List of Los Angeles Lakers first and second round draft picks

Magic Johnson was drafted first overall by the Lakers in 1979.

The Los Angeles Lakers joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the 1948–49 BAA season as the Minneapolis Lakers, but moved to Los Angeles for the 1959–60 NBA season, where they have been located ever since. They play their home games at Staples Center, which they share with fellow NBA team the Los Angeles Clippers.[1] The Minneapolis Lakers took its official name from Minnesota's nickname, Land of 10,000 Lakes.[2] The NBA started as the Basketball Association of America (BAA).

To help teams acquire local players, territorial picks were instituted from its inception in 1950 until 1965. Territorial picks were used as a type of special draft choice used in the NBA Draft. Prior to the league's draft, a team could forfeit its first round draft pick and select a player from within 50 miles (80 km). Territorial picks were then eliminated when the draft was revamped in 1966.[3] Before the 1989 NBA draft, the draft had more than two rounds. After 1989, the NBA agreed with the National Basketball Players' Association to limit drafts to two rounds.[3] Teams can also trade their picks, so some years a team could have more than or less than two picks.

The Lakers selected Chuck Hanger with their first pick, ninth overall in the 1948 BAA draft. The Lakers got their first overall draft pick in 1958 by choosing Elgin Baylor, who went on to be selected as the only NBA Rookie of the Year to be on the Lakers.[4] The Lakers also drafted Magic Johnson in 1979 with their second first overall pick, who was rated the greatest NBA point guard of all time by ESPN in 2007.[5] The Lakers had no first round draft picks in 1967, 1976, 1978, 1980, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The Lakers had no first or second round draft picks from 1983, 1987, and 2001. Throughout the years, the Lakers had traded away some of their picks as well as traded for other teams' picks. As a result of the various trades, the Los Angeles Lakers had five first and second round picks in 1979.


Abbreviation MeaningAbbreviation Meaning
T Territorial pick G Guard
PG Point guard SG Shooting guard
F Forward SF Small forward
PF Power forward C Center
* Hall of Famer (#) Retired Lakers' Number
$ NBA All-star


Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Position College/High School/Club
1948 1 9 Hanger, ChuckChuck Hanger  United States F California
1949 T Mikkelsen, VernVern Mikkelsen*  United States F/C Hamline
1950 1 10 O'Shea, KevinKevin O'Shea  United States G Notre Dame
1951 T Skoog, WhiteyWhitey Skoog  United States G Minnesota
1951 2 19 Hitch, LewLew Hitch  United States F/C Kansas State
1952 1 9 Lovellette, ClydeClyde Lovellette*  United States C/F Kansas
1953 1 7 Fritsche, JimJim Fritsche  United States F/C[6] Hamline
1954 1 9 Kalafat, EdEd Kalafat  United States C/F Minnesota
1954 2 18 Bianchi, AlAl Bianchi  United States G Bowling Green State
1955 T Garmaker, DickDick Garmaker  United States G/F Minnesota
1955 2 12 Mencel, ChuckChuck Mencel  United States F/G Minnesota
1956 1 3 Paxson, JimJim Paxson  United States F/G Dayton
1957 1 3 Krebs, JimJim Krebs  United States C/F Southern Methodist
1957 2 11 Schmidt, HarvHarv Schmidt  United States F [7] Illinois
1958 1 1 Baylor, ElginElgin Baylor*$ (22)  United States F Seattle
1959 1 3 Hawkins, TomTom Hawkins  United States F Notre Dame
1959 2 8 Hamilton, SteveSteve Hamilton  United States F/C Morehead State
1959 2 10 LaRusso, RudyRudy LaRusso$  United States F/C Dartmouth
1960 1 2 West, JerryJerry West* (44)  United States G West Virginia
1961 1 5 Yates, WayneWayne Yates  United States C[8] Memphis State
1961 2 13 Sawyer, FredFred Sawyer  United States C[9] Louisville
1962 1 6 Ellis, LeRoyLeRoy Ellis  United States C St. John's
1962 2 15 Wiley, GeneGene Wiley  United States C[10] Wichita
1963 1 7 Strickland, RogerRoger Strickland  United States F[11] Jacksonville
1963 2 13 King, JimJim King (from Cincinnati)[a]  United States G Tulsa
1963 2 16 Gibson, MelMel Gibson  United States G Western Carolina
1964 T Abdul-Rahman, MahdiMahdi Abdul-Rahman  United States G UCLA
1964 2 12 Nash, CottonCotton Nash  United States F Kentucky
1965 T Goodrich, GailGail Goodrich* $(25)  United States G UCLA
1965 2 16 Fairchild, JohnJohn Fairchild  United States F[12] Brigham Young
1966 1 7 Chambers, JerryJerry Chambers  United States F Utah
1966 2 17 Finkel, HankHank Finkel  United States C Dayton
1967 2 16 Mahaffey, RandolphRandolph Mahaffey  United States F Clemson
1968 1 11 Hewitt, BillBill Hewitt  United States F USC
1969 1 12 McCarter, WillieWillie McCarter  United States G Drake
1969 1 15 Roberson, RickRick Roberson  United States C/PF Cincinnati
1969 2 27 Garrett, DickDick Garrett  United States G Southern Illinois
1970 1 13 McMillian, JimJim McMillian  United States F Columbia
1970 2 30 Killum, EarnieEarnie Killum  United States G[13] Stetson
1971 1 13 Cleamons, JimJim Cleamons  United States G Ohio State
1972 1 13 Grant, TravisTravis Grant  United States F Kentucky State
1972 2 16 Price, JimJim Price (from Cleveland)[b]  United States G Louisville
1972 2 22 Stovall, PaulPaul Stovall (from Baltimore)[c]  United States F Arizona State
1973 1 5 Washington, KermitKermit Washington$ (from Cleveland)[d]  United States C/PF American
1973 2 23 Schaeffer, BillyBilly Schaeffer  United States F[14] St. John's
1973 2 31 Chones, JimJim Chones (from Baltimore)[e]  United States C/PF Marquette
1973 2 34 Perry, JohnJohn Perry  United States C [15] Pan American
1974 1 12 Winters, BrianBrian Winters$  United States SG/SF South Carolina
1974 2 21 Knight, BillyBilly Knight$  United States G/F Pittsburgh
1975 1 2 Meyers, DavidDavid Meyers  United States PF/C UCLA
1975 1 8 Bridgeman, JuniorJunior Bridgeman  United States SF/SG Louisville
1976 2 21 Tatum, EarlEarl Tatum (from Phoenix)[f]  United States G/F Marquette
1977 1 6 Carr, KennyKenny Carr  United States F North Carolina State
1977 1 15 Davis, BradBrad Davis (from San Antonio)[g]  United States G Maryland
1977 1 22 Nixon, NormNorm Nixon$  United States PG Duquesne
1978 2 26 Carter, RonRon Carter  United States G VMI
1978 2 38 Massey, LewLew Massey (from Kansas City)[h]  United States SG[16] UNC Charlotte
1979 1 1 Johnson, EarvinEarvin Johnson* $(32)  United States PG Michigan State
1979 1 14 Holland, BradBrad Holland  United States G UCLA
1979 2 25 Mack, OliverOliver Mack  United States SG East Carolina
1979 2 39 King, VictorVictor King (from Denver)[i]  United States PF[17] Louisiana Tech
1979 2 41 Young, MarkMark Young (from Buffalo)[j]  United States PF[18] Fairfield
1980 2 31 Robinson, WayneWayne Robinson (from Cleveland)[k]  United States F Virginia Tech
1980 2 37 Carter, ButchButch Carter (from Denver)[i]  United States G Indiana
1981 1 19 McGee, MikeMike McGee  United States SG/SF Michigan
1981 2 39 Knuckles, HarveyHarvey Knuckles (from Cleveland)[k]  United States SF[19] Toledo
1981 2 42 Rolle, ElvisElvis Rolle  United States C/PF[20] Florida State
1982 1 1 Worthy, JamesJames Worthy*$ (42) (from Cleveland)[l]  United States SF North Carolina
1984 1 23 Jones, EarlEarl Jones  United States C District of Columbia
1985 1 23 Green, A. C.A. C. Green$  United States PF/C Oregon State
1986 1 23 Barlow, KenKen Barlow  United States F Notre Dame
1988 1 25 Rivers, DavidDavid Rivers  United States PG Notre Dame
1989 1 26 Divac, VladeVlade Divac$  Yugoslavia (now  Serbia) C KK Partizan (Yugoslavia)
1990 1 27 Campbell, EldenElden Campbell  United States PF/C Clemson
1990 2 51 Smith, TonyTony Smith (from San Antonio)[m]  United States G Marquette
1991 2 52 Jones, AnthonyAnthony Jones  United States SG Oral Roberts
1992 1 15 Peeler, AnthonyAnthony Peeler  United States SG Missouri
1992 2 36 Cooper, DuaneDuane Cooper  United States G USC
1993 1 12 Lynch, GeorgeGeorge Lynch  United States PF North Carolina
1993 2 37 Van Exel, NickNick Van Exel$  United States PG Cincinnati
1994 1 10 Jones, EddieEddie Jones$  United States SG Temple
1995 2 37 King, FrankieFrankie King  United States PG Western Carolina
1996 1 24 Fisher, DerekDerek Fisher  United States PG Arkansas–Little Rock
1997 2 51 Wheat, DeJuanDeJuan Wheat  United States PG Louisville
1997 2 54 Rogers, PaulPaul Rogers (from New York)[n]  Australia C Gonzaga
1998 1 26 Jacobson, SamSam Jacobson  United States SG/SF Minnesota
1998 2 31 Patterson, RubenRuben Patterson (from Vancouver)[o]  United States SF Cincinnati
1998 2 45 Bailey, TobyToby Bailey (traded to Phoenix)[p]  United States SG UCLA
1999 1 23 George, DeveanDevean George  United States SF Augsburg
1999 2 30 Celestand, JohnJohn Celestand (from Vancouver)[o]  United States SG Villanova
2000 1 29 Madsen, MarkMark Madsen  United States PF/C Stanford
2002 1 27 Jefferies, ChrisChris Jefferies (traded to Toronto)[q]  United States SF Fresno State
2003 1 24 Cook, BrianBrian Cook  United States PF Illinois
2003 2 32 Walton, LukeLuke Walton  United States SF Arizona
2004 1 27 Vujačić, SashaSasha Vujačić  Slovenia G Pallalcesto Amatori Udine (Italy)
2004 2 56 Douthit, MarcusMarcus Douthit  United States PF/C Providence
2005 1 10 Bynum, AndrewAndrew Bynum$  United States C St. Joseph HS (New Jersey)
2005 2 37 Turiaf, RonnyRonny Turiaf (from New York via Atlanta and Charlotte)[r]  France PF/C Gonzaga
2005 2 39 Wafer, VonVon Wafer  United States G Florida State
2006 1 26 Farmar, JordanJordan Farmar (from Miami)[s]  United States PG UCLA
2006 2 51 Samb, CheikhCheikh Samb (traded to Detroit)[t]  Senegal C WTC Cornellà (Spain, 2nd division)
2007 1 19 Crittenton, JavarisJavaris Crittenton  United States PG Georgia Tech
2007 2 40 Sun Yue, Sun Yue (from Charlotte)[u]  China PG Beijing Olympians (ABA)
2007 2 48 Gasol, MarcMarc Gasol$  Spain C Akasvayu Girona (Liga Española de Baloncesto)
2008 2 58 Crawford, JoeJoe Crawford  United States SG Kentucky
2009 1 29 Douglas, ToneyToney Douglas (traded to New York)[v]  United States G Florida State
2009 2 42 Beverley, PatrickPatrick Beverley (from Charlotte; traded to Miami)[r][w]  United Statest G Arkansas
2009 2 59 Elonu, ChinemeluChinemelu Elonu  United States PF/C Texas A&M
2010 2 43 Ebanks, DevinDevin Ebanks (from Memphis)[x]  United States F West Virginia
2010 2 58 Caracter, DerrickDerrick Caracter  United States PF/C UTEP
2011 2 41 Morris, DariusDarius Morris (from Golden State Warriors via New Jersey Nets)[y]  United States PG Michigan (So.)
2011 2 46 Goudelock, AndrewAndrew Goudelock (from New York Knicks)[v]  United States SG College of Charleston (Sr.)
2011 2 56 Maduabum, ChukwudiebereChukwudiebere Maduabum (traded to Denver Nuggets)[z]  Nigeria SF Bakersfield Jam (D-League)
2011 2 58 Majok, AterAter Majok (from Miami Heat)[w]  Australia C Gold Coast Blaze (Australia)
2012 2 60 Sacre, RobertRobert Sacre (from Chicago via Milwaukee and Brooklyn)  Canada C Gonzaga (Sr.)
2013 2 48 Kelly, RyanRyan Kelly  United States PF Duke (Sr.)
2014 1 7 Randle, JuliusJulius Randle  United States PF Kentucky
2014 2 46 Clarkson, JordanJordan Clarkson  United States SG Missouri
2015 1 2 Russell, D'AngeloD'Angelo Russell  United States PG Ohio
2015 1 27 Nance, Jr., LarryLarry Nance, Jr.  United States PF Wyoming
2015 2 34 Brown, AnthonyAnthony Brown  United States SF Stanford
2016 1 2 Ingram, BrandonBrandon Ingram  United States SF Duke (Fr.)
2016 2 32 Zubac, IvicaIvica Zubac  Croatia C Mega Leks


