List of Hewitts and Nuttalls in Wales

Class Prominence
600 m prominences ≥ 600 m
2,000 foot Marilyns 150–599 m
Hewitts 30–149 m
Nuttalls 15–29 m

This is a list of mountains in Wales over 610m.

Nuttalls are hills in England and Wales that are at least 2,000 feet (610 m) high with a relative height of at least 15 m (49 ft). The list was compiled by John and Anne Nuttall and published in The Mountains of England & Wales.[1]

Hewitts are hills in England, Wales and Ireland that are at least 2,000 ft high with a relative height of at least 30 m (98 ft). This list was compiled by Alan Dawson and originally published in The Relative Hills of Britain[2] under the name Sweats. The list was subsequently renamed Hewitts, updated, and published in The Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales.[3]

Other than the inclusion of Ireland, the only difference between Nuttalls and Hewitts is that hills with a relative height between 15 and 30 m are Nuttalls but not Hewitts. This corresponds to roughly a quarter of all Nuttalls, and the exclusion of these least prominent Nuttalls was one of the reasons why the list of Hewitts was produced.

In the tables below, rows have been coloured according to which list(s) the hills are on. Hills that are additionally Marilyns or that are on the list of hills with a 600 m drop are also distinguished. In the parent column, the prominence parent is used where possible. The prominence parent of a peak can be found by dividing the island or region in question into territories by tracing the runoff from the key col of every higher peak. The prominence parent is the higher peak in whose territory the original peak resides.[4] Prominence parentage data is unavailable for Nuttalls and Hewitts, so the hills' parent Marilyns are shown. The parent Marilyn of a hill is the Marilyn whose territory a peak resides in.

There are 190 Nuttalls on the list, of which 138 are Hewitts, and 53 are Marilyns.

North Wales


Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Carnedd Llewelyn 1064 750 SH683644 P600 Snowdon
Carnedd Dafydd 1044 111 SH663630 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Pen yr Ole Wen 978 45 SH655619 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Foel Grach 976 40 SH688658 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Yr Elen 962 57 SH673650 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Foel-fras 942 59 SH696681 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Garnedd Uchaf 926 32 SH687669 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Llwytmor 849 73 SH689692 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Pen yr Helgi Du 833 85 SH698630 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Bera Bach 807 21 SH672677 Nuttall Carnedd Llewelyn
Pen Llithrig y Wrach 799 181 SH716623 Marilyn Carnedd Llewelyn
Foel Meirch [Note 1] 795 16 SH659637 Nuttall Carnedd Llewelyn
Bera Mawr 794 30 SH674682 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Drum 770 45 SH708695 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Drosgl 758 37 SH664679 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Craig Eigiau 735 20 SH713654 Nuttall Carnedd Llewelyn
Carnedd y Ddelw 688 15 SH707705 Nuttall Carnedd Llewelyn
Creigiau Gleision 678 262 SH729615 Marilyn Carnedd Llewelyn
Gyrn Wigau 643 c. 18 SH654675 Nuttall Carnedd Llewelyn
Creigiau Gleision north top 634 36 SH733622 Hewitt Creigiau Gleision
Craiglwyn [Note 1] 623 20 SH730608 Nuttall Creigiau Gleision
Pen y Castell 623 29 SH721688 Nuttall Carnedd Llewelyn
Tal y Fan 610 186 SH729726 Marilyn Carnedd Llewelyn


Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Glyder Fawr 1001 643 SH642579 P600 Snowdon
Glyder Fach 994 75 SH656582 Hewitt Glyder Fawr
Castell y Gwynt [Note 2] 972 16 SH654581 Nuttall Glyder Fawr
Y Garn 947 236 SH630595 Marilyn Glyder Fawr
Elidir Fawr 924 212 SH612613 Marilyn Y Garn
Tryfan 918 188 SH664593 Marilyn Glyder Fawr
Foel-goch 831 76 SH628611 Hewitt Y Garn
Carnedd y Filiast 821 76 SH620627 Hewitt Elidir Fawr
Mynydd Perfedd 812 20 SH623619 Nuttall Elidir Fawr
Y Foel Goch 805 63 SH677582 Hewitt Glyder Fawr
Gallt yr Ogof 763 42 SH685585 Hewitt Glyder Fawr
Carnedd y Filiast north top [Note 2]
 or Y Fronllwyd
720 16 SH617631 Nuttall Elidir Fawr

