List of The Amazing Spider-Man issues

The following is a complete list of all volumes of The Amazing Spider-Man, with notes for each issue.

Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)

Written by Stan Lee with art by Steve Ditko. Features the first appearances of Spider-Man, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Flash Thompson, and Liz Allan. High school student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, thus gaining the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a spider, along with a precognitive "spider-sense" and later creating a web-shooting device. Peter becomes Spider-Man, an instant TV sensation, but coming out of a TV studio one day, Peter does not stop an escaping burglar, claiming it is not his problem. A few days later, he comes home to find his Uncle Ben has been shot and goes to track down the murderer, only to find that it was the same burglar that he had let escape a few days earlier. Peter blames himself for his uncle's death and realizes that with great power there must also come great responsibility.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1–100 (March 1963–September 1971)

Issue # Title Author / Illustrator Publication date
1Spider-Man: Freak! Public Menace!Stan Lee/Steve DitkoMar. 1963
First appearance of Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson and his son, astronaut John Jameson. The Bugle begins its campaign against Spider-Man.
The Chameleon!
First meeting between Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. First appearance of the Chameleon, the first member of Spider-Man's rogues gallery.
2Duel to the Death with the Vulture!Lee/DitkoMay 1963
First appearance of the Vulture. Peter Parker begins selling photos to the Daily Bugle.
The Uncanny Threat of the Terrible Tinkerer!
First appearance of the Tinkerer.
3The Strangest Foe of All Time... Doctor OctopusLee/Ditko July 1963
Origin story and first appearance of Doctor Octopus. Second meeting between Spider-Man and the Human Torch.
4Nothing Can Stop… the Sandman!Lee/DitkoSept. 1963
Origin and first appearance of the Sandman and J. Jonah Jameson's secretary Betty Brant.
5Marked for Destruction by Dr. Doom!Lee/DitkoOct. 1963
First battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Doom. Spider-Man rescues Flash Thompson.
6Face-to-Face with… the Lizard!Lee/DitkoNov. 1963
Origin and first appearance of the Lizard. First Spider-Man story outside New York City.
7The Return of the VultureLee/DitkoDec. 1963
Second appearance of the Vulture.
8The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain!Lee/DitkoJan. 1964
First appearance of the Living Brain. Peter Parker takes on Flash Thompson in a boxing match.
Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!
Spider-Man takes on the Fantastic Four in a "surprise extra" story.
9The Man Called Electro!Lee/DitkoFeb. 1964
Origin and first appearance of Electro. Aunt May is taken ill.
10The Enforcers!Lee/DitkoMar. 1964
First appearance of Bugle journalist-turned-mobster Frederick Foswell and the Enforcers: Fancy Dan, Ox and Montana. Aunt May recovers, and Betty Brant leaves New York for Pennsylvania.
11 Turning Point Lee/Ditko Apr. 1964
The return of Doctor Octopus. Bennett Brant, brother of Betty, is accidentally shot by a stray bullet when Spider-Man fights a mobster. Betty blames Spider-Man for her brother’s death.
12 Unmasked by Dr. Octopus Lee/Ditko May 1964
After Doctor Octopus escaping from their last battle, he tries to find Spider-Man which leads to him capturing Betty Brant. Spider-Man fights Doc Ock until he is defeated and unmasked to be Peter Parker. Everyone believes this to be false and Doc Ock escapes. Later, Spider-Man and Doc Ock fight in which Spider-Man wins.
13 The Menace of … Mysterio! Lee/Ditko June 1964
Mysterio makes his 1st appearance, framing Spider-Man for a robbery. Mysterio is seen as a hero for exposing Spider-Man as a villain. When they fight, Mysterio blocks Spider-Mans spider-sense, and continuously beats up Spider-Man. In the end, Spider-Man defeats Mysterio.
14 The Grotesque Adventure of ‘The Green Goblin Lee/Ditko July 1964
The 1st appearance of The Green Goblin who convinces a movie producer to make a movie with Spider-Man fighting the Enforcers and the Goblin. While fighting in a cave, they come across the Hulk.
15 Kraven the Hunter! Lee/Ditko Aug. 1964
The 1st appearance of Kraven the Hunter, teaming up with the Chameleon to try to kill Spider-Man.
16 Duel with Daredevil Lee/Ditko Sept. 1964
Spider-Man gets hypnotized by Ringmaster, and is ordered to fight Daredevil.
17 The Return of the Green Goblin! Lee/Ditko Oct. 1964
Flash Thompson starts The Spider-Man Fan Club. First appearance of the Green Goblin's now-iconic Goblin Glider vehicle.
18 The End of Spider-Man! Lee/Ditko Nov. 1964
The 1st appearance of Ned Leeds. Spider-Man watches over his sick aunt, running away from the Sandman and being called a coward.
19 Spidey Strikes Back! Lee/Ditko Dec. 1964
Spider-Man strikes back against The Sandman and The Enforcers.
20 The Coming of the Scorpion Lee/Ditko Jan. 1965
The 1st appearance of The Scorpion. Dr. Farley Stillwell turns Mac Gargan into the Scorpion at the request of J.Jonah Jameson.
21 Where Flies The Beetle Lee/Ditko Feb. 1965
The Beetle kidnaps The Torch's girlfriend and Spider-Man tries to rescue her, but The Human Torch thinks Spider-Man did it. The Torch finally catches up to The Beetle and sees that he's kidnapped Doris Evans and goes to try and catch him, with a little help from Spider-Man.
22 Preeeeeesenting… The Clown, and His Masters of Menace! Lee/Ditko Mar. 1965
Spider-Man battles The Clown and his Masters of Menace, otherwise known as the Circus of Crime.
23 The Goblin and The Gangsters Lee/Ditko Apr. 1965
Spider-Man battles Green Goblin.
24 Spider-Man Goes Mad! Lee/Ditko May 1965
