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This article is about the characters of the TV series that started in 1978. For the characters of the 2012 TV series, see List of Dallas (2012 TV series) characters.

This is a list of characters appearing on the 1978–1991 US television series Dallas. During its 14 seasons on air, the show featured 21 regular cast members, portraying twenty characters (as the character of Miss Ellie was recast for season eight). Additionally, hundreds of guest actors portrayed supporting characters, this list includes the most noteworthy among them.

Main characters

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  Supporting character
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Name Portrayed by First
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1314
Miss Ellie Ewing Farlow Barbara Bel Geddes 1x01 284
Donna Reed 8x07 24
Jock Ewing Jim Davis 1x01 78
Bobby Ewing Patrick Duffy 1x01 327
J.R. Ewing Larry Hagman 1x01 357
Pamela Barnes Ewing Victoria Principal 1x01 252 [1]
Lucy Ewing Charlene Tilton 1x01 246
Sue Ellen Ewing Linda Gray 1x01 308
Ray Krebbs Steve Kanaly 1x01 286
Cliff Barnes Ken Kercheval 1x01 344
Jenna Wade Priscilla Beaulieu Presley 2x03 147 [2]
Donna Culver Krebbs Susan Howard 2x22 198
Clayton Farlow Howard Keel 4x16 266
Jack Ewing Dack Rambo 8x26 51
April Stevens Ewing Sheree J. Wilson 10x06 128
Carter McKay George Kennedy 12x01 76
Cally Harper Ewing Cathy Podewell 12x03 71
Michelle Stevens Kimberly Foster[3] 13x01 50
James Beaumont Sasha Mitchell 13x05 46
Stephanie Rogers Lesley-Anne Down 13x15 13
Liz Adams Barbara Stock[4] 13x25 26
  1. For her one guest appearance in season 12, Pamela was portrayed by Margaret Michaels.
  2. For her one guest appearance in season 2, Jenna was portrayed by Morgan Fairchild, and for her two season 3 appearances she was portrayed by Francine Tacker.
  3. Kimberly Foster also played an unnamed character in one season eleven episode.
  4. Barbara Stock also played the character Heather Wilson in two season five episodes.

Supporting characters

Ewing and Barnes relatives

Name Portrayed by 1st episode Season(s) Episode count
Willard "Digger" Barnes David Wayne and Keenan Wynn 1x01 1–2 and 3 14 (4 and 10)
Father of Cliff and legal father of Pam. An oil wildcatter with a nose for drilling, longtime alcoholic, rival of Jock Ewing and former boyfriend of Ellie Southworth. Signed partnership agreement with Jock in 1939 concerning Ewing 23, and later fell out with Jock over the profits of Ewing 6, causing a long running feud which lasted many decades. Married Rebecca in the 1940s, and had 4 children (2 of whom died in infancy). Killed Hutch McKinney in a temper in 1952, who had been having an affair with his wife. Confessed to the murder on his deathbed, also telling his daughter, Pam, that Hutch was her biological father.
Rebecca Barnes Wentworth Priscilla Pointer 4x09 4–6 44
Mother of Cliff, Pam and Katherine.
Katherine Wentworth Morgan Brittany 5x04 5–8, 11 56
Beautiful, brunette, conniving Barnes half-sister and pursuer of Bobby Ewing. Broadcast journalist. Shot Bobby in J.R. Ewing's office in 1984. Tried to kill Pamela Ewing but accidentally ran down Bobby at the beginning of the Dream Season, 1985. Turned up later after Pam's serious car crash.
Jimmy Monahan James Canning and Philip Levien 1x05 1 and 2 2 (1 and 1)
Cliff and Pam's younger cousin, briefly dating Lucy. Son of Maggie Monahan.
Garrison "Gary" Ewing David Ackroyd and Ted Shackelford 2x01 2 and 3–6, 9, 14 11 (2 and 9)
Alcoholic black sheep of the Ewing family, and Lucy's father. Moves away to California, where his life forms the basis for spinoff series Knots Landing.