Yr Wyddfa

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Yr Wyddfa
 or Snowdon
1085 1038 SH609543 P600 Ben Nevis
Garnedd Ugain
 or Crib y Ddysgl
1065 72 SH610551 Hewitt Yr Wyddfa
Crib Goch 923 65 SH624551 Hewitt Snowdon
Y Lliwedd 898 154 SH622533 Marilyn Snowdon
Y Lliwedd east top 893 15 SH623532 Nuttall Y Lliwedd
Lliwedd Bach 818 16 SH627532 Nuttall Y Lliwedd
Yr Aran 747 235 SH604515 Marilyn Snowdon
Moel Eilio 726 259 SH555577 Marilyn Snowdon
Llechog 718 23 SH606567 Nuttall Snowdon
Moel Cynghorion 674 176 SH586563 Marilyn Snowdon
Foel Gron 629 31 SH560568 Hewitt Moel Eilio
Gallt y Wenallt 619 24 SH642532 Nuttall Y Lliwedd

Moel Hebog, Mynydd Mawr and the Nantlle Ridge

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Moel Hebog 783 585 SH565469 Marilyn Snowdon
Craig Cwm Silyn 734 398 SH525502 Marilyn Moel Hebog
Trum y Ddysgl 709 204 SH544516 Marilyn Craig Cwm Silyn
Garnedd-goch 700 25 SH511495 Nuttall Craig Cwm Silyn
Mynydd Mawr 698 462 SH539546 Marilyn Moel Hebog
Mynydd Drws-y-Coed 695 57 SH548518 Hewitt Trum y Ddysgl
Moel yr Ogof 655 118 SH556478 Hewitt Moel Hebog
Mynydd Tal-y-Mignedd 653 51 SH535514 Hewitt Trum y Ddysgl
Moel Lefn 638 62 SH553485 Hewitt Moel Hebog
Y Garn 633 21 SH551526 Nuttall Trum y Ddysgl
Mynydd Graig Goch [Note 3] 610 c. 70 SH497485 Hewitt Craig Cwm Silyn

Moel Siabod and the Moelwynion

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Moel Siabod 872 600 SH705546 P600 Glyder Fawr
Moelwyn Mawr 770 385 SH658448 Marilyn Arenig Fawr
Moelwyn Bach 710 124 SH660437 Hewitt Moelwyn Mawr
Allt-fawr 698 243 SH681474 Marilyn Moelwyn Mawr
Cnicht 689 104 SH645466 Hewitt Allt-fawr
Craigysgafn 689 24 SH659443 Nuttall Moelwyn Mawr
Cnicht north top [Note 1] 685 18 SH648468 Nuttall Allt-fawr
Moel Druman 676 61 SH671476 Hewitt Allt-fawr
Ysgafell Wen 672 57 SH667481 Hewitt Allt-fawr
Ysgafell Wen north top 669 33 SH663485 Hewitt Allt-fawr
Ysgafell Wen far north top 669 c. 34 SH663487 Nuttall Allt-fawr
Moel-yr-hydd 648 82 SH672454 Hewitt Moelwyn Mawr
Moelwyn Mawr north ridge top [Note 1] 640 15 SH661452 Nuttall Moelwyn Mawr


Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Arenig Fawr 854 479 SH827369 Marilyn Moel Siabod
Arenig Fawr south top 830 c. 15 SH826366 Nuttall Arenig Fawr
Moel Llyfnant 751 206 SH808351 Marilyn Arenig Fawr
Rhobell Fawr 734 309 SH786256 Marilyn Arenig Fawr
Arenig Fawr south ridge top 712 c. 17 SH827359 Nuttall Arenig Fawr
Arenig Fach 689 294 SH820415 Marilyn Arenig Fawr
Carnedd y Filiast 669 315 SH871445 Marilyn Arenig Fawr
Dduallt 662 138 SH810273 Hewitt Rhobell Fawr
Manod Mawr 661 266 SH723446 Marilyn Arenig Fach
Manod Mawr north top 658 65 SH727458 Hewitt Manod Mawr
Waun Garnedd-y-filiast [Note 1] 650 c. 15 SH874452 Nuttall Carnedd y Filiast
Carnedd Llechwedd-llyfn 643 25 SH857446 Nuttall Carnedd y Filiast
Moel Penamnen 623 133 SH716483 Hewitt Manod Mawr
Gallt y Daren 619 113 SH778344 Hewitt Moel Llyfnant
Foel Boeth 616 17 SH779341 Nuttall Moel Llyfnant
Foel Goch 611 274 SH953422 Marilyn Carnedd y Filiast