Mysterio, under the guise of Dr. Ludwig Rinehart, convinces Spider-Man that he is insane.
25 Captured by J. Jonah Jameson! Lee/Ditko June 1965
The introduction of Spencer Smythe and the first Spider-Slayer. 1st appearance of Mary Jane Watson (face obscured).
26 The Man In The Crime-Master's Mask Lee/Ditko July 1965
The 1st appearance of Patch the Stool Pigeon
27 Bring Back My Goblin To Me! Lee/Ditko Aug. 1965
Patch revealed to be Frederick Foswell
28 The Menace of The Molten Man Lee/Ditko Sept. 1965
1st appearance of the Molten Man; Peter Parker's graduation from Midtown High
29 Never Step On A Scorpion Lee/Ditko Oct. 1965
Spider-Man battles The Scorpion
30 The Claws Of The Cat Lee/Ditko Nov. 1965
Spider-Man battles The Cat
31 If This Be My Destiny Lee/Ditko Dec. 1965
The 1st appearances of Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy, Professor Miles Warren. Peter Parker starts College. First of three-parter.
32 Man On A Rampage Lee/Ditko Jan. 1966
Aunt May is in hospital with radiation poisoning in her blood due to a transfusion from Peter. Second of three-parter.
33 The Final Chapter Lee/Ditko Feb. 1966
Legendary issue where Spider-Man must escape after being pinned under heavy machinery in order to get the antidote to Aunt May. Third of three-parter.
34 The Thrill Of The Hunt! Lee/Ditko Mar. 1966
Spider-Man battles Kraven the Hunter
35 The Molten Man Regrets Lee/Ditko Apr. 1966
Spider-Man battles Molten Man
36 When Falls The Meteor Lee/Ditko May 1966
1st appearance of The Looter
37 Once Upon A Time, There Was A Robot...! Lee/Ditko June 1966
Professor Stromm creates two robots that Spider-Man must battle. 1st appearance of Norman Osborn
38 Just a guy named Joe Lee/Ditko July 1966
Last issue with Steve Ditko art
39 How Green Was My Goblin Lee/John Romita Sr Aug. 1966
Green Goblin revealed to be Norman Osborn. The Green Goblin discovers Spider-Man's identity.
40 The End Of The Green Goblin Lee/Romita Sr. Sept. 1966
The Green Goblin gets amnesia, forgetting Spider-Man's identity, and returning to his life as Norman Osborn
41 The Horns Of The Rhino Lee/Romita Sr. Oct. 1966
1st appearance of The Rhino
42 The Birth Of A Superhero Lee/Romita Sr. Nov. 1966
John Jameson, who is clouded by space spores, fights Spidey. 1st full appearance of Mary Jane Watson
43 Rhino On The Rampage Lee/Romita Sr. Dec. 1966
Spider-Man battles The Rhino once more after he breaks out of jail.
44 Where Crawls The Lizard Lee/Romita Sr. Jan. 1967
The Return of the Lizard.
45 Spidey Smashes Out Lee/Romita Sr. Feb. 1967
Spider-Man's battle with The Lizard continues
46 The Sinister Shocker Lee/Romita Sr. Mar. 1967
1st appearance of The Shocker. Peter Parker moves in with Harry Osborn.
47 In The Hands Of The Hunter Lee/Romita Sr. Apr. 1967
Return of Kraven the Hunter
Deadpool #11 intersects this story, with the Deadpool disguising himself as Peter Parker and Blind Al disguising herself as Aunt May. Parts of the issue were drawn over ASM#47, resulting in a Forrest Gump type insertion of Deadpool and Blind Al. It is unknown whether the events in Deadpool #11 remain in canon, though the story ended the same way as ASM #47.
48 The Wings of the Vulture! Lee/Romita Sr. May 1967
Return of The Vulture
49 From the Depths of Defeat! Lee/Romita Sr. June 1967
Kraven and The Vulture join and battle Spider-Man
50 Spider-Man No More! Lee/Romita Sr. July 1967
Peter Parker decides to give up his Spider-Man identity once and for all, and throws away his costume. He resumes crimefighting when he remembers that he is fighting for his Uncle Ben. 1st appearance of The Kingpin. Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon make cameos.
51 In the Clutches of... the Kingpin! Lee/Romita Sr. Aug. 1967
Fred Foswell joins the Kingpin instead of trying to take over as the head of the mob. Kingpin kidnaps J. Jonah Jameson. 1st appearance of Joe Robertson
52 To Die a Hero! Lee/Romita Sr. Sept. 1967
Kingpin story arc concluded. Fred Foswell dies taking a bullet while defending J. Jonah Jameson.
53 Enter: Dr. Octopus Lee/Romita Sr. Oct. 1967
Doctor Octopus returns to steal the nullifier. He sets a trap for Spider-Man and believes he has killed him.
54 The Tentacles and the Trap! Lee/Romita Sr. Nov. 1967
Doc Ock becomes a boarder at Aunt May's house. Spider-Man battles him, but Aunt May suffers an attack.
55 Doc Ock Wins! Lee/Romita Sr. Dec. 1967
Doc Ock steals the nullifier and uses it on Spider-Man, causing him to forget who he is.
56 Disaster! Lee/Romita Sr./Don Heck Jan. 1968
Having lost his memory, Spider-Man helps Doctor Octopus. 1st appearance of Captain George Stacy
57 The Coming of Ka-Zar! Lee/Romita Sr./Heck Feb. 1968
Spider-Man battles Ka-Zar. At the end of the issue, Spider-Man's memory returns.
58 To Kill a Spider-Man! Lee/Romita Sr./Heck Mar. 1968
Second Spider-Slayer
59 The Brand of the Brainwasher! Lee/Romita Sr./Heck Apr. 1968
Mary Jane Watson gets a dancing gig at a club, but the club is in fact a trap to brainwash important individuals. Spider-Man discovers that the Kingpin is behind it all. 1st appearance of Mary Jane Watson on cover.
60 O, Bitter Victory Lee/Romita Sr./Heck May 1968
Spider-Man battles Kingpin who has brainwashed Captain Stacy.
61 What A Tangled Web We Weave! Lee/Romita Sr./Heck June 1968
Captain Stacy realizes he has been brainwashed. The Kingpin captures Captain Stacy and Gwen as a trap for Spider-Man. Spider-Man saves them from being crushed, but the Kingpin escapes.
62 Make Way For... Medusa! Lee/Romita Sr./Heck July 1968
Spider-Man battles Medusa
63 Wings in The Night Lee/Romita Sr./Heck Aug. 1968
The original Vulture is revealed to be alive. He steals a second set of wings and frees Vulture II (Blackie Drago) from prison. The two Vultures battle it out and Drago is defeated.
64 The Vulture's Prey Lee/Romita Sr./Heck Sept. 1968