  • a The Lakers traded Tom Hawkins to Cincinnati for a future draft pick (Jim King).[21]
  • b The Lakers traded Rick Roberson to Cleveland for a future draft pick (Jim Price) and cash.[21]
  • c The Lakers traded John Tresvant to Baltimore for a future draft pick (Paul Stovall).[21]
  • d The Lakers traded Jim Cleamons to Cleveland for a future draft pick (Kermit Washington).[21]
  • e The Lakers traded Flynn Robinson to Baltimore for future considerations.[21]
  • f The Lakers traded Pat Riley to Phoenix in exchange for two future draft picks (Earl Tatum and ?).[21]
  • g The Lakers traded Melvin Calvin to San Antonio for 1977 first round draft pick (Brad Davis) and cash.[21]
  • h The Lakers traded Lucius Allen to Kansas City for Ollie Johnson and a first and second round (Lew Massey) draft picks in 1978.[21]
  • i The Lakers traded Charlie Scott to Denver for Ron Boone and two second round draft picks (Victor King and Butch Carter).[21]
  • j The Lakers traded Tom Abernethy to Buffalo for a second round draft pick (Mark Young).[21]
  • k The Lakers traded Kenny Carr for two second round draft picks (Wayne Robinson and Harvey Knuckles).[21]
  • l The Lakers traded Don Ford and a first round draft pick (Chad Kinch) to Cleveland in exchange for Butch Lee and a first round draft pick in the 1982 draft (James Worthy).[21]
  • m The Lakers traded Mike Smrek to San Antonio for a 1990 second round draft pick (Tony Smith).[22]
  • n The Lakers traded Doug Christie to New York in exchange for two second round draft picks (Paul Rogers and ?).[22]
  • o The Lakers traded George Lynch and Anthony Peeler to Vancouver in exchange for future considerations.[22]
  • p The Lakers traded draft rights to Toby Bailey to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for future considerations.[23]
  • q The Lakers traded Lindsey Hunter and draft rights to Chris Jefferies in exchange for Tracy Murray and draft rights to Kareem Rush.[24]

