List of Padma Bhushan award recipients (2000–09)

Padma Bhushan
Awarded by Government of India
Type Civilian
Category National
Obverse A centrally located lotus flower is embossed and the text "Padma" written in Devanagari script is placed above and the text "Bhushan" is placed below the lotus.
Reverse A platinum Emblem of India placed in the centre with the national motto of India, "Satyameva Jayate" (Truth alone triumphs) in Devanagari Script
Instituted 1954
First awarded 1954
Total awarded 290
Previous name(s) Padma Vibhushan "Dusra Warg" (Class II)
Award rank
 Padma Vibhushan Padma Shri 

In the 2000s, Padma Bhushan, the third-highest civilian award of India,[1] has been conferred upon two hundred and ninety three people. The award was established on 2 January 1954 for "distinguished service of a high order".[2] The recipients are announced on the Republic Day and they are registered in The Gazette of India.[3]

Twenty awards were presented in 2000, followed by thirty-two in 2001, twenty-five in 2002, thirty-two in 2003, nineteen in 2004, thirty in 2005, thirty-seven in 2006, thirty-two in 2007, thirty-five in 2008 and thirty-one in 2009. These included thirty-seven foreign recipients; one each from the China, Czech Republic, Germany, and South Africa, two from France, three from Japan, five each from Russia and the United Kingdom and eighteen from the United States. Individuals from ten different fields were awarded, which includes sixty-nine from art, twelve from civil services, sixty from literature and education, twenty-six from medicine, twenty-two from public affairs, forty-three from science and engineering, eighteen from social work, four sports person, twenty-seven from trade and industry and ten from other fields.[4]

In 2003, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's pracharak (volunteer) Dattopant Thengadi refused to accept the award "until revered Dr Hegdewar (RSS founder) and Shri Guruji (RSS ideologue Golwalkar) are not offered the Bharat Ratna".[5] Historian Romila Thapar, who had earlier refused the award in 1992, did so again in 2005. [5] In a letter she wrote to the then President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, she mentioned that she had refused the award when the Ministry of Human Resource Development contacted her.[6] However she was surprised to see her name in the list of awardees.[6] She stated, "I would only accept awards from academic institutions or those associated with my professional work, and not accept state awards."[6] Civil servant S. R. Sankaran also refused to accept the award in 2005 without citing any reason.[7]

List of recipients

Two men sitting.
Rajinikanth (2000) and Amitabh Bachchan (2001)
Close-u of a man in suit
Ratan Tata (2000)
Still of a man wearing garland.
Dev Anand (2001)
Black and white photo of a man.
Pran (2001)
Smiling man's close up
Raj Reddy (2001)
Award recipients by year[4]
Year Number of recipients
Award recipients by field[4]
Field Number of recipients
Civil Service
Literature & Education
Public Affairs
Science & Engineering
Social Work
Trade & Industry
   # Indicates a posthumous honour
List of Padma Bhushan award recipients, showing the year, field, and state/country[4]
Year Recipient Field State
2000 Aatre, Vasudev KalkunteVasudev Kalkunte Aatre Science & Engineering Delhi
