List of Czech automobiles

This page tries to list every Czech (formerly Czechoslovakian and Bohemian) automobile ever made, listed by manufacturer.

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Laurin & Klement - Škoda Auto

(1895-1925; 1925-present)

Main articles: Laurin & Klement and Škoda Auto
First Laurin & Klement vehicle from 1905 at Škoda Auto Museum
Škoda Favorit, a large luxury limousine from 1939
The Škoda Felicia was only convertible automobile produced by Škoda
Coupé from early 80's, Škoda Garde
The Škoda Superb is current Škoda most luxurious and fastest serial car


Aero 662







Kaipan 14



Praga Alfa was the first Czech serial car to hit 100km/h






NW Präsident, together with Lohner car, it was the first actually driveble factory made automobile produced in Central and Eastern Europe
Tatra 80, the most precious Czech car of first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk
Tatra 613 from 1976
MTX Tatra V8, made by MTX with cooperation with Tatra, it was the fastest Czech car of all time


The three-wheeled Velorex was the only homologated car using leather cloth as the bodywork in the world



Walter Royal was most expensive Czechoslovakian car




Zbrojovka Brno

Z18 was the first serial car with two-stroke engine in Europe


Other brands

Avia A20-based fire engine. More than 250 000 of A-line Avia trucks were manufactured between 1963-2000.
Škoda 706 RT in Technical Museum in Brno storage. Although branded as Škoda, this truck was manufactured by LIAZ. More than 150 000 trucks of that type were manufactured between 1958 and 1985.

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