List of Ministers of Education of Egypt

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This is a list of ministers who have headed the Ministry of Education of Egypt.


Monarchical era (1873–1952)

Name Served from Served until Reference
English Arabic
Mustafa Riyad Pasha مصطفى رياض باشا 15 August 1873 24 May 1874 [1]
Muhammad Thabet محمد ثابت 25 May 1874 6 September 1874 [1]
Tusun Pasha طوسون باشا 7 September 1874 31 August 1875 [1]
Yehya Mansur Pasha يحيى منصور باشا 1 September 1875 21 June 1876 [1]
Mustafa Riyad Pasha مصطفى رياض باشا 25 June 1876 13 October 1877 [1]
Isma'il Ayub Pasha إسماعيل أيوب باشا 14 October 1877 27 August 1878 [1]
Ali Mubarak Pasha علي مبارك باشا 28 August 1878 8 April 1879 [1]
Muhammad Thabet Pasha محمد ثابت باشا 9 April 1879 1 July 1879 [1]
Mahmoud Sami el-Baroudi Pasha محمود سامي البارودي باشا 2 July 1879 17 August 1879 [1]
Ali Ibrahim Pasha علي إبراهيم باشا 18 August 1879 9 September 1881 [1]
Abdallah Fekri Pasha عبد الله فكري باشا 4 February 1882 26 May 1882 [1]
Suleiman Abaza Pasha سليمان أباظة باشا 2 June 1882 27 August 1882 [1]
Mohamed Qadri Pasha
Mahmoud Hamdy Al Falky
Abdel Rahman Roshdy Pasha
Mohamed Zaky Pasha
Mustafa Riyad Pasha
Hussein Fakhry Pasha
Saad Pasha Zaghloul
Ahmed Heshmat Pasha
Ahmed Helmy Pasha
Adly Yakn Pasha
Hussein Roshdy Pasha
Ahmed Ziur Pasha
Ahmed Talaat Pasha
Yehia Ibrahim Pasha
Mohamed Tawfik Refaat
Gaafar Waly Pasha
Mostafa Maher Pasha
Mohamed Tawfik Pasha
Mohamed Moheb Pasha
Ahmed Zaky Aboulsoud Pasha
Mohamed Said Pasha
Ahmed Maher Pasha
Ahmed Mohamed Khashaba Pasha
Aly Maher Pasha
Aly Al Shamsy Pasha
Ahmed Lotfy Al Sayed Pasha
Hafez Hassan Pasha
Bahey El Din Barakat Pasha
Morad Sayed Ahmed Pasha
Mohamed Helmy Issa Pasha
Ahmed Naguib Al Helaly Pasha
Mohamed Aly Olouba Pasha
Aly Zaky Al Oraby Pasha
Abdel Salam Fahmy Gomaa
Bahey El Din Barakat
Mohamed Hussein Heikal
Mahmoud Fahmy Al Nokrashy
Mohamed Hussein Heikal
Ahmed Naguib Al Helaly
Mohamed Hussein Heikal
Abdel Razek Al Sanhoury
Mohamed Hassan Al Ashmawy
Abdel Razek Al Sanhoury
Aly Ayoub Pasha
Ahmed Sersy Badr
Ahmed Hassan Al Ashmawy
Taha Hussein
Abdel Khaleq Hassuna Pasha
Moahmed Ahmed Refaat Pasha
Samy Mazen

Followed by Republican era (1952–present)

Name Served from Served until Reference
English Arabic
Ahmed Fathy Sorour
Ali Abdel Razek 17 Jan 1972 25 Sept 1974
Hussein Kamel Bahaeddin ? 1991 9 July 2004
Ahmed Gamal El-Din Moussa 9 July 2004 2 December 2005
Yousry El-Gamal يسري الجمل 2 December 2005 2 January 2010 [2][3]
Ahmed Zaki Badreldin أحمد زكي بدر 2 January 2010 26 January 2011 [2][3]
Ahmed Gamal El-Din Moussa December 2011 [4]
Gamal El-Araby 7 December 2011 July 2012 [5]
Ibrahim Deif 2 August 2012 16 July 2013
Mahmoud Abo El-Nasr 16 July 2013

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