List of English by-elections (1701–07)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in England held between 1701 and 1707, with the names of the previous incumbent and the victor in the by-election.

In the absence of a comprehensive and reliable source, for party and factional alignments in this period, no attempt is made to define them in this article. The House of Commons: 1690-1715 provides some guidance to the complex and shifting political relationships, but it is significant that the compilers of that work make no attempt to produce a definitive list of each members allegiances.


During this period England counted its legal year as beginning on 25 March. For the purposes of this list the year is considered to have started on 1 January.


The c/u column denotes whether the by-election was a contested poll or an unopposed return. If the winner was re-elected, at the next general election and any intermediate by-elections, this is indicated by an * following the c or u. In a few cases the winner was elected at the next general election but had not been re-elected in a by-election after the one noted. In those cases no * symbol is used.

4th Parliament of William III (1701)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
19 February 1701Amershamu*Sir John GarrardJohn DrakeDeath
21 February 1701Hertfordc*Thomas FilmerRichard GoulstonDeath
21 February 1701Northamptonc*William ThursbyThomas AndrewDeath
25 February 1701DroitwichuThomas FoleyPhilip FoleyDeath
3 March 1701Newport (I.o.W.)uThe Lord CuttsHenry GreenhillChose to sit for Cambridgeshire
4 March 1701SteyningcSir John FaggSir Robert FaggDeath
4 March 1701TrurouHugh FortescueSir John HawlesChose to sit for Tregony
5 March 1701WarehamuThomas ErleSir Edward ErnleChose to sit for Portsmouth
7 March 1701Bere Alstonu*Sir Rowland GwynneWilliam CowperChose to sit for Breconshire
10 March 1701AmershamuThe Viscount NewhavenSir Samuel GarrardChose to sit for Buckinghamshire
17 March 1701Tauntonc*Henry Seymour PortmanSir Francis WarreChose to sit for Wells
18 March 1701Bramberu*Thomas StringerFrancis Seymour ConwayChose to sit for Clitheroe
19 March 1701St Albansc*Joshua LomaxJohn GapeVoid Election
19 March 1701Thetfordu*Joseph WilliamsonThomas HanmerChose to sit for Rochester
20 March 1701City of LondoncGilbert HeathcoteSir John FleetExpulsion
21 March 1701BossineyuFrancis RobartesThomas Watson WentworthChose to sit for Tregony
21 March 1701Oxford Universityc*Sir Christopher MusgraveWilliam BromleyChose to sit for Westmorland
22 March 1701Saltashu*Alexander PendarvesThomas CarewChose to sit for Penryn
2 April 1701St GermansuJohn SpeccotDaniel EliotChose to sit for Cornwall
7 April 1701SandwichcSir Henry FurneseJohn MichelExpulsion
16 April 1701Steyningc*Sir Robert FaggCharles GoringBy-election voided 10 April 1701
18 April 1701Lostwithielc*John BullerGeorge BoothDeath
29 April 1701Merionethshireu*Hugh NanneyRichard VaughanDeath
30 April 1701Castle RisinguThomas HowardRobert CecilDeath
31 May 1701MorpethuWilliam HowardSir Richard SandfordChose to sit for Northumberland
25 June 1701CornwalluHugh BoscawenRichard EdgcumbeDeath
9 July 1701Salisburyu*Thomas MompessonCharles FoxDeath

5th Parliament of William III (1701–1702)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
27 January 1702Exeteru*Sir Bartholomew ShowerJohn SnellDeath
27 January 1702PortsmouthuThomas ErleJohn GibsonChose to sit for Wareham
27 January 1702SeaforduSir William ThomasThomas ChowneChose to sit for Sussex
2 February 1702Castle RisinguThe Earl of RanelaghMarquess of HartingtonChose to sit for West Looe
2 February 1702Flint BoroughsuSir Thomas HanmerSir John ConwayChose to sit for Thetford
3 February 1702NorthallertonuRobert DormerDaniel LascellesChose to sit for Buckinghamshire
4 February 1702Dorchesteru*Thomas TrenchardSir Nathaniel NapierChose to sit for Dorset
4 February 1702East LooeuFrancis GodolphinGeorge CourtenayChose to sit for Helston
4 February 1702Plymouthu*Henry TrelawnyJohn WoolcombeDeath
5 February 1702Milborne Portc*Henry ThynneJohn HuntChose to sit for Tamworth
5 February 1702Saltashu*James BullerBenjamin BullerChose to sit for Cornwall
5 February 1702Weymouth and Melcombe Regisc*Maurice AshleyAnthony HenleyChose to sit for Wiltshire
9 February 1702Berwick-upon-Tweedu*Francis BlakeJonathan HutchinsonChose to sit for Northumberland
12 February 1702TrurouWilliam ScawenRobert CottonChose to sit for Grampound
19 February 1702Cockermouthc*Goodwin WhartonThomas LamplughChose to sit for Buckinghamshire
7 March 1702Newport (I.o.W.)uThe Lord CuttsJames StanhopeChose to sit for Cambridgeshire
23 March 1702Calneu*Sir Charles HedgesHenry ChiversElection voided due to a Double Return
Edward Bayntun
13 April 1702Higham Ferrersu*Thomas EkinsThomas PembertonDeath