Berwyn range

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Cadair Berwyn 830 344 SJ071323 Marilyn Aran Fawddwy
Moel Sych 827 32 SJ066318 Hewitt Cadair Berwyn
Cadair Berwyn north top 827 19 SJ072327 Nuttall Cadair Berwyn
Cadair Bronwen 785 73 SJ077346 Hewitt Cadair Berwyn
Tomle 742 21 SJ085335 Nuttall Cadair Berwyn
Moel yr Ewig 695 24 SJ080317 Nuttall Cadair Berwyn
Foel Wen 691 58 SJ099334 Hewitt Cadair Berwyn
Foel Wen south top 687 21 SJ102330 Nuttall Cadair Berwyn
Mynydd Tarw 681 45 SJ112324 Hewitt Cadair Berwyn
Godor 679 25 SJ094307 Nuttall Cadair Berwyn
Godor north top 675 SJ089311 Nuttall Cadair Berwyn
Cyrniau Nod 667 179 SH988279 Marilyn Aran Fawddwy
Post Gwyn 665 60 SJ047294 Hewitt Cadair Berwyn
Y Groes Fagl 659 c. 14 SH988290 Nuttall Cyrniau Nod
Foel Cwm Sian Llŵyd 648 57 SH995313 Hewitt Cyrniau Nod
Pen y Boncyn Trefeilw 646 57 SH962283 Hewitt Cyrniau Nod
Moel Fferna 630 105 SJ116397 Hewitt Cadair Berwyn
Stac Rhos 630 25 SH968278 Nuttall Cyrniau Nod
Moel yr Henfaes
 or Pen Bwlch Llandrillo top
621 35 SJ089369 Hewitt Cadair Berwyn
Cefn Gwyntog 615 27 SH976265 Nuttall Cyrniau Nod

Aran range

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Aran Fawddwy 905 670 SH862223 P600 Snowdon
Aran Benllyn 885 50 SH867242 Hewitt Aran Fawddwy
Erw y Ddafad-ddu 872 37 SH864233 Hewitt Aran Fawddwy
Glasgwm 780 213 SH836194 Marilyn Aran Fawddwy
Foel Hafod-fynydd 689 84 SH877227 Hewitt Aran Fawddwy
Pen y Brynfforchog 685 71 SH817179 Hewitt Glasgwm
Gwaun y Llwyni 685 43 SH857204 Hewitt Aran Fawddwy
Esgeiriau Gwynion 671 166 SH889236 Marilyn Aran Fawddwy
Foel Rhudd 659 c. 14 SH895239 Nuttall Esgeiriau Gwynion
Gwaun Lydan 632 c. 17 SH880211 Nuttall Aran Fawddwy
Foel y Geifr 626 110 SH937275 Hewitt Esgeiriau Gwynion
Moel y Cerrig Duon 625 80 SH923241 Hewitt Esgeiriau Gwynion
Pen yr Allt Uchaf 620 49 SH871197 Hewitt Aran Fawddwy
Waun Camddwr [Note 1] 620 c. 15 SH848206 Nuttall Aran Fawddwy
Llechwedd Du 614 32 SH894224 Hewitt Esgeiriau Gwynion
Foel Goch 613 46 SH943290 Hewitt Esgeiriau Gwynion
Trum y Gwragedd 612 26 SH941284 Nuttall Esgeiriau Gwynion


Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Y Llethr 756 561 SH661258 Marilyn Moel Siabod
Diffwys 750 148 SH661234 Hewitt Y Llethr
Rhinog Fawr 720 363 SH656290 Marilyn Y Llethr
Rhinog Fach 712 147 SH664270 Hewitt Y Llethr
Crib-y-rhiw 670 SH663249 Nuttall Y Llethr
Diffwys west top 642 21 SH648229 Nuttall Y Llethr
Y Garn 629 315 SH702230 Marilyn Y Llethr
Moel Ysgyfarnogod 623 180 SH658345 Marilyn Rhinog Fawr
Foel Penolau 614 26 SH661348 Nuttall Moel Ysgyfarnogod

Cadair Idris and the Tarren range

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Cadair Idris 893 608 SH711130 P600 Aran Fawddwy
Mynydd Moel 863 67 SH727136 Hewitt Cadair Idris
Cyfrwy 811 36 SH703133 Hewitt Cadair Idris
Craig Cwm Amarch 791 79 SH710121 Hewitt Cadair Idris
Gau Graig 683 30 SH744141 Hewitt Cadair Idris
Maesglase [Note 4] 676 313 SH817150 Marilyn Aran Fawddwy
Waun-oer 670 117 SH785147 Hewitt Maesglase
Tarren y Gesail 667 463 SH710059 Marilyn Aran Fawddwy
 or Tyrrau Mawr
661 103 SH677135 Hewitt Cadair Idris
Cribin Fawr 659 93 SH794153 Hewitt Maesglase
Tarrenhendre 634 199 SH682041 Marilyn Tarren y Gesail
Craig-y-llyn 622 136 SH665119 Hewitt Cadair Idris

