List of Great Britain by-elections (1790–1800)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in Great Britain held between 1790 and 1800, with the names of the previous incumbent and the victor in the by-election.

In the absence of a comprehensive and reliable source, for party and factional alignments in this period, no attempt is made to define them in this article. The House of Commons: 1790-1820 provides some guidance to the complex and shifting political relationships, but it is significant that the compilers of that work make no attempt to produce a definitive list of each members allegiances.


See Resignation from the British House of Commons for more details.

Where the cause of by-election is given as "resignation", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed on his own request to an "office of profit under the Crown". Offices used, in this period, were the Stewards of the Chiltern Hundreds, the Manor of East Hendred or the Manor of Old Shoreham. These appointments are made as a constitutional device for leaving the House of Commons, whose Members are not permitted to resign. If the vacancy was caused by appointment to another office then this office is noted in brackets.


The c/u column denotes whether the by-election was a contested poll or an unopposed return. If the winner was re-elected, at the next general election and any intermediate by-elections, this is indicated by an * following the c or u. In a few cases the winner was elected at the next general election but had not been re-elected in a by-election after the one noted. In those cases no * symbol is used.

17th Parliament (1790–1796)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
20 December 1790HaslemereuJames LowtherRichard PennChose to sit for Westmorland
21 December 1790BanburyuLord NorthLord NorthSucceeded to a peerage
21 December 1790OxfordcPeregrine BertieArthur AnnesleyDeath
22 December 1790HeytesburyuWilliam Pierce Ashe à CourtMichael Angelo TaylorResignation
22 December 1790HuntingdonuJohn George MontaguHenry SpeedDeath
22 December 1790WarwickuThe Lord ArdenThe Lord ArdenRegistrar of the Court of the Admiralty
24 December 1790Great Bedwynu*Marquess of GrahamViscount StopfordSucceeded to a peerage
27 December 1790Buckinghamshireu*William Wyndham GrenvilleJames GrenvilleElevated to the peerage
27 December 1790Tavistocku*Charles William WyndhamLord John RussellChose to sit for Midhurst
28 December 1790MonmouthuMarquess of WorcesterCharles BraggeChose to sit for Bristol
28 December 1790Weobleyu*Viscount WeymouthLord George ThynneChose to sit for Bath
29 December 1790BuckinghamuJames GrenvilleSir Alexander HoodResignation to contest Buckinghamshire
29 December 1790PetersfielduLord NorthMarquess of TitchfieldResignation to contest Banbury
31 December 1790Higham FerrersuViscount DuncannonJohn LeeChose to sit for Knaresborough
4 January 1791Yarmouthu*Thomas Clarke JervoiseJervoise Clarke JervoiseResignation
uEdward RushworthSir John Fleming Leicester
7 January 1791St Germansu*Edward James EliotWilliam EliotChose to sit for Liskeard
8 January 1791CamelforduSir Samuel HannayWilliam SmithDeath
21 January 1791ApplebyuRobert Banks JenkinsonWilliam GrimstonChose to sit for Rye
12 February 1791Cambridgeu*Francis DickinsRobert MannersChose to sit for Northamptonshire
28 February 1791Chichesterc*Thomas SteeleThomas SteeleJoint Paymaster of the Forces
1 March 1791DunwichuBarne BarneMiles BarneResignation
2 March 1791Tivertonu*Dudley RyderDudley RyderJoint Paymaster of the Forces
8 March 1791HeytesburyuMichael Angelo TaylorThe Earl of BarrymoreChose to sit for Poole