2000 Agarwal, Anil KumarAnil Kumar Agarwal Others Delhi
2000 Agarwal, Ram NarainRam Narain Agarwal Science & Engineering Andhra Pradesh
2000 Backliwal, Sharan RaniSharan Rani Backliwal Arts Delhi
2000 Dev, KalyanKalyan Dev Social Work Uttar Pradesh
2000 Heggade, VeerendraVeerendra Heggade Social Work Karnataka
2000 Indiresan, Pavaguda V.Pavaguda V. Indiresan Science & Engineering Delhi
2000 Khan, WahiduddinWahiduddin Khan Public Affairs Delhi
2000 Lal, B. B.B. B. Lal Science & Engineering Delhi
2000 Mashelkar, Raghunath AnantRaghunath Anant Mashelkar Science & Engineering Delhi
2000 Prasad, H. Y. SharadaH. Y. Sharada Prasad Literature & Education Delhi
2000 Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth Arts Tamil Nadu
2000 Rasul, Begum AizazBegum Aizaz Rasul Social Work Uttar Pradesh
2000 Reddy, RadhaRadha Reddy Arts Delhi
2000 Reddy, RajaRaja Reddy Arts Delhi
2000 Sekharan, Pakkiriswamy ChandraPakkiriswamy Chandra Sekharan Science & Engineering Karnataka
2000 Somaiya, Karamshi JethabhaiKaramshi Jethabhai Somaiya# Social Work Maharashtra
2000 Srinivasan, S.S. Srinivasan# Science & Engineering Kerala
2000 Tata, RatanRatan Tata Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2000 Wasir, Harbans SinghHarbans Singh Wasir Medicine Haryana
2001 Anand, DevDev Anand Arts Maharashtra
2001 Anand, ViswanathanViswanathan Anand Sports Tamil Nadu
2001 Bachchan, AmitabhAmitabh Bachchan Arts Maharashtra
2001 Bajaj, RahulRahul Bajaj Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2001 Barwale, B. R.B. R. Barwale Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2001 Bharde, BalasahebBalasaheb Bharde Social Work Maharashtra
2001 Bhimanna, BoyiBoyi Bhimanna Literature & Education Andhra Pradesh
2001 Chatterjee, SwadeshSwadesh Chatterjee Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 1]
2001 Chopra, Baldev RajBaldev Raj Chopra Arts Maharashtra
2001 Desai, AshokAshok Desai Public Affairs Delhi
2001 George, Karimpumannil MathaiKarimpumannil Mathai George Literature & Education Kerala
2001 Hazarika, BhupenBhupen Hazarika Arts Assam
2001 Jayaraman, LalgudiLalgudi Jayaraman Arts Tamil Nadu
2001 Krishnamurthy, YaminiYamini Krishnamurthy Arts Delhi
2001 Kumar, Shiv K.Shiv K. Kumar Literature & Education Andhra Pradesh
2001 Mohapatra, RaghunathRaghunath Mohapatra Arts Odisha
2001 Netravali, ArunArun Netravali Science & Engineering   [upper-alpha 1]
2001 Oberoi, Mohan SinghMohan Singh Oberoi Trade & Industry Delhi
2001 Pachauri, Rajendra K.Rajendra K. Pachauri Others Delhi
2001 Parekh, Abdul KarimAbdul Karim Parekh Social Work Maharashtra
2001 Patel, AmritaAmrita Patel Trade & Industry Gujarat
2001 Pran, Pran Arts Maharashtra
2001 Purie, AroonAroon Purie Literature & Education Delhi
2001 Raju, Bhupathiraju VissamBhupathiraju Vissam Raju Trade & Industry Andhra Pradesh
2001 Ramakrishna, BhanumathiBhanumathi Ramakrishna Arts Tamil Nadu
2001 Ramakrishnan, SundaramSundaram Ramakrishnan Social Work Maharashtra
2001 Ranawat, Chitranjan SinghChitranjan Singh Ranawat Medicine   [upper-alpha 1]
2001 Rao, Palle RamaPalle Rama Rao Science & Engineering Andhra Pradesh
2001 Reddy, RajRaj Reddy Science & Engineering   [upper-alpha 1]
2001 Sharma, Kum UmaKum Uma Sharma Arts Delhi
2001 Subramaniam, L.L. Subramaniam Arts Karnataka