Valene "Val" Clements Ewing Joan Van Ark 2x01 2–5, 14 8
Gary's wife and Lucy's mother, a central character on Knots Landing.
Maggie Monahan Sarah Cunningham 2x02 2–3, 8 5
Digger's sister. Cliff and Pam's aunt, who acted as their mother-figure while they were growing up. She also had a son, Jimmy.
Charlotte "Charlie" Wade Laurie Lynn Myers and Shalane McCall 2x03 2 and 7–11 103 (1 and 102)
Jenna Wade's daughter.
Eddison "Ed" Haynes Robin Clarke 2x06 2 1
Vietnam War veteran whom Pamela Barnes married and divorced quickly as a teen, who showed up in Dallas in 1978 to try to get her back.
Garrison Southworth Gene Evans 2x14 2 1
Ellie's long lost brother who is afflicted with a terminal illness and returns to Southfork to live out the rest of his life. Gary Ewing is named after him.
Kristin Shepard Colleen Camp and Mary Crosby 2x15 2 and 3–4, 14 30 (2 and 28)
Ambitious, slinky, conniving female with long brown hair who had affairs with Rudy Millington, Alan Beam, Vaughn Leland, Jordan Lee and J.R. Ewing. USC student with an interest in architecture, which she used to her advantage as she pursued Bobby Ewing. Shot J.R. Ewing in 1980. Her body was found floating in the Southfork pool in 1981.
Patricia Shepard Martha Scott 2x15 2–3, 9 10
Protective and snobbish mother of Sue Ellen Ewing and Kristin Shepard who encouraged her daughters to latch onto rich men. Visited Dallas at the time of John Ross Ewing's birth, then returned to Dallas in 1985 when Sue Ellen was institutionalized by J.R. Ewing in the Dream Season.
Senator Dave Culver Tom Fuccello 3x15 3–6, 8, 10–11, 13–14 35
Donna's stepson, the son of Sam Culver.
Luanne Culver Alba Francesca 3x18 3 1
Dave's wife.
Governor Sam Culver John McIntire 2x22 2 1
Donna's first husband, an old friend of Jock, and a former governor of Texas.
Steven "Dusty" Farlow Jared Martin 3x08 3–6, 8–9, 14 34
Cowboy and rodeo drifter who loved Sue Ellen Ewing and was a rival to J.R. Ewing. Assumed dead in a plane crash in 1980. Returned and provided sanctuary to Sue Ellen at the Southern Cross ranch when J.R. fought her for custody of John Ross Ewing. Came to Sue Ellen's aid again when she was institutionalized by J.R. in the Dream Season, 1985.
Hutchinson "Hutch" McKinney William Watson 3x23 3 1
Biological father of Pam. Digger shot him dead in a temper, as seen in flashbacks, and buried his body on Southfork land.
Herbert Wentworth John Martin 4x09 4 1
Rebecca's wealthy second husband, father of Katherine.
Amanda Lewis Ewing Lesley Woods and Susan French 3x24 3 and 8 2 (1 and 1)
Institutionalized first wife of Jock Ewing, visited by the Ewings at various times.
John Ross Ewing III Tyler Banks and Omri Katz 4x01 4–6 & 7–14 190 (38 and 152)
J.R. and Sue Ellen's son. Originally played by uncredited babies during seasons 2 and 3.
Mitch Cooper Leigh McCloskey 4x02 4–5, 8, 12 46
Med-school student, and later doctor, who was proud of his humble beginnings. Reunited with ex-wife Lucy Ewing in 1985. Separated from her, then returned to Dallas to take her back to Atlanta in November 1988.
Amos Krebbs William Windom 4x06 4 2
Ray's estranged alcoholic stepfather.