12 March 1791PoolecBenjamin LesterBenjamin LesterSeeks re-election due to holding an Admiralty contract
24 March 1791Steyningc(*)Sir John HonywoodJames Martin LloydChose to sit for Canterbury
cJames Martin LloydSamuel WhitbreadBy-election result reversed on petition 7 May 1792
28 March 1791LostwithieluViscount ValletortGeorge SmithChose to sit for Fowey
18 April 1791Buckinghamshireu*The Earl VerneyMarquess of TitchfieldDeath
27 April 1791HarwichuThomas OrdeThomas OrdeGovernor of the Isle of Wight
28 April 1791LudgershallcGeorge Augustus SelwynSamuel SmithDeath
29 April 1791PetersfielduMarquess of TitchfieldWelbore EllisResignation to contest Buckinghamshire
2 May 1791MineheaduViscount ParkerViscount ParkerComptroller of the Household
4 May 1791Stirling Burghsc*Sir Archibald CampbellAndrew James CochraneDeath
6 May 1791Dorsetu*William Morton PittWilliam Morton PittSeeks re-election due to holding a contract to supply cordage
12 May 1791LymingtonuHarry BurrardNathaniel Brassey HalhedResignation (Riding Forester of the New Forest)
18 May 1791ApplebyuRichard FordJohn Theophilus RawdonResignation
14 June 1791Milborne PortuWilliam Coles MedlycottRichard JohnsonResignation
15 June 1791Edinburghu*Henry DundasHenry DundasHome Secretary
17 June 1791Doveru*Charles Small PybusCharles Small PybusLord of the Admiralty
17 June 1791QueenboroughuRichard HopkinsRichard HopkinsJunior Lord of the Treasury
17 June 1791Weymouth and Melcombe RegisuThomas JonesSir James JohnstoneResignation
18 June 1791Haslemereu*Richard PennJames Clarke SatterthwaiteResignation
20 June 1791Pontefractu*John SmythJohn SmythLord of the Admiralty
26 August 1791NewtownuSir Richard WorsleySir Richard WorsleyResignation due to attempt to be appointed as Governor of the Isle of Wight and was then re-elected
17 January 1792GranthamuFrancis Cockayne CustPhilip YorkeDeath
18 January 1792Warwickc*Henry GageGeorge VilliersElevated to the peerage
25 January 1792Merionethu*Evan Lloyd VaughanRobert Williames VaughanDeath
7 February 1792CalneuJohn MorrisBenjamin VaughanResignation
10 February 1792TrurouWilliam Augustus Spencer BoscawenCharles Ingoldsby PauletResignation (Commissioner of the Salt Office)
11 February 1792Great BedwynuLord DouneEdward Hyde EastDeath
20 February 1792MalmesburyuPaul BenfieldSir James SandersonResignation
21 February 1792St MawesuJohn Graves SimcoeThomas CalvertResignation (Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada)
27 February 1792Leicestershireu*Sir Thomas CavePenn Assheton CurzonDeath
28 February 1792ClitheroeuPenn Assheton CurzonAssheton CurzonResignation to contest Leicestershire
7 March 1792RochestercSir Richard BickertonNathaniel SmithDeath
19 March 1792Tewkesburyu*Sir William CodringtonWilliam DowdeswellDeath
7 May 1792Maltonu*William WeddellGeorge DamerDeath
15 May 1792HuntingdonshireuViscount HinchingbrookeLancelot BrownSucceeded to a peerage
18 May 1792Aberdeen Burghsu*Alexander CallenderAlexander AllardyceDeath
28 June 1792Liskeardu*Edward James EliotEdward James EliotCommissioner of the Board of Control
16 August 1792MonmouthshireuJohn MorganRobert SalusburyDeath
6 September 1792PrestonuJohn BurgoyneWilliam Cunliffe ShaweDeath
11 September 1792EyeuRichard Burton PhillipsonPeter Bathurst (1723–1801)Death
14 September 1792SomersetuEdward PhelipsHenry Hippisley CoxeDeath
15 September 1792Newcastle-under-Lymec*John Leveson GowerWilliam EgertonDeath
21 September 1792BanburyuLord NorthFrederick NorthSucceeded to a peerage
24 October 1792WinchelseauViscount BarnardSir Frederick Fletcher VaneSucceeded to a peerage