1st Parliament of Anne (1702–1705)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
14 November 1702DevizesuSir Francis ChildJohn ChildChose to sit for City of London
21 November 1702MalmesburyuSir Charles HedgesThomas BoucherChose to sit for Calne
23 November 1702Hedonu*Sir Charles DuncombeAnthony DuncombeChose to sit for Downton
23 November 1702Northallertonu*Sir William HustlerRobert DormerChose to sit for Ripon
24 November 1702LewesuThomas PelhamSir Nicholas PelhamChose to sit for Sussex
24 November 1702WarehamuGeorge PittSir Josiah ChildChose to sit for Hampshire
25 November 1702MarlboroughcJohn JeffreysEdward JeffreysChose to sit for Breconshire
25 November 1702Southwarkc*Charles CoxCharles CoxVoid Election
John CholmleyJohn Cholmley
26 November 1702TrurouThomas PowysPhilip MeadowesChose to sit for Ludlow
27 November 1702TotnesuSir Christopher MusgraveWilliam SeymourChose to sit for Westmorland
28 November 1702Tivertonu*Lord SpencerRobert BurridgeSucceeded to a peerage
1 December 1702BletchingleycJohn EvelynSir Robert ClaytonDeath
2 December 1702Bodminu*John Grubham HoweRussell RobartesChose to sit for Gloucestershire
2 December 1702Flint BoroughsuSir Roger MostynThomas MostynChose to sit for Chesire
3 December 1702West LooeuSidney GodolphinRichard HeleChose to sit for Helston
14 December 1702Colchesteru*Isaac RebowIsaac RebowVoid Election
14 December 1702Tamworthc*Henry ThynneJoseph GirdlerChose to sit for Weymouth
21 December 1702AylesburycSir John PakingtonSimon HarcourtChose to sit for Worcestershire
26 December 1702Staffordu*John ChetwyndWalter ChetwyndDeath
29 December 1702Gloucesterc*John Grubham HoweJohn HanburyChose to sit for Gloucestershire
31 December 1702NewtonuJohn Grubham HoweThomas LeghChose to sit for Gloucestershire
31 December 1702Portsmouthu*Thomas ErleWilliam GiffordChose to sit for Wareham
11 January 1703LancashireuJames StanleyRichard AsshetonSucceeded to a peerage
25 January 1703SaltashuBenjamin BullerJohn RolleDeath
8 February 1703SudburycJoseph Haskin StilesJoseph Haskin StilesVoid Election
Joseph Haskin StilesGeorge DashwoodBy-election results reversed on petition 6 December 1703
10 February 1703LincolnshireuCharles DymokeLewis DymokeDeath
3 March 1703DevizesuJohn ChildFrancis MerewetherDeath
31 March 1703West LooeuRichard HeleHenry PoleyChose to sit for Plympton Erle
The Earl of RanelaghCharles SeymourExpelled
22 November 1703Bury St Edmundsc*John HerveySir Robert DaversElevated to the peerage
22 November 1703Higham Ferrersu*Thomas PembertonThomas Watson WentworthDeath
22 November 1703Oxford Universityc*Heneage FinchSir William WhitelockElevated to the peerage
24 November 1703Newcastle-under-Lymec*John Leveson GowerJohn Crewe OffleyElevated to the peerage
26 November 1703BrambercFrancis Seymour ConwayJohn MiddletonElevated to the peerage
26 November 1703Tavistockc*Lord Robert RussellJames BulteelDeath
29 November 1703BeaumarisuRobert BulkeleyConingsby WilliamsDeath
30 November 1703Callingtonu*John AclandSir William CorytonDeath
7 December 1703Newtonu*Thomas LeghJohn WardDeath
8 December 1703Cornwallu*John GranvilleSir Richard VyvyanElevated to the peerage
22 December 1703Norwichc(*)Robert DavyThomas PalgraveDeath
13 January 1704Petersfieldu*Richard MarkesLeonard BilsonDeath
17 January 1704Camelfordu*Henry ManatonWilliam PoleChose to sit for Tavistock
1 February 1704BrambercJohn MiddletonSamuel SambrookeVoid Election
22 February 1704WarehamuSir Josiah ChildSir Edward ErnleDeath
29 March 1704NottinghamshireuGervase EyreJohn ThornhaghDeath
18 April 1704LancashireuRichard BoldRichard FleetwoodDeath
2 November 1704Northamptonc*Bartholomew TateFrancis ArundellDeath
3 November 1704MaidstonecSir Robert MarshamHeneage FinchVoid Election
c*Sir Thomas RobertsThomas Bliss
4 November 1704New Romneyu*Sir Benjamin BathurstWalter WhitfieldDeath
7 November 1704HindoncGeorge MorleyThomas JervoiseVoid Election
8 November 1704Buckinghamshirec*Goodwin WhartonSir Richard TempleDeath
8 November 1704Newcastle-under-LymecJohn Crewe OffleyJohn Crewe OffleyBy-Election voided 1 February 1704
22 November 1704HaslemereuLewis OglethorpeThomas HeathDeath
24 November 1704AylesburycJames HerbertSir Henry ParkerDeath
30 November 1704Angleseyu*The Viscount BulkeleyThe Viscount BulkeleyDeath
30 November 1704WestmorlanduSir Christopher MusgraveWilliam FlemingDeath