Afton Cooper Van Buren Audrey Landers 4x11 4–8, 12–13 84
Mitch's sister. An aspiring singer who becomes Cliff's longtime girlfriend, after a brief affair with J.R., and later mother of Cliff's daughter Pamela Rebecca Cooper.
Arliss Cooper Anne Francis 4x11 4 4
Mother of Mitch and Afton, Lucy's mother-in-law.
Jeff Faraday Art Hindle 5x05 5 11
Drug-dealing biological father of Christopher Ewing, who sold his son to Bobby.
Lillian "Lil" Trotter Kate Reid 6x03 6–7, 9 17
Ray's aunt and mother figure.
Michael "Mickey" Trotter Timothy Patrick Murphy 6x04 6–7 26
Ray's rebellious younger cousin who becomes romantically involved with Lucy. Son of Aunt Lil.
Linda Farlow Melody Anderson 6x04 6 1
Dusty's wife.
Christopher Ewing Eric Farlow and Joshua Harris 6x27 6–8 and 9–14 156 (44 and 112)
Intelligent, handsome boy then young man who helped his father out on Southfork.
Renaldo Marchetta Daniel Pilon 7x20 7–8 9
Jenna's abusive ex-husband and Charlie's father.
Lady Jessica Montford Alexis Smith 7x24 7, 13 11
European royalty and vengeful woman who had an affair with Atticus Ward, producing her son, Dusty Farlow. Kidnapped Ellie Ewing in 1984. Institutionalized. Charmed by J.R. Ewing in the sanitarium as he pursued her voting rights to Dusty's WestStar shares.
Jamie Ewing Barnes Jenilee Harrison 8x04 8–10 70
Naive but sincere woman with an environmental background. Befriended by Sue Ellen Ewing. Wooed by Cliff Barnes in 1985 so he could get Ewing Oil shares. Killed while living in California and doing work for Sue Ellen and Valentine Lingerie.
Senator Andrew Dowling Jim McMullan 10x13 10 14
Donna's third husband, with whom she raised Ray's daughter Margaret.
Lisa Alden Amy Stock 11x06 11 16
Sister of Jeff Faraday, and Christopher's biological aunt. Tried to gain custody of him after Pam's disappearance.
Japhet Harper Sherman Howard 12x03 12 5
Hayleyville resident and troublemaker for J.R. Ewing.
Boaz Harper Cliff Potts 12x03 12 4
Hayleyville resident and troublemaker for J.R. Ewing.
Don Lockwood Ian McShane 12x14 12 13
Screenwriter who collaborated with Sue Ellen Ewing in 1989. Moved to Europe with her.
Pamela Rebecca Cooper Jenna Pangburn 12x22 12 2
Daughter of Afton and Cliff - raised by Afton alone.
Vanessa Beaumont Gayle Hunnicutt 12x23 12–14 13
J.R. Ewing's first and truest love, reunited with him briefly overseas. Came to Dallas and became engaged to J.R. in 1991.
Harrison Van Buren III Andrew Prine 12x26 12–13 2
Afton's wealthy husband.
Arlen and Atticus Ward John Larch 13x18 13 5
Millionaire twins, and old acquaintances of Clayton - Atticus turns out to be Dusty's biological father.
Amy Stevens K Callan 13x19 13 4
The mother of April and Michelle.
Debra Lynn Beaumont Deborah Tucker 14x16 14 5
James' old flame and estranged wife, who turns up at Southfork with his young son.
James "Jimmy" Beaumont Jr. Chuckie and Kenny Gravino 14x18 14 3
Toddler son of James and Debra Lynn.


Name Portrayed by 1st episode Season(s) Episode count
Julie Grey Tina Louise 1x01 1–2 5
Secretary to J.R. Ewing who leaked important papers on Sen. "Wild Bill" Orloff to Cliff Barnes and ruined Orloff's career. Returned to town the following year to get revenge on J.R., striking up a close relationship with Jock Ewing. Killed by a fall from her apartment building, after being cornered by Willie Joe Garr and Jeb Ames, who knew she was going to give the Ewing Red File to Cliff Barnes.