18 December 1792Cambridge Universityu*William Pitt the YoungerWilliam Pitt the YoungerLord Warden of the Cinque Ports
19 December 1792Guildfordu*Thomas OnslowThomas OnslowOut-Ranger of Windsor Forest
7 January 1793Granthamu*Philip YorkeSimon YorkeDeath
8 February 1793Lyme Regisu*Thomas FaneThomas FaneGroom of the Bedchamber
13 February 1793Newport (I.o.w)uThe Viscount MelbournePeniston LambResignation
20 February 1793Bere Alstonu*John MitfordSir John MitfordSolicitor General for England and Wales
20 February 1793WeobleyuSir John ScottSir John ScottAttorney General for England and Wales
22 February 1793Newcastle-under-LymecSir Archibald MacdonaldSir Francis FordResignation (Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
6 March 1793City of Londonu*Brook WatsonJohn William AndersonResignation
20 March 1793Anstruther EasteruSir John AnstrutherRobert AnstrutherResignation
22 March 1793HeytesburyuThe Earl of BarrymoreCharles Rose EllisDeath
30 March 1793Knaresboroughu*Viscount DuncannonLord John TownshendSucceeded to a peerage
30 March 1793Warwickshireu*Sir Robert LawleySir John MordauntDeath
9 April 1793Carmarthenshireu*George Talbot RiceJames HamlynSucceeded to a peerage
17 April 1793Great GrimsbyuDudley Long NorthDudley Long NorthVoid Election
John HarrisonJohn Harrison
28 May 1793Heytesburyu*The Lord AucklandThe Viscount ClifdenBecame a British Peer
26 June 1793Shaftesburyu*William GrantPaul BenfieldSecond Justice of the South Wales Circuit
26 June 1793Whitchurchu*John Thomas TownshendJohn Thomas TownshendJunior Lord of the Treasury
27 June 1793LudgershalluSamuel SmithNathaniel NewnhamDeath
28 June 1793Edinburghu*Henry DundasHenry DundasPresident of the Board of Control
28 June 1793MarlboroughuThe Earl of CourtownEarl of DalkeithResignation
28 June 1793NewtownuSir Richard WorsleyGeorge CanningResignation
28 June 1793Ryeu*Robert Banks JenkinsonRobert Banks JenkinsonCommissioner of the Board of Control
29 June 1793Great BedwynuViscount StopfordViscount StopfordTreasurer of the Household
5 August 1793CockermouthuJohn AnstrutherJohn AnstrutherChief Justice of the North Wales Circuit
13 September 1793Higham Ferrersu*John LeeJames AdairDeath
24 October 1793HorshamuJames BaillieWilliam FullartonDeath
3 December 1793QueenboroughuGibbs CrawfurdAugustus RogersDeath
29 January 1794SeafordcJohn SargentRichard Paul JodrellClerk of the Ordnance
1 February 1794Chipping WycombecSir John JervisSir Francis BaringResignation
1 February 1794New WindsorcPeniston Portlock PowneyWilliam GrantDeath
3 February 1794Steyningc*John CurtisJohn Henniker MajorResignation
4 February 1794Cardiff Boroughsu*Lord Mount StuartEvelyn James StuartDeath
11 February 1794MalmesburyuBenjamin Bond HopkinsFrancis GlanvilleDeath
14 February 1794Plympton ErleuThe Earl of CarhamptonWilliam ManningResignation
15 February 1794Milborne PortuRichard JohnsonMark WoodResignation
15 February 1794QueenboroughuAugustus RogersJohn SargentResignation
15 February 1794Wiltonu*Lord HerbertPhilip GoldsworthySucceeded to a peerage
17 February 1794WinchelseauSir Frederick Fletcher VaneJohn Hiley AddingtonResignation
3 March 1794East RetforduEarl of LincolnWilliam Henry ClintonSucceeded to a peerage
5 March 1794BanburyuFrederick NorthWilliam HolbechResignation (Comptroller of Customs for the Port of London)
12 March 1794WallingfordcNathaniel William WraxallFrancis William SykesResignation
5 April 1794Cambridge Universityu*Earl of EustonEarl of EustonChief Ranger of St. James Park and Hyde Park
11 April 1794Perthshireu*James MurrayThomas GrahamDeath