Part 2; Spider-Man battles the original Vulture.
65 The Impossible Escape! Lee/Romita Sr. Oct. 1968
Injured from his battle with the Vulture, Spider-Man is taken to the prison infirmary, but the police don't unmask him. When a riot breaks out, Spider-Man saves Captain Stacy.
66 The Madness of Mysterio! Lee/Romita Sr./Heck Nov. 1968
Mysterio lures Spider-Man to a trap.
67 To Squash a Spider! Lee/Romita Sr. Dec. 1968
Mysterio makes Spider-Man believe he's been shrunk down. 1st appearance of Randy Robertson
68 Crisis On Campus Lee/Romita Sr. Jan. 1969
Kingpin uses a campus demonstration as a diversion to steal an ancient clay tablet.
69 Mission: Crush the Kingpin! Lee/Romita Sr. Feb. 1969
Spider-Man battles Kingpin and retrieves the ancient tablet.
70 Spider-Man Wanted! Lee/Romita Sr. Mar. 1969
While the Kingpin escapes from prison, Spider-Man is sought as his accomplice.
71 The Speedster and the Spider! Lee/Romita Sr. Apr. 1969
Spider-Man battles Quicksilver
72 Rocked by.. The Shocker! Lee/Romita Sr. May 1969
Return of the Shocker who steals the ancient clay tablet from the Stacy's. Spider-Man defeats him, but the tablet is missing.
73 The Web Closes! Lee/Romita Sr./John Buscema June 1969
Spider-Man tracks the tablet to the Shocker's girlfriend, but he is overcome by Man-Mountain Marko who brings it to Silvermane (1st appearance). Dr. Connors is kidnapped to unlock the secrets of the tablet.
74 If This Be Bedlam! Lee/Romita Sr. July 1969
Silvermane drinks a potion made by Dr. Connor according to the tablet and becomes younger. Appearances by Man-Mountain Marko and Caesar Cicero.
75 Death Without Warning! Lee/Romita Sr. Aug. 1969
Silvermane's potion backfires as he continues to grow younger until he disappears. Dr. Connors becomes the Lizard once again.
76 The Lizard Lives! Lee/Buscema Sept. 1969
Spider-Man battles the Lizard. During their battle, the Torch shows up.
77 In the Blaze of Battle! Lee/Romita Sr./Buscema Oct. 1969
Human Torch joins the fight against the Lizard, although Spider-Man fears he may injure Dr. Connors.
78 The Night of the Prowler Lee/Romita Sr./Buscema Nov. 1969
1st appearance of The Prowler.
79 To Prowl No More Lee/Buscema Dec. 1969
Storyarc with The Prowler concludes. After Spidey unmasks the Prowler, he listens to his story and decides to let him go.
80 On the Trail of... the Chameleon! Lee/Romita Sr./Buscema Jan. 1970
Return of Chameleon
81 The Coming of the Kangaroo! Lee/Romita Sr./Buscema Feb 1970
Spider-Man battles The Kangaroo
82 And Then Came Electro! Lee/Romita Sr. Mar. 1970
Return of Electro
83 The Schemer! Lee/Romita Sr. Apr. 1970
1st appearance of the Schemer and 1st Vanessa Fisk
84 The Kingpin Strikes Back! Lee/Romita Sr./Buscema May 1970
Spider-Man battles Kingpin
85 The Secret of the Schemer! Lee/Romita Sr./Buscema June 1970
Spider-Man battles Kingpin and the Schemer. The Schemer is revealed to be Richard Fisk, Kingpin's son.
86 Beware... The Black Widow! Lee/Romita Sr. July 1970
Spider-Man battles Black Widow
87 Unmasked At Last! Lee/Romita Sr. Aug. 1970
Peter Parker reveals to his friends that he is Spider-Man. None of them believe him, as they think that he is ill, which he is. After he recovers Peter gets The Prowler to impersonate Spider-Man so that his friends can be completely convinced that he is not Spider-Man.
88 The Arms of Doctor Octopus! Lee/Romita Sr. Sept. 1970
Spider-Man battles Doctor Octopus's mechanical tentacles.
89 Doc Ock Lives! Lee/Gil Kane Oct. 1970
The return of Doctor Octopus
90 And Death Shall Come! Lee/Kane Nov. 1970
Captain George Stacy dies when a pile of bricks fall on him due to Doctor Octopus' arms flailing around in a fight with Spider-Man. Spidey gets a last moment with Captain Stacy up on the rooftop where Stacy tells Peter Parker to take care of his daughter Gwen. Spider-Man is largely blamed for Captain Stacy's death
91 To Smash the Spider! Lee/Kane Dec. 1970
1st appearance Sam Bullit. After her father's death, Gwen Stacy visits Sam Bullit, who is in a campaign against masked heroes, and offers to help him win his election. Gwen hates Spider-Man and blames him for her father, Captain Stacy's death.
92 When Iceman Attacks Lee/Kane Jan. 1971
Spider-Man battles Iceman.
93 The Lady and.. The Prowler! Lee/Romita Sr. Feb. 1971
The Prowler believes that Spider-Man is trying to frame him for Stacy's death after having the Prowler dress up as Spider-Man and show up at Stacy's house in issue #87. Spider-Man ends up defeating the Prowler and delivering him to the hospital, and after returning to Gwen's house, he finds out that she has left for London to live with her Aunt and Uncle.
94 On Wings of Death! Lee/Romita Sr. Mar. 1971
The Beetle takes Aunt May as a hostage at the general store. Spider-Man confronts the Beetle and saves Aunt May.
95 Trap for a Terrorist! Lee/Romita Sr. Apr. 1971
Spider-Man fights in London.
96 ..And Now, the Goblin! Lee/Kane May 1971
Drug Issues part 1; not approved by Comics Code Authority. Peter Parker takes up a job at Norman Osborn's Chemistry lab. Mr. Osborn discovers a Green Goblin storage closet and becomes once again the Goblin.
97 In the Grip of the Goblin! Lee/Romita Sr./Kane June 1971
Drug Issues part 2; not approved by Comics Code Authority. Spider-Man battles the Green Goblin. Harry Osborn's drug habit leads to a complete breakdown.
98 The Goblin's Last Gasp! Lee/Kane July 1971
Drug Issues part 3; not approved by Comics Code Authority. Spider-Man forces Norman Osborn/Green Goblin to see his ailing son and Mr. Osborn once again returns to normal.
99 A Day in the Life of... (Featuring: Panic in the Prison) Lee/Kane Aug. 1971
Spider-Man intervenes in a prison riot. 1st appearance Turpo (Prisoner)
100 The Spider or the Man? Lee/Kane Sept. 1971
In an attempt to remove his own powers, Spider-Man accidentally grows four extra arms.