Mid Wales


Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
 or Pumlumon Fawr
752 524 SN789869 Marilyn Pen y Fan
Pen Pumlumon Arwystli 741 64 SN815877 Hewitt Plynlimon
Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan
 or Plynlimon east top
727 36 SN799871 Hewitt Plynlimon
Y Garn 684 56 SN775851 Hewitt Plynlimon
Pumlumon Fach 668 c. 23 SN787874 Nuttall Plynlimon

Radnor Forest

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Great Rhos 660 373 SO182639 Marilyn Plynlimon
Black Mixen 650 45 SO196643 Hewitt Great Rhos
Bache Hill 610 41 SO213636 Hewitt Great Rhos

Elan Valley

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Drygarn Fawr 645 258 SN862583 Marilyn Plynlimon
Gorllwyn 613 88 SN917590 Hewitt Drygarn Fawr
Pen y Garn 610 193 SN798770 Marilyn Plynlimon

South Wales

Black Mountains

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Waun Fach 811 622 SO215300 P600 Pen y Fan
Pen y Gadair Fawr 800 47 SO229287 Hewitt Waun Fach
Pen Allt-mawr 720 102 SO206243 Hewitt Waun Fach
Rhos Dirion 713 22 SO211334 Nuttall Waun Fach
Black Mountain [Note 5] 703 154 SO255350 Marilyn Waun Fach
Pen Cerrig-calch 701 52 SO217223 Hewitt Waun Fach
 or Lord Hereford's Knob
690 79 SO224350 Hewitt Waun Fach
Chwarel y Fan 679 72 SO259293 Hewitt Waun Fach
Mynydd Llysiau 663 40 SO207279 Hewitt Waun Fach
Pen Twyn Mawr 658 c. 13 SO242267 Nuttall Waun Fach
Pen Twyn Glas 646 21 SO213257 Nuttall Waun Fach
Black Mountain south top 637 c. 12 SO266322 Nuttall Black Mountain

Brecon Beacons

Peak Height(m) Prom.(m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Pen y Fan 886 671 SO012215 P600 Snowdon
Corn Du 873 28 SO007213 Nuttall Pen y Fan
Fan Brycheiniog 802 423 SN825217 Marilyn Pen y Fan
Cribyn 795 130 SO023213 Hewitt Pen y Fan
Waun Rydd 769 170 SO062206 Marilyn Pen y Fan
Fan Hir 761 43 SN830209 Hewitt Fan Brycheiniog
Bwlch y Ddwyallt 754 c. 19 SO054203 Nuttall Waun Rydd
Bannau Sir Gaer
 or Picws Du
749 93 SN811218 Hewitt Fan Brycheiniog
Fan Fawr 734 295 SN969193 Marilyn Pen y Fan
Fan Gyhirych 725 280 SN880190 Marilyn Fan Fawr
Fan y Big 719 30 SO036206 Hewitt Waun Rydd
Waun Lefrith [Note 1] 677 17 SN797215 Nuttall Fan Brycheiniog
Fan Fraith 668 c. 13 SN887183 Nuttall Fan Gyhirych
Fan Nedd 663 174 SN913184 Marilyn Fan Gyhirych
Allt Lwyd 654 28 SO078189 Nuttall Waun Rydd
Garreg Las
 or Twyn Swnd
635 92 SN777203 Hewitt Fan Brycheiniog
Fan Llia 632 99 SN938186 Hewitt Fan Fawr
Fan Frynych 629 74 SN958227 Hewitt Fan Fawr
Craig Cerrig-gleisiad 629 49 SN960217 Hewitt Fan Fawr
Y Gyrn 619 24 SN988216 Nuttall Pen y Fan
Cefn yr Ystrad 617 178 SO086137 Marilyn Pen y Fan
Garreg Lwyd
 or Moel Gornach
616 104 SN740179 Hewitt Fan Brycheiniog

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  4. Traditionally, the top of Maen Du (674 m at SH823152) was regarded as Maesglase's summit. However, more recent surveys suggest that the top of Craig Rhiw-erch (c. 676 m at SH817150, some 600 m to the west) is higher.[9]
  5. The Black Mountain straddles the Wales–England border, and is therefore sometimes included on English lists too.


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