List of ISO 639-5 codes

This is a list of ISO 639-5 codes, including the code hierarchy as given in the ISO 639-5 registry. The code und (undetermined) from ISO 639-2 can be seen as top of the hierarchy (for example, und:aav, und:euq:eu). The hierarchy is not a complete genetic hierarchy; some of the collection codes are based on geography (like nai) or category (like crp) instead.

HierarchyISO 639-5Language collection nameNotes
aavaavAustroasiatic languagesSouth-Asiatic languages, not related to Australian languages
afaafaAfro-Asiatic languages
nai:aql:algalgAlgonquian languages
nic:alvalvAtlantic–Congo languages
nai:xnd:ath:apaapaApache languages
sai:aqaaqaAlacalufan languages
nai:aqlaqlAlgic languages
artartArtificial languages
nai:xnd:athathAthapascan languages
sai:awd:aufaufArauan languages
ausausAustralian languages
sai:awdawdArawakan languages
nai:azcazcUto-Aztecan languages
nic:alv:badbadBanda languages
nic:alv:baibaiBamileke languages
ine:batbatBaltic languages
afa:berberBerber languages
nic:alv:bntbntBantu languages
map:poz:pqw:btkbtkBatak languages
caicaiCentral American Indian languages
caucauCaucasian languages
sai:cbacbaChibchan languages
cau:ccnccnNorth Caucasian languages
cau:ccsccsSouth Caucasian languages
afa:cdccdcChadic languages
nai:cddcddCaddoan languages
ine:celcelCeltic languages
map:poz:pqw:cmccmcChamic languages
crp:cpecpecreoles and pidgins, English-based
crp:cpfcpfcreoles and pidgins, French-based
crp:cppcppcreoles and pidgins, Portuguese-based
crpcrpcreoles and pidgins
ssa:csucsuCentral Sudanic languages
afa:cuscusCushitic languages
daydayLand Dayak languagesnot to be confused with Dayak languages, which is a larger group
nic:dmndmnMande languages
dradraDravidian languages
afa:egxegxEgyptian languages
esxesxEskimo–Aleut languages
euqeuqBasque (family)Basque (eu/eus/baq) is an individual language covered by this collection code
urj:fiufiuFinno-Ugrian languages
map:foxfoxFormosan languages
ine:gemgemGermanic languages
ine:gem:gmegmeEast Germanic languages
ine:gem:gmqgmqNorth Germanic languages
ine:gem:gmwgmwWest Germanic languages
ine:grkgrkGreek languages
hmxhmxHmong–Mien languages
nai:hokhokHokan languages
ine:hyxhyxArmenian (family)Armenian (hy/hye/arm) is an individual language covered by this collection code
ine:iiriirIndo-Iranian languages
nic:alv:ijoijoIjo languages
ine:iir:incincIndic languages
ineineIndo-European languages
ine:iir:irairaIranian languages
nai:iroiroIroquoian languages
ine:itcitcItalic languages
jpxjpxJapanese (family)Japanese (ja/jpn) is an individual language covered by this collection code
sit:tbq:karkarKaren languages
nic:kdokdoKordofanian languages
khikhiKhoisan languages
nic:alv:krokroKru languages
mapmapAustronesian languages
aav:mkhmkhMon–Khmer languages
map:poz:pqw:phi:mnomnoManobo languages
aav:munmunMunda languages
cai:mynmynMayan languages
nai:azc:nahnahNahuatl languages
nainaiNorth American Indian languages
paa:ngfngfTrans–New Guinea languages
nicnicNiger–Congo languagesISO uses the term "Niger–Kordofanian"
ssa:sdv:nubnubNubian languages
cai:omqomqOto-Manguean languages
afa:omvomvOmotic languages
cai:omq:otootoOtomian languages
paapaaPapuan languages
map:poz:pqw:phiphiPhilippine languages
map:poz:plfplfCentral Malayo-Polynesian languages
map:pozpozMalayo-Polynesian languages
map:poz:pqepqeEastern Malayo-Polynesian languages
map:poz:pqwpqwWestern Malayo-Polynesian languages
ine:iir:inc:prapraPrakrit languages
sai:qweqweQuechuan (family)Quechua (qu/que) is a macrolanguage covered by this collection code
ine:itc:roaroaRomance languages
saisaiSouth American Indian languages
nai:salsalSalishan languages
ssa:sdvsdvEastern Sudanic languages
afa:semsemSemitic languages
sgnsgnsign languages
nai:siosioSiouan languages
sitsitSino-Tibetan languages
ine:slaslaSlavic languages
urj:fiu:smismiSami languages
ssa:sonsonSonghai languages
ine:sqjsqjAlbanian languagesAlbanian (sq/sqi/alb) is a macrolanguage covered by this collection code
ssassaNilo-Saharan languages
urj:sydsydSamoyedic languages
taitaiTai languagesThai (th/tha) is an individual language covered by this collection code
sit:tbqtbqTibeto-Burman languages
tut:trktrkTurkic languagesTurkish (tr/tur) is an individual language covered by this collection code
sai:tuptupTupi languages
tuttutAltaic languages
tut:tuwtuwTungus languages
urjurjUralic languages
nai:wakwakWakashan languages
ine:sla:zlw:wenwenSorbian languages
tut:xgnxgnMongolian languagesMongolian (mn/mon) is a macrolanguage covered by this collection code
nai:xndxndNa-Dene languages
esx:ypkypkYupik languages
sit:zhxzhxChinese (family)Chinese (zh/zho/chi) is a macrolanguage covered by this collection code
ine:sla:zlezleEast Slavic languages
ine:sla:zlszlsSouth Slavic languages
ine:sla:zlwzlwWest Slavic languages
nic:alv:zndzndZande languagesZande (individual language) (zne) is an individual language covered by this collection code

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