List of FIA member organisations

This is a list of FIA member organisations.[1] These are the clubs, local authorities and governing bodies that work on a more localized level to help the global FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) organise racing events, among other pursuits.

There are hundreds of different groups all around the world. Not every country is necessarily represented (yet), and only a select few of these are actually regarded as motorsport groups - a great number of them are motorist service organizations or touring groups, concerned more with road travel than competition.

The list is broken out alphabetically, by continent, and with organisation initials included where available.





 Democratic Republic of the Congo





 Ivory Coast












 South Africa















 Hong Kong




















 Saudi Arabia


 South Korea

 Sri Lanka


Taiwan Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)



 United Arab Emirates








 Bosnia and Herzegovina




 Czech Republic


























 San Marino








 Great Britain (United Kingdom)


  Vatican City

North America





 Costa Rica


 Dominican Republic

 El Salvador








 Puerto Rico

 Trinidad and Tobago

 United States



 New Zealand

South America












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