Connie Brasher Donna Bullock & Ann Ford & Nancy Bleier & Jeanna Michaels 1x01 1 & 2 & 2 and 2–4 42 (3 & 2 & 5 & 32)
Bobby's first secretary.
Susan Lisa LeMole 1x05 1–2 4
J.R.'s second secretary.
Liz Craig Barbara Babcock 2x04 2–5 16
Pam's boss at The Store.
Dr. Harlen Danvers Dan Ammerman and John Zaremba 2x04 2 & 2–3, 5–10 14 (1 & 13)
The Ewing family physician.
Louella Caraway Lee Meg Gallagher 2x08 2–4 37
J.R.'s third secretary.
Jordan Lee Don Starr 2x08 2–14 89
Texas oilman and associate of J.R. Ewing. Longtime cartel member and associate of Cliff Barnes. Slept with Kristin Shepherd and was later blackmailed by her. Killed in Paris by Sheila Foley/Hillary Taylor and her thugs.
Wade Luce Robert Ackerman 2x08 2–6 13
A member of the cartel.
Marilee Stone Fern Fitzgerald 2x15 2–13 73
Promiscuous female member of the cartel, whose husband committed suicide after losing money in a deal with J.R.
Detective Harry McSween James Brown 2x17 2–12 41
Dallas police detective that frequently helps J.R. with legal matters.
Andy Bradley Paul Sorensen 2x20 2–10 33
A member of the cartel.
Jackie Dugan Sherill Lynn Rettino 2x23 2–5, 7–14 186
Pam's co-worker at The Store, later Cliff's secretary at Barnes–Wentworth Oil, eventually James' secretary at Ewing Oil.
Muriel Gillis Karlene Crockett 2x24 2–6 12
Lucy Ewing’s best friend.
Alan Beam Randolph Powell 3x01 3–4 18
Smooth-talking, ambitious lawyer who works for J.R. and was briefly engaged to Lucy.
Harv Smithfield George O. Petrie 3x01 3–14 54
The Ewing family's lawyer.
Vaughn Leland Dennis Patrick 3x02 3, 5, 7–8 19
Cattleman's Bank executive.
Dr. Simon Ellby Jeff Cooper 3x07 3–4 19
Sue Ellen's psychiatrist.
Eugene Bullock E.J. André 3x14 3–4, 6 6
Elderly international shipping tycoon.
Sheriff Fenton Washburn Barry Corbin 3x15 3, 5–7 9
The Braddock county sheriff.
Serena Wald Stephanie Blackmore 3x16 3, 5–8, 11, 13 20
A prostitute frequently visited by J.R.
Scotty Demarest Stephen Elliott 3x23 3, 8, 10 14
The Ewing family's criminal attorney.
Franklin Horner Laurence Haddon 4x03 4–6, 9–10 17
Cattlemen's Bank executive.
Marvin "Punk" Anderson Morgan Woodward 4x06 4–11 55
Oil man and longtime friend to Jock and Miss Ellie.
Jeremy Wendell William Smithers 4x10 4–5, 8–12 50
Head of the powerful WestStar Oil and proverbial thorn in J.R.'s side.
Clint Ogden Monte Markham 4x12 4 9
Sue Ellen's first love.
Leslie Stewart Susan Flannery 4x13 4 11
Public relations agent, who worked with Ewing Oil, and secretly taped her conversations with J.R.; also had affairs with J.R. and his political rival.
Phyllis Wapner Deborah Tranelli 4x13 4–14 147
Bobby's second secretary.
Sylvia "Sly" Lovegren Deborah Rennard 5x02 5–14 188
J.R.'s fourth and most devoted secretary.
Roger Larson Dennis Redfield 5x12 5 12
A photographer that, after becoming infatuated with Lucy, kidnaps and rapes her.