The Amazing Spider-Man #101–200 (October 1971–January 1980)

Issue # Title Author / Illustrator Publication date
101 A Monster Called... Morbius! Roy Thomas/Gil Kane Oct. 1971
Spider-Man flees to the Long Island home of Dr. Curt Connors to treat his four arms. The first appearance of Morbius.
102 Vampire At Large! Thomas/Kane Nov. 1971
Spider-Man and the Lizard battle Morbius and Spider-Man regains his original number of arms.
103 Gog! He Who Walks The Savage Land! Thomas/Kane Dec. 1971
Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and J.J. Jameson travel to the Savage Land to find a strange beast. They meet Ka-Zar. 1st appearance of Gog which is being controlled by Kraven the Hunter
104 The Beauty and the Brute Thomas/Kane Jan. 1972
Spider-Man and Ka-Zar defeat Gog and Kraven The Hunter.
105 The Spider Slayer! Stan Lee/Kane Feb. 1972
J.J. Jameson commissions a 3rd Spider-Slayer from Dr. Spencer Smythe.
106 Squash! Goes the Spider! Lee/John Romita Sr. Mar. 1972
Spider-Man's face is revealed to a group of criminals in league with Spencer Smythe. To throw them off, he creates a mask of his face and removes it when he knows they are watching, revealing his Spider-Man mask.
107 Spidey Smashes Thru! Lee/Romita Sr. Apr. 1972
Spider-Man defeats Spider-Slayer III and Spencer Smythe.
108 Vengeance From Vietnam! Lee/Romita Sr. May 1972
1st appearances of The Giant One and Monks Of The Hidden Temple. Flash Thompson is kidnapped by monks from Vietnam.
109 Enter: Doctor Strange! Lee/Romita Sr. June 1972
Doctor Strange helps Spider-Man save Flash.
110 The Birth of... the Gibbon! Lee/Romita Sr. July 1972
1st appearance of The Gibbon. Aunt May disappears.
111 To Stalk A Spider! Gerry Conway/Romita Sr. Aug. 1972
The Gibbon is drugged by Kraven the Hunter so that he will attack Spider-Man
112 Spidey Cops Out! Conway/Romita Sr. Sept. 1972
Spider-Man is preoccupied by Aunt May's disappearance. He comes across a new underworld group run by Doctor Octopus
113 They Call The Doctor... Octopus! Conway/Romita Sr. Oct. 1972
1st appearance of Hammerhead. Doctor Octopus and Hammerhead battle for control of the city.
114 Who The Heck Is Hammerhead? Conway/Romita Sr. Nov. 1972
The battle between Hammerhead and Doctor Octopus continues. Aunt May revealed to be staying at Dr. Octopus's house
115 The Last Battle! Conway/Romita Sr. Dec. 1972
Doctor Octopus battles Hammerhead. Aunt May shoots at Spider-Man to protect Doc Ock.
116 Suddenly... The Smasher! Lee/Conway/Romita Sr. Jan. 1973
Spider-Man faces off against mayoral candidate Richard Raleigh, Dr. Thaxton and The Smasher. The story is a revised version of the Man Monster tale in Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1 (July 1968).
117 The Deadly Designs of the Disruptor! Lee/Conway/Romita Sr. Feb. 1973
The story continues. 1st appearance the Disruptor.
118 Countdown to Chaos! Lee/Conway/Romita Sr. Mar. 1973
The story concludes. Disruptor's identity revealed as Richard Raleigh.
119 The Gentleman's Name is... Hulk! Conway/Romita Sr. Apr. 1973
Spider-Man travels to Canada to speak with a lawyer about a telegram to Aunt May. He battles the Hulk part 1.
120 The Fight and the Fury Conway/Kane May 1973
Spider-Man battles the Hulk part 2.
121 The Night Gwen Stacy Died Conway/Kane June 1973
In this landmark issue, the Green Goblin regains his memory and kills Gwen Stacy.
122 The Goblin's Last Stand Conway/Kane July 1973
The death of The Green Goblin/Norman Osborn. (He remains dead for 23 years, real time.)
123 ...Just A Man Called... Cage! Conway/Kane/Romita Sr. Aug. 1973
Luke Cage is hired by J Jonah Jameson to eliminate Spider-Man
124 The Mark of the Man-Wolf Conway/Kane Sept. 1973
Spider-Man battles Jameson's son John who has turned into the Man-Wolf
125 Wolfhunt! Conway/Ross Andru Oct. 1973
Man-Wolf story continues.
126 The Kangaroo Bounces Back! Conway/Andru Nov. 1973
The Kangaroo is given powers by Jonas Harrow, but is killed while battling Spider-Man. 1st mention of The Spider-Mobile that Spider-Man is building with the help of the Human Torch. In the epilogue, Harry Osborn is revealed to be the person who took the Green Goblin costume off his father's body; he decides to become the Green Goblin.
127 The Dark Wings of Death! Conway/Andru Dec. 1973
1st appearance Vulture III
128 The Vulture Hangs High! Conway/Andru Jan. 1974
Battle with Vulture III concludes
129 The Punisher Strikes Twice! Conway/Andru Feb. 1974
1st appearance of the Punisher as well as The Jackal
130 Betrayed! Conway/Andru Mar. 1974
Spider-Man battles Hammerhead. 1st appearance of The Spider-Mobile
131 My Uncle... My Enemy? Conway/Andru Apr. 1974
Doctor Octopus attempts to wed Aunt May who is to inherit a private Canadian island rich in uranium. Apparent death of Doctor Octopus and Hammerhead when a nuclear breeder reactor blows up.
132 The Master Plan of the Molten Man! Conway/Romita Sr./Paul Reinman May 1974
Liz Allan reappears, after a 102 issue absence
133 The Molten Man Breaks Out! Conway/Andru June 1974
Molten Man revealed to be Liz Allan's step brother
134 Danger Is A Man Named... Tarantula! Conway/Andru July 1974
1st appearance of The Tarantula. Harry finds out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man when he sees him swing out of the apartment window.
135 Shoot-Out in Central Park! Conway/Andru Aug. 1974
Punisher returns. Faces off against Tarantula and his henchmen Hidalgo & Juan. Harry Osborn finds Peter's costume and mask on Peter's dresser.
136 The Green Goblin Lives Again! Conway/Andru Sept. 1974
1st appearance of Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin
137 The Green Goblin Strikes! Conway/Andru Oct. 1974
2nd part of Harry Osborn as Green Goblin story
138 Madness Means... The Mindworm! Conway/Andru Nov. 1974
1st appearance of Mindworm
139 Day of the Grizzly! Conway/Andru Dec. 1974
1st appearance of The Grizzly.
