List of Tamil monarchs

This is a list of Tamil-speaking monarchs, who ruled in Tamilakam and Sri Lanka.

Pandyan Kingdom

Legendary Pandyans

Early Pandyans (3rd century BCE – 3rd century CE)

Medieval Pandyans (6th – 10th centuries CE)

Later Pandyans (10th – 13th centuries)

Tenkasi Pandyans (15th – 17th centuries)

During 15th century, the Pandyans lost their traditional capital city Madurai because of the Islamic and Nayaks invasion, and were forced to move their capital to Tirunelveli in southern Tamilakam and existed there as vassals.

Chola Kingdom (c. 300 BCE – 1279 CE)

A sculpture of Raja Raja Chola.

Legendary Cholas

Legendary early Chola kings

Early Cholas (c. 300 BCE – 848 CE)

Medieval Cholas (848 CE–1070 AD)

Later Cholas (1070 – 1279 AD)

Chera Kingdom

Early Cheras

Later Cheras

Pallava Kingdom

Early Pallavas

Middle Pallavas

Later Pallavas

Ay Kingdom

Aryacakravarti dynasty (c. 1215 – 1619 AD)

Image of Singai Parasasekaran, his sons Pandaram, Paranirupsingan and Cankili I


Madurai Nayakar (1529 AD – 1736 AD)

Gingee Nayakar (1509 – 1649)

Thanjavur Nayakar (1532 – 1673 AD)

Kandy Nayakar (1739 – 1815 AD)

Ramnad Sethupathis

Under Madurai Nayakars (1590 – 1670 AD)

Independent Sethupathis (1670 – 1794 AD)

Under British Raj (1795 – 1979 AD)

Pudukkotai Tondaimans (1680 – 1948 AD)

Velir monarchs



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