2001 Trehan, Naresh KumarNaresh Kumar Trehan Medicine Delhi
2002 Ackerman, GaryGary Ackerman Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 1]
2002 Ahluwalia, H. P. S.H. P. S. Ahluwalia Social Work Delhi
2002 Atre, PrabhaPrabha Atre Arts Maharashtra
2002 Bhattacharyya, Sushantha KumarSushantha Kumar Bhattacharyya Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 2]
2002 Borde, ChanduChandu Borde Sports Maharashtra
2002 Chelyshev, EugeneEugene Chelyshev Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 3]
2002 Gandhi, Pravinchandra VarjivanPravinchandra Varjivan Gandhi Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2002 Gurtu, ShobhaShobha Gurtu Arts Maharashtra
2002 Holck-Larsen, HenningHenning Holck-Larsen Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2002 Hussain, ZakirZakir Hussain Arts Maharashtra
2002 Iyengar, B. K. S.B. K. S. Iyengar Literature & Education Maharashtra
2002 Kohli, Faquir ChandFaquir Chand Kohli Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2002 Kulandaiswamy, V. C.V. C. Kulandaiswamy Science & Engineering Tamil Nadu
2002 Marchuk, GuryGury Marchuk Science & Engineering   [upper-alpha 3]
2002 Mehta, Jagat SinghJagat Singh Mehta Civil Service Rajasthan
2002 Merchant, IsmailIsmail Merchant Arts Maharashtra
2002 Miranda, MarioMario Miranda Literature & Education Goa
2002 Pallone, FrankFrank Pallone Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 1]
2002 Perumal, Ramanujam VaratharajaRamanujam Varatharaja Perumal Science & Engineering Kerala
2002 Rangabashyam, NatesanNatesan Rangabashyam Medicine Tamil Nadu
2002 Rasgotra, Maharaja KrishnaMaharaja Krishna Rasgotra Civil Service Delhi
2002 Tanvir, HabibHabib Tanvir Arts Madhya Pradesh
2002 Venugopal, Kottayan KatankotKottayan Katankot Venugopal Public Affairs Delhi
2002 Verma, NirmalNirmal Verma Literature & Education Delhi
2002 Yesudas, K. J.K. J. Yesudas Arts Tamil Nadu
2003 Bai, TeejanTeejan Bai Arts Chhattisgarh
2003 Chakyar, Ammannur MadhavaAmmannur Madhava Chakyar Arts Kerala
2003 Chawla, PrabhuPrabhu Chawla Others Delhi
2003 Fischer, HerbertHerbert Fischer Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 4]
2003 Godrej, JamshydJamshyd Godrej Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2003 Gopalan, ColuthurColuthur Gopalan Medicine Delhi
2003 Iyengar, Parasaran KesavaParasaran Kesava Iyengar Public Affairs Delhi
2003 Iyer, B. RajamB. Rajam Iyer Arts Tamil Nadu
2003 Joshi, Shri KrishnaShri Krishna Joshi Science & Engineering Haryana
2003 Krishnan, Madurai NarayananMadurai Narayanan Krishnan Arts Tamil Nadu
2003 Kumar, RajinderRajinder Kumar Science & Engineering Karnataka
2003 Kumar, RameshRamesh Kumar Medicine Delhi
2003 Lal, PurshotamPurshotam Lal Medicine Uttar Pradesh
2003 Mahapatra, SitakantSitakant Mahapatra Literature & Education Odisha
2003 Minhas, Bagicha SinghBagicha Singh Minhas Science & Engineering Delhi
2003 Mukhopadhyay, SubhashSubhash Mukhopadhyay Literature & Education West Bengal
2003 Narayanaswamy, P. S.P. S. Narayanaswamy Arts Tamil Nadu
2003 Ramachandran, ArcotArcot Ramachandran Science & Engineering Karnataka
2003 Ramachandran, Trichur V.Trichur V. Ramachandran Arts Tamil Nadu
2003 Sancheti, Kantilal HastimalKantilal Hastimal Sancheti Medicine Maharashtra
2003 Sankaranarayanan, T. V.T. V. Sankaranarayanan Arts Tamil Nadu
2003 Shah, NaseeruddinNaseeruddin Shah Arts Maharashtra
