List of New York Yankees in the Baseball Hall of Fame

The New York Yankees are a Major League Baseball team based in The Bronx, New York. The team is in the East Division of the American League. Established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles, the team relocated to New York in 1903.

A total of 53 players, managers, and executives in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, plus six broadcasters who have received the Hall's Ford C. Frick Award, spent part or all of their professional careers with the Yankees.


dagger Inducted as a Yankee



Player Years with Yankees Role(s) with Yankees Inducted as Year inducted
Baker, Home RunHome Run Baker 1916–1919, 1921–1922 Player Player 1955
Barrow, EdEd Barrow 1920–1945 Executive Executive 1953
Berra, YogiYogi Berradagger 1946–1964, 1984–1985 Player, coach, manager Player1972
Boggs, WadeWade Boggs 1993–1997 Player Player2005
Bresnahan, RogerRoger Bresnahan 1901–1902 Player Player1945
Chance, FrankFrank Chance 1913–1914 Player Player1946
Chesbro, JackJack Chesbrodagger 1903–1909 Player Player1946
Combs, EarleEarle Combsdagger 1924–1935 Player Player1970
Coveleski, StanStan Coveleski 1928 Player Player1969
Dickey, BillBill Dickeydagger 1928–1943, 1946 Player Player1954
DiMaggio, JoeJoe DiMaggiodagger 1936–1942, 1946–1951 Player Player1955
Durocher, LeoLeo Durocher 1925, 1928–1929 Player Manager 1994
Ford, WhiteyWhitey Forddagger 1950, 1953–1967 Player Player1974
Gehrig, LouLou Gehrigdagger 1923–1939 Player Player1939
Gomez, LeftyLefty Gomezdagger 1930–1942 Player Player1972
Gordon, JoeJoe Gordondagger 1938–1946 Player Player2009
Gossage, GooseGoose Gossagedagger 1978–1983 Player Player2008
Griffith, ClarkClark Griffith 1903–1907 Player Executive1946
Grimes, BurleighBurleigh Grimes 1934 Player Player1964
Harris, BuckyBucky Harris 1947–1948 Manager Manager1975
Henderson, RickeyRickey Henderson 1985–1989 Player Player2009
Hoyt, WaiteWaite Hoytdagger 1921–1930 Player Player1969
Huggins, MillerMiller Hugginsdagger 1918–1929 Manager Manager1964
Hunter, CatfishCatfish Hunter 1975-1979 Player Player1987
Jackson, ReggieReggie Jacksondagger 1977–1981 Player Player1993
Johnson, RandyRandy Johnson 2005-2006 Player Player2015
Keeler, WillieWillie Keeler 1903–1909 Player Player1939
Lazzeri, TonyTony Lazzeridagger 1926–1937 Player Player1991
Lemon, BobBob Lemon 1978–1979, 1981–1982 Manager Player 1976
MacPhail, LarryLarry MacPhail 1945–1947 Executive Executive1978
MacPhail, LeeLee MacPhail 1966–1974 Executive Executive1998
Mantle, MickeyMickey Mantledagger 1951–1968 Player Player1974
McCarthy, JoeJoe McCarthydagger 1931–1946 Manager Manager1957
McGinnity, JoeJoe McGinnity 1901–1902 Player Player1946
McGraw, JohnJohn McGraw 1901–1902 Player Manager1937
McKechnie, BillBill McKechnie 1913 Player Player1962
Mize, JohnnyJohnny Mize 1949–1953 Player Player1981
Niekro, PhilPhil Niekro 1984–1985 Player Player1997
Pennock, HerbHerb Pennockdagger 1923–1933 Player Player1948
Perry, GaylordGaylord Perry 1980 Player Player1991
Rickey, BranchBranch Rickey 1907 Player Executive1967
Rizzuto, PhilPhil Rizzutodagger 1941–1942, 1946–1956 Player Player1994
Robinson, WilbertWilbert Robinson 1901–1902 Player, manager Manager1945
Ruffing, RedRed Ruffingdagger 1930–1942, 1945–1946 Player Player1967
Ruppert, JacobJacob Ruppert 1915–1939 Executive Executive2013
Ruth, BabeBabe Ruthdagger 1920–1934 Player Player1936
Sewell, JoeJoe Sewell 1931–1933 Player Player1977
Slaughter, EnosEnos Slaughter 1954–1959 Player Player1985
Stengel, CaseyCasey Stengeldagger 1949–1960 Manager Manager1966
Torre, JoeJoe Torredagger 1996–2007 Manager Manager 2014
Vance, DazzyDazzy Vance 1915, 1918 Player Player1955
Waner, PaulPaul Waner 1944–1945 Player Player1952
Weiss, GeorgeGeorge Weiss 1947–1960 Executive Executive1977
Winfield, DaveDave Winfield 1981–88, 1990 Player Player2001

    Honored broadcasters

    The Frick Award, according to the Hall, "is presented annually to a broadcaster for 'major contributions to baseball.' "[1] The Hall explicitly states that Frick honorees are not members of the Hall.[1]

    Broadcaster Years with Yankees Year of award
    Allen, MelMel Allen 1939–1964 1978
    Barber, RedRed Barber 1954–1966 1978
    Coleman, JerryJerry Coleman 1949–1957 2005
    Garagiola, Sr., JoeJoe Garagiola, Sr. 1965–1967 1991
    Gowdy, CurtCurt Gowdy 1949–1950 1984
    Hodges, RussRuss Hodges 1946–1948 1980

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