140 And One Will Fall! Conway/Andru Jan. 1975
1st appearance of Gloria Grant, Spider-Man battles the Grizzly and Jackal.
141 The Man's Name Appears To Be... Mysterio! Conway/Andru Feb. 1975
1st appearance of Mysterio II (Daniel Berkhart). Spider-Man drives the Spider-Mobile off a dock
142 Dead Man's Bluff! Conway/Andru Mar. 1975
1st appearance of Gwen Stacy's clone
143 ...And The Wind Cries: Cyclone! Conway/Andru Apr. 1975
Peter and Robbie Robertson travel to Paris to save J.J. Jameson. 1st appearance of Cyclone. 1st kiss between Peter and MJ.
144 The Delusion Conspiracy Conway/Andru May 1975
Spider-Man defeats the Cyclone. Gwen Stacy's clone meets Peter Parker
145 Gwen Stacy is alive...and, well...?! Conway/Andru June 1975
Gwen Stacy's clone part 2. Battles the Scorpion.
146 Scorpion......where is thy sting? Conway/Andru July 1975
Gwen Stacy's clone part 3. Scorpion resumes.
147 The Tarantula Is A Very Deadly Beast! Conway/Andru Aug. 1975
Gwen Stacy's clone part 4. Versus Tarantula. In a recreation of Gwen Stacey's death, Spider-Man is thrown off the Brooklyn Bridge by the Jackal.
148 Jackal, Jackal...who's got the Jackal? Conway/Andru Sept. 1975
Spider-Man defeats Tarantula. The Jackal is revealed to be Professor Miles Warren
149 Even if I live, I die! Conway/Andru Oct. 1975
1st appearance of The Spider-Man Clone. The clone and the Prof. Warren/Jackal appear to die at the end of the issue.
150 Spider-Man... ...Or Spider-Clone? Archie Goodwin/Kane Nov. 1975
Spider-Man goes to Dr. Connors to do tests to see if he is the Clone. He is attacked by Vulture, Sandman and the Kingpin, but these are just robots created by Dr. Spencer Smythe who attacks with a new Spider-Slayer. Spider-Man defeats him and proves to himself that he is not the Clone because, despite he and the clone having the same memories, he has feelings for Mary Jane which could only be based on shared experiences after the death of Gwen Stacy. Thus, he must be the real thing. Spider-Man decides to not read Dr. Connors' lab report.
151 Skirmish beneath the Streets! Len Wein/Andru/Romita Sr. Dec. 1975
Spider-Man disposes of his clone in a smokestack. He battles the Shocker. Harry Osborn is released from the psychiatric institution.
152 Shattered By The Shocker! Wein/Andru Jan. 1976
Spider-Man defeats the Shocker. Doctor Octopus (identity revealed in #156) reappears as a homeless person pursued by an unseen adversary.
153 The Longest Hundred Yards! Wein/Andru Feb. 1976
1st appearance Paine. Former football star and computer scientist Bradley Bolton is blackmailed by Paine (working for an unknown group; eventually revealed to be led by Kingpin in #163) to hand over a component to the Worldwide Habitual Offenders (W.H.O.) computer. Spider-Man arrives too late to save Bolton.
154 The Sandman Always Strikes Twice! Wein/Sal Buscema Mar. 1976
Sandman is liberated by a group of criminals (see #153) whose unseen leader forces him to go steal a mechanism. He is defeated by Spider-Man.
155 Whodunit! Wein/S. Buscema Apr. 1976
1st appearance Leroy Tallon. Spider-Man attempts to solve the mystery of who murdered Dr. Armstrong Smith, designer of the Worldwide Habitual Offenders W.H.O. computer. The killer is revealed to be the computer itself.
156 On a clear day you can see the Mirage! Wein/Andru May 1976
Ned Leeds and Betty Brant get married. Spider-Man battles Mirage (first appearance). Return of Doctor Octopus (last page).
157 The Ghost That Haunted Octopus! Wein/Andru June 1976
Doctor Octopus is pursued by the ghost of Hammerhead.
158 Hammerhead Is Out! Wein/Andru July 1976
In an attempt to eliminate Hammerhead's ghost, Doctor Octopus unfortunately rematerializes him.
159 Arm-In-Arm-In-Arm-In-Arm-In-Arm-In-Arm With Doctor Octopus Wein/Andru Aug. 1976
Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus join forces to fight Hammerhead and rescue Aunt May. The Terrible Tinkerer reappears (identity revealed in #160), with the Spider-Mobile.
160 My Killer, The Car! Wein/Andru Sept. 1976
The Tinkerer attempts to capture Spider-Man with the Spider-Mobile. J. Jonah Jameson receives photos of Spider-Man (revealed in #161, the photos show Spider-Man unmasking his clone, and disposing of him in a smokestack).
161 ..And the Nightcrawler came prowling, prowling Wein/Andru Oct. 1976
Spider-Man and X-Man Nightcrawler mistakenly battle over a series of sniper deaths. The Punisher reappears.
162 Let The Punisher Fit The Crime! Wein/Andru Nov. 1976
1st appearance of Jigsaw. Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, and the Punisher joins forces to defeat Jigsaw. First appearance of Dr. Marla Madison.
163 All The Kingpin's Men! Wein/Andru Dec. 1976
Spider-Man re-encounters a group of costumed villains (met in #153, #154 and #160) and he is captured by their boss, Kingpin.
164 The Final Hour! Wein/Andru Jan. 1977
Kingpin uses Spider-Man's life force to reanimate his son Richard Fisk, but with the help of Dr. Curt Connors Spider-Man is able to reverse the deadly effects.
165 Stegron Stalks the City! Wein/Andru Feb. 1977
Stegron kidnaps Curtis Connors, Dr. Connors son, so that Dr. Connors will create a weapon for him. Peter makes up with Mary Jane. J. Jonah Jameson hires Dr. Marla Madison to create the Spider-Slayer IV. Stegron battles Spider-Man using re-animated dinosaur skeletons. The Lizard re-appears.
166 War of the Reptile-Men! Wein/Andru Mar. 1977
Spider-Man battles the Lizard. Harry Osborn and Liz Allan announce their engagement. Introduction of Spider-Slayer IV. Stegron battles the Lizard. Stegron re-animates three dinosaurs which wreak havoc in the city. Spider-Man battles Stegron and the Lizard. The Lizard is defeated but Stegron escapes only to fall into hibernation induced by the New York winter.
167 Stalked by the Spider-Slayer! Wein/Andru Apr. 1977