2003 Shenoy, T. V. R.T. V. R. Shenoy Others Delhi
2003 Singh, JagjitJagjit Singh Arts Maharashtra
2003 Singh, Ram BadanRam Badan Singh Science & Engineering Delhi
2003 Singhania, Hari ShankarHari Shankar Singhania Trade & Industry Delhi
2003 Sivaraman, Umayalpuram K.Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman Arts Tamil Nadu
2003 Srinivasan, NarayananNarayanan Srinivasan Science & Engineering Tamil Nadu
2003 Subrahmanyam, PadmaPadma Subrahmanyam Arts Tamil Nadu
2003 Sundari, SwapnaSwapna Sundari Arts Delhi
2003 Vijayan, O. V.O. V. Vijayan Literature & Education Kerala
2003 Yefremov, Herbert AlexandrovichHerbert Alexandrovich Yefremov Science & Engineering   [upper-alpha 3]
2004 Shinde, Nilesh RamakantNilesh Ramakant Shinde Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2004 Chatterjee, SoumitraSoumitra Chatterjee Arts West Bengal
2004 Dharmadhikari, Chandrashekhar ShankarChandrashekhar Shankar Dharmadhikari Public Affairs Maharashtra
2004 Gulzar, Gulzar Arts Maharashtra
2004 Johl, Sardara SinghSardara Singh Johl Science & Engineering Punjab
2004 Kamath, Madhav VittalMadhav Vittal Kamath Literature & Education Maharashtra
2004 Kothari, KomalKomal Kothari Arts Rajasthan
2004 Mori, YoshiroYoshiro Mori Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 5]
2004 Narang, Gopi ChandGopi Chand Narang Literature & Education Delhi
2004 Padmanaban, GovindarajanGovindarajan Padmanaban Science & Engineering Karnataka
2004 Pakvasa, Poornima ArvindPoornima Arvind Pakvasa Social Work Gujarat
2004 Prabhakar, VishnuVishnu Prabhakar Literature & Education Delhi
2004 Rajam, N.N. Rajam Arts Uttar Pradesh
2004 Rao, Chennamaneni HanumanthaChennamaneni Hanumantha Rao Literature & Education Andhra Pradesh
2004 Sankar, Thiruvengadam LakshmanThiruvengadam Lakshman Sankar Civil Service Andhra Pradesh
2004 Seshagopalan, T. N.T. N. Seshagopalan Arts Tamil Nadu
2004 Shahi, Bijoy NandanBijoy Nandan Shahi Medicine Delhi
2004 Srinivas, KrishnaKrishna Srinivas Literature & Education Tamil Nadu
2004 Valli, AlarmelAlarmel Valli Arts Tamil Nadu
2005 Anjum, SardarSardar Anjum Literature & Education Haryana
2005 Beteille, AndreAndre Beteille Literature & Education Delhi
2005 Bhatt, Chandi PrasadChandi Prasad Bhatt Others Uttarakhand
2005 Chandran, Tumkur Ramaiya SatishTumkur Ramaiya Satish Chandran Civil Service Karnataka
2005 Chaudhuri, Mrinal DattaMrinal Datta Chaudhuri Literature & Education Delhi
2005 Chopra, YashYash Chopra Arts Maharashtra
2005 Dey, MannaManna Dey Arts Karnataka
2005 Habib, IrfanIrfan Habib Literature & Education Uttar Pradesh
2005 Hamied, YusufYusuf Hamied Medicine Maharashtra
2005 Hyder, QurratulainQurratulain Hyder Literature & Education Uttar Pradesh
2005 Kler, Tarlochan SinghTarlochan Singh Kler Medicine Delhi
2005 Kohli, AnilAnil Kohli Medicine Delhi
2005 Mazumdar-Shaw, KiranKiran Mazumdar-Shaw Science & Engineering Karnataka
2005 Miri, MrinalMrinal Miri Literature & Education Meghalaya
2005 Mohan, HariHari Mohan Medicine Delhi
2005 Munjal, Brijmohan LallBrijmohan Lall Munjal Trade & Industry Delhi
2005 Nair, M. T. VasudevanM. T. Vasudevan Nair Literature & Education Kerala
2005 Premji, AzimAzim Premji Trade & Industry Karnataka
2005 Puri, BalrajBalraj Puri Literature & Education Jammu & Kashmir
