List of Norwegian photographers

This is a list of Norwegian photographers

Name Born Died Comments
Rolf Aamot 1934
Øystein Johnsen 1962 Based in Oslo area
Jørn Tomter 1975 Based in London and Oslo.
Thomas Blehr 1875 1949
Knut Bry 1946
Catherine Cameron 1962
Petter Hegre 1969
Kåre Kivijärvi 1938 1991
Knud Knudsen 1832 1915
Elisabeth Meyer 1899 1968
Andreas Moe 1883 1956 Sisters were named Astrid and Marie, and possibly Sissy.
Anders Beer Wilse 1865 1949
Gunnar Høst Sjøwall 1935
Rasmus Pedersen Thu 1864 1946

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