2nd Parliament of Anne (1705–1707)

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
26 November 1705BrackleyuJohn SidneyHarry MordauntSucceeded to a peerage
26 November 1705ChichesteruWilliam ElsonThomas OnslowDeath
26 November 1705ChippenhamcWalter WhiteViscount MordauntDeath
26 November 1705ReadinguTanfield VachellSir William RichDeath
27 November 1705Marlboroughc*Edward AsheEarl of HertfordChose to sit for Heytesbury
28 November 1705Warwickshireu*Sir Charles ShuckburghAndrew ArcherDeath
29 November 1705Castle Risingu*Sir Robert ClaytonWilliam FeildingChose to sit for City of London
30 November 1705TrurouHugh BoscawenPeregrine BertieChose to sit for Cornwall
1 December 1705Bere Alstonu*William CowperSpencer CowperAppointed Lord Keeper of the Great Seal
1 December 1705Bury St Edmundsu*Sir Robert DaversAubrey PorterChose to sit for Suffolk
3 December 1705BuckinghamcSir Richard TempleBrowne WillisChose to sit for Buckinghamshire
3 December 1705Northallertonc*Robert DormerRoger GaleChose to sit for Buckinghamshire
4 December 1705St Germansu*Samuel RolleEdward EliotChose to sit for Callington
6 December 1705RichmonduWharton DunchWilliam WalshDeath
7 December 1705Great Bedwynu*Sir George ByngLord BruceChose to sit for Plymouth
7 December 1705LymingtonuThomas DoreMarquess of WinchesterDeath
15 December 1705Colchesterc*Edward BullockSir Thomas WebsterDeath
2 January 1706Newcastle-upon-Tyneu*Sir William BlackettSir Henry LiddellDeath
1 February 1706Cardiff Boroughsu*Thomas ManselSir John AubreyDeath
27 February 1706BuckinghamshireuRobert DormerWilliam EgertonAppointed Puisne Justice of the Common Pleas
2 March 1706Wootton Bassettu*John Morton PleydellFrancis PophamDeath
5 March 1706Bishop's CastleuCharles MasonHenry NewportChose to sit for Montgomery Boroughs
11 December 1706Devizesc*John MethuenJosiah DistonDeath
11 December 1706Oxfordc*Francis NorreysSir John WalterDeath
12 December 1706Seafordc*Sir William ThomasGeorge NaylorDeath
16 December 1706Sudburyu*Sir Gervase ElwesSir Hervey ElwesDeath
17 December 1706BodmincJohn HoblynThomas HerneDeath
23 December 1706Nottinghamu*William PierrepontJohn PlumptreDeath
27 December 1706Clitheroec(*)Thomas StringerDaniel HarveyDeath (Two MPs elected due to a Double Return)
Christopher Parker
Daniel HarveyDaniel HarveyHarvey declared elected 22 January 1707
Christopher Parker
27 December 1706Prestonc*Edward RigbyArthur MaynwaringDeath
1 January 1707YorkshirecSir John KayeThe Lord Fairfax of CameronDeath
21 January 1707Essexu*Lord WaldenThomas MiddletonElevated to the peerage
21 January 1707Newport (Cornwall)uJohn SparkeSir John PoleDeath
23 January 1707West LooeuJohn MountstephenFrancis PalmesDeath
20 February 1707Bathc*Alexander PophamSamuel TrotmanDeath
20 February 1707WestmorlanduHenry GrahamMichael FlemingDeath
25 February 1707Coventryc*Sir Christopher HalesSir Orlando BridgemanVoid Election
Thomas GeryEdward Hopkins
3 March 1707Newport (I.o.W.)u*The Lord CuttsSir Tristram DillingtonDeath
5 March 1707County DurhamuSir William BowesJohn TempestDeath
4 April 1707HorshamuHenry CowperHenry GoringDeath


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