2005 Qasim, Syed MirSyed Mir Qasim# Public Affairs Delhi
2005 Ramachandran, A.A. Ramachandran Arts Delhi
2005 Ramakrishna, G. V. IyerG. V. Iyer Ramakrishna Civil Service Tamil Nadu
2005 Ramamurthy, V. S.V. S. Ramamurthy Science & Engineering Delhi
2005 Reddy, K. I. VaraprasadK. I. Varaprasad Reddy Science & Engineering Andhra Pradesh
2005 Reddy, K. SrinathK. Srinath Reddy Medicine Delhi
2005 Saxena, Girish ChandraGirish Chandra Saxena Civil Service Delhi
2005 Seshagiri, NarasimhiahNarasimhiah Seshagiri Science & Engineering Karnataka
2005 Tully, William MarkWilliam Mark Tully Literature & Education Delhi
2006 Agarwal, JaiveerJaiveer Agarwal Medicine Tamil Nadu
2006 Appu, P. S.P. S. Appu Civil Service Karnataka
2006 Bhushan, ShashiShashi Bhushan Public Affairs Delhi
2006 Birla, Ganga PrasadGanga Prasad Birla Social Work West Bengal
2006 Bongard-Levin, GrigoryGrigory Bongard-Levin Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 3]
2006 Chandra, LokeshLokesh Chandra Literature & Education Delhi
2006 Chiranjeevi, Chiranjeevi Arts Andhra Pradesh
2006 Dalmia, Dinesh NandiniDinesh Nandini Dalmia Literature & Education Delhi
2006 Das, TarunTarun Das Trade & Industry Haryana
2006 Gadgil, MadhavMadhav Gadgil Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2006 Hangal, A. K.A. K. Hangal Arts Maharashtra
2006 Jain, DevakiDevaki Jain Social Work Karnataka
2006 Kamleshwar, Kamleshwar Literature & Education Haryana
2006 Khan, Abdul Halim JafferAbdul Halim Jaffer Khan Arts Maharashtra
2006 Khan, SabriSabri Khan Arts Delhi
2006 Khan, Ustad Ghulam MustafaUstad Ghulam Mustafa Khan Arts Maharashtra
2006 Khurana, ShannoShanno Khurana Arts Delhi
2006 Kruger, GunterGunter Kruger# Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2006 Leela, P.P. Leela# Arts Tamil Nadu
2006 Nambiar, K. P. P.K. P. P. Nambiar Science & Engineering Karnataka
2006 Nilekani, NandanNandan Nilekani Science & Engineering Karnataka
2006 Paranjpye, SaiSai Paranjpye Arts Maharashtra
2006 Parekh, DeepakDeepak Parekh Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2006 Pylee, M. V.M. V. Pylee Literature & Education Kerala
2006 Ramadorai, SubramaniamSubramaniam Ramadorai Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2006 Ramaswamy, N. S.N. S. Ramaswamy Social Work Karnataka
2006 Rao, Pavani ParameswaraPavani Parameswara Rao Public Affairs Uttar Pradesh
2006 Rath, RamakantaRamakanta Rath Literature & Education Odisha
2006 Shanta, V.V. Shanta Medicine Tamil Nadu
2006 Sibal, Hira LallHira Lall Sibal Public Affairs Chandigarh
2006 Singh, JasjitJasjit Singh Others Haryana
2006 Singhania, VijaypatVijaypat Singhania Sports Maharashtra
2006 Subramanyan, K. G.K. G. Subramanyan Arts Gujarat
2006 Talwar, K. K.K. K. Talwar Medicine Chandigarh
2006 Vyas, Vijay ShankarVijay Shankar Vyas Literature & Education Rajasthan
2006 Zbavitel, DušanDušan Zbavitel Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 6]
2007 Akhtar, JavedJaved Akhtar Literature & Education Maharashtra
2007 Chiramel, GabrielGabriel Chiramel Literature & Education Kerala
2007 Gandhi, ElaEla Gandhi Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 7]
2007 Ghose, SarojSaroj Ghose Science & Engineering West Bengal
2007 Giri, V. MohiniV. Mohini Giri Social Work Delhi
2007 Hore, SomnathSomnath Hore# Arts West Bengal
