List of European Parliament by-elections in the United Kingdom

By-elections to the European Parliament in the United Kingdom were held during the period when the United Kingdom used single-member, first-past-the-post constituencies to elect Members of the European Parliament from 1979 to 1999: they were required when a member resigned, died or was disqualified. Six by-elections were held in this period, all retained by the holding party.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained at next election
London South West[1] 20 September 1979 Shelagh Roberts Conservative Shelagh Roberts Conservative Disqualification Yes
Midlands West[2] 5 March 1987 Terry Pitt Labour John Bird Labour Death Yes
Hampshire Central[3] 15 December 1988 Basil de Ferranti Conservative Edward Kellett-Bowman Conservative Death Yes
Merseyside West[2] 12 December 1996 Kenneth Stewart Labour Richard Corbett Labour Death Yes
Yorkshire South[2] 7 May 1998 Norman West Labour Linda McAvan Labour Resignation N/A
North East Scotland[4] 26 November 1998 Allan Macartney SNP Ian Hudghton SNP Death N/A


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