List of Knights and Ladies of the Thistle

The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle was founded in 1687. Dates shown are for election or installation. Probably incomplete.

18th Century 19th Century 20th Century

21st Century
James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth1648–17161687 
George Gordon, 1st Duke of Gordon1649–17161687 
John Murray, 1st Marquess of Atholl1631–17031687 
James Hamilton, 4th Duke of Hamilton1658–17121687 
Kenneth Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Seaforth1661–17011687 
John Drummond, 1st Earl of Melfort1650–17151687 
George Douglas, 1st Earl of Dumbarton1635–16921687 
Alexander Stuart, 5th Earl of Moray1634–17011687 
John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll1680–17431704Resigned 1710 when made KG
John Murray, 1st Duke of Atholl1659–17241704 
William Johnstone, 1st Marquess of Annandaled. 17211704 
James Scott, Earl of Dalkeith1674–17051704 
George Douglas-Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney1666–17371704 
James Ogilvy, 1st Earl of Seafield1663–17301704 
William Kerr, 2nd Marquess of Lothian1661–17221704 
Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery1674–17311704 
John Erskine, 22nd Earl of Mar1675–17321706Degraded 1715
Hugh Campbell, 3rd Earl of Loudound. 17311706 
John Dalrymple, 2nd Earl of Stair1673–17471710 
David Colyear, 1st Earl of Portmore1656–17301713 
John Gordon, 16th Earl of Sutherland1661–17331716 
William Cadogan, 1st Baron Cadogan1670–17261716Later Earl Cadogan
Thomas Hamilton, 6th Earl of Haddington1680–17351717 
Charles Bennet, 1st Earl of Tankerville1674–17221721 
Francis Scott, Earl of Dalkeith1695–17511725Later 2nd Duke of Buccleuch
William Capell, 3rd Earl of Essex1697–17431725Resigned 1738 when made KG
Alexander Hume-Campbell, 2nd Earl of Marchmont1676–17401725 
James Hamilton, 5th Duke of Hamilton1703–17431726 
Charles Bennet, 2nd Earl of Tankerville1697–17531730 
Charles Stuart, 6th Earl of Moray1660–17351731 
Charles Colyear, 2nd Earl of Portmore1700–17851732 
James Murray, 2nd Duke of Atholl1690–17641734 
William Kerr, 3rd Marquess of Lothian1690–17671734 
James Douglas, 14th Earl of Morton1703–17681738 
John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute1713–17921738Resigned 1762 when made KG
Charles Hope, 1st Earl of Hopetoun1681–17421738 
Augustus Berkeley, 4th Earl of Berkeley1716–17551739 
James Stuart, 8th Earl of Moray1708–17671741 
John Carmichael, 3rd Earl of Hyndford1701–17671742 
Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysart1707–17701743 
Cosmo Gordon, 3rd Duke of Gordon1720–17521748 
William Dalrymple-Crichton, 5th Earl of Dumfries, 4th Earl of Staird. 17681752 
Francis Greville, 1st Earl Brooke1719–17731753 
John Leslie, 10th Earl of Rothes1698–17671753 
James Douglas-Hamilton, 6th Duke of Hamilton1724–17581755 
Charles Cathcart, 9th Lord Cathcart1721–17761763 
William Douglas, 3rd Earl of March1725–18101763Later 5th Duke of Queensberry
John Campbell, 4th Duke of Argyll1693–17701765 
Henry Scott, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch1746–18121767Resigned 1794 when made KG
John Murray, 3rd Duke of Atholl1729–17741767 
Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of Carlisle1748–18251767Resigned 1793, made KG
William Kerr, 4th Marquess of Lothian1710–17751768 
David Murray, 7th Viscount Stormont1727–17961768Later 2nd Earl of Mansfield
John Ker, 3rd Duke of Roxburghe1740–18041768 
HRH The Prince William Henry1765–18371770Later Duke of Clarence and St Andrews and William IV, King of the United Kingdom
Neil Primrose, 3rd Earl of Rosebery1729–18141771 
Robert Henley, 2nd Earl of Northington1747–17861773 
Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon1743–18271775 
John Stewart, 7th Earl of Galloway1736–18061775 
William Kerr, 5th Marquess of Lothian1737–18151776 
Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 8th Duke of Hamilton1756–17991786 
Thomas Brudenell-Bruce, 1st Earl of Ailesbury1739–18141786 
James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose1755–18361793Resigned 1812 when made KG
John Poulett, 4th Earl Poulett1756–18191794 
George Douglas, 16th Earl of Morton1761–18271797 
John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl1755–18301800 
William Cathcart, 10th Lord Cathcart1755–18431805Later Earl Cathcart
George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen1784–18601808 
Charles Montagu-Scott, 4th Duke of Buccleuch1772–18191812 
Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Eglinton1739–18191812 
George Stewart, 8th Earl of Galloway1768–18341814 
Henry Nevill, 2nd Earl of Abergavenny1755–18431814 
Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine1750–18231815 
Charles Brudenell-Bruce, 2nd Earl of Ailesbury1773–18561819Later Marquess of Ailesbury
William Kerr, 6th Marquess of Lothian1763–18241820 
George Hay, 8th Marquess of Tweeddale1787–18761820 
Archibald Kennedy, 12th Earl of Cassilis1770–18461821Later Marquess of Ailsa
James Maitland, 8th Earl of Lauderdale1759–18391821 
Robert Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville1771–18511821 
Charles Douglas, 6th Marquess of Queensberry1777–18371821 
George Gordon, 5th Earl of Aboyne1761–18531827Later 9th Marquess of Huntly
Henry Greville, 3rd Earl of Warwick1779–18531827 
James Duff, 4th Earl Fife1776–18571827 
Francis Stuart, 10th Earl of Moray1771–18481827 
HRH The Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex1773–18431830 
Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 5th Duke of Buccleuch1806–18841830Resigned 1835 when made KG
William Hay, 18th Earl of Erroll1801–18461834 
David Murray, 3rd Earl of Mansfield1777–18401835 
John Campbell, 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane1796–18621838 
James Innes-Ker, 6th Duke of Roxburghe1816–18791840 
Archibald Primrose, 4th Earl of Rosebery1783–18681840 
HRH Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha1819–18611842Later Prince Consort
William Murray, 4th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield1806–18981843 
John Crichton-Stuart, 2nd Marquess of Bute1793–18481843 
James Graham, 4th Duke of Montrose1799–18741845 
John Dalrymple, 8th Earl of Stair1771–18531847 
James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin1811–18631847 
James Andrew Broun-Ramsay, 10th Earl of Dalhousie1812–18601848Later Marquess of Dalhousie
Robert Dundas Haldane-Duncan, 1st Earl of Camperdown1785–18591848 
Alexander Fraser, 17th Lord Saltoun1785–18531852 
Archibald Montgomerie, 13th Earl of Eglinton1812–18611853 
Thomas Hamilton, 9th Earl of Haddington1780–18581853 
Fox Maule Ramsay, 1st Baron Panmure1801–18741853Later 11th Earl of Dalhousie
George Murray, 6th Duke of Atholl1814–18641853 
George Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll1823–19001856 
George Kinnaird, 9th Lord Kinnaird1807–18781857 
Archibald Kennedy, 2nd Marquess of Ailsa1816–18701859 
James Duff, 5th Earl Fife1814–18791860 
Thomas Dundas, 2nd Earl of Zetland1795–18731861Resigned 1872 when made KG
Robert Hamilton, 8th Lord Belhaven and Stenton1793–18681861 
David Ogilvy, 10th Earl of Airlie1826–18811862 
Francis Napier, 10th Lord Napier1819–18981864 
HRH The Prince Alfred Ernest Albert1844–19001864Later Duke of Edinburgh and Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Thomas Fraser, 12th Lord Lovat1802–18751865 
John Dalrymple, 10th Earl of Stair1819–19031865 
HRH The Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesay1841–19101867Later Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom
John Stewart-Murray, 7th Duke of Atholl1840–19171868 
James Carnegie, 9th Earl of Southesk1827–19051869 