2007 Irani, Jamshed JijiJamshed Jiji Irani Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2007 Kalkat, Gurcharan SinghGurcharan Singh Kalkat Science & Engineering Chandigarh
2007 Mahalingam, N.N. Mahalingam Trade & Industry Tamil Nadu
2007 Maini, Prithipal SinghPrithipal Singh Maini Medicine Delhi
2007 Mehta, TyebTyeb Mehta Arts Maharashtra
2007 Misra, RajanRajan Misra Arts Delhi
2007 Misra, SajanSajan Misra Arts Delhi
2007 Mittal, SunilSunil Mittal Trade & Industry Delhi
2007 Nair, RamankuttyRamankutty Nair Arts Kerala
2007 Neeraj, GopaldasGopaldas Neeraj Literature & Education Uttar Pradesh
2007 Nooyi, IndraIndra Nooyi Trade & Industry   [upper-alpha 1]
2007 Panicker, Kavalam NarayanaKavalam Narayana Panicker Arts Kerala
2007 Parekh, BhikhuBhikhu Parekh Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 2]
2007 Quadri, Syed Mohammad SharfuddinSyed Mohammad Sharfuddin Quadri Medicine West Bengal
2007 Ramachandran, Vilayanur S.Vilayanur S. Ramachandran Science & Engineering   [upper-alpha 1]
2007 Raychaudhuri, TapanTapan Raychaudhuri Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 2]
2007 Raza, Syed HaiderSyed Haider Raza Arts   [upper-alpha 8]
2007 Sachs, JeffreyJeffrey Sachs Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 1]
2007 Saikia, Chandra PrasadChandra Prasad Saikiar Literature & Education Assam
2007 Sailo, L. Z.L. Z. Sailo Literature & Education Mizoram
2007 Sarin, Shiv KumarShiv Kumar Sarin Medicine Delhi
2007 Sharma, ShriramShriram Sharma Medicine Maharashtra
2007 Sharma, ManjuManju Sharma Science & Engineering Delhi
2007 Srinivasan, T. N.T. N. Srinivasan Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 1]
2007 Suzuki, OsamuOsamu Suzuki Trade & Industry   [upper-alpha 5]
2007 Thomas, K. T.K. T. Thomas Public Affairs Kerala
2008 Ahmed, Mian BashirMian Bashir Ahmed Public Affairs Jammu & Kashmir
2008 Basu, KaushikKaushik Basu Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 1]
2008 Chona, ShayamaShayama Chona Literature & Education Delhi
2008 Chopra, Jagjit SinghJagjit Singh Chopra Medicine Chandigarh
2008 Dagar, Rahim FahimuddinRahim Fahimuddin Dagar Arts Delhi
2008 Dasgupta, ChandrashekharChandrashekhar Dasgupta Civil Service Delhi
2008 Datta, AsisAsis Datta Science & Engineering Delhi
2008 Desai, MeghnadMeghnad Desai Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 2]
2008 Desai, PadmaPadma Desai Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 1]
2008 Dev, SukhSukh Dev Science & Engineering Delhi
2008 Ganguly, Nirmal KumarNirmal Kumar Ganguly Medicine Delhi
2008 Goswamy, B. N.B. N. Goswamy Literature & Education Chandigarh
2008 Gowarikar, VasantVasant Gowarikar Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2008 Kalyani, BabaBaba Kalyani Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2008 Kamath, K. V.K. V. Kamath Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2008 Kaur Barthakur, InderjitInderjit Kaur Barthakur Social Work Punjab
2008 Kelekar, RavindraRavindra Kelekar Literature & Education Goa
2008 Khan, Asad AliAsad Ali Khan Arts Delhi
2008 Lapierre, DominiqueDominique Lapierre Social Work   [upper-alpha 8]
2008 Mehta, D. R.D. R. Mehta Social Work Rajasthan
2008 Nadar, ShivShiv Nadar Trade & Industry Tamil Nadu
2008 Neotia, Suresh KumarSuresh Kumar Neotia Trade & Industry Delhi
2008 Oommen, T. K.T. K. Oommen Literature & Education Haryana
