Former member of the Masters of Evil.
  • Former participant in the Great Game
Speed DemonJames Sanders
  • Formerly known as : Whizzer
  • Former member of:
    • Squadron Sinister
    • Sinister Syndicate
Radioactive ManChen LuNew Thunderbolts #4 (March 2005)
  • Member of China Force
  • Former member of:
NighthawkKyle RichmondNew Thunderbolts #17 (March 2006)
SmugglerConrad JostenThunderbolts #100
  • Former member of:
    • Redeemers
SwordsmanAndreas von Strucker
BullseyeLester or Benjamin PoindexterCivil War #4
Green GoblinNorman Osborn
VenomMacdonald Gargan
PenanceRobert BaldwinThunderbolts #110
Ant-ManEric O'GradyThunderbolts #128
Black WidowNatalia Romanova
HeadsmanCleavon Twain
  • Headsman is killed in Thunderbolts #140
Mister XUnknownThunderbolts #132
ScourgeFrank SimpsonThunderbolts #133
  • Formerly known as: Nuke
GrizzlyMaxwell MarkhamThunderbolts #139
Luke CageLuke CageThunderbolts #143
CrossbonesBrock RumlowThunderbolts #144
JuggernautCain Marko
Man-ThingTed Sallis
HyperionMark MiltonThunderbolts #152
SatanaSatanaThunderbolts #155
BoomerangFrederick "Fred" MyersThunderbolts #157
CenturiusNoah Black
Mister HydeCalvin Zabo
TrollGunna Sijurvald
ShockerHerman Schultz
SkaarSkaarDark Avengers #175
Trick ShotBarney Barton
Dark Spider-ManAi Apaec
Toxie DoxieDr. June Covington
DeadpoolWade WilsonThunderbolts Vol. 2 #1
ElektraElektra Natchios
PunisherFrank Castle
  • Former Member of:
    • Code Red
    • Secret Avengers (Civil War)
Red HulkThaddeus Ross
Agent VenomEugene "Flash" Thompson
Red LeaderSamuel SternsThunderbolts Vol. 2 #6
MercyAbigail Wright
Ghost RiderJohnny BlazeThunderbolts Vol. 2 #20
Winter SoldierJames Buchanan "Bucky" BarnesThunderbolts Vol. 3 #1
KobikKobikThunderbolts Vol. 3 #1

Detainees and recruits

During the Civil War, apprehended villains were given a choice to either help the Thunderbolts or go to jail. The project occurred three weeks earlier when the threat of the Grandmaster and his Squadron Sinister. Some of them reformed and joined the Thunderbolts in the end, returned to a life of crime, or joined The Initiative. Here is a list of them:

Thunderbolts Army


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