1 May 1794Ross-shireuWilliam AdamFrancis Humberston MackenzieResignation
3 May 1794Bathu*Viscount BayhamSir Richard Pepper ArdenSucceeded to a peerage
9 May 1794HastingsuSir Richard Pepper ArdenRobert DundasResignation to contest Bath
9 May 1794Pontefractu*John SmythJohn SmythJunior Lord of the Treasury
12 May 1794Rochesteru*Nathaniel SmithSir Richard KingDeath
12 May 1794TregonyuJohn StephensonRobert StewartDeath
21 May 1794New Radnor Boroughsu*David MurrayViscount MaldenDeath
22 May 1794Derbyshireu*Lord George Augustus CavendishLord John CavendishDeath
3 June 1794HuntingdonshireuLancelot BrownViscount HinchingbrookeResignation
9 June 1794Crickladeu*John Walker HeneageLord PorchesterResignation
12 June 1794Ayr Burghsu*Charles StuartJohn CampbellResignation
1 July 1794Anstruther EasteruRobert AnstrutherWilliam DundasResignation
7 July 1794Orfordu*Earl of YarmouthLord Robert SeymourSucceeded to a peerage
12 July 1794Norwichc*William WindhamWilliam WindhamResignation pending appointment as Secretary at War
14 July 1794Castle Risingu*Henry DrummondCharles Bagot ChesterDeath
15 July 1794HonitonuSir George YongeSir George YongeMaster of the Mint
18 July 1794MaltonuEdmund BurkeRichard BurkeResignation
19 July 1794Bishop's Castleu*Henry StracheyHenry StracheyMaster of the Household
26 August 1794Southamptonc*Sir Henry MartinGeorge Henry RoseDeath
9 September 1794Wenlocku*Sir Henry BridgemanJohn SimpsonElevated to the peerage
14 September 1794Bedfordshireu*The Earl of Upper OssoryJohn OsbornBecame a British Peer
15 September 1794ClitheroeuAssheton CurzonRichard Erle-Drax-GrosvenorElevated to the peerage
16 September 1794Berkshireu*Winchcombe Henry HartleyCharles DundasDeath
18 September 1794Lincolnshireu*Charles Anderson PelhamRobert VynerElevated to the peerage
19 September 1794Scarboroughu*The Lord MulgraveEdmund PhippsBecame a British Peer
20 September 1794Cirencesteru*Lord ApsleyMichael Hicks BeachSucceeded to a peerage
3 October 1794Weymouth and Melcombe Regisu*Sir James JohnstoneGabriel Tucker StewardDeath
10 October 1794Ludlowu*The Lord CliveRobert CliveBecame a British Peer
17 October 1794City Durhamu*John Tempest, Jr.Sir Henry VaneDeath
20 October 1794Beaumarisu*Sir Hugh WilliamsSir Watkin Williams WynnDeath
7 November 1794Surreyu*William Clement FinchSir John FrederickDeath
10 November 1794StirlingshireuSir Thomas DundasRobert GrahamElevated to the peerage
22 November 1794Angleseyu*William PagetArthur PagetDeath
5 January 1795HindonuWilliam Thomas BeckfordThomas WildmanResignation
9 January 1795LauncestoncSir Henry ClintonWilliam GarthshoreResignation (Governor of Gibraltar)
10 January 1795Morpethu*Francis GreggViscount MorpethResignation
10 January 1795Wiltshireu*Sir James Tylney LongHenry Penruddocke WyndhamDeath
12 January 1795PetersfielduWelbore EllisCharles GrevilleElevated to the peerage
14 January 1795Lichfieldu*Thomas GilbertLord Granville Leveson GowerResignation
15 January 1795WestburyuEwan LawSamuel Estwick, Jr.Resignation
17 January 1795MidhurstuCharles William WyndhamPeter Isaac ThellussonResignation
21 January 1795Maltonu*Richard BurkeWilliam BaldwinDeath
4 February 1795Caernarvon BoroughsuLord PagetLord PagetAccepted a Commission in the Army
7 February 1795Leicesteru*Thomas Boothby ParkynsThomas Boothby ParkynsAccepted a Commission in the Army
11 February 1795ArundeluHenry Thomas HowardSir Thomas GascoigneResignation to contest Gloucester
11 February 1795Gloucesteru*John WebbHenry Thomas HowardDeath
14 February 1795FoweyuViscount ValletortSylvester DouglasSucceeded to a peerage
20 February 1795Chesteru*Thomas GrosvenorThomas GrosvenorDeath