HRH The Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert1850–19421869Later Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
William Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 3rd Earl of Minto1814–18911870 
John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne1845–19141871Later 9th Duke of Argyll
HRH The Prince Leopold George Duncan Albert1853–18841871Later Duke of Albany
Charles Colville, 10th Lord Colville of Culross1818–19031874Later Viscount Colville of Culross
John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute1847–19001875 
William Montagu Douglas Scott, Earl of Dalkeith1831–19141875Later 6th Duke of Buccleuch
Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, 9th Baronet1818–18781876 
William Douglas-Hamilton, 12th Duke of Hamilton1845–18951878 
Schomberg Kerr, 9th Marquess of Lothian1833–19001878 
John Ogilvy-Grant, 7th Earl of Seafield1815–18811879 
Douglas Graham, 5th Duke of Montrose1852–19251879 
Alexander Duff, 6th Earl Fife1849–19121881Later Duke of Fife
John Ramsay, 13th Earl of Dalhousie1847–18871881 
HRH Prince George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge1819–19041881 
Alan Stewart, 10th Earl of Galloway1835–19011888 
James Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford1847–19131891 
HRH Prince George Frederick Ernest Albert, Duke of York1865–19361893Later George V, King of the United Kingdom
Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery1847–19291895 
William Hay, 10th Marquess of Tweeddale1826–19111898 
Charles Douglas-Home, 12th Earl of Home1834–19181899 
Lawrence Dundas, 1st Marquess of Zetland1844–19291900 
John Hope, 7th Earl of Hopetoun1860–19081900Later Marquess of Linlithgow
Alexander Bruce, 6th Lord Balfour of Burleigh1849–19211901 
Charles Hay, 20th Earl of Erroll1852–19271901 
Henry Innes-Ker, 8th Duke of Roxburghe1876–19321902 
George Baillie-Hamilton-Arden, 11th Earl of Haddington1827–19171902 
Ronald Leslie-Melville, 11th Earl of Leven1835–19061905 
John Hamilton-Gordon, 7th Earl of Aberdeen1847–19341906Later Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair
Edward Marjoribanks, 2nd Baron Tweedmouth1849–19091908 
Gavin Hamilton, 2nd Baron Hamilton of Dalzell1872–19521909 
Walter Erskine, 12th Earl of Mar1865–19551911 
Donald Mackay, 11th Lord Reay1839–19211911 
Richard Haldane, 1st Viscount Haldane1856–19281913 
HRH Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert of Connaught1883–19381913 
Arthur Kinnaird, 11th Lord Kinnaird1847–19231914 
Simon Fraser, 14th Lord Lovat1871–19331915 
John Montagu Douglas Scott, 7th Duke of Buccleuch1864–19351917 
Douglas Haig1861–19281917Later Earl Haig
John Stewart-Murray, 8th Duke of Atholl1871–19421918 
David Lindsay, 27th Earl of Crawford1871–19401921 
HRH The Prince Edward Albert Christian George, Prince of Wales, Duke oF Rothesay1894–19721922Later Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom
John Crichton-Stuart, 4th Marquess of Bute1881–19471922 
HRH The Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, Duke of York1895–19521923Later George VI, King of the United Kingdom
Algernon Keith-Falconer, 9th Earl of Kintore1852–19301923 
Ronald Munro Ferguson, 1st Viscount Novar1860–19341926 
Sidney Buller-Fullerton-Elphinstone, 16th Lord Elphinstone1869–19551927 
Victor Alexander John Hope, 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow1887–19521928 
Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne1855–19441928 
George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 5th Duke of Sutherland1888–19631929 
Sir John Stirling-Maxwell, 10th Baronet1866–19561929 
Charles Douglas-Home, 13th Earl of Home1873–19511930 
Sir Herbert Maxwell, 7th Baronet1845–19371933 
HRH Prince Henry William Frederick Albert, Duke of Gloucester1900–19741933 
Edward Bruce, 10th Earl of Elgin1881–19681933 
Archibald Leslie-Melville, 13th Earl of Leven1890–19471934 