Cassie Anne C. Lucas 5x12 5–10 53
Waitress at the Oil Baron's Club.
Holly Harwood Lois Chiles 6x01 6–7 25
Oil heiress who becomes involved in a complex scheme with J.R. and causes Sue Ellen to drink again. Pursued Bobby and had an affair with J.R.
Kendall Chapman Danone Simpson 6x01 6–14 103
Ewing Oil receptionist.
Teresa Roseanna Christiansen 6x01 6–14 119
Southfork maid. Played by uncredited extras during season 2–5.
Raoul Charles Escamilla & Tony Garcia & William Marquez 6x01 6 & 7–12 & 14 28 (3 & 22 & 3)
Southfork servant. Played by uncredited extras during season 1–5.
Mavis Anderson Alice Hirson 6x02 6–7, 10–11 26
Punk's wife and Miss Ellie's best friend.
Frank Crutcher Dale Robertson 6x04 6 5
A man Ellie befriended after Jock's death.
Thornton McLeish Kenneth Kimmins 6x05 6–7 11
A Canadian business partner of Bobby.
Walt Driscoll Ben Piazza 6x06 6 11
A shipping tycoon involved with J.R. in the illegal shipping of oil to Cuba. He commits suicide after his attempts to kill J.R. result in the paralysis of Mickey Trotter instead.
Mark Graison John Beck 6x14 6–7, 9 67
Pamela's boyfriend/fiancé after her first divorce from Bobby, whom Pam vows to marry due to his contraction of a rare type of leukemia which leaves him with months to live. Before he can die from the leukemia, he dies in a plane crash. Mark returned during the dream season after Bobby's "death", claiming to have faked his own death in the plane crash in order to enter clinics in a bid to find a cure for his leukemia. He claimed that while he didn't find a cure for his leukemia, he was in remission. He also got engaged to Pam again and married her in the last episode of the dream season. This whole return storyline was later abandoned as if it had never happened, when the whole of season 9 was explained away as being Pam's dream.
Louise Mary Armstrong 6x19 6–8 17
Pamela's nanny for Christopher while separated from Bobby.
Peter Richards Christopher Atkins 7x03 7 27
Twenty-year-old lover of Sue Ellen and mentor to little John Ross. He was forced to move to New York by JR Ewing
Paul Morgan Glenn Corbett 7x04 7, 9–11 18
A hot shot attorney, representing the Ewings in some of their most difficult legal cases.
Edgar Randolph Martin E. Brooks 7x12 7–8 10
Government official blackmailed by J.R. until he suffers a mental breakdown.
Dora Mae Pat Colbert 7x12 7–14 70
Hostess at the Oil Baron's Club.
Angela Marina Rice 7x12 7–8, 10 12
Pam’s maid while separated from Bobby.
Dr. Jerry Kenderson Barry Jenner 7x17 7–9 25
College friend of Mark Graison and the doctor that treats him for his blood condition.
Leo Wakefield Bill Morey 7x17 7–8, 11 11
An important stock controller of Barnes–Wentworth Oil
Mandy Winger Deborah Shelton 8x03 8–10 63
A model who becomes one of J.R.'s many mistresses. She was previously involved romantically with Cliff Barnes. She then became an actor in movies
Betty Kathleen York 8x04 8 10
Eddie Cronin’s girlfriend.
Eddie Cronin Fredric Lehne 8x05 8 19
Lucy's lover.