Jonah tests the Spider-Slayer IV. 1st appearance of Will-O'-The Wisp. Aunt May pickets her land-lord over rent control. Spider-Slayer IV attacks Spider-Man. 1st appearance Dr. Barton Hamilton as Harry Osborn's psychoanalyst. An enraged Robbie Robertson berates Spider-Man for visiting his home. Spider-Man breaks into J. Jonah Jameson's office and steals the evidence Jonah holds against him. Spider-Man battles Will-O'-The-Wisp after catching him stealing plans.
168 Warfare on the Great White Way! Wein/Andru May 1977
Battles Spider-Slayer IV and Will-O'-The-Wisp. Will-O'-The-Wisp revealed to be working for Jonas Harrow.
169 Confrontation Wein/Andru June 1977
J. Jonah Jameson shows Peter Parker the photos of him disposing of his clone. Jameson believes that the pictures prove that Spider-Man killed Peter Parker, and then began impersonating him. Peter, however (who had broken into Jameson's office as Spider-Man, and found the photos, using them to create fake pictures) makes Jameson believe that his proof consists of forged photos. Spider-Man stumbles on a group of criminals using a laser-gun made by the Tinkerer. Their boss revealed to be Doctor Faustus.
170 Madness is all in the Mind! Wein/Andru July 1977
Spider-Man battles Dr. Faustus.
171 Photon is another name for...? Wein/Andru Aug. 1977
Nova guest stars.
172 The Fiend from The Fire Wein/Andru Sept. 1977
1st appearance of the Rocket Racer. The Molten Man returns.
173 If You Can't Stand The Heat...! Wein/Andru Oct. 1977
Spider-Man battles the Molten Man and saves Liz Allan.
174 The Hitman's Back in Town! Wein/Andru Nov. 1977
The Hitman is hired by the People's Liberation Front to kidnap J. J. Jameson. Spider-Man and Punisher join up to battle him. Harry Osborn reveals that Liz Allan has broken up with him; Peter and Flash get him to go see his psychiatrist.
175 Big Apple Battleground! Wein/Andru Dec. 1977
The PLF attempt to blow up the Statue of Liberty with J. J. Jameson. The Punisher and Spider-Man save the day; death of Hitman. Harry Osborn becomes enraged during a therapy session and attacks his doctor; the shadowy victor of the fight proclaims himself the Green Goblin.
176 He who laughs last...! Wein/Andru Jan. 1978
1st appearance of the third Green Goblin. Aunt May has a heart attack while protesting outside of city hall. The Green Goblin attacks Flash and Spider-Man.
177 Goblin In The Middle Wein/Andru Feb. 1978
Spider-Man saves Flash. The Green Goblin tries to take over the criminal underground from Silvermane.
178 Green Grows The Goblin Wein/Andru Mar. 1978
Spider-Man escapes from Silvermane's men. The hospital needs Peter to sign off on surgery for Aunt May, but he is kidnapped by the Green Goblin.
179 The Goblin's Always Greener...! Wein/Andru Apr. 1978
The battle between Green Goblin, Silvermane, and Spider-Man continues. Aunt May's operation is successful. Harry Osborn is revealed as the Goblin's prisoner.
180 Who Was That Goblin I Saw You With? Wein/Andru May 1978
The 3rd Green Goblin is revealed to be Harry Osborn's therapist Bart Hamilton. Hamilton and Osborn fight each other, both as the Green Goblin, and Hamilton ends up dying.
181 Flashback! Bill Mantlo/Buscema June 1978
Origin of Spider-Man retold.
182 The Rocket Racer's Back in Town! Marv Wolfman/Andru July 1978
Peter Parker proposes to Mary Jane Watson. Return of the Rocket Racer.
183 ... And Where the Big Wheel Stops, Nobody Knows! Wolfman/Andru Aug. 1978
Mary Jane says no to Peter Parker's proposal. Spider-Man defeats the Rocket Racer and the Big Wheel.
184 White Dragon! Red Death! Wolfman/Andru Sept. 1978
1st appearance of White Dragon. Betty Brant returns to New York, leaving Ned Leeds.
185 Spider, Spider, Burning Bright! Wolfman/Andru Oct. 1978
Peter Parker's Graduation. Except he does not graduate because he is one credit short.
186 Chaos Is... The Chameleon! Wolfman/Keith Pollard Nov. 1978
Spider-Man begins a brief stint where he is recognized as a hero by the general public. The Chameleon (working for an unrevealed Spencer Smythe) tries to destroy his reputation.
187 The Power of Electro! Wolfman/Jim Starlin Dec. 1978
Captain America guest stars. Cap and Spider-Man must rescue a child that has the plague, from Electro (working for an unrevealed Spencer Smythe).
188 The Jigsaw is up! Wolfman/Pollard Jan. 1979
John Jameson's cryogenically frozen body is stolen. Spider-Man battles Jigsaw.
189 Mayhem by Moonlight! Wolfman/John Byrne Feb. 1979
Spencer Smythe (unrevealed) uses John Jameson / Man-Wolf to attack J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man.
190 In Search of the Man-Wolf! Wolfman/Byrne Mar. 1979
Conclusion of battle with Man-Wolf. Spencer Smythe finally revealed.
191 Wanted for Murder: Spider-Man! Wolfman/Pollard Apr. 1979
Introduction of the fifth Spider-Slayer.
192 24 Hours Till Doomsday! Wolfman/Pollard May 1979
Death of Spencer Smythe (creator of the Spider-Slayers). Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson are handcuffed together with a bomb.
193 The Wings of the Fearsome Fly! Wolfman/Pollard June 1979
Dr. Ludwig Rinehart (Mysterio) returns, working at Aunt May's nursing home.
194 Never Let The Black Cat Cross Your Path! Wolfman/Pollard July 1979
1st appearance of The Black Cat.
195 – Nine Lives Has The Black Cat! Wolfman/Pollard Aug. 1979
Black Cat apparently dies.
196 Requiem! Wolfman/Al Milgrom Sept. 1979
Peter Parker is told that his Aunt is dead.
197 The Kingpin's Midnight Massacre! Wolfman/Pollard Oct. 1979
Battles the Kingpin.
198 Mysterio Is Deadlier By The Dozen! Wolfman/S. Buscema Nov. 1979
Spider-Man remembers that Ludwig Rinehart was an alias of Mysterio from issue #24.
199 Now You See Me! Now You Die! Wolfman/S. Buscema Dec. 1979
Mysterio still makes Spider-Man's life miserable.
200 The Spider and The Burglar Wolfman/Pollard Jan. 1980
Death of the Burglar that killed Uncle Ben. Aunt May is learned to still be alive.

