List of Spanish autonomous communities by gross domestic product

The list below shows all of the autonomous communities and two autonomous cities of Spain. The list shown is from 2014 and is in Euros.[1] Catalonia and Madrid are the largest communities in Spain in terms of GDP. Ceuta and Melilla are the smallest communities in Spain and are autonomous cities. In 2014, according to DatosMacro, the economies every community in the country grew with La Rioja being the largest at 2.5%, whilst Galicia, the worst performing, grew by just 0.5%.

List of Autonomous Communities by GDP

Flag Autonomous Community GDP Billions € Year
Andalusia Andalusia 141.7 2014
Aragon Aragon 33.2 2014
Asturias Asturias 21.0 2014
Canary Islands Canary Islands 41.5 2014
Cantabria Cantabria 12.2 2014
Castilla-La Mancha Castilla La Mancha 37.8 2014
Castile and León Castille and Leon 53.9 2014
Catalonia Catalonia 199.8 2014
Ceuta Ceuta 1.6 2014
Valencian Community Valencia 99.3 2014
Extremadura Extremadura 17.2 2014
Galicia (Spain) Galicia 54.7 2014
Balearic Islands Balearic Islands 26.8 2014
La Rioja (Spain) La Rioja 7.9 2014
Community of Madrid Madrid 197.7 2014
Melilla Melilla 1.7 2014
Region of Murcia Murcia 27.1 2014
Navarre Navarre 17.8 2014
Basque Country (autonomous community) Basque Country 64.3 2014

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References| PIB de las Comunidades Autónomas

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