Donald Cameron, 25th Lochiel1876–19511934 
HRH Prince George Edward Alexander Edmund, Duke of Kent1902–19421935 
HM Queen Elizabeth1900–20021937Later The Queen Mother
Sir Iain Colquhoun, 7th Baronet1887–19481937 
John Dalrymple, 12th Earl of Stair1879–19611937 
Philip Kerr, 11th Marquess of Lothian1882–19401940 
Archibald Sinclair1890–19701940Later Viscount Thurso
David Ogilvy, 12th Earl of Airlie1893–19681942 
Andrew Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope1883–19631945 
James Graham, 6th Duke of Montrose1878–19541947 
Harry Primrose, 6th Earl of Rosebery1882–19741947 
Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 8th Duke of Buccleuch1894–19731949 
Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 14th Duke of Hamilton1903–19731951 
George Baillie-Hamilton, 12th Earl of Haddington1894–19861951 
HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburghb. 19211952Later The Prince Philip
Steven Bilsland, 1st Baron Bilsland1892–19701955 
David Lindsay, 28th Earl of Crawford1900–19751955 
John Stirling1893–19751956 
George Mathers, 1st Baron Mathers1886–19651956 
Kenneth Fitzgerald Kinnaird, 12th Lord Kinnaird1880–19721957 
Thomas Corbett, 2nd Baron Rowallan1895–19771957 
HM Olav V, King of Norway1903–19911962 
Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, 14th Earl of Home1903–19951962Later Baron Home of the Hirsel
Robert Menzies1894–19781963 
James Wilson Robertson1899–19831965 
David Charteris, 12th Earl of Wemyss1912–20081966 
John Reith, 1st Baron Reith1889–19711968 
Charles Maclean, Baron Maclean1916–19901969 
Simon Ramsay, 16th Earl of Dalhousie1914–19991971 
Richard O'Connor1889–19811971 
Ronald Colville, 2nd Baron Clydesmuir1917–19961972 
Robert Forbes-Leith1902–19731972 
Harald Leslie, Lord Birsay1905–19821973 
John Maclay, 1st Viscount Muirshiel1905–19921973 
Donald Hamish Cameron, 26th Lochiel1910–20041973 
Bernard Fergusson, Baron Ballantrae1911–19801974 
George Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Earl of Selkirk1906–19941976 
William McFadzean, Baron McFadzean1903–19961976 
HRH The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesayb. 19481977 
John Cameron, Lord Cameron1900–19961978 
John Scott, 9th Duke of Buccleuch1923–20071978 
Andrew Bruce, 11th Earl of Elginb. 19241981 
George Thomson, Baron Thomson of Monifieth1921–20081981 
Neil Cameron, Baron Cameron of Balhousie 1920–19851983 
Murray MacLehose, Baron MacLehose of Beoch1917–20001983 
David Ogilvy, 13th Earl of Airlieb. 19261985 
Iain Tennant1919–20061986 
William Whitelaw, 1st Viscount Whitelaw1918–19991990 
Sir Fitzroy Maclean, 1st Baronet 1911–19961993 
George Younger, 4th Viscount Younger of Leckie1931–20031995 
John Arbuthnott, 16th Viscount of Arbuthnott1924–20121996 
Robert Lindsay, 29th Earl of Crawfordb. 19271996 
Lady Marion Fraserb. 19321996 
Norman Macfarlane, Baron Macfarlane of Bearsdenb. 19261996 
James Mackay, Baron Mackay of Clashfernb. 19271997 
HRH The Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, Princess Royalb. 19502000The Princess Royal
David Wilson, Baron Wilson of Tillyornb. 19352000 
Stewart Sutherland, Baron Sutherland of Houndwoodb. 19412002 
Eric Andersonb. 19362002 
David Steel, Baron Steel of Aikwoodb. 19382004 
George Robertson, Baron Robertson of Port Ellenb. 19462004 
William Cullen, Baron Cullen of Whitekirkb. 19352007 
Garth Morrison1943-20132007 
David Hope, Baron Hope of Craigheadb. 19382009Deputy President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Narendra Patel, Baron Patelb. 19382009 
HRH Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridgeb. 19822012In Scotland often known by his Scottish title as The Earl of Strathearn
David Douglas-Home, 15th Earl of Homeb. 19432014 
Robert Smith, Baron Smith of Kelvinb. 19442014 
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