The Amazing Spider-Man #201–300 (February 1980–May 1988)

The Amazing Spider-Man #301–400 (June 1988–April 1995)

The Amazing Spider-Man #401–441 (May 1995–November 1998)

The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 #1–58 (January 1999–November 2003)

The Amazing Spider-Man #500–545 (December 2003–December 2007)

The Amazing Spider-Man #546–647 "Brand New Day" (January 2008–December 2010)

Note: During the "Brand New Day" storyline, three issues of The Amazing Spider-Man were published each month.

The Amazing Spider-Man #648–700 "Big Time" (January 2011–December 2012)

Note: During the "Big Time" storyline, two issues of The Amazing Spider-Man were published each month at the increased length of 30 pages each (compared to the traditional 22 pages).

The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 (April 2014–August 2015)

The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 4 (October 2015–present)

The Amazing Spider-Man Annuals

Issue # Author / Illustrator Publication date
1 Stan Lee / Steve Ditko 1964
"The Sinister Six!" : Doctor Octopus kidnaps Aunt May and Betty Brant and plans to pit Spider-Man against a cadre of villains, including Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and the Vulture.
FEATURES: "A Gallery of Spider-Man's Most Famous Foes!" – Full page illustrations of "The Burglar" (the man that killed Uncle Ben), The Chameleon, The Vulture, The Terrible Tinkerer, Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Doctor Doom, The Lizard, The Living Brain, Electro, The Enforcers, Mysterio, The Green Goblin, and Kraven the Hunter; "The Secrets of Spider-Man!" – information on Spider-Man's strength, powers and abilities; Also single-page illustrations of Peter Parker's classmates, home, guest stars appearing in Amazing Spider-Man, "How Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Create Spider-Man!"
2 Lee / Ditko 1965
"The Wondrous World of Doctor Strange": Spider-Man and Doctor Strange join forces. Also includes reprints of Amazing Spider-Man #1, "The Uncanny Threat of the Terrible Tinkerer" (ASM#2) and “Marked for Destruction by Dr. Doom!” (ASM#5).
FEATURES: "A Gallery of Spider-Man's Most Famous Foes!" – Full page illustrations of "The Circus of Crime" (ASM#16 & #22), The Scorpion, The Beetle, Jonah's Robot (ASM#25), and The Crime-Master.
3 Lee / Don Heck 1966
"...To Become an Avenger!" : Spider-Man tries to join the Avengers and battles the Hulk. Also includes reprints of "Turning Point” and “Unmasked by Dr. Octopus!” (ASM#11-12).
4 Lee / Larry Lieber 1967
"The Web and the Flame" : Spider-Man and the Torch take on Mysterio and The Wizard.
FEATURES: "The Coffee Bean Barn!" – 2-page illustration of Peter's and his friend's favorite hangout; "What the Well-Dressed Spider-Man Will Wear" – A look at Spider-Man's costume and equipment; "Spidey's Greatest Talent" – shows Spider-Man's ability to climb walls and spin webs; "Say 'Hello' To Spidey's Favorite Foes!" – a 2-page montage with The Green Goblin, The Lovable Lizard, Kraven The Hunter, Darlin' Doc Ock, The Sinister Sandman, The New Vulture, Ever-Lovin' Electro, and The Rampaging Rhino; "A Visit to Petey's Pad" – a 2-page spread with a look inside Peter's and Harry Osborne's apartment.
5 Lee / Lieber 1968
"The Parents of Peter Parker!" : Spider-Man travels to Algiers and discovers what happened to his parents. Battles the Red Skull.
FEATURES: "A Day at the Daily Bugle"; "Peter Parker, the Super Sports Star!" – A look at what Peter's life would be like if he played sports; "Where It's At!" – a map of New York City with locations for Peter's Apartment, Aunt May's home, The Daily Bugle, Empire State, The Coffee Bean Barn; "This is Spidey As We Know Him, But..." – Spider-Man illustrated as different cartoon characters like Dick Tracy and Charlie Brown; "Here We Go-A-Plotting!" – a satirical look how Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and John Romita create a Spider-Man story.
6 1969
