List of Spanish Autonomous Communities by Median Income

Median Income in Spain has declined significantly since the recession, in some cases, such as Catalonia, median income has declined by 9.6% since 2009. Median income differs from GDP Per Capita because the per capita is a mean value, which can over exaggerate extreme values such as the very rich or the very poor. Median income represents the 50th percentile of income, meaning that half of people earn less than this value and half of people earn more than this value. The 2014 median monthly income in Spain is listed below. The two autonomous cities of Spain are excluded from this list. These values are paid 13 times per year, not 12 as in every month. As of 2014, the median income for all of Spain was €1,634, which is paid in 13 payments per year.

List of Autonomous Communities by Median Income

Flag Autonomous Community Median Income Year
Andalusia Andalusia €1,482 2014
Aragon Aragon €1,534 2014
Asturias Asturias €1,576 2014
Canary Islands Canary Islands €1,387 2014
Cantabria Cantabria €1,510 2014
Castilla-La Mancha Castilla La Mancha €1,509 2014
Castile and León Castille and Leon €1,455 2014
Catalonia Catalonia €1,715 2014
Valencian Community Valencia €1,467 2014
Extremadura Extremadura €1,353 2014
Galicia (Spain) Galicia €1,461 2014
Balearic Islands Balearic Islands €1,509 2014
La Rioja (Spain) La Rioja €1,517 2014
Community of Madrid Madrid €1,927 2014
Region of Murcia Murcia €1,454 2014
Navarre Navarre €1,752 2014
Basque Country (autonomous community) Basque Country €1,969 2014

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