Angelica Nero Barbara Carrera 9x07 9 25
Beautiful, exotic business associate to J.R., trying to get him involved in a deal with Marinos Shipping she was incarcerated in prison. (dream season only)
Grace Van Owen Merete Van Kamp 9x08 9 17
Angelica Nero's right hand and was killed by Angelica. (dream season only)
Nicholas George Chakiris 9x11 9 11
Angelica Nero’s assistant who was killed by Angelica. (dream season only)
Matt Cantrell Marc Singer 9x15 9 12
Old friend of Bobby's, arriving in Dallas just to find out that Bobby is dead. (dream season only)
Alex Garrett William Prince 9x21 9 5
An old acquaintance of Angelica Nero. (dream season only)
Ben Stivers Steve Forrest 9x29 9 3
A man who came to work on Southfork Ranch, giving Miss Ellie and Punk Anderson the feeling that they had met him before. (dream season only)
Wes Parmalee Steve Forrest 10x02 10 12
A man who came to work on Southfork Ranch. When Miss Ellie discovered Jock Ewing's possessions in his room, Wes claimed that they had always been his possessions and that he was Jock. Jock had been declared legally dead for several years at the time.
Oswald Valentine Derek McGrath 10x03 10–11 15
Rather eccentric partner of Sue Ellen, in the lingerie business.
B.D. Calhoun Hunter von Leer 10x06 10 10
Crazed mercenary, hired for $1,000,000 by J.R. for a job of blowing up Saudi oil fields, in order to force up the market price of oil in the USA. When a CIA agent informs J.R. of their close tracking of Calhoun and his terrorist activities, J.R. calls Calhoun to try to call off their deal, but Calhoun refuses. J.R. then decides to do a deal with the CIA to foil Calhoun's Saudi activities. Calhoun is enraged and comes after J.R. with a vengeance. Calhoun is eventually shot dead by Bobby and Ray in California.
Bruce Harvey Jonathan Goldsmith 10x10 10, 12 16
A Hollywood producer, helping Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood to produce their movie about J.R.
Nicholas Pearce Jack Scalia 11x02 11, 14 29
Stockbroker who becomes infatuated with Sue Ellen he was thrown off a balcony by JR.
Harrison "Dandy" Dandridge Bert Remsen 11x02 11 10
Drunk befriended by Cliff.
Carswell "Casey" Denault, Jr. Andrew Stevens 11x03 11–12 33
Oil business understudy from Oklahoma who was in league with J.R. and wooed his secretary Sly. Also wooed Lucy in an attempt to get to her money he also wooed Marilee stone for JR Ewing
Kimberly Cryder Leigh Taylor-Young 11x09 11–12 20
Beautiful young wife of an influential Texas oilman. Had an affair with J.R.
Kelly Kehly Sloane 11x12 11–12 19
Sue Ellen's secretary.
Dr. Herbert Styles John Anderson 11x14 11 7
Kimberly Cryder's father.
Laurel Ellis Annabel Schofield 11x15 11 11
A young woman Miss Ellie suspects Clayton is having an affair with.
Kay Lloyd Karen Kopins 11x20 11, 13 12
A PR agent that is Bobby's first love interest after losing Pam.
Debbie Deborah Marie Taylor 11x23 11–14 37
Waitress at the Oil Baron's Club.
Rose Daniels McKay Jeri Gaile 12x03 12–14 20
McKay's young wife.
Tracey Lawton Beth Toussaint 12x05 12–13 17
Carter McKay's daughter who becomes involved with Bobby.
Detective Ratagan John Hoge 12x09 12–14 14
A dirty cop that replaces McSween as J.R.'s contact within the police force.
Tommy McKay J. Eddie Peck 12x14 12–13 13
Son of Carter McKay, a drug dealer.
Hillary Taylor Susan Lucci 14x01 14 6
Psychotic kidnapper who causes April's death at April and Bobby honeymoon in Paris.
LeeAnn De La Vega Barbara Eden 14x08 14 5
South American entrepreneur and a woman from J.R. Ewing’s past who came back from revenge. Daughter of a Baptist schoolteacher. Met J.R. at the University of Texas, became involved with him, and she was unable to have children because of the "botched abortion" she had when he abandoned her. Inherited her husband's company in 1983. Based in Venezuela before coming to Dallas after meeting Michelle Stevens at a resort in the Bahamas and learning what J.R. was doing after all these years.
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