21 February 1795SaltashuViscount GarliesWilliam StewartResignation
26 February 1795Tivertonu*Sir John DuntzeRichard RyderDeath
7 March 1795WendoveruLord Hugh SeymourLord Hugh SeymourLord of the Admiralty
9 March 1795DorsetuViscount ParkerThomas Fownes LuttrellSucceeded to a peerage
12 March 1795City of Londonc*John SawbridgeWilliam LushingtonDeath
13 March 1795Bridportc*James WatsonGeorge BarclayResignation (Puisne Justice in Bengal)
13 March 1795Sandwichu*Sir Philip StephensSir Philip StephensLord of the Admiralty
23 March 1795Kirkcudbright Stewartryu*Alexander StewartPatrick HeronDeath
26 March 1795Prestonu*Sir Henry HoghtonSir Henry Philip HoghtonDeath
27 March 1795East LooeuWilliam Wellesley PoleCharles ArbuthnotResignation
4 April 1795Montgomeryshireu*William Mostyn OwenFrancis LloydDeath
28 April 1795Bridgnorthu*Thomas WhitmoreJohn WhitmoreDeath
29 May 1795Great Yarmouthc*Henry BeaufoyStephens HoweDeath
30 May 1795New Shorehamu*John Clater AldridgeCharles William WyndhamDeath
4 June 1795Amershamu*William DrakeThomas Drake TyrwhittDeath
19 June 1795Helstonu*Sir Gilbert ElliottCharles AbbotResignation (Viceroy of Corsica)
24 July 1795BanffshireuSir James GrantDavid McDowall GrantResignation (Cashier of Excise in Scotland)
14 August 1795Northumberlandu*Sir William MiddletonThomas Richard BeaumontDeath
21 September 1795Somersetu*Henry Hippisley CoxeWilliam Gore LangtonDeath
26 September 1795RutlanduJohn HeathcoteLord SherardDeath
28 September 1795Berwick-upon-Tweedu*John VaughanJohn CallenderDeath
21 October 1795New Woodstocku*Lord Henry John SpencerThe Lord LavingtonDeath
6 November 1795EyeuPeter BathurstViscount BromeResignation
10 November 1795St MawesuThomas CalvertWilliam DrummondResignation
26 November 1795Haddingtonshireu*John HamiltonHew Hamilton DalrympleResignation (Receiver of Land Tax in Scotland)
27 November 1795WestburyuSamuel EstwickEdward Wilbraham BootleDeath
6 January 1796BeaumarisuSir Watkin Williams WynnSir Watkin Williams WynnSteward of Bromfield and Yale
12 February 1796Hindonu*Thomas WildmanJames WildmanDeath
19 March 1796CamelforduJames MacphersonLord William BentinckDeath
4 April 1796Perth Burghsu*George MurrayDavid ScottResignation
16 April 1796BossineyuHumphrey MinchinEvelyn PierrepontDeath
25 April 1796ForfarshireuDavid ScottWilliam MauleResignation to contest Perth Burghs
9 May 1796Northamptonu*Lord ComptonSpencer PercevalSucceeded to a peerage
14 May 1796Lincolnu*John Fenton CawthorneGeorge RawdonExpulsion

18th Parliament (1796–1800)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
26 October 1796Great YarmouthcLord Charles TownshendHenry JodrellDeath (Murdered)
Stephens HoweWilliam LoftusDeath
26 October 1796Herefordu*John ScudamoreJohn Scudamore IIDeath
26 October 1796Peterboroughu*Richard BenyonFrench LaurenceDeath
28 October 1796St MawesuGeorge NugentJeremiah CrutchleyChose to sit for Buckingham
28 October 1796WestburyuGeorge EllisGeorge William Richard HarcourtChose to sit for Seaford
29 October 1796Stamfordu*Sir George HowardJohn LelandDeath
1 November 1796GattonuSir Gilbert HeathcoteJohn HeathcoteChose to sit for Lincolnshire
1 November 1796WarehamuCharles Rose EllisSir Godfrey VassallChose to sit for Seaford
2 November 1796Breconu*Charles Gould MorganSir Robert SalusburyChose to sit for Monmouthshire
4 November 1796Ashburtonu*Lawrence PalkWalter PalkChose to sit for Devon
5 November 1796Haslemereu*James LowtherGeorge WoodChose to sit for Westmorland
8 November 1796FlintshirecSir Roger MostynSir Thomas MostynDeath
