List of Green Bay Packers retired numbers

A photo of the part of Lambeau field that shows all of the Packers' retired numbers and player names.
Lambeau Field's north end zone
with the five retired numbers in 2008

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team in the National Football League.[1] Since their founding 97 years ago in 1919, six players have had their uniform numbers officially retired.[2] All six are also members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.[3]

Retired numbers

No. Player Name Position Seasons with franchise Year number retired References
Canadeo, TonyTony Canadeo[lower-alpha 1] Halfback 194144
Favre, BrettBrett Favre Quarterback 19922007 2015
Hutson, DonDon Hutson Wide receiver 193545 1951
Starr, BartBart Starr Quarterback 195671 1973
Nitschke, RayRay Nitschke Linebacker 195872 1983
White, ReggieReggie White Defensive end 199398 2005

Possible additions

A photo of Curly Lambeau from the waist up
Curly Lambeau in 1940 as coach of the Packers
A white number one with a green background
Curly Lambeau's No. 1

Founder, coach and player Curly Lambeau is the only Packer credited with wearing jersey number 1. It has yet to be retired.[5]

Paul Hornung's No. 5 was unofficially retired at the Packers' annual press party on July 10, 1967, although there has not been a ceremony to put his number on the wall of retired numbers at Lambeau Field.[6]

In the 2013 training camp pre-season games, jersey No. 1 has been worn by rookie wide receiver Alex Gillett, and No. 5 by rookie wide receiver Omarius Hines. Quarterback Don Majkowski wore No. 5 his rookie season (1987) before switching to No. 7.[7]


  1. In 1961, kicker Ben Agajanian, who played only three games for the Packers, wore Canadeo's No. 3 after being assigned it by mistake.[4]


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