2008 Padmanabhaiah, K.K. Padmanabhaiah Civil Service Delhi
2008 Pandit, VikramVikram Pandit Trade & Industry   [upper-alpha 1]
2008 Ramachandran, V.V. Ramachandran Civil Service Kerala
2008 Saxena, Sushil KumarSushil Kumar Saxena Arts Delhi
2008 Sehgal, AmarnathAmarnath Sehgal# Arts Delhi
2008 Singh, JasdevJasdev Singh Others Delhi
2008 Sukla, Sri LalSri Lal Sukla Literature & Education Uttar Pradesh
2008 Susheela, P.P. Susheela Arts Tamil Nadu
2008 Varadhan, S. R. SrinivasaS. R. Srinivasa Varadhan Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 1]
2008 Vorontsov, YuliYuli Vorontsov# Public Affairs   [upper-alpha 3]
2008 Williams, SunitaSunita Williams Others   [upper-alpha 1]
2008 Xianlin, JiJi Xianlin Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 9]
2009 Ahluwalia, Isher JudgeIsher Judge Ahluwalia Literature & Education Delhi
2009 Barthakur, Inderjit KaurInderjit Kaur Barthakur Public Affairs Meghalaya
2009 Begum, ShamshadShamshad Begum Arts Maharashtra
2009 Bindra, AbhinavAbhinav Bindra Sports Punjab
2009 Dhananjayan, ShantaShanta Dhananjayan Arts Tamil Nadu
2009 Dhananjayan, V. P.V. P. Dhananjayan Arts Tamil Nadu
2009 Guha, RamachandraRamachandra Guha Literature & Education Karnataka
2009 Gupta, ShekharShekhar Gupta Literature & Education Delhi
2009 Hameed, KhalidKhalid Hameed Medicine   [upper-alpha 2]
2009 Hara, MinoruMinoru Hara Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 5]
2009 Jayakanthan, Jayakanthan Literature & Education Tamil Nadu
2009 Kailath, ThomasThomas Kailath Science & Engineering   [upper-alpha 1]
2009 Katiyar, Sarvagya SinghSarvagya Singh Katiyar Science & Engineering Uttar Pradesh
2009 Krishna, G.G. Krishna Arts Andhra Pradesh
2009 Mehta, R. C.R. C. Mehta Arts Gujarat
2009 Menon, A. SreedharaA. Sreedhara Menon Literature & Education Kerala
2009 Misra, S. K.S. K. Misra Civil Service Haryana
2009 Naik, A. M.A. M. Naik Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2009 Nambiar, SatishSatish Nambiar Others Delhi
2009 Narayan, KunwarKunwar Narayan Literature & Education Delhi
2009 Naikwadi, NagnathNagnath Naikwadi Social Work Maharashtra
2009 Parikh, KiritKirit Parikh Public Affairs Delhi
2009 Pitroda, SamSam Pitroda Science & Engineering Delhi
2009 Prahalad, C. K.C. K. Prahalad Literature & Education   [upper-alpha 1]
2009 Randhawa, Gurdip SinghGurdip Singh Randhawa Science & Engineering Delhi
2009 Rao, Brijendra KumarBrijendra Kumar Rao Medicine Delhi
2009 Rath, Bhakta B.Bhakta B. Rath Science & Engineering   [upper-alpha 1]
2009 Seshadri, C. S.C. S. Seshadri Science & Engineering Tamil Nadu
2009 Sthapati, V. GanapatiV. Ganapati Sthapati Arts Tamil Nadu
2009 Triguna, DevendraDevendra Triguna Medicine Delhi
2009 Varadappan, SarojiniSarojini Varadappan Social Work Tamil Nadu

Explanatory notes

    Non-citizen recipients

    1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Indicates a citizen of the United States
    2. 1 2 3 4 5 Indicates a citizen of the United Kingdom
    3. 1 2 3 4 5 Indicates a citizen of Russia
    4. Indicates a citizen of Germany
    5. 1 2 3 Indicates a citizen of Japan
    6. Indicates a citizen of Czech Republic
    7. Indicates a citizen of South Africa
    8. 1 2 Indicates a citizen of France
    9. Indicates a citizen of China


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