Sir Thomas MostynJohn LloydBy-election result reversed on petition 12 June 1797
11 November 1796Newport (I.o.w.)uJervoise Clarke JervoiseWilliam Hamilton NisbetChose to sit for Yarmouth
Edward RushworthAndrew Strahan
22 November 1796MalmesburycSamuel SmithPhilip MetcalfeChose to sit for Leicester
22 November 1796SouthwarkcGeorge Woodford ThellussonGeorge Woodford ThellussonVoid Election
c*George Woodford ThellussonGeorge TierneyBy-election result reversed on petition 21 December 1796
22 November 1796West LooeuJohn BullerJohn Hookham FrereResignation
30 November 1796Ayrshireu*Hugh MontgomerieWilliam FullartonBecame a Scottish Peer
8 December 1796Bathu*Viscount WeymouthLord John ThynneSucceeded to a peerage
9 December 1796Higham FerrersuJames AdairJames AdairChief Justice of Chester
10 December 1796SaltashuEdward BearcroftCharles SmithDeath
13 December 1796WinchelseauRichard BarwellWilliam DevaynesResignation
16 December 1796WeobleyuLord John ThynneInigo Freeman ThomasResignation to contest Bath
2 January 1797Derbyu*Lord George CavendishGeorge WalpoleResignation to contest Derbyshire
7 January 1797PetersfielduHylton JolliffeSir John SinclairResignation
12 January 1797Denbigh BoroughsuRichard MyddeltonThomas JonesDeath
12 January 1797Derbyshireu*Lord John CavendishLord George CavendishDeath
20 February 1797BletchingleyuSir Lionel CopleyBenjamin HobhouseChose to sit for Tregony
20 February 1797New WindsorcHenry IsherwoodSir William JohnstonDeath
22 February 1797AldboroughuRichard Muilman Trench ChiswellJohn BlackburnDeath
22 February 1797Bossineyu*John Stuart WortleyJames Archibald StuartDeath
22 February 1797MidhurstuSylvester DouglasSylvester DouglasJunior Lord of the Treasury
10 March 1797CanterburycJohn BakerJohn BakerVoid Election
John BakerSir John HonywoodBy-election result reversed on petition 12 May 1797
Samuel Elias SawbridgeSamuel Elias SawbridgeVoid Election
Samuel Elias SawbridgeGeorge GippsBy-election result reversed on petition 12 May 1797
21 March 1797YarmouthuEdward RushworthWilliam PeachyResignation
3 May 1797Stirling BurghsuAndrew James Cochrane JohnstoneWilliam TaitResignation (Governor of Dominica)
8 May 1797ScarboroughuLord Charles Henry SomersetLord Charles Henry SomersetComptroller of the Household
15 May 1797DunbartonshireuWilliam Cunninghame BontineAlexander Telfer SmollettResignation
5 June 1797ReadinguRichard Aldworth NevilleJohn SimeonSucceeded to a peerage
8 June 1797KincardineshireuRobert Barclay AllardiceSir John Wishart BelchesDeath
14 June 1797LeominstercJohn HunterWilliam TaylorResignation
30 June 1797Buckinghamshireu*James GrenvilleEarl TempleResignation
7 July 1797PlymouthuSir Frederick Leman RogersFrancis GlanvilleDeath
25 July 1797Newark-on-Trentu*Thomas Manners SuttonThomas Manners SuttonChief Justice of the North Wales Circuit
27 July 1797DovercCharles Small PybusCharles Small PybusJunior Lord of the Treasury
29 July 1797ArundeluSir George ThomasNisbet BalfourResignation
29 July 1797Old SarumuThe Earl of MorningtonCharles Watkin Williams WynnResignation
31 July 1797OrforduViscount CastlereaghEarl of YarmouthResignation
31 July 1797Penrynu*Thomas WallaceThomas WallaceLord of the Admiralty
19 August 1797Anstruther Easter Burghsu*John AnstrutherAlexander CampbellResignation (Chief Justice of Bengal)
15 September 1797Newtonc(*)Thomas Peter LeghThomas Langford BrookeDeath
Thomas Langford BrookePeter PattenBy-Election result reversed on petition 13 December 1797
25 October 1797Leicestershireu*Penn Assheton CurzonGeorge Anthony Legh KeckDeath
6 November 1797LiskearduEdward James EliotThe Earl of InchiquinDeath