Reprints "The Sinister Six!" story from ASM Annual #1. Also contains "The Fabulous Fantastic Four Meet Spider-Man", a condensed version of the first time Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four meet, told in ASM#1 story "Spider-Man vs. The Chameleon"; Reprints "Spider-Man Tackles the Torch" from ASM#8.
7 1970
Reprints "Spider-Man Vs. The Chameleon!" from ASM#1, "Duel to the Death with The Vulture!" from ASM#2, and "Just a Guy Named Joe" (ASM#38); also features full page portraits of Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, and Spider-Man battling Mysterio, Electro, and Sandman.
8 1971
Reprints ASM#46 "The Sinister Shocker!", "On the Trail of Spider-Man!" from Tales to Astonish #57, and "Spider-Man No More!" from ASM#50
9 Lee / John Romita Sr. 1973
"The Goblin Lives!": revised version of Spectacular Spider-Man #2 (Nov. 1968). Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin again.
10 Bill Mantlo / Gil Kane 1976
"Step into my Parlor...said the Spider to the Fly!" – First appearance of The Fly (Richard Deacon).
11 Bill Mantlo / Don Perlin 1977
"Spawn of the Spider" Second story "Chaos at the Coffee Bean!"
12 1978
Reprints from Amazing Spider-Man #119-120 Vs. the Hulk
13 1979
The second of Doctor Octopus's mysterious and deadly plan. Continued from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 1.
14 Dennis O'Neil / Frank Miller 1980
Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, team up against Doctor Doom, and the dread Dormannu! Nuff said!
15 Dennis O'Neil / Frank Miller 1981
Spider-Man vs the Punisher, and Dr. Octopus.
16 Roger Stern / John Romita Sr. and John Romita Jr 1982
"Who's that Lady ? Call her Captain Marvel" The New Captain Marvel's Origin, future Avenger.
17 1983
"Heroes and Villains" Peter Parker's class reunion.
18 Lee / Ron Frenz 1984
"The Scorpion takes a Bride!"
19 1985
"Fun n' Games" Alphonso Smythe attacks MJ. MJ seen on cover with Spider-Man costume on.
20 Ken McDonald/ Mark Beachum 1986
"Man of the Year" : Spider-Man battles a time-traveling Iron Man 2020 attempting to stop a future act of terrorism.
21 David Michelinie/James Shooter/Paul Ryan 1987
"The Wedding": Peter Parker marries Mary Jane Watson
22 1988
Story 1: "Drug War Rages" (Tom DeFalco / Mark Bagley)
Story 2: "He Who Laughs" (Ditko / Roger Stern) with Speedball
Story 3: "Kindred Spirits" (Mark Gruenwald/Ron Lim) with High Evolutionary (Part of the Evolutionary War).
23 1989
Spidey and She-Hulk vs. Abomination
24 1990
Spider-Man and Ant-Man.
25 1991
Main story: The Vibranium Vendetta; Sub-stories – The Origin of The Amazing Spider-Man, The Outlaws in "Outlaws of Justice Part One", Venom in "Truckstop of Doom" and Chance in "Second Chance"
26 1992
The Hero Killers Pt. 1; Fortune and Steel. Sub-stories: First Kill, The Wronged Man, Making the Grade and Evil's Light Part One Now Strikes the Lightmaster.
27 1993
Story 1: "Prepare Yourself for...Annex!" (Jack C. Harris / Tom Lyle)
Story 2: "Dead Reckoning" (Eric Fein / Scott Kolins)
Story 3: "The Lizard Must be Destroyed" (Mike Lackey / Aaron Lopresti)
Story 4: "Estrangements and Reunions" (Eric Fein / Larry Alexander)
28 1994
Carnage is Back: The Mortal Past. Sub-stories: Fatal Instinct, Mr. Smith Goes to Town and No Son of Mine.
Amazing Spider-Man '96 1996
Amazing Spider-Man '97 1997
Amazing Spider-Man & Devil Dinosaur '98 1998
"Duel with Devil Dinosaur"
Amazing Spider-Man 1999 1999
Amazing Spider-Man 2000 2000
Amazing Spider-Man 2001 2001
35 The identity of Jackpot is revealed. Marc Guggenheim / Mike McKone 2008
36 Lead up to Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson Sr.'s wedding Marc Guggenheim / Pat Olliffe 2009
37 The tale of Spider-Man's first encounter with Captain America 2010
38 "Identity Wars" Part 1 of 3 John Layman / Lee Garbett 2011
39 "Spider Who?" Brian Reed / Lee Garbett 2012


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  1. "Spidey Meets the President!". November 19, 2009.

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