List of Tennessee Titans first-round draft picks

Earl Campbell, the Titans' 1978 first round pick and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee

The Tennessee Titans are a National Football League (NFL) franchise that began play as the Houston Oilers in 1960, a charter member of the American Football League. The Oilers relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997, playing as the Tennessee Oilers before changing their name to the Tennessee Titans in 1999. The Titans' first draft selection was Billy Cannon, a halfback from Louisiana State University. The team's most recent first round selection was Marcus Mariota, a quarterback from the University of Oregon. The Titans have selected the number one overall pick in the draft twice. They have also selected the second overall pick thrice and the third overall pick six times. The team's five selections from the University of Texas are the most chosen by the Titans from one university.

Every year during April, each NFL franchise seeks to add new players to its roster through a collegiate draft known as "the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting", which is more commonly known as the NFL Draft. Teams are ranked in inverse order based on the previous season's record, with the worst record picking first, and the second worst picking second and so on. The two exceptions to this order are made for teams that appeared in the previous Super Bowl; the Super Bowl champion always picks 32nd, and the Super Bowl loser always picks 31st. Teams have the option of trading away their picks to other teams for different picks, players, cash, or a combination thereof. Thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from their assigned draft pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round due to these trades.

The Titans drafted three consecutive future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, Earl Campbell, Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews in the first rounds of the 1978, 1982 and 1983 NFL Drafts respectively.


Enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
* Selected number one overall


Bruce Matthews, the Titans' 1983 first round pick and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee
Vince Young was the Titans' first round pick in 2006
Chris Johnson was the Titans' first round pick in 2008
Chance Warmack was the Titans' first round pick in 2013
Year Pick Player name Position College Notes
1960 N/A Cannon, BillyBilly Cannon HB LSU
1961 8 Ditka, MikeMike Ditka TE Pittsburgh
1962 7 Jacobs, RayRay Jacobs DT Howard Payne
1963 6 Brabham, DannyDanny Brabham LB Arkansas
1964 6 Appleton, ScottScott Appleton DT Texas
1965 2 Elkins, LarryLarry Elkins WR Baylor
1966 5 Nobis, TommyTommy Nobis LB Texas
1967 5 Webster, GeorgeGeorge Webster LB Michigan State
23 Regner, TomTom Regner G Notre Dame
1968 No pick
1969 15 Pritchard, RonRon Pritchard LB Arizona State
1970 14 Wilkerson, DougDoug Wilkerson G North Carolina Central
1971 3 Pastorini, DanDan Pastorini QB Santa Clara
1972 6 Sampson, GregGreg Sampson T Stanford
1973 1 Matuszak, JohnJohn Matuszak* DE Tampa
14 Amundson, GeorgeGeorge Amundson RB Iowa State
1974 No pick
1975 6 Brazile, RobertRobert Brazile LB Jackson State
15 Hardeman, DonDon Hardeman RB Texas A&M–Kingsville
1976 No pick
1977 11 Towns, MorrisMorris Towns T Missouri
1978 1 Campbell, EarlEarl Campbell†* RB Texas
1979 No pick
1980 No pick
1981 No pick
1982 8 Munchak, MikeMike Munchak G Penn State
1983 9 Matthews, BruceBruce Matthews G USC
1984 2 Steinkuhler, DeanDean Steinkuhler T Nebraska
1985 3 Childress, RayRay Childress DT Texas A&M
11 Johnson, RichardRichard Johnson DB Wisconsin
1986 3 Everett, JimJim Everett QB Purdue
1987 3 Highsmith, AlonzoAlonzo Highsmith RB Miami (FL)
20 Jeffires, HaywoodHaywood Jeffires WR North Carolina State
1988 22 White, LorenzoLorenzo White RB Michigan State
1989 23 Williams, DavidDavid Williams T Florida
1990 15 Lathon, LamarLamar Lathon LB Houston
1991 No pick
1992 No pick
1993 13 Hopkins, BradBrad Hopkins T Illinois
1994 26 Ford, HenryHenry Ford DT Arkansas
1995 3 McNair, SteveSteve McNair QB Alcorn State
1996 14 George, EddieEddie George RB Ohio State
1997 18 Holmes, KennyKenny Holmes DE Miami (FL)
1998 16 Dyson, KevinKevin Dyson WR Utah
1999 16 Kearse, JevonJevon Kearse DE Florida
2000 30 Bulluck, KeithKeith Bulluck LB Syracuse
2001 No pick
2002 15 Haynesworth, AlbertAlbert Haynesworth DT Tennessee
2003 28 Woolfolk, AndreAndre Woolfolk DB Oklahoma
2004 No pick
2005 6 Jones, AdamAdam Jones DB West Virginia
2006 3 Young, VinceVince Young QB Texas
2007 19 Griffin, MichaelMichael Griffin DB Texas
2008 24 Johnson, ChrisChris Johnson RB East Carolina
2009 30 Britt, KennyKenny Britt WR Rutgers
2010 16 Morgan, DerrickDerrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
2011 8 Locker, JakeJake Locker QB Washington
2012 20 Wright, KendallKendall Wright WR Baylor
2013 10 Warmack, ChanceChance Warmack OL Alabama
2014 11 Lewan, TaylorTaylor Lewan OL Michigan
2015 2 Mariota, MarcusMarcus Mariota QB Oregon
2016 8 Conklin, JackJack Conklin OL Michigan State


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