10 November 1797Chichesteru*Thomas SteeleThomas SteeleKing's Remembrancer
11 November 1797Nottinghamu*The Lord CarringtonSir John Borlase WarrenBecame a British Peer
15 November 1797Norfolku*Sir John WodehouseJacob Henry AstleyElevated to the peerage
16 November 1797MarlboroughuJames BruceRobert BrudenellResignation
27 November 1797HytheuSir Charles Farnaby RadcliffeCharles MarshamDeath
2 December 1797Tain BurghsuWilliam DundasWilliam DundasCommissioner of the Board of Control
14 December 1797Andoveru*Benjamin LethieullierThomas Assheton SmithDeath
18 December 1797Tewkesburyc*William DowdeswellChristopher Bethell CodringtonResignation (Governor of the Bahamas)
23 December 1797Great Bedwynu*Thomas BruceRobert John BuxtonDeath
3 January 1798Newcastle-upon-Tyneu*Charles BrandlingCharles John BrandlingResignation
8 January 1798City Durhamu*William Henry LambtonRalph John LambtonDeath
26 February 1798ClackmannanshireuSir Ralph AbercrombySir Robert AbercrombyResignation
27 February 1798Maltonu*Viscount MiltonBryan CookeSucceeded to a peerage
23 April 1798East LooeuWilliam GravesFrederick William BullerResignation
28 April 1798Riponu*The Lord HeadleyJohn HeathcoteDeath
3 July 1798HastingsuSir James SandersonWilliam SturgesDeath
5 July 1798Maltonu*William BaldwinCharles Lawrence DundasResignation
4 September 1798Higham FerrersuJames AdairStephen Thurston AdeyDeath
27 October 1798Riponu*William LawrenceSir James GrahamDeath
1 November 1798Leicestershireu*William PochinSir Edmund Cradock HartoppDeath
3 December 1798Richmondu*Charles George BeauclerkArthur ShakespeareResignation
6 December 1798DowntonuSir William ScottSir William ScottJudge of the Admiralty Court
10 December 1798Banffshireu*William GrantWilliam GrantChief Justice of Chester
28 January 1799New WoodstockuThe Lord LavingtonCharles MooreResignation (Governor of the Leeward Islands)
1 March 1799WarehamuLord Robert SpencerJoseph Chaplin HankeyResignation
2 March 1799BeverleycWilliam TattonJohn MorrittDeath
2 March 1799Lichfieldc*Lord Granville Leveson GowerSir John WrottesleyResignation to contest Staffordshire
8 March 1799Staffordshireu*Earl GowerLord Granville Leveson GowerJoint Postmaster General and elevation to the House of Lords through a writ of acceleration
13 March 1799Ryeu*Lord HawkesburyLord HawkesburyMaster of the Mint
14 March 1799Montgomeryshireu*Francis LloydCharles Watkin Williams WynnDeath
18 March 1799New Radnor Boroughsu*Viscount MaldenRichard PriceSucceeded to a peerage
19 March 1799Flint Boroughsu*Watkin WilliamsWatkin WilliamsConstable of Flint Castle
20 March 1799Old SarumuCharles Watkin Williams WynnSir George YongeResignation to contest Montgomeryshire
26 March 1799Wendoveru*George CanningGeorge CanningCommissioner of the Board of Control
27 March 1799MonmouthuSir Charles ThompsonLord Robert Edward Henry SomersetDeath
30 March 1799HelstonuRichard RichardsLord Francis Godolphin OsborneResignation
2 April 1799MitchelluSir Christopher HawkinsJohn SimpsonResignation
8 April 1799StockbridgeuJoseph Foster BarhamJohn AgnewResignation
10 April 1799HarwichuRichard HopkinsHenry Augustus Dillon LeeDeath
19 April 1799GattonuJohn HeathcoteWalter StirlingResignation to contest Ripon
23 May 1799East LooeuJohn BullerJohn SmithResignation
27 May 1799NorwichcHenry HobartJohn FrereDeath
28 May 1799IlchesteruSir Robert ClaytonLewis BaylyDeath
17 June 1799Plympton ErleuWilliam MitchellRichard HankeyResignation
18 June 1799ApplebyuJohn TuftonRobert AdairDeath
19 June 1799Foweyu*Reginald Pole CarewEdward GoldingResignation (Commissioner for Auditing Public Accounts)