  • r The Lakers have traded guard Kareem Rush to the Charlotte Bobcats for two future second round draft picks (Ronny Turiaf and Patrick Beverly). The Bobcats have acquired a second round pick (Ronny Turiaf) in the 2005 NBA Draft from Atlanta in exchange for forward/center Predrag Drobnjak. Atlanta Hawks acquired centers Michael Doleac (from the New York Knicks) and Joel Przybilla (from the Milwaukee Bucks), along with a 2005 second-round pick from the Knicks (Ronny Turiaf), while sending center Nazr Mohammed to the Knicks in the three-way trade.[25]
  • s The Lakers have acquired forward Lamar Odom, forward Caron Butler, forward Brian Grant and a future first round draft pick (Jordan Farmar) from the Miami Heat in exchange for center Shaquille O'Neal.[26]
  • t The Lakers traded draft rights to center Cheikh Samb in exchange for Maurice Evans.[27]
  • u The Lakers have traded forward Jumaine Jones to the Charlotte Bobcats for a 2007 second round draft pick (Sun Yue).[28]
  • v The Lakers traded draft rights to Toney Douglas to the New York Knicks in exchange for a 2011 second-round draft choice (Andrew Goudelock) and cash considerations.[29]
  • w The Lakers traded draft rights to Patrick Beverley to the Miami Heat in exchange for a 2011 second-round draft pick (Ater Majok) and cash considerations.[30]
  • x The Lakers traded forward Kwame Brown, guard Javaris Crittenton, guard Aaron McKie, the draft rights to Marc Gasol, and first round picks in 2008 (Donté Greene) and 2010 (Greivis Vásquez) to Memphis in exchange for Pau Gasol and a second round draft choice in 2010 (Devin Ebanks).[31]
  • y The Lakers traded guard Sasha Vujacic and a 2011 first round draft pick (JaJuan Johnson) to New Jersey in exchange for forward Joe Smith and two second-round draft picks (Darius Morris & Chicago's second-round pick in 2012) along with the draft rights to Sergei Lishchuk from Houston.[32]
  • z The Lakers traded draft rights to Chukwudiebere Maduabum to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for a future second-round draft pick.[33]


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