24 July 1799East LooeuJohn SmithSir John MitfordResignation
29 July 1799Bere Alstonu*Sir John MitfordLord LovaineResignation to contest East Looe
2 August 1799Banffshireu*William GrantSir William GrantResignation pending appointment as Solicitor General for England and Wales
23 August 1799Boroughbridgeu*Sir John ScottJohn ScottElevated to the peerage
3 October 1799Argyllshireu*Lord Frederick CampbellLord John CampbellResignation
11 October 1799EdinburghshireuRobert DundasRobert DundasJoint Clerk and Keeper of Sasines
30 October 1799Eyeu*Mark SingletonJames CornwallisResignation
7 November 1799Dunbartonshireu*Alexander Telfer SmollettJames ColquhounDeath
8 November 1799Flintshireu*John LloydSir Thomas MostynResignation
10 February 1800BramberuSir Charles Rouse BoughtonJohn Henry NewboltResignation (Commissioner for Auditing Public Accounts)
24 February 1800Stirling Burghsc*William TaitAlexander Forrester Inglis CochraneDeath
17 March 1800City DurhamcSir Henry Vane TempestMichael Angelo TaylorResignation
26 March 1800AldeburghuMichael Angelo TaylorGeorge JohnstoneResignation to contest City Durham
1 April 1800WeobleyuInigo Freeman ThomasSir Charles TalbotResignation
5 April 1800New Windsoru*Robert Fulke GrevilleRobert Fulke GrevilleGroom of the Bedchamber
9 April 1800Lincolnu*George RawdonHumphrey SibthorpDeath
18 April 1800WestburyuGeorge William Richard HarcourtJohn Simon HarcourtResignation
29 April 1800GattonuJohn PetrieJames Du PreResignation to contest Ripon
8 May 1800Newport (I.o.w.)uWilliam Hamilton NisbetSir George DallasResignation
12 May 1800Haddingtonshireu*Sir Hew Dalrymple HamiltonCharles HopeResignation
12 May 1800Linlithgowshireu*John HopeAlexander HopeResignation
22 May 1800Dumfries BurghsuAlexander HopeWilliam Johnstone HopeResignation to contest Linlithgowshire
31 May 1800ChristchurchuWilliam Stewart RoseWilliam ChamberlayneResignation
2 June 1800Edinburghu*Henry DundasHenry DundasKeeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland
5 June 1800WendoveruGeorge CanningGeorge CanningJoint Paymaster of the Forces
7 June 1800Tivertonu*Dudley RyderDudley RyderTreasurer of the Navy
9 June 1800PenrynuThomas WallaceThomas WallaceCommissioner of the Board of Control
9 June 1800RyeuRobert Saunders DundasRobert Saunders DundasKeeper of the Signet for Scotland
16 June 1800Warehamu*Sir Godfrey WebsterJohn CalcraftDeath
21 June 1800WiganuOrlando BridgemanGeorge William GunningSucceeded to a peerage
23 June 1800St Albansu*The Earl of LucanWilliam Stephen PoyntzResignation
5 July 1800St GermansuWilliam EliotWilliam EliotLord of the Admiralty
15 July 1800Whitchurchu*John Thomas TownshendWilliam Augustus TownshendSucceeded to a peerage
28 July 1800Buckinghamu*Thomas GrenvilleThomas GrenvilleChief Justice in Eyre South of Trent
28 July 1800Grampoundu*Bryan EdwardsSir Christopher HawkinsDeath
2 August 1800Staffordshireu*Lord Granville Leveson GowerLord Granville Leveson GowerJunior Lord of the Treasury
7 August 1800Tauntonu*Sir Benjamin HammetJohn HammetDeath
4 November 1800Herefordu*James WalwynThomas Powell SymondsDeath
13 December 1800WendoveruJohn Hiley AddingtonJohn Hiley AddingtonJunior Lord of the Treasury
17 December 1800Leicesterc*The Lord RancliffeThomas BabingtonDeath
23 December 1800LiskearduThe Earl of InchiquinLord FincastleResignation
23 December 1800Peeblesshireu*William MontgomeryJames MontgomeryDeath
27 December 1800Midhurstu*The Lord GlenbervieGeorge SmithResignation (Governor of the Cape Colony)
29 December 1800CockermouthuEdward BurrowWalter Spencer StanhopeDeath


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